Julia’s Preference


Author’s note: This is a fictional story that includes sexual themes. The sexual descriptions in this story take place between adult characters aged 18 or older.


I had only worked at Brothers American Gas for about three months before my co-worker Helen started really opening up to me. She and I shared a small, single-window office that faced the side of the property; the two of us were the entirety of the Brothers customer service department.

“I could really use a good fuck go get me out of this Monday funk, how about you?” Helen popped her head up from behind the monitor, her greying-blonde hair crowning a sly grin and a pair of mischievous blue-grey eyes under heavy eyeliner. I smiled back, trying to hide my slight blush at the sudden remark (although the remark certainly wasn’t out of character for her, especially lately).

“You have no idea.” I avoided eye contact, thinking about William back at home. I haven’t yet broached the subject of my boyfriend, if you could call him that. We got closer after the first two times we fucked. We still fuck, and he gets me off one way or another, but I’m still not getting the satisfaction I need. After graduation, we both moved into a small rental one town over. He goes to school online and works part-time from home, while I’m stuck looking at propane orders and, thanks to Helen, fantasizing about getting pounded.

Lance, our new inventory lead popped his head sideways through the doorway before walking the rest of his body into the frame. He was a tall man probably in his late twenties, always joking around, slightly doughy in the middle, but kept it together well enough that he looked fairly slim when he bothered to dress a little nicer than usual. I lost several pounds after graduating and found myself starting to pay a little more attention to others’ bodies as a result.

“Afternoon, ma’am. Afternoon, ma’am. Some scan forms for the both of you.” He sauntered into the room, tipped his imaginary cowboy hat, and flopped the short stack of papers on Helen’s desk before sauntering backwards out the door again. Naturally, Helen and I both humored the poor guy with a, “Thank you kindly,” but we were both preoccupied with something a lot more intriguing than his cheesy western affect.

“Oh my God, Julia, did you see his dick?” Helen whispered loudly before tip-toeing over to gently close and lock the office door. “He was side-piping like I’ve never seen, and I don’t even think he was hard!” I nodded, the image of his thick cock pressed between his thigh and his form-fitting khakis still fresh in my mind. “Ooh, I bet he’s uncircumcised, don’t you bet? Maybe we could convince a guy to take a peek for us at the urinal, huh?” She let out a youthful yet devilish giggle, fanning herself for effect.

“How can you even tell? It’s not like he took it out; he wasn’t even in the room for more than a minute.”

“Oh honey, believe me, when a circumcised guy is side-piping, you’ll know. The ridge of his glans shows through and it’s practically a dick billboard.” She leaned back in her chair and let out a soft, slightly quivering sigh, seemingly lost in fantasy for a moment.

“I don’t know,” I paused, suddenly embarrassed about William, although not sure why, “My boyfriend is cut and I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Helen perked back up at the mention, leaned in with a mischievous grin, resting her elbows on the desk.

“Boyfriend? You’ve never said a word about having a boyfriend; how long has this been going on?” I blush hard, but dish most of the story behind William and me, the time we fucked at the school and how I came on his chest. I didn’t mention my issues with his little prick or the day Greg came over and I fucked them both. Still, she had a proud look about her, as if she knew something about me that I didn’t.

“Well, color me surprised, Julie. Here I was thinking I’d have to get you together with little Scotty!” Scott was Helen’s son, who just turned 18 almost two weeks ago. I’ve never met him, but sometimes he drives his mom to work and back, and I’ve caught a glimpse through the window. He’s pale, almost pinkish-white with ragged, wavy near-black hair.

“Already trying to stick him with some poor girl, huh?” I smirk and she matches my expression, blushing herself for the first time since I started working there.

“Actually, lately I’ve been keeping him for myself.” She notices my look of confused intrigue, and leans in a little closer, lowering her voice. “I know I should feel horrible about this, but…I had sex with Scotty, and it was fantastic.”

“Oh…wow, uh…when did all this happen?” I was stunned, but intensely curious about the taboo of it all.

