Lexi and Sasha

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Lexi and SashaThe following is a recollection from my college years. Individual names and the name of the sorority have been changed for reasons of privacy.“Sasha? Sasha?” Slowly the sound of my name drew me out of my daydream. I looked up at the middle-aged Mrs. Dullwater in annoyance. She returned my look over the top of her reading glasses with a lofty stare of superiority. In a lecturing tone, she observed, “Sasha, as a senior at this college, AND the president of your sorority, you really should take a more active role in these proceedings. Now, do you have any questions for the pledges at this point?” I shrugged and shook my head, bored out of my mind. In my senior college year, Mrs. Dullwater was a new and unwelcome aspect to the previously-enjoyable prospect of interviewing the yearly crop of fresh and oh-so-eager-to-please sorority pledges. Last year rumors and complaints had begun to surface of a few isolated hazing practices the pledges had to endure. The university had reacted swiftly, and now we were graced with the likes of Mrs. Dullwater as a representative of the “Sorority Oversight Committee”, or SOC for short. Amongst ourselves it was quickly rebranded the SUCK Committee, but that bitter little bit of humor did nothing to reduce its annoyance factor. Every step of the pledging process was now conducted per an elaborate set of rules and was carefully monitored. And predictably, all the fun had been wrung out of the event. I glanced to my left at my sorority sister, Lexi. The blonde girl made no effort to stifle a huge yawn, and then went back to sketching bored doodles in the margins of her pledge evaluation form. Underneath the table, Baxter — the Great Dane sorority dog — snored in his sleep. I kicked off one of my shoes and rubbed my toes along his furry flanks. He stirred briefly, responding with a lazy stretch that caused his back legs to quiver. But Baxter could recognize terminal boredom as well as the rest of us. With a sleepy groan he flopped over onto his side and gave a heavy sigh before resuming his nap. As Mrs. Dullwater droned on, her voice faded into the background. I thought back to several years ago when I had been an eager young pledge girl at this very sorority. I recalled with a dreamy smile that times sure were different back then…I was so excited I could barely control the jitters in my tummy. Pegga-Delta-Pi was THE most exclusive sorority on campus. And here I was, one of the few remaining pledge girls left in the running after a long day of tests and interviews. We had to recite the sorority motto (backwards and forwards), know the sorority history by heart, and memorize a seemingly endless list of rules and trivia. And of course there was the usual hazing and teasing, but mercifully that had been minimal and relatively harmless so far. As afternoon gave way to evening, the large group of applicants had been steadily whittled away, and now it was down to just a few remaining pledges. We were finally allowed a much needed break and sat down to a dinner in the grand old dining hall of the sorority house. We had been split into smaller groups of hopeful applicants throughout the day, so this was going to be my first opportunity to meet some of the other remaining pledges and sorority members. I was seated next to a cute little blonde — one of the other pledge girls. I introduced myself as Sasha, and she replied that her name was Lexi. About halfway through the meal she whispered to me that she was going to take a trip to the ladies room. That struck me as a good idea, so we subtly excused ourselves from the large gathering at the table. Giggling and a bit tipsy from too much wine, we made our way down a long hallway and found the bathroom. Finishing up, I stepped out of the bathroom stall and saw Lexi primping her long blonde hair in the mirror. I knew the sorority selection process was based in part on appearance, and Lexi was serious competition for me. She was trim and athletic, with beautiful golden locks, cute-as-a-button features, and a mischievous grin that she could summon on demand. I looked her over, jealously admiring the firm curve of her rump that strained the limits of her impossibly tight little skirt. I was fit and shapely myself, but damn — that blonde just had one of those perfectly tight little asses that even a fellow girl couldn’t help but longingly admire. I let my gaze linger, mentally chastising myself for wearing jeans instead of a short skirt like Lexi. I hoped the decision of the selection board wouldn’t come down to that seemingly trivial wardrobe decision. Then I looked up at the mirror, seeing Lexi looking back at me in the reflection. She gave me a friendly smile but I knew I had been caught checking out her ass for far too long. I blushed red with embarrassment, but she was kind enough to pretend it hadn’t happened.I stepped up to the sink next to hers, touching up my lipstick and giving my silky black hair a quick tussle with my fingers. I adjusted my ample cleavage in my low-cut blouse, noting that I certainly had her beat in that department. But I knew that we were both a couple of “lookers”. I couldn’t help but wonder how we stacked up against the other pledges, since neither Lexi nor I had met any of the remaining girls from the other groups.“It’s coming down to the wire, Sasha. Gonna hate to see you go,” Lexi remarked in a teasing tone. Even though I knew she was my competition, I couldn’t help but like her. She had an instant charm about her that just won me over. I hoped that if I didn’t get a coveted spot in the sorority, then at least it would be her. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and a girl peered inside. “I’m Stephanie,” she announced. “If you ladies are done fussing, I’ll take you to the next phase of your initiation.” I didn’t recognize her as one of the sorority girls, but I hadn’t yet met everyone and her sorority sweater provided adequate proof of authority and identification. Abandoning any hopes of getting back to dinner, I gave myself one last glance in the mirror and then followed Lexi out of the bathroom. We both obediently trailed the sorority girl further down the hallway, our shoes clicking on the tile floor as we hurried to keep up. Without a word Stephanie led us on a winding route, eventually down a dimly lit stairway into the basement and then through a storeroom filled with the sorority household supplies. The noise from the crowd of girls in the dining room had long since faded away, and I began to get an apprehensive feeling, realizing how isolated we were down here. At the far end of the storeroom was a plain looking door. Stephanie held it open and motioned for us to go in. The room was dark, and Lexi fumbled for a moment to find a light switch on the wall. I found myself holding my breath with nervous anticipation, not knowing what awaited us in the gloom. But then with a ‘click’, Lexi located the lights, revealing just another smaller storeroom, unoccupied and filled with old furniture, mattresses, and cardboard boxes. I exhaled a sigh of relief as Lexi and I entered. Stephanie followed us in, closing the door behind her. I looked anxiously at Lexi. So far the sorority hazing had been relatively tame and harmless, but we had all heard rumors. I wondered what was in store for us next. Stephanie looked us over as we anxiously stood in silence. She slowly circled around behind us and then back around, inspecting us as I tried to resist the urge to fidget. Finally she broke the prolonged quiet. “As Pegga-Delta-Pi girls,” she began, “we have bond with our fellow sisters that goes far beyond a normal sorority. There is a depth to our commitment that cannot come from swearing an oath, or signing a piece of paper. It is a trust that must be earned, and a trust that must be tested to prove its worth.” Lexi and I nodded, not really sure what we were agreeing to. Stephanie’s stern expression lightened into a smile. “Congratulations to you both on making it to the final circle of selection. You should be truly proud.” Lexi gasped, and I felt my heart flutter at the encouraging compliment.