Just a fantasy

Just a fantasyThe air muggy & still as I walk along the rough terrain, about every 1000 ft or so there is a water hole, the trees are thick as I walk through the over grown surface. I can hear the sound of rushing water off in the distance. I walk toward it in every direction until I can hear it getting closer. My clothes are sticking to my body in the heat. I can finally hear the water getting closer as I continue to walk, after about another couple of miles I’m rewarded with an amazing site of a large waterfall, I stare at it from across the way, it drops down about 500 feet. I am mesmerized by the falling water and the pool of pure blue at the bottom. The water looks so inviting as I stand there dripping with sweat.I start to take a step down the side realizing it is steeper than it looks. I start to slide and am able to stop myself before I start going too fast that I can’t. I slide down the rest of the way slowly reaching the bottom. I dust myself off and start pulling off my shirt off along with my bra, exposing my large supple tits, my nipples are hard from being exposed so openly, I pull my pants and panties off before jumping in the water, the water is cool on my body. I submerge myself the rest of the way in bending my head back to make sure my hair is out of my face. I swim around a bit before finding a rock to sit up on. I am lost in my thoughts, I hear a scuff from behind me and I jump back in the water and look around, I see you standing above where I was, you smile and I smile back. We exchange some brief chatter before you tell me you had found this place a few days ago and were in need of a dip. I start to head back over to the other side where my clothes are and I can hear rustling, I turn around and you are pulling your shirt off. I can’t seem to turn away as you pull your shoes and then start to unbutton your pants. I am staring with anticipation of what is going to come off next, I try to turn away and manage to about half way before I see you slide your shorts off and leave your boxers on, before jumping into the water.I stay in the water even as I am shivering, we are talking and I don’t want to leave. I start to head back over to my clothes, I step out and realizing a little late that I am not wearing anything. I can feel your eyes fixed on me, my nipples are hard with the dry air cooling me. I turn my head to see you watching me get dressed. I blush deeply as I slide my shirt on without my bra and pulling my kuşadası escort bayan pants on quickly. The thin material of the shirt is sticking to my breasts, my nipples are hard and very noticeable, my pussy is wet from watching you undress and I know that my fingers will be wet tonight as I think back.I’m drawn back into reality when I hear your voice closer then what I had expected. I turn around facing you, you can see how hard my nipples are as you start to talk. Your eyes shift back and forth between my eyes and my very hard nipples. You ask me if I might like to go back with you to your campsite for something to eat. The only thing that is on my mind is how good your cock might taste sliding down my throat. I take a little longer to answer then I had expected before replying with a yes.You smile and turn to swim back to the other side, I watch as you climb out of the water and get pull your shorts back on. You leave your shirt off and I follow you back to your camp. You build a fire and we sit and chat. It is well after sundown and it is starting to get a little chilly for the thin shirt. I however do not have anything in my pack that is warmer. You are sitting next to me when you can see me shivering, you move closer. I can feel the warmth of your body close to mine. I stand up getting closer to the fire. I hear you stand and feel your hands on my shoulders, rubbing lightly. I let out a light moan escape my lips, your breath is warm against my neck as I lean back against you. You slide your hand down my side, as I slid my hand up your leg and back down again finding the bottom of your shorts and moving them up as I slide back up.I feel your lips on my neck making me moan out louder grabbing your leg, your hand slides around to the underside of my breast making me push up wanting to feel your hand on my nipple. I can feel your teeth biting my neck, making me want you more. You fingers find my hard nipple and squeeze softly causing me to moan out, and push back against you rubbing my ass on your cock feeling you growing harder. My hand slides up and grasps your cock as you bite my earlobe, my hand tenses around your hardness. My body rubbing against you wanting to feel you, you slide your hand up lifting my shirt up and over my head. I spin around kissing your mouth sucking your tongue into my mouth. Your big hands squeezing my tits, then moving back around to my ass and pulling me closer to you grinding escort kuşadası your cock against me.You pull back away from me taking my nipple in your mouth and sucking it, licking around