Katies Revenge part 5


Katies Revenge part 5Read firts 4 parts for best effect this story is fictional… After 10 mins.of helens continual shitting it finally came to a halt she had been drained so to speak.Katie loosened the ropes holding her Moms legs up high and let them fall to the bed.Her Mother was a complete total shitty mess.Katie asked her mom have you had enough you whore? Helen could barely speak her mouth still full of her feces and quite shocked as well.Helen mumbled something..Katie said I cant hear you what did you say and leaned a bit closer..Helen too stupid for her own good spit the mouthfull of watery runny shit right on Katies face splew!!Katies eye burned as some of the shit hit her face and got into her eye.Katie went into the bathroom and washed her eye out and face off. She returned to see her mother still defiant smirking through her shit covered teeth.All right you fucking cunt now you will pay in spades.Wham she slapped her moms face so hard she thought she loosened her teeth,Ohhhhaaaagggg her mom moaned..Now bitch cried Katie and grabbed a pincher clothespin and clamped Helens nose shut.katie left and returned with a wire contraption and attached it to helens mouth holding it open.Now Mother I will feed you every last morsel of the shit you got all over sarıyer escort this place.Helens eyes showed sheer terror and she tried to talk but could not.Katie scooped the piles of soft shit into her moms mouth.Helen had no choice but to swallow having her nose pinched shut.After all the solid shit had been fed to her Katie sopped up the wet diareahea and wrung it out in her moms mouth.She finished and removed the clothespin and mouth contraption,Well mommy still defiant? Helen barely able to speak nodded no she was whipped.So now you will do as I say asked Katie… no fucking backtalk? I promise Katie please helen begged..OK thats better I will untie you and you will clean up this mess and then be allowed to shower..any tricks and you will be in more pain and humiliation then you can Imagine you understand whore?…Helen readily agreed.Katie removed the restraints and Helen stood for the first time in hours. Helen bolted for the bathroom and Katie could hear her mom vomiting violently Katie entered and stood behind her mom as she puked her guts out.Thats a good mommy get yourself well for me,dont forget to get that shithole room cleaned up and pronto it smells like a feedlot in esenyurt escort there.Helen turned and faced katie nodded yes and continued puking.Katie went in to eat some lunch while her mom toiled in the bedroom cleaning up and putting dirty bedclothes in the washer.About half hour later Katie heard the shower running as her mom washed her shitty fat body clean.Katie thought I had better be ready mom will try something now that she is free and cleaned up.The shower water finally turned off and mins later Helen appeared in a towel.I hope you have had your fun now Katie we need to move on and forget about this.Oh no Katie replied the entire weekend is dedicated to punishment to you for what you did and its only 2 PM on saturday we have a lot more in store for you. Katie Helen pleaded..Ive already said I was sorry and you humiliated me beyond reason..I cant take anymore.Tough shit mommy you will take anything I want to dish out and too bad for you.Now fix yourself some lunch and get back in the bedroom in 15 mins. for round 2.What else could you possibly do to me?I am whipped? You win! Mommy you now have 10 mins to report dont be late. Katie kept a eye on her mom as she quickly re heated some leftover stew and gobbled avrupa yakası escort it down.helen sneaked into her room with the hope of dressing and escaping out her window..Katie caught her just as she fastened her bra strap a pair of slacks and a blouse were laying on her bed as well…Katie snuck up behind Helen..HEY!! what the fuck you think your doing mommy? Helens heart almost stopped it startled her so bad..The next thing Helen seen was Katies fist and then blackness Katie knocked her out with one punch.Minutes later Helen woke up once again tied to the four poster spread eagle.and nude.Katie was also naked and mounted her moms face.Start licking my pussy mommy ..after all that fun before I am hot and need to cumm..Helen was presented with what could only be described as a beautiful pink young pussy already dripping cream.Katie pinched her own hard brown nipples as her mom licked her cunt actually doing a very good job of it,ummmm mommy you are a good pussy licker Actually Katie didnt know Helen had eaten a lot of pussys in her long sex career at various swinger parties.Katie was right I am a whore she thought as she licked her daughters inner and outer lips gently sucking her very small clit as well.She even strayed lower and licked Katies pink little rosebud from time to time.Oh Mommy faster Im going to cumm in your mouth ohhhharrrgggghhh!!! Katie bucked her moms mouth and Helen picked up her tempo licking for all she was worth and soon was rewarded with a mouthfull of slick cunt cream she greeadily swallowed the semi bitter sweet cream.Katie dismounted her Moms face slick with her juices.Part 6 soon

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