“But…” Stephanie continued, “you are now at your final series of tests. If you perform well, then we will accept you into our sacred order. But if fail these challenges then you will be asked to leave. And you are free to leave at any time if you choose not to continue. This is all entirely voluntary. Also, the two of you are now a team. If one fails, then you both fail. Do you understand?”Lexi and I glanced at each other and then turned back to Stephanie and nodded. We were both nervous, but excited to have made it this far. I knew we were both determined to do whatever it took to pass the final tests.“Excellent,” Stephanie remarked. “Then we can begin. As I said, there is an emotional bond between the sisters of the Pegga-Delta-Pi order that must be forged and then tested. We will start with just a simple test of your commitment, which you two may demonstrate by sharing a passionate kiss.”I felt my heart skip a beat. Had I heard her correctly? The blonde girl and I were supposed to kiss? I had never had any sort of intimate contact with another female. Nervously I turned to look at Lexi, who also seemed hesitant and unsure of what to do.Stephanie had little patience for our delay. “Well, I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable,” she announced. “I wish you both the best of luck at some other sorority…”“No! Wait… wait!” Lexi replied in a panic. “We’re good with this, right Sasha?” Her eyes were wide and her voice had a nervous tone to it, but she licked her lips and took a tentative step towards me. She reached up and gently brushed her fingertips across my lips, I felt a shudder of nervous energy go through me. But I tried to fake a display of calm. It didn’t seem that awful of a test, I tried to rationalize. I mean, where was the harm in a simple kiss? Shyly I looked at Lexi, noting once again that she was in fact a very attractive girl. I closed the distance between us and traced my fingers along her cheek. I brought my hand to the back of her head and slowly pulled her towards me. Our lips met and we engaged in a wet kiss. I had to admit, it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I expected.Neither Lexi nor I dared to break off contact too quickly, wanting to prove ourselves to Stephanie. The sorority girl stepped in for a closer look. “I’m not impressed, ladies,” she announced in a bored voice of disapproval. “Let’s get those tongues involved, nice and deep.”Lexi paused, and then parted her lips. I felt the tip of her tongue flutter out, nuzzling my lips. I opened my mouth and responded in kind. The tips of our tongues teased each other, and then Lexi slipped her oral digit deep into my mouth, wriggling and exploring. After a moment she withdrew, and I followed her inviting retreat, working my talented tongue deep into her mouth. I could feel her breathing change, taking on a deeper, more urgent pace. In response, I felt my nipples begin to swell and harden, the erect nubs raising visible protrusions in my blouse as I pressed myself against her heaving chest. Finally Lexi withdrew, panting and doe-eyed with surprise and arousal. “I’ve…ah… I’ve never…” she stammered in a husky, lust-filled voice.I gulped and nodded in agreement, my eyes wide as a blush of embarrassment began to creep its way up my face. Nervously I gulped, breaking off eye contact and looking down at the floor to avoid falling under the spell of gazing further into her beautiful eyes.“Very nice, ladies,” Stephanie announced, causing us to jump in surprise. “Now for the next test, you’ll need to remove each other’s clothes.”Again we hesitated, looking at each other in shock. Lexi offered up a strangled choke of dismay. Maybe Stephanie was joking? This certainly wasn’t like any sorority initiation I had been expecting. Stephanie snapped her fingers, indicating that any further delay would be frowned upon. My heart racing, I knew I had to make a fast decision. Was I in, or was I out? We were so close. I couldn’t back out now. Lexi seemed to share my feelings. With a bashful glance in my direction, she reached up with trembling fingers began to unbutton her top.Stephanie shook her head in response. “No. I want you each to undress the other. Sisters in Pegga-Deltas-Pi have no secrets from each other, and we must all feel completely comfortable no matter what the conditions. So come on ladies, it’s just us girls here, so let’s get those clothes peeled off.”Chastised, Lexi quickly dropped her hands from the buttons of her blouse and looked at me with shy expectation. I felt the blush of embarrassment rise further up my face, but with nervous fingers I reached out and began to undo the buttons of her top. I finally managed to work my way through all the buttons and then peeled the silky garment off the blonde girl. I gave a glance at Stephanie, hoping that she would give me a nod of approval that this had gone far enough. But she simply looked at us patiently. I gulped and reached up again, my fingers finding the front clasp on Lexi’s bra, trying to undo the stubborn hook.In the process my fingers accidentally found their way into the blonde girl’s cleavage, and I heard her sigh in response. She closed her eyes, swaying slightly back and forth. I was ashamed to admit it, but my fingers spent a bit more time in Lexi’s cleavage than was truly necessary. Under the poorly disguised pretense of wrestling with the tiny fastener, I slipped my fingers into the cups of her bra, relishing the feel of her incredibly supple breasts. Lexi’s breathing was deep and urgent, and she didn’t make a single complaint as my fingers explored much further than what was needed. Finally, after much fumbling, the little hooks unlatched, and I was able to peel Lexi’s bra away. Her firm petite titties bounced free, and I couldn’t help but stare at their perky, upturned form, so soft and inviting. Her nipples were swollen into erect little nubs, betraying the girl’s obvious state of arousal. I nervously licked my lips, trying to deny the steamy hint of moisture that began to gather in my loins. Lexi did me next. I was wearing a pull-over top, so I raised my arms as Lexi worked to tug my tucked-in blouse hem out of my tight jeans. My heart was beating double-time as she drew the garment upwards. Her hands seemed to linger as her fingers gently stroked the sides of my large rounded breasts. I stifled a gasp of surprise, unsure if this was an accidental brushing or a purposeful caress. Then she tugged upward on my blouse and it slipped over my head and free of my body. I shook out the tangles of my silky black hair, casting a shy look in the blonde girl’s direction as I brushed a few stray hairs from my face. Our eyes met for a moment, holding a lingering gaze. Lexi dropped the garment and it fell like a puddle of white silk next to hers on the floor. Lexi stared at my chest, presumably studying on how to open my bra. “It hooks in the back,” I offered with a quiet whisper. The girl twitched in response, as if jolted out of a dream. She stepped in close and reached around me with her arms, working blindly behind my back at the clasp as she buried her face in my ample cleavage. It would have been easier had I simply turned around, but as Lexi’s hot breath washed across my tits, I didn’t want to argue with her approach. I glanced nervously at Stephanie, hoping to meet with her approval. She watched us with appraising eyes and offered no comment so I figured we were probably doing okay. At last my bra clasp gave way. Lexi took a step back as she peeled the straps off my shoulders. My naked tits were revealed, jiggling and quivering as they tumbled free of the large bra cups. My nipples stood firm and erect on my heaving chest, clearly betraying my growing state of arousal.