Lauren’s Visit


Angie and I decided to go to a Salsa club tonight. I loved Salsa dancing, it was so fucking erotic and if you were dancing with someone who knew how to Salsa, you could have an orgasm right on the floor. Angie was one of those, she loved to dance and she did it well.

We had been here for a couple of hours already, along with a few drinks and with Angie rubbing her body against mine all night, my pussy was soaked. My thongs weren’t going to hold up much longer and I knew she was feeling the same.

I reached down to feel in between her legs and found she sure was as wet as I was.

“Ummm baby, how nice,” I whispered in her ear, as I put my finger in my mouth tasting her juices.

After the dance finished, I went to sit down and rest for a minute. Besides, if I kept this up, my pussy juice will be running all down my legs.

Angie kept dancing though. I thought it was so sexy watching her dance; she just flows with the music and she makes whoever she is with feel like they’ve been dancing together forever.

I reached in my bag to check my phone and saw that I had a text. Holy crap! I got a text from Lauren. I haven’t talked to her in ages. Fuck! Why was she texting me?

“Hey Jessie, how are you?” She text. Next text, “I need to talk, can I call you?”

I thought about it for a minute and figured what harm can it be, she sounded like something was wrong anyway.

Lauren and I had been friends since childhood. We’d never been “together” but she knew I wanted to, since we were teenagers. I didn’t push it though; I didn’t want to lose her as a friend. We became best friends and we could talk to each other about any and everything.

After college, she moved in with a girl, much to my detriment of course. I wasn’t going to hold her back though; she needed to go where her heart led her. Besides, Angie knew her and I knew she liked her. It had just been a while since I’d seen her.

So, what the hell, she needs me, I’m here. “Sure, give me a call,” off went the text to Lauren.

Angie was still dancing away. Damn, where does she get all of this energy from, I laughed to myself. She really was amazing.

I felt my phone vibrating. Crap that was fast. I had to step towards the door to hear her.


“Hey Jessie, how are you? Where are you, it sounds noisy?” Lauren asked.

“I’m at a Salsa club with Angie. How are you, is everything ok?”

“No, not really. Lexi and I are on a break, if that’s what you want to call it. I just needed to talk to you. Would you mind if I come over later. Like, tonight? Listen, I don’t want Angie to get upset, will she be ok with it?”

“I’m sure she’ll be ok with it, she’s dancing right now. When she stops, I’ll talk to her. We have that extra bedroom anyway, you can stay there.”

“That would be great. I cannot thank you enough, I am so upset right now and I just don’t want to be alone.”

“I totally understand and don’t worry, I’m sure Angie won’t mind.”

We hung up the phone and I thought about our conversation. I couldn’t believe she and Lexi were having problems. They always seemed like everything was perfect, so good together.

I looked for Angie and couldn’t find her; she must be in the restroom. Sure enough, as I located the restroom, I saw her walking back from there.

She found me, smiled and walked over to me. She grabbed me, pulling me close and gave me the most amazing kiss. Damn, what she does to me, fuck!

We walked outside ready to head home.

“Hey, Angie, I got a text from Lauren and she called me. She and Lexi are having problems and they are on some kind of a break. Would you mind if she came over, she said she didn’t want to be alone. I told her she could sleep in the spare bedroom.”

“Oh wow, that sucks baby. No, sure, I don’t mind at all. I’m sorry they are going through bad times, how sad.”

Me too, I thought. It sure was going to be nice to see her again though, I was really excited. Lauren knew where we lived so I had texted her to meet us at the apartment.


When we arrived, she was already there. Wow, she looks good, I thought to myself. She gave me a hug and then she gave Angie one as well.

As we got in the apartment, we all collapsed on the couches. Lauren proceeded to tell us that Lexi got offered a position on the west coast and it was a step up, a promotion. Bad side, Lexi would be traveling a lot and she said there was no reason for Lauren to come if she would be gone all the time.

And, she wasn’t sure if she wanted Lauren to come. Lauren said they’d been going up and down for a while and she thinks Lexi wants to break up with her.

So, after that, Lauren told her she’d be back, she had some thinking to do. And, lots of crying of course. Naturally, she had to go see Jessie. She always knew what to say, to make her feel better.

After we had a couple glasses of water, we were ready for bed.

“Lauren, you know where the bedroom is, and help yourself to whatever you need.”

“Thanks casino şirketleri Jess. Good night Angie.”

“Night Lexi.”

