Kim’s Possible


Kim’s PossibleI asked tall blonde Kim Doney if she wanted to hang out with me over the weekend, she seemed uninterested but I really wanted to get to know her more. A few months later eventually her and I ended up hanging out one hot august night at The gig in River west. I put on shorts and a polo shirt and I got a text from her and I caught the 14 and got off and walked to the bar. When I got there I walked in and she looked over and saw me and came strolling over, she looked stunning in a metallic and black dress and black flip flops. Man, I always fantasized about her but I never imagined she’d want to hang out with me. I wondered about that thick ass booty under that dress“well hello there” she said as I gave her a hug.”you didn’t think i was gonna show up did you?””if you didn’t show up i wouldn’t be angry, its your choice” I replied”mind if i buy you a drink, whatever you want”She smiled “I’ll get a long island.”she said as she ran her fingers through her long pretty blond hair. i ordered a seven and seven.”whatever i want huh?” she asked me”yeah I’m just bein a gentleman” i replied. We sat and talked and after having a few drinks she put her hand on my leg”hey I’m gonna go talk to the bar owner I’ll be right back.” she promised. i sat there sipping on a gin and orange juice 10 minutes later she came back to the bar.”okay just so you know i don’t want a relationship” she says.”me either kimmie,i’m not lookin for a wife or girlfriend.”I told her. “you’re such a sweet guy.”she said”wanna get outta here?” she grabbed my hand and led me outside.”I’m gonna crash here tonight, the owner has a spare bedroom upstairs from the bar.” she says she unlocks a door and we walk up the stairs to the apartment.” so tired I’m glad i don’t have to work tomorrow.” she said we went into the apartment.”nice place.” i told her as we went into the bedroom and sat down on a bed.” remember you told me i could have anything i wanted?well I want something else.”she said.“whatever you want.” i whispered in her ear. i rubbed her thigh and she leaned over and kissed me we started making out and feeling all over each other.”get me out this dress.” she demanded i reached underneath bursa escort her dress grabbed her black panties “rippin’ these fuckin panties clean off you” i muttered sternly i ripped them apart and threw them on the floor i wrestled that dress down to her ankles and put it on a dresser nearby. i got up and took off my shirt and jean shorts she lay on her back on the bed fingering herself,she looked down at my dick you’re standing at attention” she laughs.I put my head down between her thighs and began flicking my tongue across her nipples and kissed her on her bellybutton she grabbed my bald head and held it as i moved my head down to her crotch i plunged my tongue in between her pussy lips and she couldn’t take it.”dude really? she winced. Kimmie turned her head to the side”ohhhh my god wtf?damn where have you been all my fucking life?”she mumbled. she covered her mouth as i worked my tongue back and forth across her pussy lips. “omi-god that’s enough I’m wet already stick it up in me” she demanded.“bend that big ass derriere over” I told her. she got down on all fours in front of me. “holy shit damn I always checked out your ass when you walked by but I never thought it was THIS big!” I said. she wiggled her ass against my crotch”I get a lot of guys lookin’ at my ass,but you get a chance to touch it”she chuckled. I lathered my cock tip with a glob of spit and pressed it against her pussy lips and slid it in. Kim started pushing her big white ass back against my cock “kimmie” I gasped”that feels-” She just put her head down and kept pushing herself against me,her big white ass slapping loudly against my legs. “damn it, Kim caboose, you sure know how to get a guy’s dick hard with that ass.” “oh dear,kimmie caboose? ooh I like it!” she chuckled. she began pushin that ass against my dick “c’mon hon,don’t make me do all the work”she said .I grabbed her waist tightly and I began pumpin slowly into her.“ohhhh my goodness“ kim gasped. She squirmed a bit and I grabbed her and pulled her back to me”ohh yeah,”that’s what I’m talkin about, now we’re gettin’ somewhere.” i looked down at that lovely white ass as I fucked her out of her elements,she put her head bursa escort bayan down”I was clearing my calendar in her pussy the clapping sound of her ass against my legs was living proof I was doin my job well.