Kelly , Haley’s Summer Ch. 04


I awoke half asleep, Haley’s arms draped over me, her soft warm body pushed up against mine, a warm glory flooding over my entire body. Then I was hit by a sudden panic.

‘Haley, your parents there be back anytime, Haley wake up’. I shouted.

‘There on holiday, for the week, go back to sleep baby’, she murmured back at me. My hart slowed back down its normal rate. My mind drifted back off towards slumber, filled with thoughts of all the naughty dirty things we could do together for the rest of the week.

I woke up some time later the sun had long gone down replaced by the pale glow of the full moon. I wriggled around and faced Haley starring into her pale blue eyes as she woke up herself.

‘So we have the whole week together then’, I said as she gave me a slow easy smile.

‘The whole week of us doing what we like when we like’. As she said this she placed a soft kiss on my lips and pushed her tongue into me. Our tongues moved together exploring each others mouths and tastes, I could still taste my pussy juice on her, just as could taste hers in my mouth.

‘So what do you have planned then’, I asked.

‘Passion, sex, filthy dirty sex, pain and pleasure and long soft hot passionate love making’. It was my turn to give her a slow smile and a long passionate kiss. I moved down her body, placing soft little kisses on her golden skin as I did. Without being ordered to my lips found her puffy nipples and took hold. I sucked her whole breast into my mouth, then pulled upwards so only her nipple was encapsulated within my hungry mouth. I sucked and pulled until her nipple became as hard as a diamond. I looked up at my lovers face she had her eyes closed her head lay back, her mouth open gasping for breath.

I moved down towards her sweet pussy lusting over her oozing opening. I placed my lips around her already hard clitoris and sucked it into me, coating it with my salvia, making Haley moan out in love. I licked all over her pussy, from its puffy folds, to her asshole and then deep within its moist beauty.

‘Wait a minute baby, let me lick you too’ Haley said. I stopped my love making gradually and lay back down beside her. She clambered on top of me and made a B-line for my pussy, just as I did for hers. Her body was a perfect fit to mine, like two jigsaw pieces meeting in harmony. Our motions and actions mirrored each other, as I sucked her clit so she sucked mine, as my tongue explored the depths of her pussy she did the same to me. This was so different to all the other times, We weren’t fucking each other, Haley never called me the nasty names I loved to hear, she didn’t have to order me about, although truth be told she never did. Our unison became all the greater as we reached orgasm together moaning and screaming in unison, filling the air with music far sweater then any manufactured instrument could produce, two lovers making love to one another. When we did cum it was as strong as it had ever been, her pussy flooding my mouth with her juices, as mine did the same to her.

Haley span around on top of my, as our nipples brushed past each other it sent a wave of electricity over me. We kissed, not me kissing her or her me, rather we kissed in union, each of us tasting ourselves on one another.

‘Do you know what that was’, Haley asked me.


‘Yes, and it was Sigur Ros Lek’.


‘There a Icelandic band’.


‘They’ve got this beautiful soft and gentle sound, filled with love and joy’. We kissed again, our breasts pushing against each other.

‘I love you’, I said.

‘I love you to’, Haley replied filling my heart with joy and love.

We got up out of bed and Haley put on a pair of panties and a bra, I put my own soiled underwear on and followed her downstairs. Haley made us food and we chatted about this and that, she bad mouthed the state of pop music and the constant flow of manufactured pop dross. I sat back and listen to her filling with passion about the groups and people she loved, Bobby Conn, The Flaming Lips, the White Strips, the Beta Band and whole host of others with strange and wonderful names. Then I was taken aback with the vitriol and venom with which she attacked Steps, Westlife, The Backstreet boys and more. The fact that not much of this mattered to me was of little importance, I would have listened to her pontificate for hours just to be in the presence of this girl I loved.

‘Come on lets watch some vid’s, your not that interested in all this are you’.

I smiled slightly annoyed that Haley had seen trough me. ‘What you got’ I said following her on to the couch. Haley gave me a devilish smile with a wicked intent in her eyes. ‘Horny Lesbian Girls 2, Girls Who Dig Girls, Girls Who Fuck With Toys and whole host of others’. These obviously came form her fathers stash of porn, I say stash but it had always been pretty obvious, seeing as how he always left the tapes and their laud covers scattered around casino şirketleri for anyone to see. Haley even told me how she had came down stairs to find her old man and mum fucking while they watched a video of a gang-bang together.