“Well, it’s a little complicated, but we’ve actually done it four times now. Now I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out! I haven’t been taken care of in that way since before his father passed away. He wanted Scott to look like him down there, you know, but I insisted that we leave our son intact, at least until ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar he was old enough to make that decision for himself.” She paused to fan her face a bit and compose herself. “Well…long story short, I caught a glimpse of him drying off after a shower Monday night, saw all that luscious skin drooping off the end of his tool…it almost looked a little goofy, but my curiosity got the better of me, and I guess you could say the rest is history.”

My jaw had dropped as she dished her story, turning into a slight grin once it clicked in my mind what she was saying.

“Wait, so are you saying you fucked your son four times in two days? And this was all because of his foreskin? What…h-how good was it?”

“Oh my God, Julie, it was unbelievable. It was like…having sex for the first time, only better. I don’t think I could explain it without showing you firsthand.” As she spoke I saw little Scott pull into a parking spot outside and give his signature little double-beep of the horn to let Helen know he was ready and waiting. She spun around in her chair to give Scott an enthusiastic wave through the window before spinning back to face me.

“So, what do you say? Forget about the bus; how about I let Scotty give you a ride home?” She winked at me, as if she already knew how much her sparse story turned me on. I made a show of reluctantly agreeing, and before long the three of us were off.


Helen was obscenely open about her antics with Scott on the drive home, and I noticed Scott blushing bright red nearly the entire trip. Before Scott pulled into the driveway I warned them both that William would be home already, and Helen simply smirked, cradling her chin between her thumb and forefinger as if deep in thought.

As soon as the front door closed, Helen gently ordered her son to strip down, right in the center of my living room.

“Where’s your man?” She asked with her hands on her hips with a faux ‘girl power’ attitude as her now shirtless son struggled to untie the knots in his shoes. “I wanna do a little comparison; show you what this is all about if you catch my drift.” I kicked off my own shoes and without a word, bounced down the hallway to fetch William.

I was already giddy with excitement, thinking back on the last time we had a guest of this kind and hoping to maybe have a regular playmate of sorts. By the time William and I had rounded the corner back into the living room Scott was standing fully nude next to his mother. He was every bit as pale as William, a tad shorter and slightly more toned in the abdomen. They could almost pass for brothers aside from their hair and, of course, the wrinkled pucker of foreskin at the end of Scott’s member.

“Ah! Now here’s the man I’ve heard so little about! I was planning on having you strip down next to little Scotty here, what do you think about that?” William snapped his gaze away from Scott’s package and blushed, scratching the back of his head and shooting a bashful glance in my direction.

“Heh, well I don’t really do much thinking; I usually just do what Julia says.”

“Wow, smart man! Sounds like you’ve snagged yourself a good one, Julia.” William looked at me again and I gave him an affirmative nod to dress down. Scott stood in place, tugging downward at the underside of his foreskin as if it were a nervous habit. The act caused his modest member to grow to a moderate size; not yet erect but the little button pucker of a penis had grown into a true hanging dick. His foreskin hugged the form of the glans and the underside drooped down low where Scott had been habitually tugging. William leaned over to slip his underwear off and looked at me expectantly.

“Well go on and stand next to Scott.” He bashfully obeyed and immediately the differences were clear between them. William’s little acorn head sat atop his balls, nestled closely against his body after being exposed to the open air, the skin of his shaft wrinkled and bunched up just behind his glans. Helen gasped softly and sat on the edge of our overstuffed couch.

“My goodness, will you look at that, Scotty?” William and Scott looked down at each others’ groins, then bashfully made eye contact. “They really got you good, you poor thing! Come closer and let me have a look at you.” I sat on the couch and Helen waved for her son to stand in front of me the way William was now standing and facing Helen. She lifted William’s flaccid member up on the side of her forefinger, as if it were a small songbird perching there.

“It really is a stunning difference, wouldn’t you say, Julia?” William was not-so-subtly catching a glimpse of Helen’s cleavage, having a clear view down her blouse. His little songbird quickly perked up and lifted off Helen’s finger, already fully erect. Helen smiled sweetly at the little fella that was now pointing directly at her. She made a small ring with her thumb and forefinger, giving a gentle squeeze to the base of his member before trailing downward to cup elvankent götü büyük escortlar William’s taut balls with her fingertips, her painted nails softly grazing his scrotum. “It’s awfully cute in a way, don’t you think? Although it really is a shame how much is missing.”