“Oh… my…” Lexi shuddered, wide-eyed and impulsively raising her hand towards my exposed breasts. She took an involuntary half-step in my direction. But then she gulped and restrained herself. I felt an anxious shiver of forbidden lust race up my spine, knowing full well that I would have not raised a protest had the blonde girl’s fingers found their way onto my naked tits. Casting her eyes downward in embarrassment, Lexi took a step back. I glanced at Stephanie for instructions. “Keep going,” the sorority girl directed. I want to see you two little cunts completely naked.” Lexi looked up in shock at the offensive term, and I thought she was going to cry. I felt a rush of protective anger surge through me. How dare Stephanie use such term in reference to such a cute and innocent girl! But then I swallowed my feelings, knowing that the sorority girl was just trying to push our proverbial buttons as part of the test.I stepped towards Lexi, my hands shaking with nervousness as they found their way to her hips. Despite the tight fit of her skirt, not an ounce of body fat rolled over the hem. I slowly traced my fingers up and down her firm flanks, admiring her form. She gazed into my eyes as my fingers slid down to her waistline, then worked their way around to the back of her skirt, finding the garment’s zipper. In the silence of the dusty storeroom, the sound of the zipper being slowly drawn down was all-encompassing. Dropping to my knees in front of her, I tugged her tight skirt downward as she helpfully wriggled her hips back and forth to assist in the process. Freed from the rounded swell of her hips, the skirt slid easily down her tanned and well-formed legs. Her skin had a golden tone from lots of time in the sun, but I noticed not a hint of tan lines, despite the impossibly small panties the girl was wearing. Lexi shifted her weight from foot to foot as I tugged the garment away, leaving her standing in nothing but high heels and her tight little panties. I slipped the high-heeled shoes off her dainty feet as she steadied herself on my shoulders. My face was between her upper thighs and I could smell the wafting scent of her growing sexual excitement. My mouth watered in an involuntary response, and I gulped in surprise at the strange urges that were washing over me. I could feel the sensation of butterflies in my tummy, and down lower my loins began to simmer more urgently with a humid desire. With her shoes removed, I turned my attention to her last article of clothing — her tight little thong panties. Still on my knees, I looked up at Lexi, but she had her eyes closed, swaying slowly back and forth as if in a trance. I brought my hands to her hips, finding the narrow strip of elastic that comprised the hem of her panties. A small patch of dark blue cloth served as the crotch. Unable to resist, I gazed lustfully at enticing swell of her panty-covered vaginal mound. The soft material was pulled up tight into the cleft of her pussy, forming a perfectly obvious camel toe. As I savored the sight, a dark glistening stain of wetness soaked slowly through the cottony patch of material, gradually growing in size. I inhaled deeply. The unmistakable alluring pheromones of Lexi’s pussy going into heat hung heavily in the air. MY pulse pounding, I slowly I peeled the panties down off her hips. The panty crotch rolled downward, exposing her naked pussy. Glistening spider webs of dewy pussy juice pulled taunt between her cunt lips and the panties, each one breaking off in turn with the growing tension. The crotch of her panties was sopping wet, and her naked, hairless pussy shimmered with syrupy lubrication. Her eyes still closed, Lexi tightly clenched her butt cheeks as I pulled the thong of the panties out of the crack of her ass. She sighed, unable to resist the urge to sensuously roll her hips as she savored the slow burning friction. Inches from my face, her pussy lips slowly unfurled, revealing her velvety pink folds. My mouth watered as I forced my eyes away from the inviting sight, dragging her panties down off her legs. She stepped from foot to foot as I removed her panties, causing her pussy to gape momentarily as she shifted her weight.On shaking legs I finally stood up. I noticed after a moment that I was still possessively clutching Lexi’s gooey wet panties in my hand, nervously rolling the moist, slippery material through my fingers. “You want to save that sticky mess for later?” Stephanie inquired with a grin. Mortified, I reluctantly dropped the soggy panties to the floor, feeling the slippery vaginal fluids lingering on my fingers. I looked up as Lexi approached me. Taking her hands in mine, I guided her to the waistband of my tight jeans. She brought her face to mine and once again our lips met, nuzzling in a sensual embrace as I felt the button on my pants easily come undone at her touch. Once again the noise of a zipper was the only sound in the room as Lexi opened up my jeans. Her wet tongue slipped into my waiting mouth as her fingers found their way down into the top of my pants. “Naughty girl, you’re not even wearing panties,” Lexi observed breathlessly as the tips of her fingers played with the delicate wisps of my pubic hair. She rolled my erect little clit between her fingers and I shuddered in response, offering no resistance to her intimate touch. She explored lower, slipping just the tip of a single finger into my fleshy pink slit. She found a humid, sweltering mess, oozing into the crotch of my jeans. Hearing no hint of protest from me, Lexi dared to press her finger deeper inside me as she broke off our kiss. I clung to her tightly as her lips nuzzled their way to my ear. I turned my head to the side, giggling playfully as her wet tongue slipped inside. Lexi’s teeth gently nipped at my ear lobe in a teasing manner before her tongue resumed drilling its way into my ear. My breathing coming in desperate little gasps, I widened my stance half a step and slowly rolled my hips in response. Lexi was quick to pick up on my unspoken invitation to bury her index finger significantly deeper into my tight, eager twat. I shivered as my fingers roamed in random patterns across her naked back. Breaking the rules that Lexi was supposed to undress me, I brought my hands to my waist and squirmed as I worked my tightly-clinging jeans down off my hips and thighs. As I wriggled through the effort, Lexi wormed her talented index finger ever deeper into the clutching tunnel of my pussy. And all the while she never missed a beat as she continued to alternately nibble on my earlobe and tickle the tip of her warm, wet tongue deliciously into my ear. “Deeper?” she teased in a whisper. I nodded eagerly, thinking that sounded like an outstanding idea.Lost in a steamy fog of lesbian lust, I was only barely aware of Stephanie as the sorority girl moved in behind me. Her hands found their way to my hips and then explored lower, caressing and squeezing the naked cheeks of my rump. I shivered with delight, sandwiched between the two beautiful girls. As Lexi continued to wriggle her finger in my slit and nibble at my ear, Stephanie’s roaming digits