Kylie and Brooke Ch. 02


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


A new story for Kylie and Brooke! Reading chapter 1 not strictly necessary but would definitely help with the character backgrounds. All characters 18 or older. ALSO! There were some complaints on part 1 that it was just lesbian sex… I don’t really understand the criticism but I suppose a disclaimer: Only lesbian sex here… between sisters as well as a non-sibling too. If that’s not your thing, now you know : )


Kylie stared out the window with an intensity that she was rarely, if ever, able to muster at school. Spring break had just started, seeming to arrive just in time to keep her from going completely crazy with the monotonous yet hectic flurry that is one’s senior year in high school. She had been so busy with sports and preparing for her escape to college that she had not had much time to just sit and relax.

However there was something else she had not had much of recently either. That particular subject was what played as a lurid fantasy in her mind as she nervously drummed her long graceful fingers on the wooden windowsill and craned her neck to look down the street for what seemed like the hundredth time that hour. The cool breeze that caressed her face as she leaned out the window to scope the quiet Georgia road felt nice and was a temporary distraction from her vigil. The spring day was idyllic at the moment but carried the familiar sharp scent of ozone and rain that signified a storm on the horizon.

She heard a car door slam which jerked her out of the moment and she looked around quickly. Just the stupid Clarks next door, she thought bitterly. Kylie sighed and continued to scan the road for any oncoming cars. Kylie clearly had a problem.

Kylie hadn’t seen her big sister Brooke since Christmas break. The worst part of that was she had not seen the person she considered to be her best friend in the whole world for 3 months…the second worst part was she had not gotten laid for 3 months.

Earlier in the year Kylie had thought she had it all figured out. Stay out of the messy and painful hormonal fray of the high school dating scene and wait until she arrived at college to embark on a personal journey into the sexual tensions that at the time had been frightening and foreign to her.

Then, back in October, that fateful visit from her big sister. Confessions were made and tears were shed, and when the night ended the two sisters lay together in a naked embrace. Kylie had gotten her experience with the fairer sex that she thought she needed for entering the dating world and her sister Brooke had expressed her love for her sister in a deeply physical way.

Since that fateful encounter Brooke had left college to visit as often as possible, 4 times to be exact. Their parents had been thrilled of course; little did they know the true reason for the visits. The times in between were sometimes filled with thoughts of uncertainty, panic and doubt about the morality of their deeds, but those concerns were always swept away in the warmth of each other’s lips and the euphoria of traded orgasms.

During this initial wealth of visits the two sisters had spent as much time locked away in Kylie’s bedroom as they could without arousing suspicion. Kylie learned a litany of new tricks from her more experienced sister as well as learning that her initial thoughts that girls were much more interesting than guys was dead on. While the earth shaking and mind numbing orgasms that her sister coaxed out of her were fantastic things that haunted her memories for days, her favorite thing was snuggling up to her sister afterwards. She loved feeling her sister’s chest rise and fall, and loved feeling the hot wetness of her sister’s sex as her own leg nestled up against it.

This was by far the longest time since that first night they had gone without seeing each other. In that time Kylie had not taken any other lovers, or even tried, preferring to keep her blossoming interest in women private. Kylie hoped that Brooke hadn’t started to have second thoughts about this. Or worse that she had done something wrong, something to upset her sister. They talked a lot on the phone still and she seemed fine, but still Kylie worried.

Finally, at long last, she spotted Brooke’s green Mustang convertible drive up the quiet lane as the golden light of afternoon began to darken; the leaden clouds encroached on the horizon. Initial elation turned to confusion and disappointment when she saw the car had a passenger. Kylie recognized the girl as Brooke’s friend from school, Lucy. The girl was not hard to recognize. In Kylie’s school there were not many girls that did the whole Goth thing, college was probably different though. Lucy’s pale skin, black lacy cloths and blood red lipstick were hard to miss. The multitude of facial piercings that Kylie could see as they pulled in confirmed it.

Kylie stomped down the stairs angrily, the week she had so been casino şirketleri looking forward to now appeared ruined because her sister brought home a friend. They obviously weren’t going to be spending any “quality time” in her room with Lucy around. Worse, given what she knew about the relationship the two had, it was quite possible someone else might be sharing that time with her sister.