Scott kept glancing shyly at his mother and William, his own member slowly stiffening. I mimicked Helen and lifted Scott’s member up with my finger to observe his skin-covered glans and the way it hugged the form of his head. Partially erect like this, the tip of his foreskin hung over his head just enough to form a mysterious opening that I could peek into and spot a glimpse of his head. Still mirroring Helen’s actions, I held her son’s balls in my fingertips; they were about the same size, but hung much lower and swayed when he shifted his weight. Soon enough Scott’s dick was standing at full attention and looking directly at me from behind a ring of pale foreskin.

“See how much more there is to play with, Julia? From the looks of it, circumcision makes fellas a bit smaller overall.” She gave William a couple gentle squeezes at the base of his dick to see if he would grow any further, to no avail. She appeared to be right, too. Aside from William’s missing foreskin, they were almost the same size; Scott was just slightly thicker around and perhaps half an inch longer.

“Yeah, it looks a little strange, but it does seem a little fuller. And I guess I never realized before, but it definitely looks more natural.” I gently pinched at the wrinkled tip of his foreskin, “It has a kind of flow to it, y’know? No tan line or anything.” Helen looked up at me for a moment with a tilted head.

“Oh, that’s a cute term for it!” She let out an airy laugh and lightly traced around the dark ring on William’s still stiff member. “That’s actually his circumcision scar; you can see William’s is almost halfway down, so it really shows just how much they took from the poor boy.” Helen continued teasingly tracing her fingernail around William’s scar. William was blushing noticeably, occasionally shooting glances at me as I cautiously explored little Scotty’s intact member.

I noticed Scott watching his mother tease at William, his stiff member practically bouncing in place. Clumsily prodding around Scott’s foreskin a bit, I took the underside between my fingers and tugged at it a bit like I’d seen him do earlier. Scott bit at his lower lip, a large bead of precum forming at the tip of his member before dripping down to glaze the inside of his foreskin.

“Ooh, looks like someone’s getting a little worked up!” Helen grinned slyly over at me.

“Little Scotty’s always fiddling with himself like that, but I’ll bet it feels a lot better to have someone else do it, isn’t that right?” Scott simply nodded, still biting his lip and arching his back just a bit. Getting a little more comfortable with this strange new cock, I wrapped my thumb and finger around the midpoint of his shaft, gently peeling back his foreskin for the first time.

A bizarre sensation overcame me as I watched his glistening head start to emerge. Without warning, his scent hit me like a slap in the face. Not that it was a revolting aroma, simply that I hadn’t expected it. In fact, after a moment it became much more familiar; it smelled almost like me. It smelled like sex. Slowly, quietly, I breathed in deeply through my nose and, closing my eyes just for a moment, I swear I could smell us together. His sex mingling with mine, hanging thick in the air after committing the most primitive, carnal act of sheer pleasure. Of course, I knew it was all in my head, but the instant I opened my eyes, I realized the scent of his uncircumcised cock was making me wet.

I quickly composed myself, gave a quick glance over to see Helen tenderly playing with the smooth, shaved little coin purse on William, who was simply standing at attention, shaking just a bit with nervous excitement as he awaited whatever may come.

With one hand still wrapped around Scott’s cock, I brought my other up to cup around his balls, feeling his full package as I began pulling his foreskin back the rest of the way. He was stiff, and I could feel him throbbing in my hand, but one small flap of skin still hugged around the crown of his head. Wanting to see him fully exposed, I tugged downward a bit further, quickly letting go after hearing what could only be described as a pitiful whine coming from Scott.

“Oh! Careful there, Julia. Little Scotty needs to be handled a bit more gently than William here.” Scott was wincing, his foreskin already rolled itself back over his head, and he rubbed his underside with a single finger. A bit of an overreaction if you ask me.

“Just like with us ladies, Scott needs a bit of ‘warming up’ before he can really come out and play. That frenulum of his is a fun little toy, but it can sting if you get too carried away.” Like a fool, I stared blankly at Helen, not yet understanding what she meant.

“Oh etimesgut çıtır escortlar honey, I’m so sorry. I forgot this is your first time with a whole penis. Scotty, pull that back again and let’s show Julia your frenulum.”

