Landlord part two(toes and feet)

Landlord part two(toes and feet)They way the rules are is there no locks only the main door has a lock so u have to have a key to the main door only tents and jerry and 5 of his friends have keys . its a everday thing to come home from work and hear moaning and baning are find a old man in bed pounding my young wifes tight pussy. the set up is nice any husband are wife can fuck who they want in the house we understand the rules it go’s hubby’s ,jerry’s friends’jery all the young wifes pussy belong to jerry and jerry pnly. jerrys main rule is all hubbys must eat the cum from the wifes pussy your wife are not if a wife has a cum fulled pussy from one of the old white bulls a young hubby has to lick and suck there cum from the wifes pussy.One time my mom came to vist and we were seting canlı bahis on the coach my wife my mom and I and jerry walks in and connie stands up drops her dress and my mom was like what the hell. my mom asked what was going on , my young wife looks her in the eye and say look I love your son and he is my life and world as I am to him . but look at this she show my mom here pussy were on the smooth shaved skin a tattoo says jerry pussy. , she then truns around and show’s her the tattoo on the small of her back that says jerry’s cum slut. my wife pulls jerry;s cock out and says look at the 10 1/2 in monster and think his ball’s hang and he cums like a monster. this is jerrys pussy I fuck him and his friends because the other wifes and me are jerrys house cunts.she bets10 tell my mom you and joe talk drink coffee and relax while I fuck jerry . jerry asked if she wanted to go to another part of the house connie said no. all connie had on was flat sandles and a wedding ring she knelt down ans started sucken jerrys cock right that hummimg and sluring away I got a rock hard cock right there . jerry picks her up brings her to the bed and lays her on her back legs spread as wide as she canjerry slides his cock in her pussy slow mom and me had a perfect view being the coach faced the bed lol in a 1 room apart. jerry starts hitting it hard beds sqeeking ,head board slaming against the wall , my wife moaing and sceaming her head off. my slut wife moaing fuck your tight pussy bets10 giriş jerry , fuck it, o goooodddd ur my pussy daddy I love ur cock . jerry’s grunting and sucking her toes. jerry asker her who’s pussy its cum slut, your pussy its your tight pussy jerry. jerry asked me in front of my mom who am I fucking cuck my wife your cum slut , jerry grunt’s whos pussy is it bitch, your’s sir my wife tight young pussy belongs to you sir.jerry pussy pounding of my wife goes on for another 30 min and jerry slows down and asked my mom want to see what ur cuck son and this young whore does for free rent. jerry tells me come here boy as he blows his real man nuts all in connies tight pussy he tell me clean my cock I do then he says eat my cum out of her now I do. connie says now do what u always do .I kneel doen and kiss the head of jerrys cock and say thank you for fucking my wife . jerry walks over puts his cock in my moms face and says everone who watches has to. ty sir for letting me watch u fuck that cum slut .

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