Let’s Go For A Swim


Note: This is my first submission, but not my first story to be written out. Please let me know what you think, so I can become a better writer. I wrote this story for a friend. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did.

It was a late mid-Summer’s afternoon as Cin and Jen were walking hand in hand on a secluded beach on a lake that they lived by. They were just walking and holding each other. No words needed to be said between them, because they knew it all already. Their hearts were now one and no words could transcend that. It was a given for them. It was also their anniversary. It was one year to the day that they moved in with each other near this very lake.

Cin and Jen met in the most unlikely of ways… the Internet. With time, they each fell deeply in love with the other, but they were also very scared by thought of falling for someone they hadn’t met. You see, they lived a couple states away from each other, so there was no physical contact between the two for nearly a year after they first “met” on-line. But, that didn’t matter. Feelings don’t stop because of lack of physical contact. In fact, in Jen and Cin’s case, it made the feelings much stronger. So, when that day finally came when Jen surprised Cin by showing up at her door, their whole lives changed… but for the better. They instantly knew they couldn’t live without each other, so they bought a house together near a lake within the next couple months. This lake. This beautiful, warm lake that holds so many treasured, passionate memories of Cin and Jen’s love affair. It would come to hold one more tonight.

The hot sun was just above the lake’s horizon now. Threatening to go under the water, it seemed. The two lovers stopped walking to watch the sun carelessly fade away into the night on them. Cin pulled Jen closer, nuzzling her ear and whispering, “I love you with all my heart, Jen.”

“I love you, too, baby,” Jen said before she took Cin’s face in her hands and kissed her lips so softly. Their lips melting with each other like the sun melting into the lake. It was a slow and passionate kiss that only two lovers can share. Time seemed to slow down for them. Nothing else mattered in that moment but the two of them. Their tongues mingling together; dancing with each other. Cin pulled away slowly from the kiss and snuggled back into Jen’s loving arms as they watched the little sliver of sun make it’s way underneath the hot water.

“Let’s go for a swim. The full moon is above us and the water is so beautiful and inviting that I can’t help myself,” Cin suggested as she started pulling off her shirt. Jen was almost in shock. Almost! “But we don’t have any suits, casino şirketleri Cin. How are we gonna go swimming? Someone will surely catch us.” Jen responded with a coy smile as she watched Cin strip down nude in front of her. The one thing that intrigued Jen the most about Cin was that she was kinky. Cin didn’t care where they were, just as long as they were together. Jen was instantly turned on by this idea of going swimming with her right now. “Are you coming?” Cin whispered into Jen’s ear as she took off towards the warm water and dove in. Jen giggled and thought to herself, “Yeah, I’m sure I will be coming tonight.” Then she quickly undressed and followed Cin’s lead, diving into the water.

The water was extraordinarily warm tonight and felt soothing against their naked skin. Was it the hot sun that warmed the lake? Or was it the warm blood of these two lovers that did it? Jen would like to think it was her lover who made it so hot. Cin was the most beautiful woman in the world to her. Cin was a little bit taller with a smaller frame, but they made the perfect couple.

“Two people could never be more in love than us,” Cin thought to herself as she watched Jen swim towards her. Her naked body floating on water, floating on air, really. “I can’t believe that Jen has stayed with me this whole time. I am a very lucky person to have her in my life.” You see, Cin was not in the best of health when they met, but Jen didn’t care. Jen wanted to be with her even if it were only for a day. As luck would have it, that day turned into a year and they were each very grateful for the time.

“OW!” yelled Jen waking Cin out of her dream state. “What? What’s wrong?” a frightened Cin asked. “A fish just bit my nipple. Damn fish!” Cin couldn’t help but start laughing. “Awwww… come here, baby, and I won’t let any fish bite your nipples anymore,” Cin said with a giggle. “But I might,” she added with a raised eyebrow. “You promise?” asked Jen as she swam up to Cin, taking her in her arms. The warm water and the moon and the beautiful sunset had them both hungry for each other.

Their passions rising with each passing moment, but each wanting to delay that passion for as long as possible. It was Jen who finally leaned in kissing the tip of Cin’s nose. Cin let out a small giggle, but it quickly turned into a small moan when Jen began nibbling her earlobe. Jen’s tongue lightly flicking her earlobe, teasing her. The two were overcome by their passion and started fondling each other’s bodies under the water. A hand tormenting an aching nipple here… a hand caressing a muscular back here… a thigh raised between a lover’s sex here. They were casino firmaları both wet, but not from the water anymore.

