Lady Fitness Ch. 07


Mandy was very pleased when I agreed to let her have this lesbian virgin. “I promise you that you will enjoy all of this Jessica. Just relax and enjoy the feelings. Do you ever masturbate?” Mandy asked.

Jessica replied, coloring deeply, “Well…yes, yes I do when I’m really horny and haven’t had sex for a while.”

“That’s great Jess, just remember what those feelings were like and how nice they were and you’ll enjoy this.”

Mandy put her hands on Jess’ shoulders and turned her to face her directly. She pulled her into her arms then kissed her on the lips, gently to start but it rapidly became a firm kiss (I expect that her tongue began to invade Jess’ mouth as well). Even though I was being pounded from behind by Mark I could see the tenseness in Jess’ shoulders and back leave as she got into the kiss from Mandy. She actually slumped into Mandy’s arms and let Mandy continue to kiss her deeply and run her hands up and down Jess’ back and butt.

Mandy found the zipper on the back of Jess’ dress and dragged it to the stop near her butt crack. Stepping back from Jess Mandy took hold of her dress’ shoulders and pulled it forward from Jess while letting it drop on the floor to puddle at her feet. Jess was wearing a very sexy set of white lace lingerie, including a garter belt and stockings, a lacy thong and a sheer white push-up bra. Mandy soon discovered that the bra was front closing and had it off of Jess in no time. She then knelt as she pulled Jess’ thong from her pussy and caused it to fell to the floor as well.

Jessica was left standing in a sexy garter belt and stockings; she kicked off her heels and said to Mandy “Ok, now show me yours!”

Standing up Mandy kicked off her red stiletto’s and reached behind her neck to catch the zipper to her skin tight red dress. With a quick tug it was loose and she had no difficulty running it down to its stop. She took her dress and dropped it from her body leaving her with only thigh-high red stockings on. Her nipples were hard in anticipation and I could see the barest hint of juice lubricating her pussy lips.

“Wow Mandy, you have a body to die for,” Jessica blurted.

While all of this was happening Mark continued to assault my pussy with his cock. I was enjoying the attention but was left with that empty feeling as Mark pulled from my leaky bird. Using my own cum as lubricant he deftly placed his cock head at my anus and pushed it in without hesitation. Before I could draw in a single deep breath he sunk his cock to the hilt in my bum. At the same time he manoeuvred his fingers around to massage my clit, this as a replacement to the friction on my g-spot that his cock was providing. “Ummm Mark, I like that. Please fuck my ass hard lover!” I begged.

Growling like a beast unleashed Mark redoubled his attack on my body, slamming his cock over and over again into my tight, hungry ass. I also began my climb to orgasm as a result of his fucking and of his stroking my clit. In less than 5 minutes I actually felt Mark’s cock engorge even more, a prelude to ejaculation and my own orgasm was right around the corner. Cum leaked from my pussy, running down my legs and pooling on the bahis firmaları floor. Poor Maurice will have quite a clean-up to do on this dining room I thought. At that moment Mark gasped raggedly “I’m cummming Wendy. Can I cum in your ass?”

“Yes darling, fill me full of your hot semen, I’m cummming too!” I grunted back to him.

Mark began to unleash another huge orgasm; I felt jet after jet of hot semen blasting into my bowels. He came an unbelievable amount, particularly for someone who had cum already 20 or 30 minutes ago. As I climaxed I squirted 4 or 5 copious streams of cum which added to the puddle at my feet. We both peaked and collapsed into a slippery, sticky, satisfied heap on the dining table. Mark pulled out of my ass, flipped me over then kissed me deeply on the lips.

“Mmmmm thanks Wendy, you bring out the best in me,”

“Just make sure you’re ready to satisfy Mandy and Jessica Mark,” I warned him. “Maybe we’ll have to reconvene at my hotel suite to finish everyone,” I suggested.

