Just to prove a point

All Holes

Just to prove a pointWe needed a holiday as we had both been overworking and were at each other’s throats most of the time and decided on Aiya Napa in Cyprus for a week all-inclusive at the Nelia Hotel.We arrived at the hotel about 2:00 in the afternoon in blistering heat and both stripped off while we unpacked that’s when Paula discovered she had left her bikinis at home. She asked me to call in the local shop to pick one up for her while she had a shower.I slipped on tee shirt and shorts and browsed in the local shop for a bikini most of which seemed very expensive.Then I found a rack with much cheaper ones in a sale and picked a yellow one and a white one as they were on offer, taking them to the counter the girl told me they had no lining but being a guy it meant nothing to me.Paula was just coming out of the shower as I got back in the room and I told her I had treated her to two bikinis then I walked on the balcony to check the view.The balcony was terraced with dividing walls just above head height and tapering to the front.I called Paula to see the view and she came out with a towel wrapped around her as she dried her hair with another.She leaned forward to see to the side and below us and the two spotty teens about sixteen that had been on the plane with us were doing the same in the room next to ours on the right.Paula said hello to them but as she moved back her towel caught on the rail and pulled off leaving her naked to the lad’s view.She dashed back in the room shouting sorry to the lads, but from the look on their faces they didn’t mind.Paula is 38 and has a good body, 5’5″ blonde hair with 36″B firm tits and small red nipples that spring to attention when she is randy standing out ¾.” Her pussy always has the hair removed, as she doesn’t like pubic hair and her tummy always flat with her morning exercises.God what must they think she said as I took the towel to her, I think they enjoyed it I said, but what must they think of me.I then made the mistake of joking, saying yeah your getting on now, so she snatched the bikinis and slammed the bathroom door on me.She came out about five minutes later in the yellow bikini and said this is thin and a bit revealing as there was not much of a top to cover her tits and the thong bottom was so thin you could clearly see the shape of her pussy lips.God it is small I said and offered to take it back, “Oh to young for me is it,” she replied and I had to agree she looked great in it, so we grabbed the towels and went down to the pool.The only loungers available were four to the far side of the pool and as it was afternoon the loungers had to face away from the pool to catch the sun.Paula took off her wrap and it was then I noticed that in bright sunlight the bikini was nearly see through but Paula didn’t notice with her sunglasses on.I soaked her with sun oil her nipples were erect when I oiled her legs so I played my luck and slipped a finger in to her pussy under her bikini.She jumped, but as no one could see she relaxed and I soon had her squirming, that’s when the spotty teens showed up and asked if they could use the loungers next us.Paula went a bit red but agreed and they set their towels on the loungers on Paula’s side and introduced themselves as Steve and Rob both from a village in North Wales.Paula apologised for the towel incident earlier but the lads said it was fine as she had a great body and could do it anytime.Paula giggled and lay back, however, with the sweat on her body from the sun heat the Bikini became more transparent with her nipples clearly visible and her pussy lips were bulging.Steve had his sunglasses on and kept sitting up to rub oil on his arms so he could take in Paula’s body, staring at her nipples.At about 5:00 the lads said they were off to the town for some booze and said they would see us again.Paula said they seemed nice, still oblivious to her near nakedness and their views of her body.I said they were spotty k**s on their first holiday without their parents and probably still virgins looking for some teenage pussy in the bars.We didn’t see the lads for the next two days as we hired a car to see the Island and took in the sun on our travels, but we heard them coming in about 3:00 in the morning pissed up and ranting about the night they had.On Tuesday we decided to top up the tan and hit the pool but the loungers all had towels on. So we had a few drinks at the pool bar, grabbed two bottles of red wine and a picnic pack, then headed for the beach at the bottom of the Hotel grounds.We had to walk a way to find a good spot, which was by some rocks and quite secluded.Paula had the white bikini on which looked great with her tan and blonde hair and didn’t go unnoticed by the guys on the beach as we walked by even with her wrap on.Lots of the women on the beach were topless so when we settled Paula took her top off and I paid particular attention to her tits and nipples when I oiled her up, getting her nipples to stand to attention then oiled her legs and fingered her pussy.We nearly drank the two