Jock Tales–Senior Year–Opening Day–PT 1

Anal Fingering

Jock Tales–Senior Year–Opening Day–PT 1Jock Tales—Senior Year—Opening DayWell, the fanfare was like it had never been. Each year since my Freshman year, it had gotten bigger and bigger. But today, it was like twice as big as last year. The excitement was simple—it was my Senior year, and therefore the beginning of my last year here at East Tyler High. And the top question on everyone’s mind–‘can he do it a forth year straight’? It had never been done !I had already been interviewed three times this week by every news station in town. They asked me about everything you could think of—plans for college—what am I doing this summer—favorite Gatoraide flavor, lol, and thoughts of maybe returning next year as COACH ??? It was pretty overwhelming. Now don’t get me wrong—I loved the limelight—what red b l o o d e d American boi wouldn’t ? It was hard, actually, to soak up all that attention, and take it in stride, making sure to share the accomplishments and give credit due to others. It was also a major responsibility. One failure, and ur out ! If I didn’t pull off another state championship this year, the loss would be devastating not only to ME, but my team, my school, my community, etc, and it would be humiliating. This HAS to be done—at all costs. And all costs, it would be. 1st period“May I have your attention please—all football players that wish to get war paint for tonight’s game, report to the art department during any period” “All football players that have not had final fitting for uniforms, make sure you are at the field house immediately after school”“Any football players that have not got hair cuts yet, be at cosmetology during third period—you will be excused from class” The halls were like an NFL stadium. Constant cheering and celebration. Cheerleaders in groups of four were doing cheers as they walked the halls between classes. Banners were everywhere—rumors said the art department was up till 1:00 AM getting them all done. Everywhere you looked—blue, silver, and white, ‘go team’, go Mustangs’, ‘beat Tigers’, ‘win-win-win’, etc. The maintenance department had even painted the stripes on the field blue. Tassels and streamers hung from both goal posts. Matthew—really ? Oh ya bitches—this is TEXAS. And so far, we are at 33 straight wins. 2nd period“May I have your attention please—we need extra volunteers for concessions for tonight’s game. Anyone interested see Miss Jenkins at home ec”“We need volunteers for anyone that would like to carry a flag from the tunnel tonight—we have 100 spots” WOW 100 Texas state flags will come busting from the tunnel right in front of the team ! It was going to be epic. “Coach McGuire has requested that all team managers be at the field house at 6:00 PM for final equipment prep”3rd period“May I have your attention please—principal Shepard has an announcement”“Students, Im afraid I have some sad news. I have been informed that due to transportation issues, that the Tigers will not make it to tonight’s game. There is not enough time to resolve the problems. Therefore, we have invited Red Rock to come and join us for opening night. We will the travel, next week, to Austin” There was a monetary lull in spirit, the Tigers had always been our opening game, and I have to admit that my dick was already stirring thinking of the traditional ‘fuck down’ that I would deliver later to Cole Parker’s ass, but it only lasted about half an hour before it picked up again. But—it did fuck with my momentum. “May I have your attention please—I have just been informed that tonight’s game is officially SOLD OUT”! Again, the uproar could be heard all over school. Opening night had never been a sell-out. For the first time ever, a Tyler football game would be standing room only. “May I have your attention please—all art students on the spirit team are hereby excused from classes—please report to the art department to re-do banners for tonight’s game”. JEEZ—and the hits just keep coming ! All in, by the end of just 3rd period, Mandy had made 17 announcements. It was finally decided (I learned later) that it had become so disruptive to classes, that she made one final announcement. 4th period“May I have your attention please—Principal Shepard has announced that due to the overwhelming level of excitement for tonight’s game, that all classes are hear-by canceled-the pep rally will now be held in the stadium, and will start in 30 minutes. All cheerleaders, team managers, spirit squad, and sound techs report to the stadium at once” The uproar in celebration could be heard all over the school. It was rumored that the cops actually showed up at the office, saying that phone calls had started reporting excessive noise coming from the school—they were thinking we were having a fire or something, lol. Ok Matthew—is anybody getting fucked in this story ? Oh ya :)As students begin flooding the hallways, with most heading straight for the stadium, Someone grabbed me and asked ‘what about lunch’ ? “Lunch ?? LOL fuck dude—I don’t think anadolu yakası escort anybody’s hungry for food today” Suddenly, some girl I didn’t know grabbed me. “Matthew” ! “Ya baby, what”? “Fuck me” ! I kinda laughed “Well, sure baby—but not now, Im in a hurry”“No Matthew now—I’m about to cream my panties I’m so excited” !Well shit—me too, but I just didn’t have time.