eased their way into the crack of my ass. I pressed myself back against her instinctively. I tried to spread my legs into a wider stance, but the jeans bunched up around my knees limited my movement. I choked down a squeal of surprise as the sorority girl’s fingers slipped deep into the cleft of my butt cheeks, working their way ever lower. I trembled at her touch, feeling her explore ever closer to my private little rear portal. Did she know how close her finger tip was to my butthole? How would she react if she accidentally touched my anus? My heart pounded with forbidden expectation.Lexi withdrew her finger from my pussy with a wet slurp, causing me to mewl in protest. She brought the glistening wet finger to her lips as I watched, and sensuously sucked off my juices, closing her eyes as she savored the taste. Then our eyes locked and I licked my lips, u*********sly mimicking her actions. She brushed her finger across my lips, giving me just a taste of my sweet little cunt. Then she returned her hand — dripping wet with our mixed saliva — to my eager pussy. She teased me, gently rubbing my clit and slowly rolling the fleshy, glistening lips of my pussy between her fingertips. I groaned in frustration, needing her back inside me. “Please…” I begged, closing my hand down over hers and pulling her tight against my vaginal folds. She grinned at my shameful display and then rewarded me by forcing two of her fingertips into my incredibly tight little slit. A lustful grunt formed in my throat as I felt myself delightfully stretched. Stephanie meanwhile, continued her relentless exploration of my ass crack, digging her way ever closer to my tightly clenched little anal dimple. The tip of her middle finger made contact with the sensitive and highly aroused wrinkled flesh around my anus and I flinched in surprise and then groaned, grinding my hips slowly in response. Encouraged by my actions, Stephanie circled inward, her finger finding and gently rubbing the center of my tightly puckered asshole. I twitched in shock at the intimate touch, but then bucked my hips in a sensual rolling motion. Stephanie leaned in, nuzzling her way though my silky black hair. Her soft lips caressed the back of my neck and her tongue darted out, tickling in a sensual licking action. Lexi resumed her efforts on my ear and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Stephanie slowly increased her pressure with her finger, attempting to overcome the resistance of my firmly clenched little anus. “Ummm…” She purred in my ear. “You’re little asshole is SO tight. Do you think maybe it’s too tight for me to even get my finger in there?” To my shock and embarrassment, my immediate response was to shake my head ‘no’. Blushing, I again fought to widen my stance against the restraining effect of my bunched up jeans and slowly ground my hips in a sensual motion, pressing myself back against the unyielding pressure of her finger. She giggled in my ear. “Slut,” she whispered. “If you make it into our Sorority, I might just plow that cute little shitter of yours every night.” I groaned at the thought, knowing I should protest and try to defend my honor, but the words failed me. Stephanie applied more pressure as Lexi’s two fingers continued to churn butter in my cunt. I gasped as I felt my anus stretch, and suddenly the tip of Stephanie’s finger eased gently into the clutching grip of my virgin asshole. She slowly twisted back and forth, creating a heavenly sensation in my most intimate little orifice. “More?” Stephanie teased. I could only nod numbly in a shameless response, but she wanted my commitment. “How much?” she demanded in an urgent whisper. The motion of her finger came to a frustrating halt, awaiting my reply. My eyes clouded with tears, realizing the depths that I had sunk to. Stephanie waited, trying to make me beg her to fuck me up the ass. I couldn’t do it. I knew I couldn’t make myself beg for such an act of depravity, no matter how good — how incredibly wonderful — it felt. And then, slowly, the words seem to form all on their own. “Pl…Please…” I gasped in a barely audible halkalı escort tone. Stephanie’s finger wriggled ever so slightly, waiting for a more definitive answer. I gulped, forcing down my inhibitions. A tear of shame rolled down my cheek. “Please… Stephanie. Please fuck me up my asshole. I want it — all of it. I want your finger deep inside me.”Finally satisfied, Stephanie slowly eased the entire length of her middle finger into the depths of my quivering ass. I could feel her fully embedded digit rub sensuously across Lexi’s twat-plundering fingers, separated by only a thin barrier of slippery, quivering flesh. Stephanie began to thrust in and out of my puckered butthole as Lexi rooted in the velvety depths of my cunt. My knees buckled as the warnings of a convulsive orgasm began to simmer. Stephanie and Lexi’s deeply buried fingers provided support and I rode their talented hands as my thighs began to shudder. Lexi expertly wriggled her digit in my grasping vaginal fuck slot and maneuvered herself so that my right leg was between her thighs. Panting lustfully, she ground her naked pussy against my upper thigh. I felt a warm smear of her slippery vaginal juices coat my skin.I was on the verge of an orgasmic explosion when suddenly Stephanie pulled her finger from the clutching depths of my anus, leaving my sphincter gaping and fluttering in desperation. I began to beg her to return, but her voice rudely intruded into my passionate haze. “OK, ladies, if you could finish rubbing off your twats on your own time, I would like to continue.” I mewled in quiet protest as Lexi slipped her fingers from the clutching socket of my pussy, abandoning me just on the brink of a quivering orgasm. I groaned in frustration, desperately turning to look at Stephanie with pleading eyes. The girl wore a knowing grin on her expression, confirming my suspicion that she had timed her interruption with the purposeful intent of prolonging my state of sexual distress. Then I felt Lexi’s slippery wet fingers on my chin, leaving a shimmering smear of my vaginal juices as she encouraged me to look at her. I slowly turned my gaze from Stephanie as Lexi raised her fingers, glistening wet from my syrupy twat, and pressed them softly against my lips. I opened my mouth, taking the digits in and washing over them with my tongue. I sighed with pleasure, savoring the taste of my dripping wet snatch. I sucked sensuously at her fingers, applying my lips and tongue to wash them clean. I wrapped my fingers around her wrist, clinging to her tightly. But all too soon I had washed all the intoxicating taste of juicy twat from her fingers and reluctantly let her slip from my grasp. Lexi dropped to her knees in front of me and began tugging my jeans further downward. I steadied myself by placing my hands on her head, my fingers gently caressing her blonde hair. She had to stop to remove my socks and shoes, taking her leisurely time and seeming to enjoy the proximity of her face to my wet and naked pussy. Then finally she finished the removal of my jeans, leaving us both fully unclothed at last. Weak-kneed she stood up, nervously folding her hands over her naked pussy as we both turned to face the smirking sorority girl administering our tests.