Angie and I went into our bedroom and got ready for a shower. I hated going to bed without a shower after going to a club, yuck! The both of us were in the bathroom, naked ready for our shower when there was a soft knock and the door opened.

Angie peeped in and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Towels Jess?”

“If there’s none in the closet in the bathroom, look in the hallway closet.”

“Got it, thanks. Sorry again,” yelled Lauren.

Angie and I just looked at each other and smiled. I turned the water on getting it nice and warm. I loved looking at Angie in the shower, watching the water fall down her breasts, it made me so hot.

Angie was 5’6″, had lightly tanned skin, green eyes and a body to die for. She had hips that made a woman a woman and her breasts and nipples were so fucking tantalizing. Me, I was only an inch taller than her; creamy white skin and my breasts were not as big as Angies. Hers were a size 38C while mine were a 36B, but there were never any complaints from Angie, she loved them.

As we stepped in the shower, we washed each others hair. Then I soaped her down, taking my time on her breasts. She loved it when I sucked on them, and so did I.

I put my mouth on her right nipple while playfully tweaking the left one. Her nipples got so hard and I just kept sucking. I reached my other hand down in between her legs and put a finger inside her pussy.

“Jessie, baby, that’s it, fuck my pussy with your finger baby, fuck it.”

My finger went wildly inside her pussy and then I put two more in there to make it even more intense.

I had to taste her so I moved her away from the spray of the shower, angled her leg up and buried my face in her pussy. I spread her lips apart and instantly found her clit.

While I sucked on her clit, my fingers found the inside of her pussy again and the rhythm started. Angie was arching her hips towards my face as I was eating her pussy and then she reached down, grabbing my head and pushed me farther into her as she came in my mouth.

“Fuck Jessie, Fuck!!!” Angie yelled as her sweet cum filled me up.

After she settled down, I stroked her pussy lightly, knowing how sensitive she was. She gave me a kiss and the feel of our breasts touching in the shower was so fucking erotic, and I rubbed my nipples against hers slowly, loving the feel of that.

We finished our shower and did all of our bathroom stuff and got into bed.

“Don’t think you’re going straight to sleep after what you did to me in the shower,” Angie told me. She spread my legs and went straight for my pussy. Since she had me so hot at the club tonight and as good as she is with making me cum, I knew I would be cumming on her face in no time.

She licked my lips, all over, inside and out. Touching, caressing the inside of my pussy then she so carefully slips a finger inside.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned. Damn, that was nice. I arched my hips towards her face eager to feel her mouth engulfing me and she was just as eager.

Angie’s full lips sucked on my clit while her tongue was rubbing just below it and then her 3 fingers were inside, fucking my pussy with all her might.

The combination of her sucking, licking and fucking my pussy had brought me over the edge. I had my nipples in my hands, pinching them, while arching my hips to get her as close to me as possible because I was about to cum.

“Angie, I’m fucking cumming, fuck Angie, I’m cumming!!! Ohhhhh, fuck that was nice baby; that was fucking nice.”

Angie came up towards my face, stopping to kiss my nipples and then kissed me deeply, spreading all of my juices on my mouth. She laid down, putting her right leg over mine, her right hand covering my pussy with her middle finger inside and we fell asleep.


We decided to go to a movie the next day and just go to the mall, hang out and get some ice cream. I had wondered if Lauren had heard us the night before. It made me kind of hot to think that she did. I also wondered if she played with herself, maybe made herself cum? What a nice thought.

On our way back to the apartment we got a movie from a Redbox around the corner from us and had picked up a pizza.

We were sitting on the couch, with Angie’s leg draped over mine while my hand was resting on her thigh. I didn’t think much of it because this was normal for us. But I noticed Lauren peeping over at us every so often. ‘Was she thinking of me, jealous maybe,’ I thought to myself. No way, I must be going crazy. But that didn’t stop me from peeping also at her when I knew she wasn’t looking.

I got up and got us some drinks, I needed one by now. Angie had met me in the kitchen to help me. As she walked to me, she put her hand on my ass, lightly squeezing and then dipping her hand in between my legs.

“Ummm, nice and warm down there Jess.”

I grabbed her nipple with my mouth in response and casino firmaları gently tugged, grabbed the drinks and walked back to the couch. I gave Lauren hers and sat back down.

While we were finishing watching the movie, Angie had put her hand on my upper thigh, right next to my pussy and was softly rubbing.

