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Brad Winters had enrolled for a three day writing course on an egotistical whim. His first attempt at fiction, although pleasing to have published, had not sold enough copies to encourage him to give up his job in car sales, but the blurb for this course had specified, ‘for published writers who have had only moderate success.’ The fact that it was being held in a 4-star hotel, with excellent conference facilities, barely five miles from his home had made it an even more attractive proposition.

His hotel room on the first floor was neat enough with views across lavish gardens that seemed to burst with summer colour. That first morning the forty or so ‘would-be’ writers sat in a large hall to be given an outline of the intended programme. Brad was struck by the vast age range of the group. Some looked to be no more than older teenagers whereas there was a good smattering of over sixties.

For the afternoon session they were randomly divided into two groups, and Brad’s group were instructed to meet in conference room B. Brad arrived there to find chairs set out in a rough semicircle with a small lectern at the centre point. He took up a left wing position as the other chairs quickly filled, and, before sitting, he shrugged out of his suit jacket and hung it on the back of his chair

Sara Furlong needed her daughter, Jennifer, to persuade her to attend the writer’s course she’d spotted in a magazine.

“You’re one book hasn’t exactly set the world alight, Mum.” Jennifer had said, with her usual questionable tact. “This course may just set you in a more lucrative direction. And the location isn’t far away.”

“It’ll probably be all pointless talk,” Sara had replied, although she did wish to expand her experience. Working in the beauty department of a major store was interesting enough, but having written one historical novel, with one decent review, the idea of living off her writing had much appeal.

Jennifer gave her mother one of her pleading looks, “Maybe you could enquire if I could come with you. I wouldn’t mind being a writer after university.” Her grin was teasing, “I could probably make a fortune writing a disguised version of your confused love life.”

Smiling, Sara gave her daughter a gentle nudge, “It wasn’t that confused.” Sometimes she regretted having been so frank with her eighteen year old daughter about the men in her life.

So they found themselves sharing a comfortable twin bedded room on the first floor of the up grade hotel housing the course. For the afternoon session they found themselves in a smaller group of about twenty. Given the promised heat of the July afternoon, Sara had worn a thin, brown, sleeveless summer dress, and she and Jennifer placed themselves on the right hand edge of the semi circle of chairs.

Comfortably relaxed, Brad allowed his eyes to scan around the seated group, and, jokingly, he graded them—’older, older, young, my age, my age, older, young.’ There appeared to be an equal mix of men and women, as his eyes reached the far side of the semi circle, and he was proceeding,-‘old, young, my age, ol—’

That was the moment the whirlwind struck him. Brad’s eyes turned back to the woman in the brown summer dress he’d labelled ‘my age’. Even as he did so, he saw her avert her eyes. What the hell had struck him about her?

A tall grey haired gentleman moved to stand behind the lectern, placed some notes in front of him, introduced himself, and welcomed those present. Sara heard none of it. Her attention had inexplicably become focussed on the man directly across the floor from her.

When she’d first noticed him, he had been slipping out of his jacket, before sitting down. What troubled Sara at that early sighting was the spasm and pulsing that started deep down in her lower body. She didn’t know the man. He wasn’t exactly handsome, ‘rugged’ might have been a better description. Then his eyes were on her, and she quickly looked away. But, why notice him, and why this reaction inside her?

Brad was not hearing the speaker either. He was pondering the effect this unknown woman was having on him. Although he might have classed her as attractive, she was no raving beauty. A round face framed by neat tawny hair, curling outwards just above her shoulders. A generous swelling in the brown dress suggested a reasonable figure. Slender calves, leading up to smooth knees which she appeared now to be attempting to push the hem of her dress to cover.

Sara gave a quick glance and saw that he was looking down at her legs. Her movement to push down the hem of her skirt, as she hastily looked away, was almost involuntary. But as she did this, she could not resist another glance and this time their eyes held, and for an uncountable number of seconds they were locked into a thousand unanswerable questions.

Brad was amazed to find his breathing quicken, and it was he who had to break the eye-lock, by glancing at the young lady who sat to the left of the brown dressed lady.

By general appearance, face shape, hair colour this had to be some relative, younger fake hospital porno sister maybe. Prettier perhaps than her elder sister but there couldn’t be much in it.

