Labor Day Lesbian Rapture


(This story is not for minors or anyone offended by descriptions of sexual exploration between adventurous women. All characters are … well, you figure it out for yourself. Feedback is welcome!)

When I was very young I had an experience with two older female cousins on a vacation in the country. It was brief but intense and I forgot about it as quickly as possible. But of course it left a mark. I’m now 37, divorced (my husband turned out to be gay – and judging from the quality of our sex life I should have known a lot sooner), living alone and sick and tired of men and bars. I work in the graphics department of a medium-sized advertising firm and I recognize that my job, which can be challenging and fun and even enjoyable most times, isn’t contributing much to humanity. In my off-time I sketch and for the past year I have finally let my imagination run a bit wild.

My sketchbooks are full of women, women of all shapes and kinds. I simply love the female body. And though I appreciate male beauty, it’s only an intellectual or aesthetic appreciation. Men leave me cold. I suppose the fact that my sexual interactions with them haven’t been terribly exciting is one reason; but there’s more too it. I find them so utterly narcissistic that I can’t stand them, their selfishness, their unkindnesses. Yet I’ve been afraid to venture into the world of lesbianism – until very recently and in what I think was a very big way (but maybe I’m fooling myself – you be the judge).

My sketches have become more and more erotic, and darker… I have been drawn (and drawing!) powerful, beautiful and feminine women, and I’ve found myself craving a taste of their control. Most of my friends are married and now raising kids, so my social circle is not the place to experiment. Although I love to masturbate, and have pleasured myself creatively, I needed more. At one point I even thought about hiring an escort service! But I’m too shy, or maybe too cowardly, for that.

Let me describe myself. I’m rather tall at 5’9″, 135 lbs, with a firm protruding ass. My breasts are 34C, but my waist is very narrow and my legs slender. My belly is taut and I’ve taken pains to stay in shape. My long red hair falls down to my waist. I’m a looker, but the wrong sex has been looking at me.

What I’m about to describe occurred over the past labor day weekend. I’ve no-one I can tell, so I thought I’d write this up behind the cloak of anonymity in the hope that readers somewhere will share in my excitement. I’ve never really thought of myself as a writer, so forgive me the awkwardness of expression here. And I suspect that I’m probably older than the average person who writes these kinds of things.

On the Saturday before the long holiday weekend I was terribly terribly frustrated. My whole body seemed to crave touch and I was on the verge of venturing to a bar to pick up a man for a night, even though I swore I would never do so again. I lay in bed gently caressing my large nipples and running my fingers along the sides of my thighs and lightly across my pussy lips, but I stopped myself short. I wanted more, I wanted … well I wasn’t exactly sure, but the thought of kneeling before a lovely strong woman wouldn’t leave me. I tried to keep my fantasies in check but they overcame me and I finally gave in to daydreaming and sketching my thoughts. I sketched rapidly, my heart racing as I traced the figure of myself kneeling on the floor, hands tied behind my back, kissing the shoes of an elegant leather-clad brunette while an equally beautiful woman stood behind me, crop in hand.

I quickly shut the sketch book and took a long walk. It was a beautiful day. I considered responding to my friends’ invitations to join them for barbecues and dinner, but when I returned home a burning inside me, a burning for something alive and adventurous and risky, took hold. I knew better what I wanted. As I walked I gazed lewdly at women, young and old. I wanted to be held and bound and degraded and excited and ordered about and fucked, fucked hard, and maybe even whipped… I felt as if I were going crazy. And mostly I wanted to lick the lovely pussies of a lesbian couple, one by one, and yes, I kind of wanted to be their slave for a night.

Aside from the time with my cousins I had never kissed a woman. I wished so much to feel warm succulent lips on mine, to have my breasts fondled and pinched, my flesh caressed. I finally screwed up my courage and decided to go alone to one of the two notorious lesbian bars in town (I live in a big city). I felt I could go rather anonymously and fought through the dread of being discovered by someone I knew. I had no plan except to go, and to go late in the hopes I would be picked up.

I took a long bath and nearly lost my nerve. No, I wouldn’t back down now. What did I have to lose? I was an adult, 37 … I guess I worried about rejection, about going unseen in a place full of young people. But I knew I was still attractive.