Jessica and Mandy were locked in an embrace as Mark and I climaxed and as I regained my senses I could see that Mandy was licking and kissing her way down Jessica’s body.

Jess seemed to be quite happy with the attention Mandy was paying to her breasts and groaned, “Oh Mandy, that feels so good, no man has ever made me feel like this.” Mandy let her hand trail down Jess’ torso to come to a rest in the short, blonde pubic hair that covered the target Mons. She gently stoked Jess’ pussy lips and was rewarded as they began to engorge from the attention. She slipped her finger in and stroked Jess’ cleft from clit to anus. For her part Jess began and involuntary thrusting action with her hips, designed to maintain contact with Mandy’s finger and if anything increase the pressure it was putting on her pussy.

Mandy was finished with Jess’ breasts and let her tongue trail down across Jess’ abdomen toward the real target — the pussy. She pushed Jess back gently so that she leaned/half-sat on the sideboard of the dining room. Jess responded by spreading her legs open for Mandy’s access and by massaging her own breasts and nipples.

Already her breath was coming in quick gasps and I thought to myself; ‘She won’t last long once Mandy starts to eat her”.

Mandy now knelt on the floor and positioned herself between Jess’ spread legs. She took both hands and gently grabbed an engorged pussy lip spreading them to allow her tongue uninhibited access. Starting at the bottom of Jess’ pussy Mandy dragged her tongue up until she came to Jess’ clit. She stopped short of licking it, which elicited a load groan from Jess, “Mandy, come on, suck me please. Make me cum, I need to cum!”

Mandy, always ready to tease, returned her tongue to the start of it’s route and stiffening it, drove her tongue a little further into Jess’ crack. This time as she approached her goal she did actually lick the tiny hard nub nestled under its protective hood.

Jess was in the process of dropping her hands from her breasts to grab Mandy by the head when I commanded, “Stop, stop you little slut, let Mandy finish her job. Go back to playing with your nipples.” kaçak iddaa

Jess looked at me wide-eyed, heard and understood the tone of my voice then dropped her head as she responded, “Yes Wendy, whatever you say Mistress.”

Mandy inserted two fingers into Jess’ slippery pussy as she focused her sucking on Jess’ clit. Alternately sucking and licking the clit and curling her fingers up inside Jess to stroke her g-spot brought Jess to orgasm in 2 or 3 minutes.

“Mmmmm, unghhhhh, I’m cummming Mandy, please make me cum!” wailed Jess.

Mandy redoubled her efforts on Jess’ pussy and in short order Jess stiffened, panting uncontrollably she shuddered into an orgasm that would rack her entire body. She continued to climax, I think that she probably had multiple orgasms, for what seemed like forever but was only 2 or 3 more minutes. Mandy removed her tongue from Jess’ clit to savour the sweet girl cum dripping from the fully engorged pussy she had been fingering.

It took a few minutes for Jess to come to her senses, Mandy had stood up and was cradling her in her arms, stroking her hair and kissing her. Jess eagerly kissed her back, tasting her own juices on Mandy’s lips and face.

“Ok girls,” I interrupted, “We have to get dressed and reconvene at my hotel room. Jessica, will you be able to join us?”

“Yes mistress, oh yes. I just have to tell my parents in the other room that I met some friends and will be continuing on with them.”

“Your parents?” I asked, incredible as it might seem, Jessica was engaged in full on sex right next door to where her parents were enjoying an exquisite meal.

“Yes mistress, we always come here for special celebrations. Tonight I just happened to be walking by your door and heard the action. It’s never been like that here before I can assure you.”

“Well everyone, get yourselves dressed, Maurice will be here shortly with the bill then we can all go back to my hotel room and continue. I still want to enjoy Jessica, Mark wants to have both you Jess and Mandy so let’s go.”

By the time Maurice poked his head in to present the bill we were all dressed and respectable. But the scent of sex hung heavy in the room, not to mention the puddle of cum that I had leaked onto the floor.