“Did you know about this?!” Kylie snapped loudly and irrationally at her father as they passed in the hall. “Why would you let her strange friend stay here for spring break?”

“Why wouldn’t we let her bring a friend home?” Her father replied in a confused tone. “Honestly I’m just thrilled she’s not off getting pregnant or high in Daytona Beach or some other sleazy spring break place”.

Kylie saw his point but still glared at him icily as he walked by. As she entered the living room she was gathered up in a gigantic hug by her sister and her anger begrudgingly melted away at least a little, even as she saw Lucy standing awkwardly in the corner as the family got reacquainted. The hug lasted just a bit longer than a normal sibling hug would, and Kylie swore she detected Brooke pressing herself up against her body harder than necessary.

“Great to see you kiddo! You remember seeing pictures of my friend Lucy right?” Brooke asked as she waved the pale girl over to be introduced.

Kylie fought to be polite. “Yes, and I heard lots of stories too” she said, in a tone that only Brooke (and presumably Lucy) understood the meaning off.

Lucy shook her hand and smiled. “It’s nice to meet you Kylie” she said quietly.

Kylie looked the girl over. While she was not the classic playboy worthy beauty that her sister was, she could not help but admit there was something to her appearance that at least made her curious. Just physically she was quite pretty, a good bit thinner than Brooke and a little shorter. She had a narrow face and delicate bone structure that seemed to match her style well. She was dressed more conservatively than in some of her pictures, probably a standard policy when anyone meets the parents.

Her black broomstick skirt went down to her black Doc Martins and she wore a thin and tight black sweater that accentuated a pair of pert breast about the size of her own. Her black hair had streaks of unnatural red dye and it was all pulled up in a loose ponytail. This contrasted strikingly with her flawless and milky skin. The look was topped off with an array of piercings, Kylie counted two nose, one lip, one tongue, 3 eyebrow and at least 7 or 8 ear jewelries before she decided she was probably staring too much.

Despite their multitude, her piercings were all delicate and tasteful and Kylie actually found herself deeply curious about them. And about the others her sister had described in private.

The rest of the evening passed as expected. A few hours of unpacking and washing up after a long drive. Dinner was followed by the family lounging in the living room as the storm that had been on the horizon grew close and started to drop sheets of heavy rain punctuated by deep growls of thunder. Kylie and Brooke swapped stories and the parents chatted politely with Lucy about her school work (English literature). Kylie briefly excused herself to grab a soda from the kitchen and as she rooted around in the fridge she mentally congratulated herself for doing such a good job hiding her annoyance at the appearance of the unexpected guest.

She turned around and let out a little stifled shriek as Brooke stood in front of her with arms crossed and eyes narrowed. Maybe not that good of a job, she thought guiltily.

“So sis, what’s going on with you tonight?” Brooke asked in a perfect big sister voice.

Kylie thought about fibbing but given this might be their only alone time in the near future she thought she might as well come clean. “It’s just… well I know this is awful selfish but… I just was hoping to have you all to myself this week… you know… so we could do…things.” She finished sheepishly, eyes glued to the floor.

She looked up in time to see Brooke smile a mischievously crooked smile. “Oh little sis… we are going to DO things.”

The hairs on Kylie’s arms stood up at her sister’s intonation of the word “do”. But that was nothing compared to the chills she got as Brooke leaned in close and grabbed her tight athletic bum while whispering hot words in her ear.

“Meet us in my room when mom and dad are asleep.” Brooke pulled away but not before nipping Kylie’s ear in a playful bite. Goosebumps rippled across her skin and it took all Kylie’s will not to shout out as pent up passion simmered just below the surface. She took a minute to compose herself before walking back into the living room, the intoxicating smell of her sister’s perfume and the goosebumps on her skin made walking hard.

The night moved along around her and she found it difficult to focus on the conversation. What the hell had her sister casino firmaları meant “us”?!? She knew that Lucy and Brooke were kind of a thing back at school, but surely… there was no way… She suddenly felt very young and out of her depth.