I dressed skimpily, sexily, in a way I had contemplated casino şirketleri but never dared before. I donned a white silk camisole and didn’t bother with a bra, and I slipped on a black leather vest. Then a white silk thong and a short black leather mini-skirt that I’d never worn before. And cowboy boots. I thought I would look silly at first but as I gazed at myself in the mirror I became aroused thinking of someone perhaps lifting up my skirt or gently parting my vest. I made my face up, to accentuate my hazel eyes, and yet still felt something was missing…..something that would send a message. Yes!, I thought, a choker or collar…. I rummaged about in vain but hit on the idea of cutting an old thin leather belt to fit around my neck. It was a braided belt and as I slid it through the buckle around my neck I thought mischievously that any domme worth her salt would leash me without thinking twice.

A glass of wine gave me the courage to leave, finally, and when I entered “Loveladies” it was midnight. I walked straight to the bar and took the only empty seat I could find. It was crowded, people were dancing, and the music was loud. I ordered tequila and I noticed that the barmistress smiled. “You look a little nervous,” she said. “Waiting for someone?” I smiled shyly. “Not really.” She left and served other patrons. As I sipped on my drink I began to relax and look around. Just as I thought, most of the women were younger than I. A lot were butch. They all looked to be in couples. I felt as if I had barged in on a party. I didn’t think anyone even glanced my way. I felt as if I were in costume at a non-costume event!

The barmistress returned and served me a second without my ordering. “This is on me,” she said. “First timers special.” She was about my height and weight, great figure. Her black silk blouse accentuated lovely breasts. Her jeans were tight and supple. Then as she laid the drink before me she grabbed my hair with her left hand and pulled my head back and kissed me full on the lips. A few girls started to clap and snicker as I blushed.

“That’s to let everybody know that you’re mine, sweetie.” She kissed me again and I let myself melt into it.

“I get off at 1, so what I’d like you to do is get yourself warmed up on the dance floor before I take you home.” I knocked down the second drink and slinked into the crowd and just let myself flow to the music a bit. Before I knew it I had a partner, and then another, and another, and I danced from song to song with the anticipation of being with a beautiful woman just as I had desired. Was it that easy? A sexy blond pulled on my vest and kissed me and I glanced at the barmistress who nodded and smiled. I guessed it was OK. In fact, it was delicious and the blond and I had our arms around each other’s necks, kissing and gyrating, and the music was increasing our fervor and then suddenly the barmistress yanked my arms away from my partner and put them around her waist. She ground herself into me as I held her hips and then she very lightly touched my breasts. My pussy became wet instantaneously and when the song finished she ushered me out of the club and into the cool air of the street. “I live a block away, sweetie, can you make it that far?”

I smiled. “Of course.”

“What’s your name” she asked as we strolled arm in arm in the dark. “Susie,” I answered, “and yours?” She paused for a moment. “I think I’ll have you call me ‘Mistress’ for now.” My knees nearly buckled.

Mistress lived on the third floor of a big townhouse. She slammed the door behind us after we entered her apartment and pinned my arms above me head and against the door as she kissed me passionately. My head was spinning from the drinks and lust. She kept my wrists together with her left hand and with her right she caressed my flank, my thighs and then my breasts. I gave a sigh as her warm hand played about my nipples.

Mistress was so lovely, so beautiful, so forceful…. Her features were refined and her skin olive: she looked Mediterranean, gorgeous. What had I been waiting for? Why had I resisted for so many years? I sank into her and pressed my pelvis against hers. She spread my legs apart with her knees, kissing, pressing, licking.

“You are so luscious, my sweet little slut, my sweet little Susie!” She bit into my neck and brought her right hand up to my face and held my chin as she kissed me again. My arms were still pinned above my head.

“On your knees” she whispered. I was breathing heavily and obeyed without hesitation. The apartment was dark but I could see Mistress by the light of the windows. She was removing her jeans. I could smell her aromatic pussy and I longed to tongue it. But she had other ideas first.

She stood before me in her elegant heels, thong and black silk blouse. Her brown hair hung luxuriantly on her shoulders. She seemed to be about 30, and with a body to kill for. Mistress removed my vest very gently and then lifted my blouse up and away. Then she placed my leather vest back again, tying casino firmaları it loosely together at the bottom with its leather laces….

“I like you in leather, Susie, I like to see your breasts behind that lovely vest,” she purred. “But I want your skirt off, now.”

