John return at my house


John return at my housealready four months that John is gone, we took my husband and me our lives, but sometimes I think of John and his cock, that is enough for my pussy is all wet.and I also think at Max’s bar, I’m really vicious, but I miss husband love me almost every day, one day he asked me.You lack not just John, when we were in bed all three.Of course, I miss, I so want his cock in my pussy, my ass or even in the mouth.after all that, I went to my doctor, and as usual, he controlled my pussy putting his hand in and then my ass, but he especially after I told him my story with John and Max, do a fisting in my ass with both hands.Surprisingly, both hands are tucked into my ass, when I told this to my husband, he did the same night a double anal fisting.One evening while returning after shopping in a mall, my husband is waiting for me on the sofa. He see me and he has a big smile.Hello my love, what did you do today.I was in Fort Lauderdale, with a girlfriend, for shopping, for what you smiled?Because today you will have a surprise.what a surprise love?you’ll see, be patient.around 7 at night I hear the bellI open the door and John’s.I it jumps suddenly he kissed me, putting his tongue in my mouth, we kiss long he returns home with his suitcase and said hello to my husband, who offers him a beer.then this triplong, but I’m happy to come back here to find your little wife.Her pussy and her ass missed my, you know I’ve had several adventure with women, but none arrives at the ankle of your wife.She was to see his doctor, who fisted, and the good news is that now you can put both her hands in the, great, I’m looking forward to the fistI listen to them talk about my ass like it was a toy.I told themgood I go to toiletJohn: If you go pee, pee on the floor I want to see your pussy.I back my dress, I crouched down and have a stream of urine coming out, John put his hand on my pussy to smell my piss.Once finished, he puts his hand to his mouth and gave a lick.Hmmm, your piss always has the same taste.I see his cock was magnified behind his pants, I have a passion to suck, I get up, he will sit on the sofa, I crouched next to him, I drop his fly, I takes out his dick and I plunged into my mouth, it is just as big.Stop, I want you tonight fisted and then fucked you, does not make me cum in your mouthduring this time, my husband masturbating vigorously.after this little fellatio, I go to the kitchen to prepare the meal.After the meal, my men go into the room, I rush, take off my dress and naked I jump into bed between the two men, I’m glad I’ll make love all night.I look at John, lying on the bed next to me, as his long, hard cock that big and wood. I took her in my hands bursa escort and I began to masturbate husband put himself between my legs apart and the licks pussy, inside and outside, I love it.John saidyou lubricant, I have a sudden urge to fist your wifeYes look, next to the nightstand, you have a tube of lubricanthe takes the tube, he would put on his hands, my husband has his cock in front of my mouth, I eagerly took.John up my legs and began to put fingers in my pussy, it easily enters her hand up to the wrist.look how I fist your wife, she likes it that little bitch.yes go there, continue, although the fist and do not forget her ass.he sticks up half the arm in my pussy and then he made a movement of coming and going, I cry, my orgasm is very strong.continue going there, I love it, John continues.I have a second orgasm, he withdrew his hand from my pussy and asked me to turn around.he adds lubricant and begins to spread in on the entrance of my ass.I tend my ass backwards, he thrusts his hand very easily, at first it hurts, but after the enjoyment is superb.he sinks deeper and deeper into my ass, I feel his arm in my ass, I suck my husband very quickly, he squirting a powerful jet in my mouth.John still sticks his arm, he almost reaches the elbow, I have an orgasm.See how your wife gets fucked with my arm.yes it is beautiful, I see your hand and your arm in the ass of my wife going to continue it.yes I shall put my dick, he released his arm and without waiting inserts his cock in my ass, he drives to the testicle, I stroked his balls and he cums deep in my ass.we tumble fun while the three in the bedit’s nice to find two men in bed, I fall asleep by taking the cock of everyone in my hands.The next morning I get up and go into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, John joined me a few minutes later. He’s like me, all naked,Hello, you slept well.yes, goodYou want some coffee ?Yes with pleasureI wanted to ask you eva, you would be interested to go back to Max’s bar?I look at him in take me for a whore?Yes he said laughing, you have the best bitch florida.I smile, I approached him and I start a lap, I took his cock in my mouth and suck.After a few minutes, I told him, I suck better than a whore?yes, you have the best sucker that I know.why you want me back at Max.because you like it, and told me that in recent months, you do not think?yes it’s true, when I think my pussy wet, but I did not feel like a whore.look at the money you collected for 10 days, so imagine if you there is for 3 weeks.yes but make love 80 black man a day, I could not stand.liar, I’m sure you will like and the more you like it.I think, make the bitch, mersin escort I’ve already done, sucked dicks also fuck me often.I need you to speak with my husband and I talk to