Scott obeyed, lifting his member near vertically and smoothly retracting his foreskin. His bright, glistening head emerged once more along with that same aroma that was now beginning to make my thighs quiver as if it were a reflex. I leaned in closer to Scott’s groin and saw there was a curious band of skin that seamlessly connected the underside of his head to the inside of his foreskin. I touched it, sliding the tip of my finger down the length of it and sending a shudder down Scott’s spine. I was fascinated; it looked unfamiliar, almost frivolous, yet somehow I already understood it as perfect, natural…arousing, even. Helen must have seen the look in my eyes.

“The frenulum is that little string on the underside of Scotty’s dick that makes him leak so much precum. Go ahead and slowly glide his foreskin up and down a bit.” I nodded and rolled his foreskin back over his head, completely covering it before peeling it back, exposing all but the crown of his head just like before. “See how his little frenulum stretches when you tug him back? It helps to keep his sensitive glans covered, too.” I lifted my hand off and watched as Scott’s frenulum graciously pulled his foreskin back up, snugly covering half of his head.

As his foreskin settled into place, Scott tilted his head back slightly and let out a soft hum of pleasure, another dab of precum forming at the very tip of his head like a glass bead.

“See now? I told you there’s a lot more to play with when it comes to uncircumcised boys.” Helen winked at me and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Yeah, you’re right…it’s a lot more complex than I had imagined.” I rolled Scott’s foreskin back all the way over his head and gave it a few playful tugs here and there, peeking up to see his reaction. “A little strange, but I think I like it.” She and William both looked on as I curiously stretched her son’s foreskin. After a moment Helen lifted William’s member up to get a better look at his underside, frowning with a look of pity.

“Hmm…that’s a shame. Some circumcised fellas still have a frenulum, even if it’s just a piece. Looks like poor William here lost all of his, but I’ll bet this little patch of scar tissue is still his most sensitive part.” With two fingers and a thumb she pinched a wad of skin on the underside of his member, just below his glans and tugged downward firmly. She began to roll it between her fingers, but without warning William let out a pathetic whimper and began cumming. Helen lost her grip on the patch of skin and his little member bounced up, flinging strings of warm cum on her face and cleavage, soaking into her work blouse. William was clearly ashamed, his eyes clenched shut and his face beet red as the last of his seed dangled off the end of his member.

Scott stared wide-eyed at his mother, clearly straining not to laugh or make any wisecracks. The scene must have turned him on a fair bit, however; he was suddenly leaking enough pre that it had pooled around the opening of his foreskin and started to drip down to the floor in one long strand. Helen pursed her lips, taking a moment to regain her composure.

“Ugh…well, I guess that just goes to show that circumcision doesn’t make guys last any longer.” She looked down at her chest, hesitating to touch the mess on her clothes and skin. She lifted her eyes off her chest to see William’s spent, already softening member dribbling the last of its cum onto the floor before flashing me a half-hearted smile.

“William, don’t just stand there. Help clean up your mess.” I snapped at him, hoping that the mood hadn’t just been ruined by his hair trigger.

“Oh don’t worry about it, honey.” Helen lifted her blouse up and peeled it off over her head, revealing her soft, pale belly and voluptuous breasts, practically flowing over her bra. She wasn’t overweight, at least not compared to me a year or two ago. She had what could best be described as a motherly figure; a little padding on her stomach and sides that was mostly hidden under her work attire. A few subtle age marks and wrinkles hinted at her age; something both boys here certainly didn’t seem to mind one bit.

“Julia, why don’t you get comfortable on that chaise lounge and let little Scotty show you a thing or two.” She shot me a wink after using the inside of her blouse to wipe her face and chest clean. “Since William here already had his fun, he can stay and help return the favor. How does that sound?” She teasingly dabbed at the tip of William’s now completely flaccid member, his little acorn head resting above his balls, still damp with cum.

“Now that sounds like a plan.” I grinned and stood up, grabbing Scott by the wrist and guiding him to the chaise on the side of the living room, already so eager for more that I could feel myself beginning to soak through my underwear.


The chaise was oversized and could comfortably hold two people, and it pointed inward toward the center of the living room, so I still had a clear view of Helen and William, and William could see Scott and me. Not private by any means, but then again, where would the fun in that be?

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