bottles bornova escort of wine when the lads Steve and Rob spotted us and waved, I said oh no Paula said don’t be nasty and waved to them.She was reaching for her top to put it on as they arrived and Steve said, “Don’t put it on for us,” and to my surprise she said ok and dropped it behind her.The lads stripped to their shorts and chatted for a while saying how hot it was and said they were going to cool off in the sea.Again to my surprise Paula said she would join them as she only normally goes into swimming pools.She reached for her top but Steve said you don’t need that and they all ran to the sea with Paula’s tits bouncing from side to side and I must admit very sexy. They splashed about a bit, then Paula pushed Rob over, then the lads grabbed Paula taking her feet and under her arms and dipped her in the water.Steve had her arms and his hands were on her tits as they did it again and again.Finally they ran back to me and I could see the white bikini bottoms were even more see-through than the yellow, with her pussy lips bulging and clearly visible. Her nipples were standing like organ stops proving with the booze and the touching up of her tits how aroused she was.Would you mind taking some pictures of us Steve asked and Paula stood between them with an arm over their shoulders and her tits against their bodies?The digital camera picked up Paula’s wet see through bottoms and she looked naked between them with her pussy lips clearly visible.Rob then gave me his mobile phone to take a few pictures with, putting his arm around Paula and touching the side of her tit with his fingers.She then sat beside me and I whispered they were after her and she whispered back, she was old enough to be their mother.Yeah you are, I said jokingly, but again she took offence and said, “I can still pull you know,” and turned on her belly facing away from me.The lads then said they had enjoyed this as their best time here, thanking Paula and saying she was fun and better than all the girls they met who were either with boyfriends or too stuck up to talk to them.Then they asked what we were doing that night and would we like to go up the town with them for a laugh.I was about to say no when Paula said, “We would love to see the lively younger side of town and have some fun with them.””What do the girls wear?” she asked Rob, with Steve replying, “As little as possible as it gets hot when your dancing and in the bars.””Shoes and a skimpy dress will do,” Rob said.Paula said, “Ok you’re on then.”We all made our way back to the hotel and Paula asked what the clubs were like, Rob said lots free shots and Party games in the best one but it may be too wild for us.Paula full of booze and pissed off with me said, ok we would do the tour and go there. Paula spent ages getting ready, finally emerging in a back less, black halter neck low cut dress with straps tied at the back of her neck, spilt sides and a hem line about four inches above the knee, topped off with black stilettos.I had to admit she looked great and her tanned tits were swinging really well as she walked.She said the bikini bottoms she had worn today were so thin she had even got an even tan with no bikini line and lifted her dress to show me her thong covered fanny with a full suntan.”Well, will this pull the youngsters?” she said.”In that you could pull anyone,” I replied.”Ok then we’ll see,” she said.We had our meal and more wine then, a few vodka red bulls by the bar, just finishing off as the lads arrived.”Looking wicked Paula,” Steve said. “Just the shoes and dress as promised then,” Rob said.Not quite said Paula and flashed her thong to them – breaking promises already Steve said looks like another boring night.Paula then asked me for the room key and disappeared, leaving me with the lads who thought they had upset her.Hope we didn’t go to far today Steve said and I said no we came to have some fun and Paula enjoyed herself.”You’re very lucky,” Rob said, “she has got a great sexy body and fun too.”On that Paula arrived back and said, “Ok promises kept boy’s lets go.”Steve said you have to prove it and Paula lifted the back of her dress, bending over and showed them her bare arse but not realising the back of her pussy lips were on show to.Then taking the lads arms and leaving me trailing behind we headed up the hill to the nightlife.We stopped at a few bars on the way up town and had free shots and the happy hour offers of two for one, with the lads making sure Paula’s glass was never empty.In the third bar we found a table in the corner and the lads went for drinks to the bar.You ok I asked her and she said “sure am I sexy enough, I will prove I’m not too old to pull young ones.Then she undid the straps on the back of her dress and tied them lower so from the side you could see all her tits and nearly all from the front. Do I look younger she said, – looking sexy as hell I replied now wanting to see how far she would go in her relaxed drunken state.The boys bornova escort bayan came back with the drinks and noticed Paula’s tits nearly exposed straight away and as Paula pulled