Wow, I couldn’t believe she was being so brazen right in front of Lauren. Fuck, it was making me hot though. She didn’t stop either, she just kept rubbing and her fingers kept lightly brushing up against my pussy. Before I knew it, her whole hand was right in between my legs and she just grabbed my pussy and squeezed.

I looked at her, asking her with my eyes what the fuck she was doing.

She smiled, winked at me, turned to Lauren and said, “Lauren, I know you and Lexi are going through things right now. I hope you don’t mind me being so forward but we would really like for you to join us tonight…in bed…with us.”

Holy Shit!!! I couldn’t fucking believe that she was saying this, what in the world brought this on?? I knew my mouth was slightly open while she was talking and when she finished, I looked at Lauren.

Lauren raised her eyebrows at me, as if asking my permission and I smiled at her. I said what the fuck, stood up, grabbed both their hands and walked them to the bedroom. Angie put her arms around me and gave me an erotic kiss. Then she walked over to Lauren and did the same. Damn, I couldn’t believe Angie started this!

Angie started taking Laurens’ clothes off and I did the same. While Lauren was taking her pants off, Angie grabbed a nipple in her mouth and I walked over and grabbed the other. Lauren put her head back and moaned, grabbing our heads and pushing us closer.

We stopped so Angie could take her clothes off and both Lauren and I helped her. Lauren gently grabbed Angie’s breast and her mouth found her luscious nipple and started sucking. I gently moved them to the bed so we could all lie down together. Angie and I had purchased a California King bed, so we had plenty of room to maneuver.

We were all eagerly sucking on each others breasts, making our nipples nice and hard and erect.

“Lauren, lay down so Jessie can eat your pussy. You know she’s been dying to for ages now,” as Angie winked at me.

Lauren laid down and spread her legs wide. I looked at her pussy and it was so fucking beautiful. I licked her lips and opened her up to see how beautiful it was inside. Fuck, I’m going to cum right now.

I sucked on her and licked her everywhere possible. While I was doing this, Angie came around to my ass, kissed it and had her fingers in my pussy fucking me madly. She then got some juices from my pussy, put the juices on my asshole, stuck a finger in there while her other 3 fingers were in my pussy.

I had found Lauren’s clit by then and was sucking nice and hard. I put two fingers in her pussy, stroking her inside and out, wanting this to last for her.

“Fuck, Angie, I’m going to cum, holy fuck!!!!” I said as cum blasted out of my pussy.

Angie rubbed my pussy with her hand and then gave my ass a little slap. “Nice, baby,” she said.

I was deep in Laurens’ pussy by then and Lauren was arching her hips at me wanting more. She reached down, grabbing my head to push me closer. “Jessie, I’m going to fucking cum all over your face, I’m going to fucking cum! Suck my clit harder Jess, suck it, PLEASE!”

Lauren came all over my face and I opened my mouth to swallow it all, I didn’t want to lose a drop. Damn she tasted so good.

I looked up and saw Angie straddling Lauren’s face now. She dropped down, grinding on her face, and reached under her head to help her out a little, bringing her closer. “Make me cum Lauren, make me cum all down your throat.”

I continued licking Lauren’s pussy and with all her juices, I was able to lube her nice pucker hole up and I eased my finger inside. I heard her moan against Angie’s pussy and she arched her hips higher.

“Does that feel good what Jessie is doing to you Lauren? ” She moaned again in response. “That’s it baby; eat my pussy. Fuck that feels good Lauren, that feels so fucking good. Do you see how wet you are making me?”

I got up from the bed and went to get the vibrator. I turned it on and slipped in inside Lauren’s pussy. I moved it in and out slowly and then I turned the power up and kept it inside for a minute, moving it around inside, all the way in her sweet pussy.

“Fuck Lauren, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, FUCKING A Lauren, FUCK!” as Angie pushed her pussy if possible further into Lauren’s face, not letting any cum fall out of her mouth. “Damn it Lauren, that feels so fucking good, that’s it suck all my juices, fuckkkkkk!!!” Angie screamed.

I moved the vibrator onto Lauren’s clit and turned it up high, it was about time she came again. She started wiggling and I put 2 fingers in her pussy, fucking her nice and hard. She was so fucking wet and the sloshing sound from her pussy and Angie’s wet pussy was fucking making me insane.

With güvenilir casino one wild thrust, Lauren screamed and her juices were running all down my hand. I moved my hand only to replace it with my mouth while still keeping the vibrator on her clit. I drank the rest of her cum and lapped up the rest of her juices.