Sara had been relieved when he looked away, for, during that long stare something had happened that amazed and almost terrified her. Already feeling the pulsing down there she had become aware that there was a moistening between her thighs. This was ridiculous. What kind of awesome power did this man have in his gaze?

The speaker’s voice was a mere background drone as Brad’s eyes were drawn back to this magnetic lady in the brown dress. Her eyes had remained on him but now as she looked away, he was able to intensify his gaze. In trying to define why she was having this effect on him he had another shock. His penis was pushing against his boxer shorts.

An erection? He’d only viewed this woman briefly from a distance of some ten metres. God, this could not be happening. Two failed marriages, a couple of long term affairs, and several one nighters over his 39 years, had prepared him for any effect an attractive woman could have on him. He would admit to fancying a sexy woman like mad. He had fallen in love with each of his wives within hours of meeting them.

But this was something beyond his comprehension. Sitting there, gazing across at her, only one thing dominated his mind, and caused his erection to throb frantically. He desperately needed that erection to be thrusting, vigorous and deep, up inside this unknown woman. No woman had ever produced that kind of immediate desire in him. Hell, she was gazing at him again, and the very air was electric. Was she some kind of witch?

Was there a lecture going on? Sara had little awareness of any sounds other than what was the hammer beat of her own heart. With each glance, with each connection of the eyes, something was becoming desperately, frighteningly, clear.

After one husband, three long term affairs, and several brief encounters, the three main orifices of her body had much experience of the eagerness of male erections. Sometimes it had been good, sometimes not so. But always, she had taken time to assess whether a man was going to be allowed access to her body. Now, here she was with an absolutely instant craving to have this unknown man’s hardness shafting into her, but only into that orifice that defined her as a woman.

One or two volunteers were being invited up to talk about their early writing experience. Brad could take in none of it. His mind was in a whirl. The response of his body staggered him. What significance was there in her eyes looking into his? Was he so desirable to this woman? That thought almost made him laugh. Yet, how could he be sitting here in some physical torment in his need to penetrate her? Determinedly he tried to concentrate on the current speaker. It was impossible.

“Are you going to volunteer, Mum?”

Her daughter’s voice brought Sara back to some level of reality, but she knew her voice was hesitant as she replied,” Of course not.”

“Are you all right, Mum?”

Sara could sense her daughter’s eyes upon her as she turned to face her and said, “Why shouldn’t I be?”

Jennifer’s eyes were questioning, “You look uneasy,” she whispered.”I thought you were trembling a moment ago.”

“Ssh, dear, I’m all right.”

But Sara knew she wasn’t all right. What might Jennifer have said if she’d told her she was mad with desire? It was the inability to account for it that was so agitating. All the impulses and pulsations of recent minutes were so out of character. This was like no situation she could recall. Try as she might to concentrate on what was going on around her she could not lose this wild urging of her body.

But how could it be resolved? She would keep her eyes away from the man. That was one answer.

Brad’s mind stewed over the question of what might happen. He had to keep his eyes away from that woman in brown. But it wouldn’t be easy.

At last the lecture wound down. Brad glanced at his watch, saw that it was four fifteen, as the speaker announced that tea would be served in the canteen. Grabbing his jacket, Brad stood up and held it in front of him to hide his still rampant erection. He knew he could not venture anywhere in his current state, and decided to get up to his room to cool off. Deliberately he kept his eyes averted from across the room.

“I could do with a cup of tea,” Jennifer said.

Not daring to look across the room, Sara nodded, before realising that her panties were so soaked that she feared there might be tell-tale odour. She had to change.

“You go and order the teas, dear,” she told her daughter. “I’ve got a slight headache, I’ll just pop up to the room for a tablet.”

Jennifer’s face showed her concern, as she said, “I knew there was something wrong. I’ll come with you.”

“It’s nothing. Don’t be silly. I’ll be with you in a couple of minutes.”

Out in the hotel foyer, Brad saw the number of people waiting for the lift. The ache fake taxi porno in his loins made him decide to take the stairs. Maybe the exercise would work it off. His pace on the stairs was deliberately slow, and he stopped to wriggle a couple of times to ease the pressure in his boxers.

