Kasha Ch. 01


When I first came across Kasha at work I thought she would not last around for more than a week. Simple reason being she looked painfully shy and for a job that required to speak to customers all day I didn’t think she was suitable for the position.

However she proved many of us wrong. She impressed us by catching on real fast. By early next week she was dealing with almost all the customers without any problems. I never thought I had any feelings for this girl until our first staff night out.

All the staff used to get together once a month and go out and have fun. This specific month we chose a Saturday as usual and decided to go to an Italian place.

“Wow is that Kasha coming!” exclaimed Tami. We turned around and our jaws hit the floor when we saw Kasha. She had contact lenses tonight instead of her glasses which showed off her gorgeous blue eyes, straitened her blonde hair and wore a strapless black dress that showed off her 34 D cleavage substantially.

“Hi guys,” she said as she reached us.

“God, you look gorgeous hon,” said Tami giving her a hug. The guys however were still way too shocked to speak.

“Hi Dan,” she said shyly as she walked next to me.

“God, Kasha you look stunning!” I stuttered.

“I just wanted to surprise everyone, especially you,” she whispered before walking ahead showing off her voluptuous figure.

The night went off enjoyably with a lot of Italian food and alcohol. However I kept on missing large chunks of the discussions as Kasha was sitting right next to me and our legs would occasionally touch. On one occasion Kasha had to use the ladies and when she tried to get up her chest pushed hard against my shoulders, needless to say I was unable to stand up for quite some time.

“Ok guys I will see you on Monday” Said the manager before dropping me and Kasha near the tube station.

Kasha was playfully holding my hand as she walked down to the platform.

“Oh crap!” I swore as I saw on the information board that the tube line I normally take was cancelled.

“Just fucking great! How the hell am I supposed to go home now,” I commented clearly pissed off.

“Hey screw this just come over to my place and crash there. My roommate’s away for the weekend anyway,” Kasha commented.

“You sure it’s ok with you mate?” I asked not wanting to intrude.

Instead of answering me she got hold of my hand and made me walk with her to the other side to catch the tube to her place.

“I should have brought a coat if I knew it was going to be this cold,” complained Kasha as we sat inside. I gently pulled her towards me and put my hand around her.

“Is that better hon?” I whispered. Kasha looked at me and nodded slowly. The 15 minute ride felt like hours as I held her tight in my arms and she leaned her head on my shoulder. All this close body contact was turning me on and I was sure she could see that.

“Ok this is my stop. Come on,” said Kasha. However I was in no position to get up just yet. She giggled at my discomfort and walked ahead to give me some time to adjust my erect member before walking.

“That stranded teens porno was funny Dan,” giggled Kasha. I just nodded sheepishly and walked next to her.

“Hug me again Dan. It felt real good what you were doing in the tube,” she whispered.

I looked in to her gorgeous eyes and smiled. I put my hand over her shoulders again and pulled her close to me. In return she put her hand around my hip and held me tight as we started to walk slowly to her apartment.

I admired her body again as she struggled to open the door to her place. I commented how nice the place was as she excused herself to the bathroom. I was looking at some of the pictures she had in her room when I felt two hands from behind hugging me.

“Hey your hands are freezing!” I complained playfully and turned around. Without her heals she came only to my shoulders but she looked cute nevertheless.

“I wish I could give you something to change but I don’t have any cloths suitable for you,” she said.

“Oh don’t worry I usually sleep in my boxers anyways,” words came out of my mouth before I could stop.

“Oh that’s going to be interesting,” she giggled and sat on the small sofa. I took my blazer off and sat next to her.

“I never thought we will be here like this Dan,” she said dreamily with her head on my shoulders again. I nodded absentmindedly and stated to play with her hair.

“You must be boiling with the shirt on, let me take it off for you,” she said and started to unbutton my shirt without waiting for my reply.

“Someone works out a lot!” she smiled at me as she took my shirt off. I grinned at her and pretend to pose for her.

“Ok my turn,” I said cunningly.

“You wish!” she slapped my hand playfully. She walked into the bathroom and returned few minutes later in a t shirt and from what I could see just her panty.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as I saw how nice her legs were. Her large breasts were making the t shirt stick out.

“Stop staring!” she said grinning and switched the TV on before joining me again. Minimal cloth on Kasha was turning me on real bad and my cock was threatening to tear my pants.

“My legs are freezing,” complained Kasha before reaching for the large blanket on the bed.

“Why don’t you take your pants off and then we can cover ourselves properly with the blanket,” she suggested. I quickly agreed, turned around, pulled my pants down and quickly joined her under the blanket before she could see how turned on I was.

Our naked legs’ touching each other was driving me crazy with pleasure. I brought her face closer to mine and pulled her closer.

“God, this feels so great Dan,” she said looking up at me. I smiled at her and tilted my head and gently kissed her. She responded and kissed me back. I slightly parted her lip and inserted my tongue. Out tongues started to play with each other as I tasted Kasha for the first time.

Kasha was a damn good kisser. She trapped my tongue inside her cute lips and started sucking on it. This was turning me on a lot. I pushed her on her back and moved student sex parties porno on top without breaking our kiss. Pressing against her large boobs felt great. I slid my hands inside her t shirt and unclasped her bra.