“Well, you two little twats are certainly… enthusiastic,” Stephanie remarked. “It looks like you’re trying for some extra-credit points.” I should have taken offense at the term, but at the moment it was difficult to argue against. I felt as if my entire existence was being controlled by the powerful urges of my naughty little pussy. Embarrassed at our display, we both blushed in shame. I couldn’t help but notice however that Stephanie’s nipples formed erect and tantalizing bumps under her sweater. I gave her a shy smile, wondering if she might be tempted back into joining us. It seemed like that might benefit our prospects of joining the sorority. Or it might just end with her finger wriggling its way back into the depths of my quivering asshole. Either way would be just fine with me. But before I could figure out a subtle way to hint at the subject, she returned to seriousness. “You’re… ah… you’re both doing very well,” she complimented, her eyes washing over our naked bodies. “I think we’re ready to take this on to the next test.”Lexi and I nervously looked at each other, worried about what was coming next. Stephanie continued with her instructions. “As Pegga-Delta-Pi members, nothing is off limits between sisters in the order,” she explained formally. With that, she led Lexi to an old mattress on the floor and instructed her to get down onto her hands and knees in a vulnerable and submissive posture. The blonde girl complied, anxiously looking back over her shoulder as Stephanie motioned for me to approach. I knelt down behind Lexi’s naked body, looking at the sorority girl for my next instructions. I had no idea what was coming next, but turning my admiring gaze back to Lexi’s firm, naked rear end, I felt a tremor of eager anticipation shiver through me. “We’ve all heard the phrase that you have to kiss some ass to get ahead,” Stephanie explained. “In this test, that is literally true. Sasha, I want you to prove you have no inhibitions when it comes to your sorority sisters. I want to see you to kiss Lexi’s sweet little ass.”Trembling, I reached out and gently caressed Lexi’s upturned rump. Goosebumps raised on Lexi’s skin at my touch, even though the room temperature was pleasantly warm. I was thankful at least that we had some degree of privacy in this dusty old storeroom. Tentatively I leaned in and pressed my lips lightly to the firm flesh of Lexi’s naked butt cheek. She twitched as my lips made contact, but offered no complaints. My red lipstick left a tell-tale signature mark on the tanned flesh of her rump. I nervously looked up at Stephanie, hoping for her approval in this awkward situation.Stephanie however shook her head. “What did I tell you to do?” she asked, her arms crossed across her chest and wearing a disapproving look on her face.“You… You told me to kiss her butt,” I replied quietly, unsure of myself.Stephanie said nothing, and a long awkward silence hung in the room as I tried to figure out how I had earned her disapproval.“Oh… Oh my god,” Lexi suddenly exclaimed in a hushed whisper as she looked back at me with her eyes wide in shock.I looked at her, confused. “She… she said…” Lexi stammered, and then turned away, a blush of red shame washing over her expression.“What?” I inquired. “She said I had to kiss your butt to pass the test.”Lexi shook her head as she whispered something, but her voice cracked nervously and faded away. I leaned in close as she took a deep breath and then repeated herself. “She said ass, Sasha. I think she wants you to… oh god… you have to kiss me… you know… on my ass.” She whispered.“But I did,” I replied in barely a whisper. Lexi once again shook her head in disagreement. Still confused, I looked up at her alluring, upturned rump. Lexi trembled with a nervous shiver and then spread her knees to a wider stance. She rolled her hips up high as she curved her back downward. Her cute little butt was perfectly presented as the crack of her ass opened wider. Suddenly my entire vision focused down on the puckered little dimple nestled in the deep crack of Lexi’s shapely rear. My heart pounding, my lower jaw dropped as I turned to look at Stephanie in shock. My understanding finally began to dawn. The sorority girl nodded slowly in response with a grin on her lips. I hesitated, a rushing sound in my ears as my pulse pounded frantically. Did she really mean… “Oh my god,” I whispered, repeating Lexi’s earlier exclamation as I finally understood. “You mean… kiss her… like right on her… I… ah, oh Stephanie… I don’t know…”“Sasha!” Lexi hissed in an urgent whisper. Her eyes were pleading, panic-stricken that we were about to fail the test. I understood her fear, but then she wasn’t the one who was expected to press her lips right down onto someone’s rectal pucker. I gulped. It was asking too much. I mean, how could I be expected to kiss another girl on her anus? My soft, pretty lips, pressed right onto her wrinkled little pooper? It was so… obscene. But to refuse meant we would both fail. Could I really put my mouth on Lexi’s butthole? And why was my heart throbbing in my chest at the mere thought? I closed my eyes as mind swirled in dismay…Chewing my lower lip in a nervous fit, I pondered my options. We were so close to getting in, I chided myself. Wasn’t I willing to do whatever it took? And how could I fail Lexi when we were both a team? Could I let my inhibitions betray us now? It was only a harmless little kiss, I reasoned, desperate for a rationalization that would allow me to partake in this vile act of depravity. A mental picture of my parents flashed through my mind — standing there on the porch so very proud as I first drove off to college. They held hands and waved, watching their little girl on her way to the hallowed halls of higher education. Surely they never suspected that my first taste of schooling would be served up between the creamy ass-crack of a fellow sorority pledge. But then I shook my head, desperately trying to clear those thoughts. We all have to make sacrifices, I reasoned. It would be over before I knew it. Just a quick little touch of my lips to her butthole, and that would be the end of that. I hoped…Hearing an impatient cough from Stephanie, I opened my eyes, letting my gaze wander over Lexi’s firm little upturned rump. If I HAD to kiss someone’s asshole, I debated, I suppose I could do worse. I mean, it really was kind of a cute and perky little butthole, framed so pretty in the crack of Lexi’s naked and shapely rear. Still unsure of myself, I reached out with a trembling hand and let it glide slowly over her warm, soft flesh. I clenched my fingers into a fist, trying to bring my nervous shaking under control. Then I placed my hand back on her creamy-smooth butt cheek, gently caressing it. I stared at Lexi’s tightly puckered bunghole, feeling it entice me. Just one quick little kiss — lips to asshole — in and done, I thought to myself. Nervously I licked my lips and inhaled a nervous breath. Lexi spread her knees a bit wider, and I saw her wrinkled anal orifice pulse quickly in and out, beckoning to me. I tried to lie to myself, pretending that I hadn’t yet made up my mind…The alluring sight of Lexi’s beautiful little anal rosebud drew me in, like a moth to a flame. It was like I was in a trance, and her pretty puckered anus was my only focus. I let my lips part and my tongue slipped out to moisten them to a glistening sheen. My imagination swirled, wondering what it would feel like to press my lips against a pretty girl’s puckered asshole. Could I really do something so brazen? I swallowed nervously, wondering why my mouth was watering. