Kitty and the Fruit Salad


Kitty and the Fruit SaladI used to date a Woman who very “plain Jane” – only Missionary, no oral (giving or receiving) and even though she had no c***dren, I could not walk around in front of her naked. I had to do something to keep from getting bored, so I asked her to spend a weekend with me with one exception… she had to let me do whatever I wanted to at least one of those days. We even took off Friday and Monday to really enjoy the weekend. We got together and Friday, Nothing… Saturday, Nothing!!!Sunday morning I woke up early and decided to make breakfast, then it hit me! I got undressed, grabbed my fruit salad and went in her room. She was still asleep so I kissed her and whispered in her ear “Do you trust Me?” She let out a timid “Yes.” I blindfolded her, turned her on her back and kissed her on her on her neck and began to make my way down. She grabbed my head and I whispered again, “Do you trust me?” She said “Yes”, and I moved her right halkalı escort hand and put my Dick in it. She snatched back, and I said “It’s yours, so take your time.” I kissed her on her nipple, gently bit it, then flicked it with my tongue. I grabbed a g**** and squeezed the juice of it on her nipples. I took the rest of the g**** and put it on her tongue… “What does this taste like?” She said “A g****”, and as I was licking her nipple I said “that’s what your nipple tastes like!” I grabbed a strawberry and did the same thing to her other nipple. She began to moan which let me know she was enjoying it. I grabbed a watermelon slice and rubbed it down her stomach to her belly button, then licked my way down, licking the juices off her. I took the slice and put it in her mouth, “What does this taste like?” She answered and I said “That’s what your belly button tastes like!”She olgun escort reached out and began gently rubbing the shaft of my Dick. She began to make sexual motions and grinding like I was on her. Her moans let me know she really into it. As her strokes to intensify on my Dick, I grabbed a peach slice and put it in my mouth, then rubbed it against her clit… alternating between my tongue and the peach, working in and out of her sweetness. She tasted better than the peach, so I swallowed the slice and continued to lick into her Kitty. She grinned into my tongue, she took her hands put them on my head – I had her! I moved down and lade in between her legs. I took a slice of peach and put it in her mouth, “What does this taste like?” Instead of answering, she asked me not to stop… she continued to grind on my tongue and I continued şişli escort to work on her Kitty. I took my fingers and worked my way to her G-Spot, I rubbed on her sweet spot while licking her sweet pussy. I looked up and saw her massaging her nipples with her fingers, she’s really getting into it!I took my fingers out and licked her wetness, then licked her asshole to see how she would respond. Her moans got louder and she grabbed my head to push it further into her. I had my tongue in her ass and my nose in her pussy, so I moved my nose up and down and she moved with me, she was being tongue fucked in her ass and loving every minute of it. Then, she grabbed my head and without warning reached her full orgasm! It was so intense, she shook so hard, and I’m still working my tongue in her. She screams my name, then… nothing! Her grip weakened, her legs dropped, her motions halted. I looked up at her stomach, thank God she’s still breathing! She passed out from the intensity of her orgasm. I let her lay there until she came to, telling me about the best dream she had, describing everything I did to her. I laughed, took her to the far side of her bed and showed her the fruit salad. It wasn’t’t a dream, and anytime you want more, it’s here for you. She kissed me and thanked me for showing her what she had been missing by saying “no” all this time.

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