Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 3

Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 3Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 3 – After hoursRon Stoppable was Kim’s best friend and sidekick in their fight against crime.Ron was the exact opposite of Kim. He was the guy that you’ll never pay any attention at. He was clumsy and a real time loser, until a few weeks back. He was also in love with his best friend, Kim, but he couldn’t tell her. He never had any idea as to how she would react if he told her the truth.Growing up, Ron thought that he would be what a woman wants. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a great body. Around sixth grade he realized that this would just be a dream. He had the blonde hair and the blue eyes, but he sucked at any and all sports (one time even got an F on Gymnastics). No girl would give him a second glance as they passed each other by and had received a “No” answer every time he asked a girl out.(Kim was an exception, although he never really had asked her out for a date).Ron hit an early puberty and was able to make sperm when he was 11 and a half. He also got quite a few inches when he was erect, not much in height but in length. When he was 13, he already had a 6 inches cock, and almost 2 inches wide. And then realized that he maybe didn’t had the looks, but he had what to be a ‘ladies pleaser’ as it is known güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in some circles.When he was 14, a friend of him invited him for a sl*epover. His parents weren’t home, but his older s*ster, 18 years old at the time, would watch after them in their parents’ absence. His friend’s s*ster was a hot brunette, who didn’t pay any attention to either of them.They played, watched some movies, ate a lot of nachos and went to bed, leaving Brenda (the s*ster) watching TV. In the middle of the night, Ron found that he had to go to the bathroom. He was taking a leak when the door opened and Brenda suddenly came in, wearing only a t-shirt. And a small t-shirt at that.She was surprised to see him and surprised by the size of Ron’s erection.That night Ron lost his virginity to this beautiful brunette, and gained a lot of lessons how to please a woman. He had been seeing Brenda, and most of her friends, ever since then. In various occasions. Leaning lots of lessons to continue with other women.Three years had passed from his first time with Brenda, and slightly more than that since the last time he had a Gym class.But this year, he had to take the class again. In these three years his dick had gain more length. He remained 6 inches, but only when he didn’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri have an erection. Fully erected, he was 11 inches long and 5 inches fat.When the boys in the locker room saw it, they quickly changed their opinion about him.A few days later, a pretty blonde girl, a year younger than he, talked to him and asked him if he would like to walk her home. During the way, he learned that she was the s*ster of one of his classmates he had gym class with.The girl, after turning every shade of red, asked him the question she had in mind. The same question every girl in her year wanted to know since her br*ther let it known what he was like in the showers. “How big is it, when it’s hard?”Ron answered truthfully and they went to her room and did all the possible combinations they could get into until her parents came home. Almost catching them fucking each other on her bed. The look of delight in her face when she climaxed was all that Ron wanted as he took her virginity. Bot pussy virginity and anal virginity.The next day, another girl spoke to Ron and asked if he could walk her home.The secret was out and Ron had a very busy, but very pleasant indeed, schedule. Even some boys attempted to get him to fuck them. And even though he was flattered by their attention canlı bahis şirketleri he always turned them down.Ron had another secret. He had a talent to install spy gear and connect it to any computer he wanted. He had installed spy cams in the girls’ locker room when he knew what a girl looked like underneath their clothes. He thought that he could make some extra money selling the tapes of the girls changing to anyone who was interested in those sort of things. The image was recorded on a school pc and was encoded. Only he could download and code the video for the perverts he sold the videos to view.That Friday night was checking just that. He had waited for everybody to fall asl*ep. He logged into the school’s computer and downloaded that day’s video. He decoded and burned a DVD. He was a little tired from his last fucking session with the new blonde girl with the large boobs from the cheer-leading squad. She wanted him in every hole and every position. She even wanted some pictures of their fucking so she would have something to ‘remember’ him by. So he decided to watch the movie the next morning and decide who might enjoy it best.He knew that his parents would go shopping. This meant that they would be out at least eight hours (his mother said that she needs time to makes a decision, his father just said “Grrrr” when heard that). So he decided to take his time next morning, without seeing the surprise awaiting him on the tape.As he snuggled down in his bed he flashed memories of Brenda and her cousin, younger than he by just two years, knowing that there would be a repeat performance so very soon.

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