I hurriedly undid the buttons at the back and unwrapped myself. She threw the skirt across the room.

“Arch your back for me while you kneel, my little slut.” I did as she asked, straining against the desire to thrust my face forward into Mistress’s cunt.

She knelt before me. “How’s my little cowgirl?” she teased, obviously referring to my boots and vest. She kissed me on the lips but pulled my arms behind my back, and then she gathered my thong in her hand and lifted it upwards. Its pressure into my slit sent shocks through me, and now with two hands, one on my beckoning ass and the other in front, she yanked on the thong hard.

“Do you like that, Susie?” she asked.

“Oh, yes!” I exclaimed.

She pulled harder and I began to squirm with wet delight.

“Please keep still, slut.” It was impossible.

“Why are you so disobedient?” she asked softly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mistress, I can’t help it, you make me so fucking hot!”

The first slap stung my cheek and made my head spin.

“How dare you use obscenities with your Mistress?”

She pulled my head back and slapped me even harder, this time on the mouth.

“I know what you want, Susie, I know exactly what you want, and I’m going to give it to you, and even more: you’ll get far more than you bargained for.”

Mistress stood up and grabbed my hair and violently jerked my head to and fro.

“I saw it in your eyes at the bar, my little submissive slut,” she whispered. “We’re going to have quite a time this weekend.”

Weekend? I was growing mildly delirious with a mixture of desire and fear. What did she mean? What did she have in store? What the hell was I doing in this situation? Had I lost my mind?

Mistress dragged me by my hair over to a sofa and had me kneel before it. She removed something from a side-table’s drawer and within moments my hands had been bound behind me with cord. It was a curiously exhilarating feeling to give in to Mistress, to give up control. She now began to secure my wrists to my ankles, winding the cord around my boots to make sure my back would be arched while I was on my knees – and to make sure I couldn’t get to my feet even if I tried! My firm breasts jutted out and my hair hung languorously behind me and I knew I looked quite fetching.

Mistress now untied the laces of my vest and pulled the vest back to expose my breasts. My nipples were crying for attention. I grew tired and began to sit back a little on my legs but Mistress sternly pulled me up.

“I thought I told you to keep your back arched for me?” she said tenderly.

“I’m sorry,” I replied meekly. She offered the back of her hand to my lips and I kissed it instinctively. Then she slapped my cheek rather viciously. It was somehow a delicious feeling, the sting and burn of my cheek, the calling me to order.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I breathed out huskily, dreamily. She smiled down on me.

“So, my dear Susie, what do you want?”

“I want to please you,” I said simply.

“You look so wanton, such a whore….I think I’ll make a record of this lovely image.”

Mistress sat before me on the sofa as I, on my knees, faced her and her delicious wet cunt, and the flash from a camera she had surreptitiously snatched blinded me. And another, and another, and another.

“Just think what I can do with these, Susie!” she taunted. I blushed.

“Now I have just one question for you, dear, just one…..are you ready?”

I gulped but nodded.

“But I don’t want you to answer hastily, so after I ask I’ll give you some time to think.”

I was growing perplexed.

“Susie, dear,” she cooed as she lifted my chin, “will you do anything I ask, anything? Don’t nod, don’t answer, just savor the question. And if you do agree you will agree to put yourself completely in my hands, an utter stranger, and you will be my property until Monday evening, ready to do anything I bid. Don’t agree unless you’re willing to take the risk. If you refuse, which is what any sensible person would do, I’ll simply unbind you and send you back to where you came from. But if you have the guts to go along with me, then one sweet wet pussy will be yours to lick tonight. And that’s just the beginning.”

She stole away quietly leaving me on my knees in the dark, my breasts, my pussy aching, my whole body aflame. She knew I would never be able to refuse. When she returned she was completely naked except for her black heels. She sat before me and spread her legs.

“If you agree, nod; if not, shake your pretty head.” I nodded. She lay back at the end of the sofa and her feet rested on the cushions directly in front of me.

“What are you waiting for?” she queried. I’d been so fixated güvenilir casino on her pussy that I grew confused until realizing what I needed to do. I brought my lips to her elegant black pumps and slowly licked, first the sides, then the soles and then the heels.

“Good girl,” she murmured. I kept at it while she began to purr and the scent from her cunt grew even stronger and more irresistible.