the sides up Steve said don’t worry all the women show more on the beach and anyway your on holiday and it didn’t bother you or us today on the beach.Yeah said Rob we’ve seen a lot more than that of you today and with tits like that you should be proud to show them. Paula took the compliment and said to me see they appreciate me and let the sides of the dress drop showing nearly all her breasts and her nipples when she moved.The DJ played the Mavericks and Paula said she loved it so Steve asked her to dance and Paula was up like shot with her dress falling open and exposing her nipples as she gyrated from side to side.Steve spun her around and the splits on her dress rose high, flashing her pussy to those by the dance floor.Rob danced with her next and kept getting her to spin, then as she returned to the table and leaned forward her loose strap undid and her tits dropped out flashing them to us and the guys on the next table who cheered as she fastened her strap.She still fastened it low letting the dress hang loose exposing the sides of her breasts.Where to next she asked and Steve said we normally go to the Garden Club but it may be too wild for you.Paula bit straight away saying lead on Steve and again grabbed their arms as they went up the hill.The club was at the top of the hill and down an alley way under the back of the house then into a rear garden with a pool, central bar, DJ Booth and toilets to the bottom side.We found a table by the pool and had a free round of vodka shots included in the entry price.The DJ noticed Paula’s tits as she raised her glass and said over the PA that Paula could have another free shot if she sat and drank it in the middle of the dance floor.Paula grabbed a stool and sat in the middle of the floor and raised the glass which left her right tit fully exposed the as she took a bow the straps dropped again and she just did a spin to the cheers of all there especially the lads on the next table to ours.She walked back to the table with her tits still out and only fastened the strap so loose that any movement showed her nipples which were now blood red and about an inch long.Paula was now as horny as I have ever seen her and playing up to the lads on our table and the others on the bench by us raising her glass and exposing her nipples at every opportunity.The surrounding crowd of lads was now filling her glass, every time it was close to empty.Then the DJ said Pool Games and asked for four male volunteers to take a dip in the pool for a free pint.Steve commented –this is when it get wicked and stood up as a volunteer with three of the lads off the next table all to the cheers of the twenty or so girls there and Paula.The DJ asked the lads to stand by the pool and wave their hands, then he said as they didn’t want them to get their clothes wet, to take them all off.This really got Paula and the girls hollering and screaming.None of the volunteers had big cocks and the DJ then said they had to swim a width of the pool and back then jump out of the water and grab a woman’s shoe.Steve was first back and grabbed Paula’s shoe then ran back to the pool where he was declared the winner.All the lads still naked were asked to grab the ladies they had taken shoes off and bring them to the pool.The DJ said that as the water had shrunk their cocks the first lady to get an erection on the guy with their shoe and make him cum would also win a bottle of champagne.Paula’s hand was straight on Steve’s cock and wanking like hell, as were two of the other girls but one chickened out and walked back to her seat.The DJ told that lad to get another woman to wank him and he made for Paula who needed no encouragement and used her other hand on him. This guy who’s name was Sam was quickly erect and shooting a load of cum was pronounced the winner however to win the bottle Paula had to swim the pool on her back with no clothes.The crowd cheered her on and looking at me she smiled and undid the straps and let her dress drop showing her naked body to all.Most of who had cameras or Mobile phones flashing and Paula posed with her arms in the air for all to see.She then swam the pool with tits flying from side to side and her shaved pussy lips bulging from the water with each stroke, then emerged dripping wet with her nipple’s rock solid like organ stops.A bar tender gave her and Sam a small towel each and picked up their clothes taking them toward the toilets to a round of applause from all.I hadn’t noticed the other volunteers had gone from the pool and the DJ brought a bottle of cheap champagne to the table thanking us for being good sports.I had to go to the toilet and as I went down the steps I heard a group on the patio hooping and again Paula was the main attraction standing with the towel around her waist, tits on display and the lads around her, – she didn’t escort bornova see me.This time it was a bet of drinks all night if she could wank two of the lads and make them cum. Sure enough she had a cock in each hand facing the lads who had been in the pool and were still naked with her tits being felt and sucked