Lesbian love affair


Lesbian love affairAs my orgasm washed over me, Rebecca raised her head. Smiling she asked, am I doing better. Reaching out my arms I motioned for her to come to me. Kissing her I can taste my own vaginal fluid still on her lips. I should start from the beginning. I adopted Rebecca after her parents died. She reminds me so much of my sister at her age. Even though my sister was a few years older than me we did everything together. On Friday nights Rebecca and I watch movies together. We’d sit on the couch and eat pizza and popcorn. One Friday night we were watching a movie that had a nude scene with a woman. I noticed Rebecca crossing her legs and a couple of times lean forward and press her elbow into her pelvic region. After wards she’d go to her room and lock her door, which she never did in the past. I went to bed and imagined her naked beside me. Her shiny red hair splayed out across the pillow, and her pale skin glowing in the dim light. I brought myself to orgasm thinking about her red bush timed enough her lips were fully exposed. kadıköy escort One day I went to the video store, and found a movie about twin sisters. It had a nude scene with one of the sisters. Friday night we ordered pizza and made popcorn. I put the movie in and sat beside Rebecca as normal. As we watched the movie I went to the kitchen as the scene came up. I watched as Rebecca leaned forward and pressed her elbow into her pelvis. Looking up, she didn’t see me. She put her hand between her legs then crossed them, pressing her hand tightly against her vagina. I said loud enough for her to here me if she needed more to drink. Quickly she pulled her hand away. Yes, please she answered. Coming back, I noticed her top was crumpled over her breasts. I could only imagine she squeezed her nipples while I wasn’t looking. That’s when I got the idea to get her excited as possible without being obvious. Asking around I found a video store that catered üsküdar escort to soft and full porn. I was a bit embarrassed going in the store. Asking the clerk, I found the soft porn section. I picked out a few that I thought could pass as regular movies but a little steamier scenes. On Friday I set my plan into action.We made popcorn and ordered pizza like normal. Popping the movie in, I took my seat beside Rebecca. As the movie played a scene with two young ladies at a clothing store came on. They picked out some clothes and went to the dressing room to try them on. This is it, I thought. If Rebecca has the urges I hoped she had. As the ladies undressed, Rebecca crossed her legs tightly. I said, you want more to drink. Sitting with her mouth open, it took her a minute to answer. I stood in the kitchen and watched her. As the actresses undressed Rebecca looked to see if I could see her. Placing her hand between her legs, Rebecca started rubbing herself. Reaching under her shirt, I could tuzla escort see her playing with her b**sts. I caught myself rubbing my own vagina. Clearing my throat, I said, this movie is kind of long. Why don’t you get ready for bed. Pausing the movie Rebecca literally ran to her room. Coming back she was in a long T-shirt and wrapped in a blanket. I had trouble paying attention to the movie thinking about her. Starting the movie, the ladies were naked on the floor kissing and cuddling. Through the corner of my eye I could see Rebeccas hands between her legs. As one actress crawled between the others legs Rebecca started fidgeting around. I could see movement up by her chest. By the time the scene ended Rebecca was breathing heavily and her head was tilted back. When she opened her eyes, she was flush. Are you alright, I asked. Stuttering Rebecca looked at me and said, I’m fine. When the movie ended Rebecca went to bed and locked the door. After cleaning up, I headed down the hall. I heard sounds coming from her room. Knocking on the door I asked if she needed any help. After a minute Rebecca opened her door. I’m fine really, she said. The sweat on her forehead told me she really enjoyed the movie. Looking around I noticed a bed side table drawer open. Stepping in her room Rebecca acted nervous and kept saying, everything is alright, I’m fine really. Peeking in the drawer I seen the source of her moans.

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