Kylie’s thoughts continued to ebb and flow around impossibly kinky and unlikely scenarios, luckily the rest of the family were happy in their own conversation. Kylie was eventually pulled out of her analysis when her mom spoke to her in a slightly raised voice. “Kylie! Did you hear me dear? You father and I are going to get ready for bed.”

Kylie only nodded dumbly as her father gave her a weird look before heading upstairs. Or rather a look that implied he thought she was weird.

“Lucy dear, first let me show you where the roll away bed is in the basement so you can pull it into Brookie’s room. Brooke rolled her eyes at her mother’s insistence on using her childhood pet name. I don’t know if girls your age still stay up gossiping, but that’s what Brookie and her friends always did in the basement to all hours of the night back when she was in high school.” Someone in the room would have been hard pressed to tell which of the three girls was blushing harder. As Brooke followed her mom and Lucy downstairs into the basement she gave a knowing wink to Kylie. “‘night sis” she said quietly, “see you soon…”


Kylie fidgeted nervously on the edge of her bed. Half of her was really annoyed her parents wouldn’t just fall asleep already (she could hear their TV gently murmuring the late night news). But she was also glad for the delay so she could figure out her next move.

What exactly had Brooke meant? A few options seemed plausible. One, Lucy was staying in another room and her sister and she were going to have the night she wanted. Or she totally and colossally misunderstood the situation and they were just going to all hang out. Or option three. She had butterflies in her stomach thinking about option 3.

She scrolled through her Facebook feed yet again, attempting to keep her mind from spiraling into panic. Through her door that she had left open for this very purpose, she heard her parents TV finally shut off. The only sound now was the lashing of heavy rain against the house and wind in the trees by her second story window. After an additional 30 minutes of tense waiting and listening, her heart in her throat, she got ready to head downstairs.

Before leaving she stripped and rummaged in the back of her underwear drawer, the cool air causing her already sensitive nipples to stiffen. She pulled out the sexy white lace set she had surreptitiously bought at the mall a few weeks ago. It clashed enticingly with the rest of her collection, which was very much sporty and utilitarian. Just in case she thought. Just in case the evening turned out in her favor.

After changing she stood in the dim light of her room looking in the floor length mirror. The lace and eyelets of the boy short style panties hugged her lithe hips and sheer fabric cupped her small breasts. She smiled to herself. The butterflies were still there but she pulled her bathrobe on, steeled her resolve, and quietly started down the hall.

Reassuringly she heard snoring as she quietly stole through the upper hallway. As all teens learn to do in their parent’s home, she stepped in just the right places on the stairs to avoid any telltale creaks or cracks and moved more confidently across the living room to the stair case that would lead her downstairs to Brooke. Pausing briefly before making the descent she headed down and walked through the final hallway to her sister’s room.

Before allowing an excuse to present itself, she knocked gently on the door. The door opened partially and Brooke stepped out, shutting the door behind her. She was also wearing a robe, but it was much nicer than her old terry cloth thing. It was a luxurious red silk that came down to just below her sister’s plump and perfectly toned ass. Her sister beamed at her briefly.

“Hey sis” Brooke said quietly.

“Hi.” Kylie replied.

“So. I wanted to talk to you first. This all seemed like a great plan when we talked about it earlier, but now it seems a little crazy… Um, so I had told Lucy about your problem and our uh… solution to it. And well, she volunteered to help to.”

Kylie was at a loss for words as the reality of the situation hit her. Option 3. Was she really ready to sleep with another woman? What did this mean for her relationship with her sister?

Brooke clearly sensed her hesitance and continued. “It is totally cool if you don’t feel comfortable, really!! No one will care AT ALL! And of course this would not change a thing between us either way you decide. But, just so you know, I can vouch for the… experience you’ll have” she said with a wicked smile. “What do you think?”

“Will you be there too?” Kylie asked nervously.

“Oh of course little sis, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

Kylie thought güvenilir casino for a moment before nodding her consent. With that Brooke smiled and took her hand, leading her into the room beyond.