“Oh please Matthew, I’m going to explode” !Damm—this bitch must be on something.Suddenly I see Jason Braxton. “Braxton” ! I yell across the hall, and motion him over to me. As he approaches, I grab another student–”You two stand guard—no body comes in—or you die” I say with a smirk. Grabbing the girl, that I still didn’t know, I shove here into the bois bathroom. Ripping my tee off as we head for the last stall, and popping the buttons on my 501’s, I immediately dive for her pussy, and bury my face. Damm this girl is wet—I figure this will only take about 5 minutes, lol. Munching down, and probing her yung sweet hole with my tongue, she starts moaning and wiggling around at once. In just a minute, I whip out the monster—already boned up, and slide it to her. Her face lights up like I had just shoved a baseball bat in her, lol. Yup—the boi is thick. I slammed her maybe 5 times, and that was it—the bitch started cumming all over me. She was dripping wet—I guess she was excited, :). And that was pretty much it ! She gets her shit together, and quickly bolts for the door. I’m pretty sure that was just a ‘bragging rites’ fuck—just so she could tell her friends she fucked me. #1But—still standing there, with a big 10” wet dick, with veins popping hard, fuck juice leaking to the floor, now I got blue balls like never before. I think this has got to be the first time I ever fucked someone and didn’t get off ! Oh fuck no—we can’t get through the day like this. I pack it in, but don’t button up. Going for the door, and slightly opening it, I grab the other boi, and drag him in. Literally dragging him back to the stall, and grabbing him by the throat, I stare him in the eyes, and command “blow me”.A look of horror crosses his face, and I shove him to the floor, on his knees. Whipping the monster back out, I aim it for his face. As soon as he opens his mouth to cry out whatever he was going to say, I cram my big thick jock meat into his throat. Grabbing him by each side of his face, I start a relentless jackhammering of his throat. Damm, this boi felt good. It only took a couple of minutes because of my own excitement level, and then BAMM. Seven shots of thick jock goo go flying down his throat. I came so hard, I nearly passed out myself. Holding him still by his throat, he began to choke up, his eyes bugged out to their widest possible, so I let go, and freed him up. Quickly packing away my meat, again, and buttoning up the 501’s, I give him a quick pat on the face. “It aint every dude that get’s that seed—cherish it” and with a big shit-eatin grin, bolt for the door. Guess he will have a tale to tell to his buds, lol. #2Finally now, at the stadium, it appears that everyone is there. “Jesus fuck Dillon—where the fuck have you been”? Screams coach. With a big grin, I just say, “Fucking coach—couldn’t wait”. Coach just shakes his head back and forth like I was bull-shitting him, while others patted me on the shoulder. The sound of someone tapping on a microphone, then the cannon blast (fuck me—who had time to get the cannon’s out ???) “Ladies and gentlemen—HERE COME YOUR MUSTANGS” Boom ! Again, and we all bolt from the tunnel, as the band strikes up “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”, probably the loudest they had ever played it. Looks like the band program has expanded too ! I swear—there must be twice as many drums as last year !Leading the team, we bolt for center field, the make our traditional turn to the left, circling the band. Actually—we ended up going around the band three times—the excitement would just not die down. At last–”Ladies and gentlemen—your ¼ back, and team captain—Matthew, Diamond Dawg Dillon”. The crowd goes into yet another uproar—had it even subsided ?? Finally, grabbing the microphone, “Hooooly crap” !! “Wow people—you would think it was the play-offs already” I shout into the microphone. More uproar, and the bands drums go into a cadence. “How bout SOLD OUT”? More and more uproar. “WOW”. The stadium is simply electric—cars started pulling in from the streets thinking we were having a game or something. “Are you ready for some Texas football”? Well, that did it. It was 15 minutes before I could even speak again, but finally, it died down. “Ok I wanna kinda turn the theme around a bit, if you guys will allow me. I want to get this done while I still have a chance, cause we don’t know how busy this season is going to get”. The crowd finally subsides to a mumble, as everyone waits to see what I’m going to say. “First of all, with today’s news about the Tigers, I know we are all dissapointed, but lets all ataşehir escort make sure to welcome Red Rock tonight with our best sportsmanship. Remember—it takes two teams to have a game, and so each is equally