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I felt myself lean in. It was like I wasn’t in control of my actions. Just inches from Lexi’s tightly puckered pooper, I gazed at the sight, feeling the last of my reservations fade away. Shuddering, I blushed with shame, committing myself. Even as I did so, I felt an odd sense of lustful anticipation begin to build. I eased forward, letting my nose slip between the quivering cheeks of Lexi’s upturned rump. Closing my eyes, I pressed my moist lips into the crack of her ass. Lexi sighed in response. I hesitantly nuzzled my way downward, my lips obediently searching for her recessed little anal dimple. I found my target and sealed my lips to the blonde girl’s rectum in a wicked, forbidden kiss. I felt her anal orifice pucker in and out in a rapid series of lustful contractions in response to my gentle oral caress. As my lips made contact with Lexi’s rectal pucker, I knew there was no undoing the deed. Abandoning any last reservations, I gave in to the depravity of the act. The wrinkled flesh of her tightly clenched little pooper played across my lips as I nuzzled her anus with my kiss. I had expected a revolting sensation, but instead I was overcome with an intense sense of intimacy I could never have imagined. Growing bolder, I pressed my lips more firmly against her tender little bunghole. The blonde girl whimpered in response, a mixture of shame and enthusiasm. Her hips twitched involuntarily, and I brought my other hand up onto her rump to firmly hold her steady. My intentions of this being just a quick, innocent kiss faded into fleeting memories as it evolved into a prolonged and loving oral caress. I parted my lips, wanting every quivering bit of her wrinkled little pucker within my oral embrace. With a steadily growing passion I worked my lips on Lexi’s tight anal rosebud. I felt the tightly clenched flesh begin to tremble as my saliva added a glistening wet sheen. Lexi inhaled sharply several times, her naked body twitching with every eager gasp.Stephanie knelt down next to me, her hot breath washing over Lexi’s naked rump as she observed closely. I lovingly worked my lips against the quivering blonde girl’s tight and tender asshole, feeling her squirm passionately in response. “She’s about to cum,” Stephanie observed. Lexi nodded frantically in agreement, rolling her hips in a sensual rocking motion. “I want to see your tongue deep in that whore’s sweet little shitter when she pops,” Stephanie instructed in a breathless voice. Lexi groaned at the mental image and slowly swiveled her naked hips, evidently on board with that plan.Lost in the passion of the moment, I had no more hesitations. I obediently flicked the tip of my tongue out, finding the center of Lexi’s tightly clenched anus and rapidly working my oral digit against the wrinkled pink flesh. Lexi squealed in delight, panting desperately as I tickled her rectum. I knew she was close to an explosive orgasm and I hadn’t even started to wedge my tongue into her tight little rectal orifice. I doubled my efforts, digging hard with my fluttering tongue as my fingers slipped into the crack of her ass. I tugged, using the friction of my fingertips to help pry her open. Her anus glistened with my saliva and began to shudder with contractions. I wasted no opportunity, applying a relentless wriggling pressure with the tip of my tongue, exploiting every twitch and quiver. Suddenly just the very tip of my oral appendage eased its way into the blonde girl’s incredibly tight little sphincter. Lexi gasped with pleasure and her anus clenched down instinctively, squeezing my tongue back out. “Relax…” I urged her in a loving whisper, easing my fingers deeper into the crack of her ass and gently applying more pressure to coax her open. She sighed, tossing her blonde hair in a flirty manner. I smirked, thinking to myself that once a girl has her tongue up your asshole, we’re probably well past the flirting phase. I pressed my lips back against her pretty pink shitter, once more bringing my wriggling tongue to bear on the tight little orifice. I again managed to squeeze the tip of my tongue inside, but this time Lexi applied a concentrated effort and I felt her rectal gateway tremble and then relax. I pressed harder and slipped deeper into her deliciously snug anal cavity. She gasped, but held herself steady. Then, with a determined effort, I wormed the entire length of my tongue into the tightly clutching grip of her hot little pooper. Lexi’s head jerked up off the mattress and she issued an eager moan. Her rectum clamped down tight, squeezing my tongue in a lustful embrace. I could feel her anal tract working, grasping at my oral appendage in a desperate effort to draw it in deeper. My fingers continue to tug and pry at her ass crack, and I felt the constraining grip of her rectal gateway continue to loosen. Plunging my tongue in as deep as I could, I worked it in circles, running the inside rim of her muscular anus as her breath came in short, ragged gasps.I slipped my tongue from Lexi’s bunghole, pulling back to watch her anal orifice gape and tremble. It puckered in and out, beckoning for more oral attention. “Please…” she begged me, the rest of her words lost in a mindless slur of passion. I pressed my lips back against the gaping pucker of her pooper, probing my tongue in deep. She bucked energetically in response, her blonde hair whipping enthusiastically. I popped my oral digit in and out of her open asshole in rapid succession, and her frantic squirming became ever more desperate. Extending my tongue as far I could, I buried it deep in her bowels and withdrew my fingers from the crack of her ass, giving me room to press my face ever deeper. Her rectal pucker convulsed and clenched down tight, gripping my tongue in a passionate anal embrace. I brought my hands to her hips, holding her tight and digging my fingers into her flesh. She squealed in response and her hips launched into a frantic bucking motion. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pressed my face deep into the crack of her ass. Orgasmic convulsions wracked her trim little body and I was barely able to hang on for the wild ride. But my deeply drilling tongue never once left her quivering anus as she squirmed her way through a powerful orgasm. She fell forward onto the mattress, her hips bucking in mindless delight. With a firm grip around her thrashing hips, I followed her down, my tongue continuing to ass fuck her relentlessly. Her entire body stiffened as she trembled. Then with a lustful shriek she collapsed in spent satisfaction. But I didn’t let up, flicking my tongue back and forth in the clutching grip of her quivering asshole. She moaned and writhed, raking her fingernails across the top of the musty mattress. “FFF…Fuck… Fuck me!” She squealed. Almost immediately a second orgasm was upon her, and she issued a prolonged cry of passion as I hungrily continued to rim out her sweet little shit socket. She squirmed and bucked underneath me, her hips driving up and down in a frantic cycle of impassioned motion. A sheen of sweat began to glisten on her skin as her breath came in ragged gasps of exhaustion.Finally, she began to falter. Her hips continued to buck and twitch, but in a declining cycle. Then Lexi collapsed, panting, and slipped into a fit of passionate giggles, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. She savored that bliss for several moments, continuing to shudder through minor twitches and spasms. Eventually I felt Stephanie’s hand on my shoulder, gently pulling me away. “I think that hot little butt hole has had enough attention for now,” she suggested. Reluctantly I pulled my tongue from Lexi’s still trembling pooper. Her once tight little rectal portal puckered rapidly back and forth, and I fluttered my tongue around its pink wrinkled rim as a parting gesture of love. As I teased her with my oral skills, her rectum slowly closed down on itself, restoring its original tightly clenched form. I pulled back, admiring my handiwork as her glistening wet asshole continued to twitch. The wrinkled anal pucker had a red tinge to it and