Brooke’s room was bathed by the warm light of candles that were strewn across various furniture and shelves. Brooke gently dropped Kylie’s hand and as she continued to walk in front of her untied the sash of her robe. Stopping she turned to face Kylie and without breaking eye contact shrugged of the silk, letting it pool at her feet. She stood before Kylie in delicate red underwear. Kylie was as usual awestruck at her sister’s beauty. So much so that she, for a moment at least, forgot there was another person in the room. Kylie stepped aside to reveal her friend Lucy.

Lucy sat cross legged on the bed wearing a black baby doll top and matching panties. The fabric cupping her breasts was satin and the rest a sheer material with floral patterns stitched along the hem. She smiled warmly. “Hello again Kylie” she said.

“Hi again” Kylie replied, her voice catching in her throat.

“Come sit next to me” Lucy said, patting the bed next to her.

Kylie did as she was asked and Brooke sat down on the opposite side of her friend, closer to the head of the bed.

“Your sister told me all about the agreement the two of you have, I think it’s really sweet. And hot, really fucking hot.” Lucy began. “This may be awkward but we were thinking I could help out with your exploration, if that’s ok with you?”

Kylie only could nod; her mind was both busy and empty at the same time. She was so nervous that she figured any talking was going to draw it out and make it even worse. She was nervous, but also excited. Her exploration with her sister had been so measured and slow by design, she saw that this was an opportunity to practice a different type of lesson: taking initiative. She made up her mind to act.

Lucy continued, “Now I’m not sure there is going to be any easy way to sta—”

Kylie had leaned over and kissed Lucy deeply mid-sentence. The other girl’s eye’s opened wide for a split second, and then closed happily as the kisses continued.

“That’s one way to do it!” Brooke said happily as she settled back against the headboard to watch her baby sister make out with her best friend.

Kylie’s kissing started to intensify and she began slipping her tongue into Lucy’s mouth. Lucy sighed contentedly and returned the passionate kisses while holding Kylie’s face in one hand.

After a few minutes of the novel experience of kissing a girl with a tongue stud (Kylie didn’t love it if she was being honest) she decided to push her advance further. She got up from the bed and stood in front of Lucy while not breaking eye contact, just as her sister had done with her. She shucked off her robe and straddled the young woman after which she began nuzzling Lucy’s neck and gently nipping and licking at her ears.

“oooh that’s nice” Lucy whispered. “Brooke your sister’s got some moves”.

“She sure is amazing” Kylie heard Brooke say. The lust in her voice was obvious enough Kylie turned her head momentarily to the sight of her big sister staring intently. Her mouth hung open slightly and there was no need to guess what the hand in her panties was doing. She guessed that the sight of her in something other than a sports bra and cotton undies had produced the desired effect.

She smiled coyly at her sister and turned her attention back to Lucy. They locked lips again and Kylie moaned softly into Lucy’s mouth as the hands of her sister’s friend began to more boldly explore her body. They ran up and down her back and squeezed Kylie’s butt firmly. Then one hand snaked between the two young women and cupped Kylie’s small breast, gently massaging and occasionally pinching her nipples gently.

Kylie was melting; this was so hot and new. She loved it. Unconsciously as if they had a mind of their own, her hips began to slowly roll against Lucy, her body seeking some sort of friction and pressure. Lucy took noticed and giggled. “Hey Brooke, I think she’s ready for phase two!”

Kylie shook from the trance she had fallen into while making out with Lucy and looked from Lucy to her sister and back. “Phase two? What’s that?”

“Hop off for a second and I’ll show you” Lucy said in a sultry voice. Kylie did as she was told and sat down to watch what happened next. Lucy got up and walked to a drawer in the dresser by the foot of the bed. Kylie smiled as Lucy leaned over unnecessarily far, putting her ass on display. She rummaged for a second and pulled out at first glance what Kylie identified as a dildo. But there were some type of straps attached… “oh” she thought.

With dexterity clearly born from practice Lucy slipped on the gear and cinched it tightly. “so we were wondering… in case you ever do want to play with the boys… maybe we could…”

Lucy was clearly a bit nervous too and having a hard time getting out the words so Kylie helped her out. “Yes! I would love you to!” Lucy smiled at this.

Brooke crawled up behind Kylie on the bed and embraced her from behind. “So sis, now you have to decide what position you want Lucy to take you in…”

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