‘Girls Who Fuck With Toys’, I had to hold back a giggle at the ludicrous title, ‘it sounds fun’.

As Haley bent over to put the video in gave me the perfect view of her ass, beautifully round and pert and as hard as stone, but skin as soft as a baby’s. Her G-String panties barley covered her pussy and I could see that her juices had already created a small wet spot. The tape began to play and I could instantly see were Haley had leant so much about making love. A young looking red head was going down on a older blond girl with huge fake breasts, the blond was writhing about as if possessed by demons, her moans grow louder when the teen redhead inserted a bright pink dildo into her wet pussy. The blondes movements quickened, although her artificially enlarged breasts didn’t, as her orgasm approached. Only it didn’t, she came on screen, but it was obvious she hadn’t, her nipples weren’t hard, her skin hadn’t turned a vivid red as mine and Haley’s had and the biggest give away was the fact that her pussy juices were barely visible, surly if she had just climaxed then her juices should be more then they were.

Haley moved her face away form the screen and looked at me. ‘Well what did you think’

‘Did she really cum’, I asked curiously.

‘Nah, they rarely do in these films and look at that red head girl, if she were a real lesbian she wouldn’t have such long nails’.

‘I didn’t like the blondes breasts either, they were so unnatural’.

‘I know what you mean, unlike you beauty’s there fake’. Haley said and reached over and gave my left breast a hard squeeze. As she did this another scene started. This was instantly much better. The young red head was still there, she was joined by another two teen girls, one a blond with a deep tan like Haley’s and a tall black girl who had a red strap-on cock around her waist. The pretty black girl was fucking the red head in the pussy, while the blond was siting on her face having her pussy licked out. As the action on the screen heated up so did the sexual excitement in us. Haley had her hand in her thin panties rubbing herself. I reached over and pulled her bra down slightly exposing her puffy nipples. I reached over and took her left nipple in-between my thumb and middle finger and began to roll it in-between them, feeling it grow harder in my hand. Haley bent over and kissed me deeply our tongues playing with one another.

Haley broke off our kiss and began watching the Tele once more. She kept her hand in her panties and I kept her nipple in my hand, and at the same time put my hand down my grey cotton panties. The cute red head was still being fucked in the pussy by the black girl, only now the blond was fucking her in the asshole with a strap on at the same time. The shot changed to a tight close up of the action. The two rubber cocks pushed into her pussy and asshole, both completely hairless, at the same time. Her pussy and the rubber cocks glistened in the camera lights as her pussy juices oozed out of her.

‘Haley what’s that called’, I asked naively.

‘Double penetration, my dads got a whole tape of this stuff. There’s even bits were a girls got two cocks in one hole’.

‘What do you mean’.

‘Two cocks in her pussy or asshole, is what I mean, and it looks fucking fun too’. She noticed the sad look on my face as she mentioned how fun being fucked by two cocks would be. ‘I don’t mean with boys, silly’. She bent over and kissed me again long and hard, her tongue grappling with mine.

Haley slid over the couch and onto my lap, I pulled my hand out of my panties to give her room. With one hand rubbing her pussy, her free hand moved all over my body until it slipped into my panties. Her fingers slid all around my pussy, flicking my clit. With one hand gripping her delicious puffy nipple my other found its way down to her backside and into her panties. Our hands met and my fingers were soon coated in Haley’s pussy juices, I moved my middle finger to her arsehole and slipped it in, causing Haley to jump up slightly in my lap, although never breaking our kiss. As our hands and fingers explored each other we continued to kiss, our tongues growing wetter as our pussy’s did. With Haley sitting on my lap she couldn’t enter my pussy, instead she took my clit in-between her thumb and index finger and began to roll it around sending shivers down my spine. I pushed a second finger into her ass, every time I pushed into her I could feel her fingers pushing into her pussy on the other side. My other hand continued to tweak and pull at my lovers soft puffy nipple. With our hands bringing such pleasure to each other and lips locked together it was not long until we were both cumming. Neither of us wanted to stop, our fingers kept rubbing, casino firmaları pinching, flicking and probing. We came again and again locked together in ecstasy.

We were woken up by the video as a blond girl cried out in-another fake orgasm.

‘Shit what time is it’, Haley asked slightly dazed.

‘Er, 2 I think’.