it, making me moan and beg for you to not stop. You are biting lightly and squeezing the other nipple between your fingers as you suck my tit in your mouth. My breathing getting rough and hard you feel my body shutter lightly. You pull away and lead me to your tent, pulling the flap shut behind us, when you turn around I am on my knees waiting for you, as you step to me I grab your cock and stroke it through your shorts, I unzip them and pull your cock out licking around your head and slowly sucking you into my mouth. I slide my tongue up and down your cock while sucking you deep into my mouth. You knees give just slightly, before you get your balance once again, I suck your cock deep down my throat and I feel your hand in the back of my hair, pulling me toward your cock. You unbutton your shorts and pull me off of your hard cock long enough to pull the rest of your clothes off.I eagerly go back to sucking you again long slow sucking strokes. Your hand is on the back of my head as you hold me at your pace fucking my mouth, I bring my hand up and start to fondle your balls running my nails up and down. I feel your body tensing just a little before you pull your cock out of my sucking mouth.I beg you to let me suck you again but you pull me down with you to the sleeping bag on the ground. Your mouth finds mine as your hands explore my body, you pull me close to you grabbing my ass and then giving it a resounding smack as I moan grinding against you. I can feel your cock hard rubbing between my legs, I feel your hand moving back up pushing away from me slightly and pushing my legs apart, your fingers probe my soaking wet pussy. You slide your finger across my clit making me almost scream. You slide your finger in me rubbing back and forth making me whimper and moan, you break from my mouth and take my nipple back in your mouth and suck it, when you rub your finger across my clit I scream out as I cum hard, you can feel your finger washed over with a new wetness, my body shaking against yours. You keep fingering my clit making me jump and twitch. I pull your hand up taking it up to my lips and sucking your cum soaked fingers moaning around them.You pull your fingers out of my mouth pushing you onto your back I straddle your hips and start kuşadası escort bayan to slide my slick lips over your cock. You grab onto my hips wanting to impale me on your raging hard cock. I keep your from sliding in and tease you with just my lips running up and down your cock. You move your hands up to my nipples taking one in each hand and squeezing. My hips are moving fast along you. Your cock is soaked in my juice as are your balls , I play with you like that for awhile before I can feel my pussy aching to cum again. I slide along your cock faster, your hands pinching my nipples making me moan loudly. My breathing gets ragged , you can feel my body tense up and you take that opportunity to slide inside me, thrusting up and feeling my pussy tighten around you milking your cock as I scream out digging my nails into your chest, you continue to pump inside of me as I cum again. I start to fuck you faster and as I’m about to cum again you grab my hips and hold me still on top of you deep inside me. You can feel my pussy hot, wet & stickly, your balls and cock soaked in my cum.I understand why you stopped I could feel your cock starting to twitch , I move my hips a little and feel your fingers tighten into my skin. I climb off of you sliding down your body kissing and licking every inch as I go down, getting to your hard cock standing straight up. I suck you down all the way with the first stroke of my mouth. I feel your body grow stiff. I hold you in my mouth sucking you with long deep strokes moving faster up and down your stiff cock. I’m moaning with every stroke, your hands are on my tits pinching and pulling making my pussy ache for you inside me again. I feel your cock deep in my throat my tongue licking every inch of you. I feel you get harder before I pull you out of my mouth the first spurt hits my face, I stroke your cock so that the rest of your cum lands on my big tits.We sit there for a moment as I rub your cock in your cum before licking it clean, I then start to lick my tits, you watch as I lick all of your cum from me. Your cock doesn’t go down, I lean over and start to suck you again, long deep strokes moaning with every stroke. You grab my hair holding my head on your cock and fucking my mouth fast and hard. You pull out of my mouth and pushing me around pulling my hips up, you shove your cock deep in my aching cunt. I scream out feeling your balls slap against my clit, you pound my tight cunt from behind for a few more minutes making me moan in pure pleasure, before I feel your fingers dig into my hips and hear your almost growl before you pull out and let your cum hit my back and down my ass. We sit there silently for a few minutes before you lay down and pull me next to you….

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