Sara watched Jennifer head towards the canteen, and then, turning into the foyer, she saw the lift doors open, and two people emerged. Relieved, she hurried before the doors closed, glad to have the lift to herself. Quickly she pressed for the first floor.

By the time he’d reached the first floor landing, Brad was relieved to find that the pressure in his pants had subsided just a little. He slung his jacket over his shoulder as he moved past the lift doors and to his room door. Quickly he placed the key-card over the wall disc, and as he pushed the door open, he heard the lift doors part. About to enter, he was distracted by what was a choking, shocked, “Oh.” He turned, and the whirlwind started all over again.

The woman in the brown dress stood there, open mouthed, staring at him.

Sara was so anxious to get to her room without encountering anyone that, being alone in the lift, she had quickly removed her soaked panties, and crammed them into her small handbag. No risk of any odour now.

The lift doors parted and she stepped out. Immediately the pulsating started in her lower body, and some sound escaped her lips. There, by an open room door, stood the man who had got her into this state. His jacket hung over his shoulder. Sara guessed that the astonished look on his face matched what must have been on hers. She took on involuntary step, and mumbled, “I—You—What—”

Brad was transfixed by the nearness of her. Now he could see the delicate make up on her face, and he confirmed the shapeliness of her body. More than that though was the heaving pressure of his returning erection. He had to say something. “What-? We seem—I can’t—” Nothing sensible would fit together, but slowly she was moving, almost staggering, towards him. God, he so wanted her. Would she cry ‘rape’? With one long stride he had closed the gap between them.

Pure lust, Sara had never known, but it was upon her now. Her insides demanded the log hard invasion of her most secret part. She almost fainted as he came in close, and she felt his arms enfold her, while her own clung desperately at him. As their mouths came together, wide and wet, and tongues lunged and searched, something hard , oh yes, pressed against her thigh. She felt herself being turned to totter backwards towards the open door.

For Brad there had to be only be one outcome. At least her reaction had equalled his as he edged her back against the door frame, and round it into his room. His hungry erection pressed into her thigh. The passion in her kiss told him that the past hour or so had not been fantasy.

Pressed against the wall, Sara heard the door slam shut behind them, and she twisted her body to direct that hardness, but it was no use inside those pants. Frantically, her hand reached down, as she broke the kiss to gasp, “In me. Up me. I’m not—”

As soon as her hand moved onto his shielded prick, Brad reduced the pressure on her hips to allow her to complete her search. Her words could have been his words, and he responded, “Yes, yes, I’ve got to—” Amazingly in that short space of time, her hands had freed and were grasping his solid erection, and Brad thrilled at the warm hand on him.

Sara heard herself moaning as delightedly she discovered how easily his penis came free. Not so ridiculous now, this urge. Clumsily she tried to guide him up under her dress.

Brad sensed the urgency in her for it mirrored his own. Eagerly he dragged up the hem of her dress, felt for her panties but found his fingers in the morass of moisture that awaited his invasion. As she pulled him to her, he bent his knees, and waited for her to place him.

Since that placement was the only thing on Sara’s mind, she was delighted as briefly his fingers dwelt along her soaking groove. She felt his knees bend, and panting fiercely in anticipation, she rammed his penis head at her vaginal opening.

The moment her hand released him, Brad gave a massive heave upwards and thrilled at the sheer delight of that long first journey into the moistness of her vaginal passage, where muscles pulled in their urgency, and he heard her cry out a wild, “Oh, yes. Fuck me.” Oh, yes, indeed, Brad agreed, here was the release from the craving that had stewed inside him since his first sight of this unknown woman.

That first fierce push momentarily lifted Sara off her feet, but it was glorious to have him travelling hard and fast up inside her, like some express train. All she had been longing for. Vaguely she recalled the language she had just used. Never before in an intimate situation like this, had she used that word. But in spite of that she could not stop herself from squealing out her pleasure, and then again as she felt him draw back slightly. “Harder. Lift me. Do me.” She family stroke porno wanted it all, but—

Brad could not recall ever having driven so fiercely into any woman. At no height of passion had he been so viciously demanding. But if the first thrust had been ecstatic, including her surprising use of the ‘f’ word, the second, under her continued frenzied pleading, he drove madly into the very depths of her. Good to hear her gasp of pleasure. He drew back for a third push but there—oh, no,-it couldn’t be.