Jen released that earlobe and looked deeply into Cin’s eyes. The moonlight glowing from them. Cin returned the deep gaze. There was so much lust in them eyes, that Cin couldn’t control herself anymore. Her hips “magically” started grinding against Jen’s thigh that was raised up to her pussy. “Oh, yeah, baby. That’s it. Ride me,” Jen whispered breathlessly. Cin grabbed a hold of Jen’s neck, as she rode her lover’s thigh. Cin knew that Jen loved it when she got herself off in front of Jen and she was more than happy to do it. Jen’s passion was building deep inside her loins as well.

There were certainly no fish around anymore, but there was still nibbling. Cin leaned down and kissed Jen fervently on the lips. Jen responded by kissing her back with just as much love. Jen’s hands slipped behind Cin’s back, guiding her lover across her thigh. Wanting to feel her love juices flow over her leg. Just as magically as Cin started grinding, she arched her back and let out a throaty moan, “Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m coming, baybeeeeeee!!!” With her back arched, her lovely breasts were revealed just above the water, inviting Jen to take a nipple in her mouth. As Cin was slowly relaxing her body, Jen swallowed her erect nipple and sucked hard, then bit down on it. “Oh my, God! Oh my God!” was all Cin could say. Jen knew she was coming again. She could feel the love juices of her life partner being squirted onto her thigh. Try as Jen might, she couldn’t stop it from happening. During Cin’s second mind-blowing orgasm, Cin unknowingly dug her nails into Jen’s back causing Jen to explode in orgasm as well.

As they were each calming down, their bodies once again relaxed as they held each other tight whispering sweet nothings to each other. Once they caught their breath, they swam back up to shore. There was a patch of grass along the shore where they laid down just holding each other close. Cin’s head nuzzled against Jen’s chest… her arm wrapped around her waist. Jen’s arm draped across Cin’s back, caressing her. Their legs intertwined with one another.

Each not wanting this night to end. With every chance Cin got, she pushed herself slightly up on top of Jen more until her whole body lay resting on top of her lover. Cin pushed herself up on her elbows staring deep into Jen’s eyes. She leaned down, taking Jen’s lower lip into her mouth, slightly pulling on it. Jen raised up hoping to meet Cin’s lips to return the kiss. Cin rewarded Jen with this “chase” by pushing her tongue deep into Jen’s mouth allowing Jen to suck on güvenilir casino it. Jen moaned into Cin’s mouth causing their passion to be renewed. They were both yearning for more.

Jen began raising her hips off the ground slightly to meet Cin’s now thrusting hips. Their love juices now mingling with each other. “Make me yours, baby. I need you,” whispered Jen into her lover’s ear. Cin kissed Jen’s neck, nibbling and sucking on every inch of her skin. She kissed her way down to Jen’s big beautiful breasts and her very erect nipples. Taking one in her hot mouth and the other between her fingers pinching slightly making it even harder under her fingertips. Jen loved all this attention. Cin began sucking very hard on that nipple, causing a pleasurable pain for Jen.

Then, without warning, she quit sucking and latched onto the other nipple. Jen moaned loudly and arched her back inviting Cin to take in more of her breast in her mouth. And that she did. Driving Jen near the edge with her talented tongue. Cin let her nipple pop out of her mouth, then licked her way down to Jen’s alluring belly button. Driving her tongue into Jen’s button, then quickly out again causing Jen to hold her breath in for a moment in surprise. Just as Jen was letting her breath escape her, she felt Cin’s warm tongue sliding in between her wet lips of her womanhood. Cin was so taken by Jen’s heady scent she couldn’t stop herself from taking in such delight. “Oh my God!” Jen moaned and pushed herself up.

Cin quickly grabbed hold off Jen’s ass and held her still making love to her partner in the most romantic of ways. Cin lovingly licked Jen’s juices only to find more where that came from. She sucked her engorged lips in her mouth letting her tongue explore every inch of Jen’s free flowing pussy. Finally, Cin reached Jen’s treasure box, her clit. Cin knew that Jen was already so hot that it wouldn’t take much to set her off, so she devilishly licked around Jen’s clit careful not to touch it.

Jen was pushing her pussy harder into Cin’s face… yearning to get off. Cin quit licking Jen and looked up between Jen’s thighs giving her the slyest grin imaginable. Then she attacked Jen’s clit sending Jen into an Earth shattering orgasm. “Oh… oh… oh… I’m cooommmminnng!” Cin could feel Jen’s juices sliding out on her chin but she never let go of Jen’s clit. Just sucked harder, until Jen’s body finally started come down. Cin released her lover’s clit and began greedily slurping up the love juices. Careful not to leave any behind.

When she got it all, Cin climbed back up to rest next to Jen who was still breathing hard. “You’re amazing, Cin,” said Jen breathlessly. “You make me that way,” replied Cin, then she kissed Jen softly on her lips. “Happy Anniversary, baby. I hope we have many more like this one. I love you.”

“I love you, too. And we will have many more, I promise,” vowed Cin.

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