important. “Now—I want to do some stuff here so we don’t go through the whole season, and not get it done. I am your ¼ back” ! Well, there went the crowd again. “But listen to me—all I do, is throw the ball. Ya—I do it well, but the moment I let go of that ball, my job is done. It’s that simple. After that—it’s up to our receivers, and blockers, and runners, to finish that job. Those are the guys that actually score the touchdowns—so lemme here for them” !! The crowd goes nuts, yet again. “Also—there ARE two sides to a team, so let’s give everything you got for our DEFENSE” !! crowd goes nuts. “This year—we got the biggest, and heaviest defense line in 3A schools—AND NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP US” !!The crowd now goes absolutely ballistic. “Now—there are a lot of people that work behind the scene’s that help make our program successful—people you never think about, or even know exist. In my eyes—they are every bit as important as the guys you see here wearing those jerseys. So, I want you to come down here on the filed, right here with me, Will, Corey, Hunter, and my lil bro—Dustin. Right now b o y s—come on down”.“These are our team managers—these are the guys that take care of us. They have been with us now since my Freshman year—the same four. They clean up the stadium—they clean up the locker rooms—they wash our uniforms—they help the art people in getting the banners up every Friday. They help putting our war paint on our faces. In short—they worship us, like no other group. But—the biggest thing I want to point out–is this right here” Reaching under the bleacher that was right in front of me, I pull out the helmet, and hold it high in the air. As the crowd slowly starts yet another uproar, I shout, “And these are the b o y s that designed these helmets” ! Crowd goes nuts, again. “These helmets are the envy of all of east Texas high school football ! These friggin helmets are what makes us look like a million bucks–(screaming louder now) every Friday night when we come busting through that banner ready to play some TEXAS FOOTBALL “!!!!!Well, it just got better.“And now—I have a surprise for the team. Tonight, when you get to the locker rooms, and start dressing out—in your lockers, you will find BRAND NEW UNIFORMS” !! Now—the stadium is truly electric. As I begin to actually start crying now, “and these same four bois—made it all happen !! They have taken the helmet design, and now placed it onto the jersey ! Our pants are now silver, instead of white ! And best of all—the jersey’s are in 3D”!!! “It seems that back in the summer, the b o y s approached Miller Printing, here in Tyler, with the design. In short—they liked it, and committed to making the uniforms. Of course, also in secret, the coaches and other staff had to be involved for official approval. Not even I was aware of this project until this past Monday. And the best part is—in the highest regard of team support, Miller Printing has announced that the entire project, which cost about $15,000 dollars, is hereby donated to our program, at absolutely NO COST”!More cheers and uproars and man, it was just undescribable. Rumor had it, that the noise level was so intense, along with the stomping of feet on the aluminum bleachers, that the National Earth Quake Center in Memphis, picked up our pep rally as an earthquake—registering .3 on the scale—holy fuck !“Ok—so there’s one more thing now, cause this pep rally is getting kinda long, and so is this story—and we still have a game to get to in just three hours. For appreciation for these four managers, I got a little sompin-sompin for you guys. First–(reaching under the bleacher again) we got ya’ll these really cool trophies. The plate says, ‘For outstanding dedication, sportmsmanship, and team spirit—Tyler Mustangs”. The crowd goes nuts again. “And, in addition, since you b o y s designed the helmets, first, with the help of a couple of our teachers, the design has been registered at the National Patent Office in Washington DC, and is hereby trademarked, as official logo, of Tyler Football”. The crowd goes crazy again. “Now—I have here, the official patent, and this will go in the trophy case at the main hallway in the school. And here—I have four 8X10’s of the patent, one for each of our team managers. “Also—with all our love, gratitude, and thanks, I have one each, of said helmets, for each manager, each one signed by this years Seniors. B o y s, I, and all of us, are so proud of you four, that well, at least from me, I am in tears”.I walk over to hug each of the b oy s , and as I got to my lil bro, Dustin, he jumped up, grabbing me by the neck, and wraps his legs around my waist, crying his heart out, and screaming–‘I love you Matthew”.Well—this has gotten really long, I ümraniye escort know. But the moments were some of the highest level of excitement yet in my life. But, it was time to break up the pep rally, as kickoff was now only 3 hour away. As the crowd slowly begins to the exit the stadium, well, everyone actually didn’t even leave. Many, sitting