Yes, that second thrust had enthralled her, had drawn some vocalisation of her delight. It was all she had desired since early afternoon. Now she wanted it to –Suddenly, it hit her. She knew too well what a positive orgasm felt like. This one struck like some all engulfing fire, setting her nerve ends tingling, her heart pounding, the need to scream her joy. So quickly? Never before had-

He was about to cum. My God, after only two strokes? He wasn’t the world’s greatest lover, but he certainly wasn’t a minute man. Was this all going to end in disappointment? Yet even as his thrust increased under the charge of his orgasm he realised that something was happening to this strange woman.

Her orgasm made Sara feel she was being turned inside out. Even as she succumbed, she was doubly enthralled as she recognised the man’s obvious climax. His power and the realisation that his seed was flowing inside her were ecstatic sensations.

For a solid minute they were enveloped in their wild mutual climax, each searching for answers through the waves of pleasure that overcame them, as they heaved against each other before Sara slowly slid down with him, to lie, spent, on the floor.

Sara lay against the man’s chest. They were quiet for a moment, each lost in their own confused thoughts. Then Sara mumbled, “We haven’t even exchanged names.” They immediately put that right.

Sara’s skirt lay wide spread , revealing elegant thighs, and her bush, the colour of a lioness. The way she had responded to him made that colouring seemed just right in Brad’s eyes..

“What the hell happened to us?” he asked at last.

Sara shook her head, “I’m still totally lost, and I’m full of stupid clichés.”

“What do you mean?” Brad asked, looking down to where her fingers rested very close to his limp penis, and then across to the warming sight of her parted thighs.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “Things like, ‘Wanting you from across a crowded room,’ or ‘This never happened to me before,’ or even ‘I didn’t know it could be like this.’ All true, all so crazy.” She gave a little giggle at the thoughts, “You probably think I’m a nympho.”

Now Brad shook his head, “Never that. But if you are, I must be the equivalent. I had an erection within seconds of seeing you.”

“Really?” Sara asked, “That ever happen to you before?”

“Within seconds of seeing an attractive woman? Never.”

Sara’s hand moved so that her fingers stroked over his semi erect penis. She hadn’t meant to do that. As she looked down she said, “Is that what’s happening now?”

“Can’t be,” Brad said, never having timed any recovery rate he had, but when he looked down his penis did look less limp than the last time he’d looked. “Oh, hell.” And he looked up into her green eyes, “You aren’t some kind of devil lady, are you?”.

“Do you think I am,” Sara asked, feeling so good, and looking at him she realised that the urges were rising inside her again. It couldn’t be, could it? But, if anything the need was stronger.

“If you are, what does that make me? Since you were turned on as well. Aagh.” Brad’s gasp was brought on by the movement of her fingers along his almost erect penis.

“It seems we can’t look at each other without–Oh, kiss me, Brad.” Her lower pulsing had suddenly become so strong, and her interior was so moist. But this time his erect penis was under her fingers, ready for her.

Brad realised something of the truth in what she had said. It seemed that they just had to look at each other. He had never recovered this quickly, and as he leaned into the kiss he knew that fresh excitement and delight was not far away. But this time, having expelled so recently, he could make this one last and see what kind of thrill he could really bestow on her.

Their tongues were quickly encircling each other. Under her fingers Sara could feel Brad’s penis coming up to full erection. In her mind a moment ago she had found herself wondering whether she could offer to suck him just to bring him on.

Now she knew that wouldn’t be necessary, and that wasn’t where she wanted his penis anyway. The madness was seizing her once more. And this time it should be a longer session. She broke the kiss, lay back, spread her legs and pulled him towards her. “In me, Brad, in me, quick and hard.” Hell, how wanton had she become?

Brad was delighted by her demands, because as he allowed her to draw his erection into her delectable juices, he knew that, once again, desire was the name of the game. There was one desire only; no stroking of what was a generous firm breast; no tickling or licking of the clitoris, no smoothing over inner thigh, none of that. All he was longing for was that luscious, long glide of his eager erection up into that warm, wet, secret place of her womanhood. And this time he would see how much he could pleasure her.

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