‘We better get off to bed, we’ve a long day tomorrow’, as Haley said this my mind filled with thoughts of what the next day might bring. We stripped off our panties and bras and got into bed wrapping ourselves around each other as we slipped off into sleep.

I woke up before Haley pulled on my panties and bra and made my way downstairs and started making breakfast. As the bacon sizzled under the grill I heard Haley enter the kitchen. Before I could even turn to face her she pushed me down onto the table hard, my body shuddering. Haley pulled my panties down to just above my knees. I felt the strap-on cock placed at the entrance of my pussy and then it began to enter me. It was a tight fit, it was only yesterday I had lost my virginity, and with my panties stopping me from spreading my legs it was tighter still. I could tell that Haley was having problems pushing the nine inch rubber cock into me, although she wasn’t letting on.

‘That’s it Slave, take my cock. Yeah you like that Slut, don’t you’.

‘Yes Mistress, I love it when you fuck me’, I answered. As Haley pushed the strap-on into me further the pleasure grow within me, my nipples and clitoris hardening demonstrably. Haley reached around me and pulled my breasts free from my bra, pulling at my nipples as she did. As the strap-on loosened my pussy Haley began to force it into me harder and faster, the rubber cock penetrating me deeper and deeper. Haley’s actions quickened causing the motion of my body to increase, my nipples and clitoris rubbing against the cold marble table top.

‘Em, Slave I love fucking your tight little pussy’.

‘Thank you Mistress’. As I said this Haley put her hands on my back pushing me down harder against the cold marble, increasing the friction on my nipples and clitoris. My pussy became wetter and wetter adding to the lubrication already applied to the strap-on. Haley took the butter from the table and pushed her thumb in lubricating it, then she pushed it into my young tight little asshole. There was a slight stinging sensation at first but almost instantly this gave way to a feeling of pure pleasure. Haley began to wriggle her thumb around within me creating even more pleasure for me. With my clitoris and nipples being rubbed and pushed against the cold hard marble, my pussy stuffed with a rubber cock and my Mistresses thumb in my asshole my climax hit me hard and powerful. I shrieked out in ecstasy as a wave of pleasure shot trough me, juices flowing out of my pussy.

‘Stay there Slave, were not finished yet’, Haley said as she whipped the strap-on out of my pussy. I caught my first glimpse of my beautiful young Mistress as she picked up a banana from the fruit bowl. ‘A nice banana for breakfast, but I think I’ll warm it up first’. As she said this she inserted the bright yellow fruit into my warm wanton pussy, its coldness making me shiver. ‘Now Bitch do you want me to fuck your asshole with my cock’.

‘Oh yes please Mistress, fuck my asshole with you nine inch rubber cock’, the submissive filthy words tuning me on immensely. Yesterday, I was a anal virgin, until, my Mistress had penetrated me with her fingers and then a vibrator, but this was the first time that my asshole had been assaulted by the strap on. It was twice as long and wide as anything else that had entered me veer my back passage and I was as excited as hell. Haley placed the strap-on against my asshole and slowly tried to push it in.

‘Slut you are so very tight this will be hard, but that’s how you like to be fucked isn’t Bitch, good and hard’. I felt the head of the strap-on push against my tight opening and then slowly it began to enter me. With my panties still wrapped around my knees I couldn’t spread my legs and a banana stuffed in my pussy it made the fit even tighter and all the better. Haley my wonderful Mistress had no patience, she gripped me by the waist and rammed the rubber cock into me, I screamed out and my head jolted upwards. I felt a couple of inches of rubber forced into my asshole stretching my opening and the pain and the pleasure were almost too much, my second orgasm of the day was fast approaching me. Haley began to forcibly fuck me, ramming the rubber cock into my abused little asshole with great ferocity. Each time the rubber cock was pushed into me it sank in further and further, finding new areas of my ass to bring pleasure to.

‘That’s it bitch, take my cock. Em you love it up the ass don’t you Whore’. Haley screamed at me, her own sexual excitement growing.

‘Yes Mistress …..please…. fuck me ……harder’, I answered in-between breaths.

‘Oh I will Whore, don’t worry about that’. Haley güvenilir casino hardly need any encourage to abuse my young body, she continued the assault on my asshole with increased vigour. Her trusting becoming harder and faster as I reached my peak. Then with a earth shattering scream I hit my orgasm for the second time. My pussy and asshole convulsed around there respective violators. My asshole tightened to such an extent that Haley could fuck me no more, I lay on the kitchen table as pulse of pleasure after pulse swept trough my body.

