Juicy Daddy


Juicy DaddyThis episode happened 2 months ago, in my hometown in Brazil.It was a lovely saturday night, 11pm. It was raining and I was at home (alone), making something to eat. I usually don’t get naked if I’m not in the shower, but that night I felt very comfortable to do so. I took off all my clothes and finished preparing the food.A notification from Grindr popped up while I was liking photos on IG and eating a cheese sandwich, it was from ”BigEdDaddy”. He started to message me, asking me things. We got to know each other a little bit and after some mins of silence he said he was so horny he could fuck someone all night. I said I could be the lucky one to get fucked by him and then he asked if he could come over; I said ”Yes, ofc”. We were 501 feet away.He texted me when he got to my door, and then I got the keys and went to answer it quickly. He looked so clean and tidy and was wearing social clothes; he was very hot. He was 41 and I asked him if he liked guys under 20, he said he did because he loved younger men. I was 18.We went inside and he asked to go to the bathroom, I showed him the way and stayed in the living room, waiting for him. His name was Eduardo and as we talked about each other’s lives, I found out he’s had a marriage with a woman in the past. I asked him if he were bi and he said he were, but that he discovered it late in his bahis firmaları life. He was 5’11 and everytime I thought about how big was the D, my cock would get hard. We were both horny at that point and talking about our lives and hobbies wasn’t fun anymore.I asked if he’d like to see my bedroom and he said yes. We went to my room and then he said he was craving for some ass for about 3 months. How did he manage to hold for so long that desire? Idk if I could, I love sucking dick and couldn’t wait 3 months to get some.He said he works a lot and that it makes it harder for him to fulfill his carnal desires. I said it was time to let it go and relax, he agreeded and then I told him to take off his clothes. ”What are you gonna do to me, k**do?”, I said ”Just you wait and see, Daddy”. The night was just getting started.”I’m all naked now, you can suck my big dick”, he said, and it was indeed big. It had 8 inches and it was so thick and veiny I couldn’t resist. I went for it with my mouth and started sucking that juicy dick, I saw his face of satisfaction as I was licking his foreskin and it made me crave for that dick in my asshole. I sucked it for about 15mins, and then, after he said ”Okay, turn around for me, you slut”, I did as he asked and suddenly I felt my ass being licked with intension. He was licking it so good I could almost feel kaçak iddaa an orgasm coming, my cock was precumming a lot and I couldn’t disguise my moanings. ”Do you like it how I lick your fucking asshole?”, he said, and then I said ”I love it, Daddy, keep doing it, please”. It was so good, I could see from my shoulders he touching his big and hard dick; he was precumming too.”Can I swallow your precum, Daddy?”, I asked, and when he said I could he got on his knees and I started sucking his tool again. The precum tasted very sweet.He decided to kiss me, and I felt as horny as before. His mouth was soft and his beard was rubbing my face, which I loved. As we kissed, I touched his dick and he touched mine and after ’bout 3mins of good kissing, he said ”Alright, now I wanna fuck you really hard”. That made me feel so ready.I turned around again and he went to get the condom. I heard the noise of the package being opened and when he said he was gonna get inside, I said ”I’m ready, Daddy”.I felt that dick getting inside my ass and it was a feeling of pure pleasure. So thick I almost thought it wouldn’t fit in my little asshole, but it did, and when he started to fuck me I didn’t want him to stop.”Do you like how deep my cock is inside your ass, huh?”, he asked and then I said I did. ”Please, fuck me harder”, I said and then he did as fast as kaçak bahis he could. It was so loud I think the neighbors could even hear us fucking. I was moaning so much, I couldn’t stop, his dick was too good to control the pleasure.We moved positions a lot of times, but we decided to go to the bathroom so he could finish his job. I ran the shower and we got under the water, still fucking. The texture of the water with his dick combined felt so fucking good, I couldn’t hold any longer, and then I shooted my load with no hands on the floor. He saw it and said ”Okay, now it’s my turn, get on your knees”. He pulled out his dick from my ass, took off the condom, and then I got on my knees; he started to jerk off his cock and I was licking his balls. ”Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum”, he said to me. ”Yes, Daddy, give me your cum”.I opened my mouth and as I heard him moaning loud, I felt his load in my mouth. It was so warm and sweet and creamy, I swallowed it all up rightaway. ”Thanks, Daddy”, I said and then he smiled and we took a shower together.We went back to my bedroom and he put on his clothes. It was 2am and it was very cold. ”That was amazing, k**do, I hope we can have some fun like that some other time”, he said. I said that we would for sure.I showed him the door and before he left he gave me another kiss.”Bye”, he said.It was a great fuck, honestly it was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had so far in my life. Hopefully we’ll fuck again someday.P.S. Sorry for the vocabulary or if I couldn’t put the story in a more detalied way, my English needs some upgrades.

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