him after.So you do not say no?I did not say yes too, in the meantime turns up, I’ll put my dick in your pussy, I lie face down on the kitchen table, he sinks one stroke his cock deep in my pussy and a few minutes he gives me different orgasm, then he squirts deep in my pussy, at that time my husband arrived.hello everyone, I see that you start earlyHello my love, I felt like his dick and now younot for now, my first coffee.My love, john propose to go into the bar to max and make the bitch, when do you think?I think it’s a good idea, you can make money and at the same time you love cocks.yes my love, but it offers me 3 weeks is too much?not, as you will be covered for 3 weeks.I look at my husband and john, and I think, it must I accept the proposal, my head says no, but my pussy and my ass said yes.okay I go max for 3 weeks, but from when?john repliesprepares your things I take you after breakfastsaid therefore is fast, it has not had time to celebrate our reunionworry not, it is shoed after, but present yourself to the max puts your micro-bikini, this will make him happy.ok I will prepare a small suitcase and make me beautiful.get to the room, I out of my closet bikini, I’d keep as a souvenir, and I admit that occasionally I put, I am a real bitch.I put the bra, the fabric hiding only the nipples, brown halos’s my breasts are visible.I put the slip, he just hides the hood of my clitoris, while the rest of my pussy is in the open air, and as always shaved.I slipped a dress over my body, I prepare my suitcase and I go into the living roomJohn said:superb, but take off your dress, it is useless, as soon as you go back in the bar, they’ll tear you.but I will not put me in the car asif I want to enjoy.I run, I take off my dress, he uttered a cry of admiration, I put a high heel shoe, which has the effect of arching my buttocks.beautiful, a real bitch, go by car, we’re going there.We drive south to Miami, I almost completely naked sitting next to John, doubling the trucks, he purposely slow, for truckers rinses the eye watching.This is the call we headlights and honking shots.Arriving at the bar is the feast, Max rushes out from behind his counter, he embraces me, lifts me, put his tongue in my mouth.What surprise, always horny, I thought a lot you, you made me boost turnover. what do I owe this visit?John: What do you think, if eva remained in your bar for 2 to 3 weeks, under the same conditions as last time.great idea, I agree, eva, there to serve the table sakarya escort 24, takes the bottles behind the counter and will carry them.I am carried, passing between tables, wandering hands sneaks on my ass and my pussy.a black wonder, you suck me, I told him just follows me.I took him into the room, still with lumpy sofa, I sit, he released his cock, which is medium in size, and I suck vigorously, he quickly to send me his sperm deep in the throat, I finished cleaning his dick and I resumed my service, john and max always his spirited discussion.a second customer arrives, I can come in the room with you, so follow me.barely closed the door he literally pulls my string, takes out his cock, rocking me on the sofa, and me deeper into my pussy, after some time, he empties his balls in my pussy. the problem is that my string is ruined.Can anyone he did not hide much anyway, I spring after I cleaned my pussy, and I resumed my service, hands are more and more pressing, they fit into my pussy with one or two fingers and in my ass.john left, he did not even say goodbye, Max resumed his place behind the counter.I made and go back into the room, I got caught by any holes, with medium and big the end of the day, I’m tired, Max said:You’ve done well, come into my room, you will sleep better than on the sofa, I go up the stairs with him, and arrived in a room with a real mess in the middle of the room a bed with dirty go there extends and spreads thighs, I want to examine your pussy, I am carried, lie on your back, I back my legs, he strokes my pussy with these big fingers, fingers sinking into it. After a few minutes, he removes his shorts and underpants, his monstrous cock appears, still big, he told me to turn around.I turn around, back buttocks to the maximum, without losing time, he presses his cock against my ass and pushes suddenly I gasped, so it is big. he lies on me, I hardly breathe, and he makes great movement to come and go, almost pulling his dick out of my ass and then pushing it deeper, I stroked his balls simultaneously.he send me his sperm deep in my ass, he collapses on the side and he falls asleep, I roll into a ball and I puts me to sleep next to him, what a day.The next morning I wake up with a dick in pussy, Max was enjoying my sleep to insert his cock in my pussy, to start the day.after he had emptied his balls in my pussy, I down naked in the bar, I open the door and turn on the lights, the first customers are, and I start with oral sex.By early afternoon, three black asks me to come into the room, I am carried, they are already naked, impressive cocks without waiting I lie, I gets a cock in her pussy, one in the mouth and I caress another, after I get on one of the black, I took his cock in hand and inserts it into my pussy, another goes into my ass, and I suck the last, almost all three spit their sperm together.the day continues with cocks in my pussy, my ass and in my mouth, three weeks are going to be long and pleasant.

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