Just a Dream


Just a DreamFeeling the kisses on my neck and his warm hands rubbing up and down my body had be feeling amazing. His touch was everything that imagined and more. Being next to him and in his arms was enough but i knew it was going to lead to something else and soon. I started to kiss him on his lips and playing with his bottom lip. Lord knows how much is smile drives me crazy and every time i sucked on his bottom lip i can see it! so i think its a win win situation. He stopped me and stood me up and undressed me to my under clothes. I was excited to see me in my cheetah print bar and see through lace panties! He looked at me and just gave me that look like he wanted all of me and some! but little did he know i was all that he needed and some 😉 He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and i felt ALL of him! My eyes got huge! O.O Thank God he couldn’t see my face bc I didn’t want him to think that i was scared or something! canlı bahis I was secretly thanking God for sending this guy to me 🙂 He was licking, sucking, nipping and moaning in my ear while doing all of those things to my neck and ear. He laid me on my back and started to play with my girl and started to lick it in ways i never thought any man could! It was sooooo unreal. But me being me i wanted to join in on the play. I got up and undressed him and laid him on his back. He was already hard. But i laid myself on his face and i placed my face right by his Mandingo. And i tried to turn him out bc i enjoy turning ppl on more than myself. I could tell he was enjoying his self bc he was moaning and moving and his toes were curling. lol i love that shit. I got up and i got to dirty talking him and asking him what he wanted me to do to him and for him. Bc i was here to do anything he needed to be done. He had his sexy voice on and bahis siteleri that smile on his face and he told me to go for it. ( Giving me the green light to do anything)I slid my pussy down on him slowly and i worked my way all the on him. We both said ” Oh Shit” and i continued to ride him slowly but picked up the pace and went faster and faster. i wanted to get him so close to nuttin but not let him nut! (Its a really sexy control thing i like to do) He told me to slow down and i did but then he told me to stop but i didnt. I kept going and going and going and going and going until he grabbed my waist and pulled me off of him. He whispered in my ear “My turn” He turned me around and slid himself right into me! He started slow and then went faster but normally i could handle this doggy style life style but with him i wanted to tap! But then again thats not my life style. I stuck it out like a champ and just when thing were güvenilir bahis heating up i heard………MY ALARM CLOCKI swore everything was so real. It sucked it was JUST A DREAM. And it all started like this………… After a long day after work and really tired i only had one thing on my mind, and that was bed! I ran to run me some shower water and gather my ihome and towel. I got in the bathroom and undressed and clipped my hair up. The shower was perfect, it was hot but not to warm but then again not to cold,just right!! I washed up really good using my favorite (Bath and Body works) I turned the shower off and wrapped up in the towel. I got in my room and oiled up really well. I sat my clothes out and turned on some tv even though i knew i was going to fall right to sleep. I started to put my cheetah print bra and lace panties on. Lord knows how much i love my cheetah print and how good i look in it! I out my black shorts on and my grey tank top on that i love to sleep in. I laid down and got comfortable but had to get up bc i left the light on. Once i laid down and closed my eyes I was sleep.The End For: My smiling IG crush

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