Maurice, the consummate maitre d’, took in the entire scene in 30 seconds, smiled and asked, “Was everything enjoyable?”

“Oh yes Maurice, we all enjoyed the food and atmosphere, why we even made a new friend,” Mark said pointing at Jessica. Maurice looked at Jessica realizing that she hadn’t been in the initial group and also that she had been with her parents next door. What he thought of that, knowing as I’m sure he did, that we had been having sex, he didn’t say a word.

Jessica bounced out of the room to tell her parents next door that she had run into some friends on the way back from the bathroom and would be continuing on with them for the rest of the evening. Mark paid the bill and the four of us headed for the front door. Mark had arranged for a long black limo to take us wherever, which tonight was going to be my hotel room.

Our limo was very luxurious and comfortable kaçak bahis with a deeply smoked dividing glass partition behind the driver for privacy. “Jessica, I want you to take your panties off and sit on Mark’s cock for the drive,” I directed. Jess was quick to pull off her now soaked thong and to reach for Mark’s zipper, pulling it down and releasing a cock which was quickly becoming hard.

“Which way should I face mistress?” Jess asked.

“You can face away from Mark, I want to lick your pussy while he fucks you,” I answered.

Jess positioned her pussy over Mark’s cock head and then sat down quickly on it, driving it all the way into her lubricated vagina. “Mmmmm, feels good mistress,” Jess chimed. I was on my knees with my face between Mark/Jessica’s legs. From my position I was able to lick Mark’s balls and Jess’ pussy lips and clit. Jessica began to slide up and down on Mark’s cock, I could see her juices glistening on the shaft.

In an effort to taste some of Jess’ cum I said “Next time you slide up his shaft stay there I want to lick him clean of your cum.” Complying quickly Jess rose on Mark’s cock basically standing with only the bulbous head inside her vagina. I licked the entire exposed shaft to remove the sweet tasting juice from our new convert.

Jessica resumed her activities, sliding up and down sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. And I could tell that she was getting very turned on. “Mark, I don’t want you to cum in Jess, not yet, but Jessica you can cum all over Mark’s cock.”

Mark was grateful, I think, that he didn’t have to cum again so soon but Jessica was disappointed and said, “Oh mistress, can’t I have some of his delicious cream?”

“No Jess, not now, later at the hotel I’ll let him cum in your mouth so you can taste him. I want you to cum for us, cum for us on this nice large hard cock. I want you to cum NOW!” I commanded in my dominatrix voice.

Jess responded by driving her vagina onto Mark’s fleshy pole, grunting each time as his cock head hit her cervix and moaning as the flared head rubbed against her g-spot. She moaned, panted and became a woman possessed, possessed with the goal of cumming on Mark’s cock.

“Ohhhhhh, ohhhhh I’m cummmming mistress, I’m cumming!” Jessica wailed as she went rigid on Mark’s penis. She relaxed shortly and slumped onto his cock, lying back against him.

I knelt down and liked up as much of her juice as had leaked out around Mark’s cock. “Hmmmm, yummy,” I cooed. “I like the taste of you Jess. Pull yourself off of Mark’s cock and I’ll clean up all of your cum.”

Jess rose, a little wobbly though, from Mark’s cock and I licked and sucked her lips and canal clean, enjoying each drop of cum. I then turned to Mark’s cock and sucked and licked it clean from head to root.

Mark was still quite rigid so I said to him “You will be able to cum in Mandy as soon as we get into my room Mark. Will that be ok?”

“Yes Wendy, Jessica has turned me on but I can wait a little while longer to cum again. Will I be able to cum in Jess later?” Mark asked.

“Yes, I told her that I would let you cum in her mouth so she can taste your semen Mark.” I responded. We were very close to the hotel so once again we regained our composure, buttoned up and prepared to leave the limo.

There’s more fucking, sucking and licking to cum in Chapter 8.

Love and orgasms.

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