“uhhhh auhhhh oh god, oh my god..that’s..incredible..oh shit we have a winner,uhhh yes fuck me harder..don’t pull out please!”she demanded.I did what she ordered working my dick in and out of that warm moist crack.I felt myself coming so I needed to slow down, I pulled out and lay on my back”gonna let me be in control?” she asked”me likey”she fingered her shaved pussy before getting on top of me and guiding me into her soft pink pussy“yes omg”she gasped, throwing her head back Kim has a ridiculous sized bottom, I could barely hold on to her big ass as she rode my hard dick.”sssssss oooh kimmie doney” i whispered. i was laying on my back my eyes closed my hands gripping her lovely fat butt cheeks”damn it woman!” i grunted “shit this is a big ass booty!”i lay there looking up at her just in awe uhhh kimmie ride me baby, ride me all night long” I pleaded. kim bounced that ass on my dick.”lovin that aren’t you?”she asked.”you know how i feel about that big ass booty of yours urghhh damn it this is fucking torture!” I grunted.I reached up and cupped her tits she leaned down and kissed me i wrapped my arms around her waist and flipped her i pinned her to that bed and burrowed in that shaved pussy”urghhh gimme that fuckin pussy kimmie urghhh shit you ain’t goin nowhere til i own that fuckin pussy” Kim looked up at me”ohhhhh my god wow easy down boy down,I don’t want you to cum just yet dude i’m lovin this fuck you’re giving me!”she says”uhhhhh kimmie” i exclaimed she looked up at me as I’m stickin that pink pussy with my hard brown dick.”I feel like makin’ love” i exclaimed”feel like stickin my dick in you” i said to her she wrapped her sexy long legs around my waist i put my head against that pillow and started stroking her pussy with this dick, my nuts slapped against her pussy lips. She ran her fingers across my my bald head as i wormed myself up in that pussy “yes yes oh god omi god please” she stammered i kissed her nipples plunging escort bursa into her at an angle. She was getting her insides probed, her toes curled up and she shook her head “nnnnnn-ohhhh” she stammered i had that bed squeaking i pinned her to the bed with her legs up so i could fuck her pussy deeper.the bed began to urk aurk aurk aurka urka as i dig my dick deep in that pussy uffffhhhhhh I’m takin it takin that fuckin pussy aren’t i?” i asked.”oh my god this is fucking good fucking shit god my boyfriends have never screwed me this-” she stammered.” this what?” I replied. she closed her eyes “mmmmmmmmm”she mumbled i drove my dick deep in that pussy I put her legs up and started rammin home in her cunt“oh wow” she exclaimed”you’re all up in my in box shit..holy…ohhhh…omigod.. right there hon” I put my head between her cleavage and started deep divin in her.“oh kimmie,oh my goodness I’m comin home straight to you” I whispered “come on home,give it to me” she gasped.I thrust several more times and gripped Kim tightly I looked behind me at her pretty polished candy red toes, and her pretty feet sent me over the edge! I clutched her tightly and erupted deep inside her pussy.“Kim…godddd..urghh..uhhhhhh” I grunted sucking on her nipples.I looked down at Kim, we lay there both breathing hard.“nothin like good sex above a bar,I haven’t been fucked like that in awhile” she said. I pulled out and saw a string of cum dripping from my dick tip. I got up and started putting on my underwear“urmfff that was…intense,first time fucking a beautiful tall blonde with a huge ass”I said “I enjoyed your company every inch of it” she said putting her dress back on. “sorry I ripped your panties” I told her.”dude you’re fine, I have many pairs of panties I’ll keep these as a reminder of you fucking my brains out.”she told me. “i wanted to nail you that day I asked you out, but this sure makes up for it. we might never get a chance to do this again.” I told her.“well, I don’t have a boyfriend so I could always stop at your place after work or when you’re on vacation, if I ever need a good thorough fucking you’ll get a text.” she strolled up to me”thank you hon” she said she gave me a long wet kiss. when it comes to her big ass I’m ALWAYS available, I hate waiting for women to decide to hang out with me, but this lovely tall blonde was well worth my patience!(c) 2020 Dynasty adult entertainment.

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