Jim, the conquest

Jim, the conquestI’m not sure if I’de ever thrown myself to a man for sex like I did with Jim.He was a friend of my grandmothers,I’de known him for a long time.I’ve always preferred sex with older men but at 74, he would be the oldest.Even at his age he was quite a physical specimen.At a slender 6’4″,he had long arms and legs and giant hands and feet.I’de jacked a load thinking of him dropping his pants and offering me his giant cock for service.My grandmother was at my aunts home,for therapy and doctors appointments, I had her house all to myself. I was there painting,retiling and other stuff when he dropped by.I wore tight cotton shorts and T and let him in.I took a break, got us 2 beers and started a chat.I asked him who he was dating, nobody.2 more beers.”So, what do you do for sex”? I smiled.He told me that every now and again he jacks his cock but that’s it, he hadn’t done that in a month.We drained our beers and I got 2 more.So, does your cock still get hard? I asked innocently.He almost bragged that güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it got stiff regularly but with no wife he let it go down by itself.”You’ve been married twice”? he had.”You telling me the only women you had sex with was your wives?”.He had. “You only had sex with 2 people in your life”?. Yep.”Is it true women in your day hated to give bj’s”.”Well, matter of fact I’ve never had my dick sucked, ever”. he admitted.The idea of giving him his first bj ever got my 8 inches stiffening in my little shorts.An idea hit.”Can you give me a hand,lift this table while I put pads under the feet?”.It was my way of getting on my knees before him, it kinda worked.On all 4’s I was beside his leg as he lifted.Ass up,face down, I took my time.Done, I knelt up sitting back on my feet,my face at his crotch.He didn’t move.’Is it because your so big that your 2 wives never sucked you?’, I asked.Looking down,” not sure, not many wives did that back in the day”, he smiled down.”Just perabet güvenilir mi looking at you I imagine you must have a huge dick, that true?”.”It’s pretty good size, I guess”.Before I got a chance to ask for it, he turned, said Bye and left.SHIT, I’m horny as hell now and he’s gone.2 days , he dropped by for a short chat.I got bold and just put it out there.”Ever wonder what a great bj was like”?He admitted he did.”If you want, you can pull that big ole thing out and I’ll let you experience a great bj”, I grinned.A little shocked, he said he had no idea I was gay.I told him I still loved pussy but I also loved servicing a big dick man.Once again he excused himself and left.Oh well, balls in his court now.Wish his balls were in my mouth.Couple days later it was Friday, I was painting.I hadn’t done without.A strange little man I knew stopped by after calling.A small,skinny guy he had an amazingly big cock.The odd thing about him was that I’de only tasted his cum once after tipobet he gave me a facial.Of the 15 or so, times I sucked him, he chose a new place on me to cum.Twice he had me lay under him, one face down,one face up.He sprayed his considerable load over me.He came on my toes,he came on my ass,both spread and natural.He dropped off a porn DVD and shot a load on my ass crack.On a ladder I looked out to see Jim crossing the lawn.Hurridly I removed my shorts, leaving on my T.Jim knocked and I called for him to come in.He grinned,”nice outfit”, he said.I thanked him and he noticed the porn playing on the T.V.He watched 2 guys fucking a hot little blonde.At times they played with each other.”So, been thinking of the bj I offered?”.He was quiet a bit,”Yes, I was”.Still a few feet behind me I looked back to see him staring at my bare ass.I’ve always gotten compliments on my ass, from both sexes.I have a small waist but a muscular, very rounded ass.Putting down the paint and bruch I turned to him,”so, decided you wqant to try one?”.”Damn, you have a big one” he stared.Reaching down I took it in my hand, “you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to”.Down the ladder I went to my knees in front of him,” love to see what you’re hiding between your legs”, I smiled up to him….to be continued

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