I realized it was a smudge of my lipstick, leaving my brand on her rectum. Lexi lay face-down on the mattress, gulping for breath as she tried to regain some hint of lady-like composure. I wiped my lips with the back of my hand, smearing the remains of my lipstick and a wet sheen of saliva across my cheek. Even Stephanie seemed stunned and speechless. I smiled, trying to envision what Stephanie’s mental checklist of these tests might look like. I could only assume that my marked score for lesbian anal rimming was a well-earned A++. Even though my tongue was sore and tired, I knew that I had done well, at least for my first experience at tongue-fucking a girl’s hot little rectum. It was Lexi who finally broke the silence. She had rolled onto her back, and reached over to caress my naked hip. “Your turn…” she purred, stretching in a lazy manner with a huge grin on her face. Her pretty face had the satisfied look of a girl who had just had her tight shitter rimmed out for the first time. And from the hungry expression that now glittered in her eyes, I suspected she was ready and eager to return the favor. I glanced at Stephanie for permission. She paused for a moment, looking down at Lexi with a predatory gaze. I felt a rush of jealousy surge through me, knowing full well she was pondering the idea of putting Lexi’s tongue to work on her own tender little asshole. I ground my teeth in frustration, knowing the sorority girl could exert her seniority if she wished. She licked her lips, weighing her options. But then with a shake of her head, she shifted out of the way and motioned for me to move into place. I smiled down at Lexi, and with her guidance I worked myself into position with my knees on either side of her head. Facing her feet, my naked rump was pointed right at her face. She raised her hands, gently raking her fingernails down my naked back and over my firm butt cheeks. A shiver of lustful anticipation raced up my spine, causing me to shudder. She squirmed in tighter between my legs. Feeling her hands on my hips to guide me, I gently eased myself downward, pressing my naked butt towards her upturned face. I knew I should have been nervous or self-conscious, but squatting my naked ass down onto the blonde’s pretty face just seemed so perfectly right. Lexi and I did indeed seem to share some sort of natural bond, and all I wanted at that moment was to feel the embrace of her soft, glistening lips sealed firmly against the pucker of my eager little rectum. I reached behind me, firmly grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading myself open before her. The crack of my ass gaped open, clearly exposing my secret little back door orifice. Lexi’s fingers loving caressed my naked rump cheeks. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed with a hushed whisper as I felt my rectal pucker exposed to her lustful gaze. I should have felt a sense of shame, spreading my butt open just inches above Lexi’s waiting mouth. But instead I quivered with lustful desire and eased myself lower, feeling her nose nestle its way into the crack of my naked ass. Her hot breath washed across my puckered asshole and I felt my tight little orifice tremble with anticipation. Lexi extended her tongue, and I felt the wet tip give an experimental lick on the wrinkled pucker of my pooper. I gasped, feeling a tongue on my shitter for the first time in my life. With Lexi’s pretty face securely wedged into the crack of my ass, I released my grip on my butt cheeks, allowing those firm pillows of flesh to close down around her. I reached up and clutched my soft, round tits, squeezing my aching nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Lexi’s hands gripped my hips, firmly pulling me downward until my full weight was firmly planted on her face. Now she had no choice but to press her lips tightly against the pucker of my quivering little shit socket, not that she seemed to be complaining. Already in a state of excitement, it didn’t take much effort to coax open up my eager little butthole. I felt like a bit of a slut, having my asshole open so easily to her oral caress. But those concerns were washed away in an instant. Lexi’s wet tongue slipped inside my rectum and she happily worked her lips and tongue in my ass in an obscene oral-anal French kiss. I squirmed with growing passion, feeling her tongue explore round and around the rim of my asshole. The she plunged in deep and I gasped and ground my hips down onto her face in eager response. I closed my eyes and sighed as she plowed her hot wet tongue deep into my anal tract, fluttering the tip and tickling my bowels in a mind-blowing sensation of delight. I began to rock my hips, slowly riding her face as she serviced my hot little asshole with deeply probing oral thrusts. I began to pick up speed and rhythm, feeling a growing sense of urgency beginning to build in my loins. I ground my pussy on her chin, adding to the lustful sensation. I could feel my vaginal lubrication seep from my pussy, first in a sporadic dribble, but then growing steadily until it oozed out in a slippery trickle. Glistening trails of girl goo trailed syrup-like down her chin, coating her neck and creeping slowly in the direction of her perky little tits. The heady perfume of wet cunt hung heavily in the air and I inhaled the scent deeply, driving me further into a state of arousal. Grinding my hips, I accidentally slipped backwards, and cried out in dismay as her talented oral organ popped out of my ass. But Lexi didn’t miss a beat. Suddenly presented with my splayed and vulnerable pussy pressed to her lips, she dug her tongue in deep, exploring the snug, silky depths of my wet pink twat. I gasped with pleasure, my eyes rolling back in my head as I forced my hips down urgently. She responded in kind, pressing her lips eagerly against the velvety lips of my open snatch. It seemed like she was determined to see just how much of her face she could stuff into the soft pink depths of my dripping cunt. I ground my hips, eager to assist her. I moaned with mounting pleasure, feeling a familiar twitching sensation begin to build in my loins. As the muscles in my thighs and tummy begin to quiver, Lexi fluttered her talented tongue rapidly in the clutching embrace of my steamy vaginal flesh. But what pushed me over the edge was when Lexi — without warning — embedded her stiffened middle finger full-depth up my exposed asshole with a single well-aimed fuck stroke. I stifled a shriek of delight as my head snapped up in surprise. All of my muscles clenched, and my inner thighs trembled as an orgasmic seizure racked my naked body. Digging into my vaginal cleft with her tongue, Lexi energetically finger-fucked me up the ass, plunging into my anal depths with rough, determined strokes. “Harder!” I grunted shamelessly, grinding my hips with ever-growing passion. She paused just for a moment on an out-stroke and then added a second finger to my anal penetration. She plunged back in, fully hilted to the last knuckles, stretching my tight little rectum as I squirmed eagerly in response. She twisted her wrist, reaming out my tightly clenched little shitter like a heavenly drill. Then she began to cycle both fingers in and out of my bowels, ass-fucking me fast and deep. Stars exploded in my vision as I mindlessly bucked my hips, riding out my orgasm like I was on a mechanical bull ride. Cunt cream flowed from my slippery twat, pouring down over Lexi’s embedded tongue and into her open mouth. She consumed my juices eagerly, her relentlessly exploring tongue digging deep into every nook and cranny of my convulsing fleshy folds. Finally, with a powerful thrust of my hips, I collapsed