Slowly I traced my lips from her lips to her ears. I gently started to kiss her earlobe and flicked my tongue around it. Kasha moaned loudly and hugged me harder.

I traced my tongue down to her neck and started kissing her neck all over.

“God Dan, What are you doing to me,” she moaned. I smiled at her and kissed her lips before pulling her T shirt off her. Her half open bra was not hiding anything. I pulled them off her and admired Kasha as she lay there just in her lace panty.

“You look stunning hon,” I whispered as I gently licked her ears again. She moaned again, reached down and slid her hand inside my boxer. I moaned as she found what she was looking for and started to stroke it gently.

I traced my tongue around her boob purposely ignoring her nipple. She bit her lip to stop herself from moaning loud and pressed her boobs to my face. I tortured her a bit more before I gently flicked her nipple with my tongue.

“I am coming babe!!!” she screamed as she pushed her body on to mine and came hard.

“God, I’ve never come this hard,” she exclaimed.

“Get used to it,” I teased her as I started to suck on her gorgeous tits again. She held my head with her hand as I moved south. I traced my tongue around her navel as my hands gently parted her thighs.

Her panty was full of her pussy juice and was dripping. I ignored her pussy for now and kissed her inner thigh. She moaned in protest and tried to guide my face to her fully aroused clit. I grinned to myself and continued kissing her inner thigh. I traced my tongue up closer and closer to her pussy. The smell of her pussy was really turning me on. Wanting to taste it I started to pull her panty off her. She quickly lifted her hip to make it easier for me.

I removed her panty and smelled it as Kasha smiled shyly as me. I moved closer to her pussy and gently licked her outer labia tasting her pussy juice.

“You taste great hon,” I mumbled as I continued licking her pussy. She moaned loudly and guided my face to her clit. Her clit was sticking out like an erect cock. I started sucking on her clit and I reached up and pushed a finger inside her cute mouth. She started to suck on it hard as I did the same to her clit. I pulled my wet finger off her mouth and inserted it inside her dripping pussy.

“Oh God, that feels great!” she squealed as I gently started to finger fuck her. She started moving her hips increasing her pace. Taking it as a positive sign I insert another 2 fingers inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her fast. She held my head tight as she approached her second orgasm.

“Oh Dan!! Faster faster! Urgh!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she came hard the second time that night. I took my fingers out of her pussy and tasted her cum on my fingers.

“God I am exhausted!” she whispered as she motioned me to come submissive cuckolds porno up. I moved up and kissed her and held her as she drifted to sleep. With my cock fully erect I knew there was no way I was going to sleep while lying on top of her so I stood up and gently carried her to the bed and lay next to her watching her sleep.

I must have dozed off like that because I was woken suddenly when I felt someone tug my boxers down. I looked down as I saw Kasha kneeling in between my legs as she removed my boxer off. My semi erect cock was not semi erect anymore as I saw her grinning at me.

“Its payback time,” she whispered as she gently licked the head of my seven inch cock. I moaned loudly as she traced her tongue from the head down until she was gently sucking my balls one by one. She spread my legs wider and traced her tongue lower until she was licking around my ass as she was stroking my fully erect cock.

She moved up again and took my cock inside her pretty little mouth. I knew she was experienced giving head as my cock slowly but surely started to disappear inside her mouth. She did not stop until my pubic hair was grazing her nose. Watching this cute little thing deep throat me was making me close to my orgasm.

“I am gonna cum soon babe,” I moan warning her in advance. Kasha started to move her head faster and faster. I got hold of her hair as I started to move my hip faster and faster.

“Urgh!!!” I grunted as I exploded. Kasha expertly pulled away at the last minute and let me cum all over her tits. She milked me dry and then sucked me again to make sure my cock was dry before going to the bathroom to clean up. Completely satisfied and clearly exhausted I was fast asleep when she came back.

Kasha’s warm body next to me did not keep me asleep for a long time. What seemed like seconds later my erect cock was pressing hard on her ass as we spooned in silence. A soft moan escaped her lips. I realized she was not asleep either. I gently turned her aside and saw her smile at me sleepily. I tilted my head and kissed her sweet lips. Our tongues greeted each other passionately.

Kasha pushed me on top of her without breaking our embrace. I positioned my erect cock on the entrance of her love hole. She closed her eyes and hugged me hard as I pushed in. Her pussy was so wet my seven inch cock went inside her smoothly.

“God, it feels so good,” she muttered as she started to raise her hip to meet my strokes. Our bodies started to move together as we gently made love for the first time.

I hugged kasha as she opened her legs wider and held them to give me maximum access. I started to increase the pace as she started to moan louder. I knew I was close but I wanted her to climax with me.

“Let me know when you are close babe,” I whispered to her as I started to pound her pussy. I was doing my best to control my climax by distracting my mind. But when kasha pulled me close to her and inserted her finger in my rectum that did it.

“I am coming hon!!” I grunted as I pushed my cock deep and shot my seeds inside her womb. She hugged me tighter and came at the same moment.

Our bodies were covered with both our sweat. I admired her relaxed body and kissed her lightly on her nose.

“God that was great,” I muttered while drifting away to sleep again.

“Oh shit you were not wearing a condom!” exclaimed Kasha and stood up quickly. Needless to say after that we didn’t have much sleep that night…

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