As my orgasm died down, Haley pulled the strap-on from my ass, much as I wanted it to stay. ‘Well done Slut, did you enjoy that’.

‘Yes Mistress thank you Mistress’, I answered.

‘I think its time for my breakfast’, Haley said as she pulled the banana from my pussy and then lifted me off the table. ‘Remove my cock Bitch’, she ordered. I got down on my knees and reached around my Mistress heavenly back and undid the fastenings and slowly pulled the strap-on from her crouch. My Mistress pussy was now exposed, her pussy lips were enlarged and her clit hard and beautiful Her juice’s was everywhere covering her inner thighs and drips had run down her legs and formed small puddles on the ground. Haley pushed my face into herself, instinctively I began to lick her sweet pussy. ‘Good slave’, she said and pulled me away before I had a chance to begin.

Haley clambered up on the table and spread her legs apart giving me a perfect view of that pussy I treasured. ‘Take you pantries and bra off Bitch’, I did as I was ordered and removed my filthy dirty under cloths. ‘Give them to me’, Haley said holding out her hand, she then took them to her face and took in a couple of deep breaths taking in my smell, she even licked the damp spot in my panties. ‘Good slave now spread some butter on my banana’, she ordered handing the fruit to me. As I did this she took a apple form the fruit bowl and began to cave the sides away with a knife.

‘There I think now its time for breakfast salve’.

‘Yes Mistress’.

‘Push the banana into my asshole, and the apple into my cunt, you filthy little bitch’. I did as I was ordered. ‘Good Slave that’s it push them in fuck your Mistress, fuck her cunt and arsehole’. I slipped the banana and the apple into her holes at the same time withdrawing them in the same motion, just as she licked it. ‘Good Whore would you like some cream with that’.

‘Yes please Mistress’, I replied wondering what Haley had planned next. My answer came as she poured cream over her pussy, I watched as the thick liquid covered her pussy and asshole and enveloped my fingers as I continued to fuck her.

‘Lick it off Bitch’. I didn’t need ordering to fulfil this task, my head was quickly buried in Haley’s pussy. This was by far the greatest breakfast I had ever tasted, cream, pussy juice, butter, apple, and banana all severed up on one beautiful plate. ‘Good Cunt Slave’, Haley said as she stroked my hair. ‘Push a finger into my cunt as well Slut, yes that’s better, good, good, gooo……’. She came, increasing the flow of pussy juice, creating a even more wonderful cocktail of tastes, as I continued to lick and fuck. In the end Haley had to push me away, before I brought on another orgasm, obviously she still had something else planned.

‘Good Cunt Slave, lets eat’. With that she pulled the banana from her asshole and pulled back all of the skin, and rubbed the tip of the banana over her pussy, covering it with cream. She placed the banana in my mouth, and I bit down, she was right keeping the banana in my pussy and then her asshole had made it warm, wonderfully so. Then she did the same for herself. ‘Slave, I taste wonderful don’t I’, she said as she chewed the hot banana and cream down.

‘Yes Mistress’, I replied in between a mouth full of soft fruit.

‘Now for some apple’, Haley puled the apple form her pussy and covered it in cream letting me take a couple of bits. This was the most wonderful apple I had ever tasted, marinated as it was in my Mistress pussy. Haley finished the apple off as I watched her with loving eyes. ‘I think you need to lick this mess up, don’t you slave’

‘Yes please Mistress’, I replied with delight. I buried my face in her pussy and licked the cream and apple juice form her pussy until she was as clean as could be. Haley kept my head in place, even when I was finished cleaning, her intentions obvious. I took her inflamed clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue around every inch of it. I began to probe her pussy with my tongue, my fingers flicking and stroking her sensitive clit. Haley pushed my face into her, to the point were it became hard to breath. I managed to take gulps of air in-between licking her pussy lips. Within minutes she was cumming again, as her grip on my head loosened I was able to concentrate my actions on her clit, sending a third orgasm trough her body.

‘That’s it Bitch lick you Mistress clean’. She shouted as she came hard her hips pushing into my face. Then before she could cum for the fourth time she pushed me away again. ‘Not too much Whore we have a busy day ahead of use. Now would you like a drink’, Haley said as she got off the table her legs wobbling.

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