“I see you like degrading yourself….I like that in a slut.” Then Mistress moved herself before me and spread her legs and held them up by her arms wide apart.

“Keep your fucking back arched,” she reminded me. I was mesmerized by the vision of her smooth-shaven pussy and tight puckered netherhole.

“Do you like what you see?” she teased.

“Oh, Mistress, I love it, I love it!”

“How can it be that 2 hours ago I was serving you drinks and now you, a grown woman, a professional of some sort, is on her knees panting with lust for the cunt of a woman whose name you don’t even know?”

I breathed slowly.

“You turn me on, Susie, you turned me on at the bar when I first laid eyes on you.” I was speechless and so so horny and so so grateful…..

With a deft quick action she brought my face into her pussy and ground herself against my mouth. I was in a frenzy as I licked her, my entire face bathed in her juices as I began to work my tongue up her slit from the bottom, and back down again, and quickly sideways. I had thought so much about how I would eat a woman that it all seemed second nature, so easy, so exciting. My Mistress moaned as she now held her legs aloft and gave me free rein to pleasure her. And pleasure he I did, nibbling on her nether-bud’s rim, pressing my tongue into her ass, sucking on it, and then moving up to her delectably pungent and slippery cunt.

Mistress pulled my head away suddenly and I grew afraid, but it was only to lavish a long wet kiss on my submissive pleasuring lips. Then I was back at her pussy and ass again and I could feel her start to rumble and quiver. Her flat hard stomach began to contract and her pussy involuntarily thrust against my mouth and Mistress screamed freely in orgasmic delight. I drank her cum and shook my head from side to side against her mound and she wrapped her legs around my neck and pressed me harder against her, and as she bucked I slathered her clit and sucked up on it fiercely to send her into ecstasy. Oh yes, finally, finally I was fulfilling my dream!

“You … are … so … fucking … good… Susie,” gasped my lover. I still couldn’t get enough of her cunt and thighs, so I nibbled and gently licked and kissed, taking care now to avoid her oversensitive bud. It felt so utterly natural to be bound before her, completely at her service, bound but yet so free in pleasing this beautiful dominatrix. And I wanted more … more pleasing, more binding, more teasing…. I wanted her to tie me up or down and stretch me over or out and do whatever she fucking well wanted with me!

Just then I heard a door open …..and into the apartment sauntered another woman whom I could barely discern in the dimness of the room and the haze of my frenzied lust. But as she bent over to kiss my exhausted Mistress I recognized her as the sexy blond who had kissed and danced with me at the bar.

“Is she good, Gwen?” asked the girl.

“Very good, my dear,” answered Gwen, my erstwhile Mistress-lover.

“I could barely wait to join you.” She turned to me. “You like to please, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied.

“I’m not your Mistress,” she said, smirking, “I’m Gwen’s special pet, Heather.”

“Yes, Heather,” I smiled.

“Well, with Gwen’s permission, I’d like you to please me now.”

“Turn me on, Heather,” whispered Gwen.

“Do you have a name?” asked Heather.

“Susie” I answered softly.

“Well, Susie, I’m going to strip for you and Gwen, so why don’t you relax.”

Heather was a beauty: about 5’6″ and no more than 115 lbs dripping wet. Her thighs were hard and smooth and toned. Her breasts were small and firm, her stomach so flat…..Her blond hair was short, and I remembered our delicious kiss at the bar as she slowly removed her clothes for us. After she had stripped elegantly to nothing but a skimpy thong she pirouetted and stood before me. Gwen meanwhile had moved to the end of the sofa, obviously enjoying the show.

“Now Susie, dear, can you finish it for me, can you get these off with your lovely little mouth?”

I grasped the top of the thong with my teeth and then leaned back: it was difficult the way I was bound, having to slide backwards as I tried to lower her undergarment. Heather kept her legs together and after barely a minute I had lowered the thong to her ankles. My back was bent over and my head at her beautiful feet as she stepped out.

“Good work, Susie. Now get yourself up and arch your back for me.” I did as told. Heather then turned around facing the sofa, extended her arms so that they reached and rested on the tops of the back cushion, and spread her legs. Her magnificent ass was inches from my face. Just as I licked my lips, ready to snake my tongue out to pleasure this sultry gal Gwen’s hand came down hard across her buttocks.

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