by them as she was wanking.One of the lads then shot his load up her arm to the cheers off all and the other quickly followed with spunk shooting up over her tits – drinks all night then lads she said.Drinks all week if you let me fuck you! One of the said but Paula replied “I’m not that drunk yet but the nights young” and she wiped the cum off her arm and tits with the towel showing her cunt which was now bulging and red with her clit hanging out.Sam moved in and bent to lick Paula’s clit, which she was slow to react to saying slow down plenty of time later, then she pulled her dress on and tied the straps loose again, to jeers off the lads.I slipped to the toilet and when I got back to the table Sam had joined us saying drinks on me as your wife had won him a bottle of plonk.We shared the bottles and the drinks kept flowing with Paula dancing more and more with the young lads.Sometimes four at a time and they passed her between them having a good feel of her tits and an occasional grab at her cunt which kept going on show as she lifted her dress to applause.At about two in the morning the place had gone quiet and most had moved on with Sam’s mates saying they were off to the strip bar down town.Sam said he couldn’t go as he was short of cash for that place and he was having fun with his new friends anyway.Just then the DJ joined us and the barman brought a bottle of vodka with glasses.Steve said you need BMWs and you can get Paula really going,- no sooner said than a massive glass of BMW was put in front of Paula.What are you after she said with a gleam in her eyes.Nothing just saying thank you the Cyprus way said the DJ.Paula knocked the drink back and another came, then we got back to talking about the pool competition with the barman Jeff saying that he could swim the pool twice by the time Paula could swim once.Paula being boozed up bit and bets were being laid with the Jeff saying if Paula won the then we had free drinks in his bars all week and if Paula lost she had to pay as in the competition.”Ok,” she said and standing by the pool she dropped the dress again standing naked with her nipples erect and cunt bulging.The barman stripped and he had about eight inches of slack cock and no pubic hair, Paula stared at his cock and missed the DJ saying GO.The barman was half way down the pool by the time Paula started and had finished before Paula got three quarters of the way.He helped her out of the pool feeling her tits as he did then said you lost baby.”Ok,” said Paula. “I have to wank you off that’s the rules.”Paula looked at me but I was so horny as hell and drunk, I didn’t care and just nodded so she tried to put his hand on her fanny.Not here he said on the table and I will use what I want to make you cum.He led her to the table next to ours which had been cleaned and lifted her naked body on to it with her legs still dangling.Then he leaned her back and squeezed her tits pinching the nipples as he came down her body with his hands stroking her naked legs down to her feet then, raised her legs and moved back up to her soaking wet cunt.He buried his head between her legs and she moaned as his tongue entered her with the sound of her fanny lips and juices hitting his cheek.She was lost in ecstasy and rubbed her tits, which prompted Sam to take over sucking on her right nipple with Steve on the other.Paula started to squirm, as she was cumming but the Jeff pulled back and pushed his now erect ten-inch cock straight into her soaking cunt.I told you I would make you cum with what I wanted he said as he pumped her cunt with his cock slapping against her cheeks.Paula grabbed Sam’s hair as she started cumin and the barman pulled out and shot a massive load of spunk over her belly and on her chin.Paula then pulled Sam’s head to her cunt pushing his nose into her spunk covered pussy lips getting cum all over his face.He needed no encouragement and sucked on her, dropping his trousers as he moved between her legs and wasted no time in plunging his cock into her soaking fanny which was making slurping noises as he rammed in and out of her.He soon came in her and Steve took his place with the DJ kissing her mouth and feeling her tits.Paula climaxed again this time squirting all over Steve’s spotty legs and down his trousers.Steve made the biggest grunting noise of the night as he was fucking Paula and then jerked as in pain as he came deep inside her with her clinching on his cock as she climaxed again.Two others took turns at her on the table with Paula hitting orgasm every time.I was going to fuck her when she sat up asking for a drink, which was soon brought for her.”Enough for now” she said and slid in the pool to wash the come off her and drain her fanny.She emerged and dried herself with the towel lying there and slipped back in the dress and her shoes.Said thanks to every one and grabbed my hand.They gave a cheer and round of applause as we left and Paula turned and smiled.I thought the night was over as we left the club but was I wrong, as you will see next.

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