between the 40 yard lines just stayed put—I guess to secure their seats for the game. I walked out the side gate, and around the bleachers, kinda hiding—I just simply needed a fuckin minute to myself. Although excited beyond belief, the pressure was also mounting. In spite of everything I had just said, about team, and support, and community, it still all came down to one person—ME. As I have said before, the buck stops here. If I didn’t pull this off, well, it simply would just be the end of the fucking world. As I just stood there, holding onto the back of one of the bleachers, a voice calls out to me. “Dillon” ! I turn around, and my jaw dropped, and my heart stopped, all at once. “Maurice” I almost yelled it. It was by no means excitement—if you recall in Jock Tales, Freshman year, it was Maurice, along with Mark Mattox, and my fuckin DAD, had their way with me a few nights before opening day back then. In fact—they r a p e d me. It was brutal—but if you want all the details, then just go back and read them, cause this chapter is already getting pretty long. “What the fuck are you doing here”? “Well, Matthew—I do still go to school dumb ass—and it is a pep rally”. “Well, ya, but I mean, what are you doing right here”? “I followed you from the field—I was up front”“Ok, but what do you want”?“You know what I want, Matthew”With a big shit-eatin grin, I just grab my dick, and give him a hard squeeze. Maurice grins a bit too, and just replies “well, maybe—later–but that ain’t what I came down here to talk to you about”.Other people are now walking behind the bleachers, and I see someone I knew.“Yo—Blankenship”! He sees me, and come trotting over. “Yes sir, Mr. Matt”. I just grin—must be a Freshman. Jeez—how many Freshman did we have this year ? “Hey—did they open the concessions stand for the pep rally”? “Yes sir—still open”. “Awesome—would you go fetch me and Maurice here a coke”? “Sure Mr. Matt”! He shouts, so eager to please. I hand him a fiver, and glance at his tiny little butt as he trotted off, then catching myself—naa–he’s just a bantam weight, lol. “And hey—Blankinship–get urself one too” “Thanx Mr. Matt”. “And Blankenship, stop calling me MR.” “Yes sir, Mr. Matt”. I just grin and shake my head.Now—back to Maurice. “I guess I could assume what you want, Maurice. But I dunno dude—you done me wrong bro, real fuckin wrong. And besides—you were dismissed from the team. I don’t think anyone has ever been allowed to come back after a dismissal—specially for breaking the honor code”. “Well, Matthew—ya, I done you wrong—we was all pretty fucked up. I moped around for weeks thinking about it—and after you spent all the money on me, sponsoring me as you called it. I still got my cleats—they never even got dirty. And besides—what happened that night—that’s up to your heart. As far as kicking me off the team—if you recall, you didn’t do that. You cut me—the day before opening day” I raised an eyebrow, and pondered the moment. What he had said was true—I did in fact cut Maurice, but there was still the honor code thing. “There’s still a problem. We have already made cuts, and it’s just two hours now till kickoff—there just simply isn’t enough time to make decisions. And those new uniforms—just enough, there’s no extras” As Maurice and I just stared at each other for a few moments, I could feel the intensity growing in my dick. Memories of the first time his thick black lips took on my thick jock meat—swallowing me down to the pubes. The total euphoria the first time I slid my heavy jock cock into his tite, greasy, black hole. The evil smile that came across my face, later that night, as he busted his nut across my face—having just sucked a Negro’s dick. The nervousness throughout that week, as I thought of the potential blackmail he could pull, hanging over my shoulder. Blankenship returns with the drinks. I tell him to keep the change. “Thanx Mr. Matt—hey could I get your autograph Mr. Matt”? Becoming a bit frustrated now, I fish in my pockets for a marker. Damm—I actually had one. Motioning for Blankenship to turn around, I write on the back of his tee shirt–#11 DDD. “Now git—you’r taking up to much time in my story 🙂 Blankenship runs off a happy little shit. I check out his tite little butt again, and relish at how tite and uninvaded it must be. Prolly didn’t have a hair on him yet. Another cherry ass walking around Tyler High, lol.“You know, we’re exactly the same size”“Huh”? I snap back to Maurice, and take a swig of my drink. “Me and Kincaid—same size”“How do you know how big his dick is”?“Damm it Matthew—you are really out there dude. I’m talking about uniform”!“Oh, right”. (still thinking about little Blankenship’s butt)“It’s too crowded here right now. Be at the filed house in an hour to dress out—IF I get it approved by the coach and the umps. And Maurice—whatever I decide—is for the team. This don’t mean I like you again—and you know ur gonna have to pay—and pay big”.Maurice, with a serious look, simply responds, “got ya boss”

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