Then Angie suggested we lay in a triangle, that way, everyone’s pussies would get eaten. Our heads, hands, fingers were all embedded in each others pussies. We had our fingers everywhere, doing everything to make the pussy we were eating only wetter.

After we all came at least a couple more times, Angie got up to get something. She grabbed the double dildo. She looked at me, smiled and told Lauren and I to lie so our pussies were facing each other.

Angie put the dildo in our pussies and started slowly fucking us. “Move closer you two, get all of this in. I want your pussies to touch.”

Lauren and I slowly fucked the dildo, moving our hips, getting our pussies adjusted to it. We were almost there; almost touching…I was almost touching Lauren’s pussy. As I just about touched her, I realized something.

Fuck…last night, Angie was really into making me cum and she put all her effort into making me cum hard. And tonight, she was rubbing on my leg and then she openly grabbed my pussy.

Crap…she was letting Lauren know that I was hers but she was ok with us being together tonight. That made me laugh inside and I will have to do something special for her later. Definitely.

Our pussies were touching….fuck….me.

“Damn Jessie, that is fucking Hot!!!” Angie yelled. “Hold on one sec,” Angie said as she leaned forward, and with both hands, opened both of our pussies. “Ok, now, slowly rub each other, grind girls, grind….slowly.”

Lauren and I started moving our hips, slowly of course, grinding our pussies together. Damn, this felt good. Angie then started rubbing our clits. “Come on girls, I want you to cum on each other, I want your juices all over the place.”

I was fucking going crazy, I know I was wet as hell by now and I could feel it. The dildo deep inside of me and Lauren’s pussy was right up against mine; touching me, flesh against flesh.

She was just as wet as I was, I could hear it. I could hear her juices as she moved back and forth.

I had been caressing my breasts by now, squeezing my nipples and Lauren was doing the same.

Angie stopped rubbing our clits and came over and sat on my face. I looked up at her, smiled, and then grabbed her pussy into my mouth. Fuck, she was so fucking wet. Apparently she was liking this just as much as I was.

I licked and sucked all around her lips, loving the taste of her. Then I grabbed her hips with my left hand, rubbed her clit with my right and sucked on her pussy, waiting for her to cum a sweet river in my mouth.

“Jessy that feels so fucking good baby! Eat my pussy love, yes, that’s it, make me cum in your mouth.”

Angie was moving her hips back and forth; I could tell she was about to cum. She had her head back, eyes closed and she was starting to shake.

“That’s it baby, I’m going to cum, fuck yeah Jessie, fuck yeah! I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming….FUCKKK!!!!!”

Angie came so hard that I had to swallow fast to drink it all, but I loved it. I licked her pussy, getting what I can off so she wouldn’t be leaking all over the place.

While Angie was cumming, Lauren and I were fucking each other and I was about to cum myself.

“Lauren, that feels so fucking good. Your pussy feels so good against mine, I want to cum on your pussy.”

Lauren was playing with her clit by then and I could tell she was going to cum soon too. I reached down, stroking my clit, the both of us moving back and forth, rubbing ourselves, our pussies touching, our pussies sopping wet.

Angie had moved over to Lauren and was about to sit on her face again. “I want all of us to cum together. Lauren, you keep playing with your clit baby, I’ll rub mine while you suck on my pussy and I know Jessie is about to cum soon too.”

Lauren and I moved our hips faster, rubbing our clits, fucking the dildo faster and faster. I looked up and Angie was grinding her beautiful wet pussy on Lauren’s face and Lauren was eating her like there was no tomorrow. “I’m going to cum again you two, I can’t fucking take this much longer,” Angie said.

Lauren moaned into Angie’s pussy that she was ready to cum too and I was also. “Lauren, when we cum, keep our pussies together. I want to feel your cum running on my pussy.”

It wasn’t but 5 seconds later that all three of us were screaming and cumming. Lauren and I were cumming on each other’s pussies while Lauren was drinking Angie’s sweet cum. I didn’t want to stop because it felt so fucking good.

After we all settled down, Angie laid down on the bed and Lauren and I stayed where we were. We all just quietly enjoyed the moment. Fuck, that was so fucking incredible; I won’t ever forget this, that’s for damn sure.

Angie reached over and took the dildo out of us and I just laid there. I felt the bed move, I wasn’t sure who it was and then I saw Lauren above my face. She lowered her pussy slowly and then I licked it with my tongue. Damn, she tasted good and my juices were on her pussy too.

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