on top of her, my sides heaving as I desperately gasped for breath. She started to withdraw her fingers from my rear, but I quickly brought my hand down over hers, forcing her back in. My hips twitched as she eased her way back up into my anal fuck socket, causing me to shudder through a post-orgasmic quiver. Lexi issued a girlish taksim escort giggle, slowly twisting her wrist back and forth in a sensual rubbing motion. Then she withdrew just a bit, lazily running her fingers around the still quivering rim of my anus in a loving manner. “So… you’re kind of a sleazy little cunt,” she observed in a teasing tone, and I laughed in response, thinking I wasn’t the one who currently had a dripping wet twat draining vaginal goo down onto her face. Lexi finally tugged her fingers out of my quivering little shit socket and I felt my anus gape and shudder before finally closing back down to a tight and puckered little gateway.Then I heard a subdued moan. Looking over at Stephanie, the girl was leaning against the door, her eyes closed and her fingers frantically busy under her skirt. Her hips bucked and she shuddered, breathing deeply. I dismounted Lexi’s cum-smeared visage, long strands of vaginal fluids shimmering between my cunt and her pretty face. She licked her lips, savoring the remaining cunt cream. I grinned at her and nodded in Stephanie’s direction. Lexi looked and responded with a smirk, and we knew we had once again made a favorable impression with the sorority girl. Stephanie trembled through the remains of her orgasm and then opened her eyes to find both Lexi and I looking at her with naughty grins. She blushed red with embarrassment and pulled her glistening wet fingers out from under her skirt. Straightening her clothes, she made an awkward attempt to regain her modesty. “I… ah… ok… you’re doing great. There’s like this one final test… thing… that you have to do…” Stephanie stammered. I smiled, savoring her cute lack of composure.Stephanie crossed the room, pausing briefly to tug at her panties that had worked their way up deep into the crack of her ass. I caught a brief glimpse of her exposed rump cheek under her miniskirt. The thought crossed my mind that I wouldn’t mind rimming out her tight little rectal fuck box too. Then with a shock, a brief moment of panic trembled through me. I had never considered myself to be a lesbian, so where was this lustful hunger for licking out cute little female assholes coming from? As I pondered these confusing revelations about my sexual orientation, Stephanie retrieved her large purse that hung over the back of an old chair and began to rummage through its contents. Lexi and I watched with interest as the sorority girl reached into the bag and withdrew a black floppy dildo attached to a tangled leather harness. A round rubber bulb hung from the middle of the dildo, connected with a short length of rubber tubing. It was quite a contraption, and Lexi and I looked at it in confusion. However, as Stephanie worked to sort out all the parts, its function became a bit more clear. It was a long double-dildo, held firmly in the middle by a metal ring. The ring attached to the leather harness at several points. The dangling rubber bulb and tube remained a mystery. “Who gets to be the bitch on the bottom?” Stephanie pondered out loud, sizing us both up with an appraising look. I smiled shyly, thinking the position of ‘the bitch on the bottom’ held a certain amount of promise. Stephanie took that as my volunteering, and I was directed to lie on my back on the mattress while Lexi was maneuvered into a position on her knees between my legs. Stephanie knelt down beside us. Grasping one end of the rubbery double dildo, Stephanie brought the soft, flexible tip in line with Lexi’s dripping wet pussy and nosed the end of it up into the blonde pledge girl’s tight little fuck slot. Lexi sighed with pleasure as six inches of the floppy rubber prick slipped easily into her well-lubricated fleshy folds. The shiny metal ring pressed up firmly against her twat lips, framing her pretty little pussy within the metal band. I giggled, joking that she had just magically sprouted a cock.Stephanie then encouraged Lexi to help her as the various straps of the leather harness were looped into place, one band around her waist, and the other two around her firm upper thighs. Working the buckles, Stephanie secured everything properly, and one half of the double dildo was now firmly mounted in the wet, velvety socket of Lexi’s cunt. Stephanie made sure the straps were cinched tight, and gave the soft rubber dildo an experimental tug. Lexi’s hips rocked forward in response, making it clear that the shaft was tightly mounted into her pussy and would follow her every motion. The exposed six inches of the other end of the dildo dangled free, swinging limply between her legs. Vaginal juices dripped from Lexi’s pussy, slowly oozing milky trails of moisture down the exposed half of the dangling cock shaft. Lexi reached down and grasped the rubbery shaft, skimming her fingers along its length to evenly distribute the coating of her natural lubrication. She looked at me with a disappointed expression, giving the dildo a gentle shake to demonstrate how limp it was. Stephanie however had the solution. Reaching down, she grasped the rubber bulb in her hand, and gave a firm squeeze. We heard a small puff of air, and the limp rubber dildo responded with a twitch. It grew a bit more firm and also expanded a bit in length and girth. Lexi’s eyes widened with delight, and I knew that the buried half of the dildo had responded similarly, swelling and stiffening somewhat in the clutching confines of her steamy snatch. “I think we’ve had enough of tiny fingers and tongues for now,” Stephanie directed with a lecherous grin. She looked at Lexi and then nodded down at my prone and naked body. “I think this little bitch is ready for some serious cock.” Now I know that I probably should have been wondering about what kind of crazy sorority initiation involves a strap-on penis. But I’ll admit, the only thing running through my mind was the giddy thought that my little pussy was about to get a good stretching. I looked up at Lexi and nodded, running my fingers lazily through my unfurled twat lips. Slippery wetness oozed from my fuck slot, betraying my eagerness. Stephanie handed Lexi the rubber bulb and she wasted no time in giving the device several quick pumps. The rubber dildo surged to life, trading its limp dangling form for an enticing state of erection. Its dimensions expanded, both in length and girth. Lexi reached down and wrapped her fingers around the rubbery shaft, skimming along its now rigid span. The exposed end of the rubber prick now measured about eight inches in length, and her delicate fingers could barely close around its circumference. From the way she sighed and squirmed her hips, I could guess that the half of the rubbery black prick stuffed into her vaginal fuck sleeve had also adjusted similarly in size and firmness. She looked down at me and I widened the spread of my legs, eager to begin. Lexi gave the rubber bulb another squeeze, and then a couple more, just for good measure. The dildo bobbed with each new influx of pressure. The saying goes that “size doesn’t matter”. But as the length enlarged to an alarming nine inches, and the fingers of Lexi’s hand could no longer fully close around the girth of the shaft, I began to worry that size might in fact be an issue to consider. But I simply licked my lips in nervous anticipation, unwilling to complain. Fisting the shaft, she shuffled forward on her knees and pressed the end of the strap-on firmly between my eager twat lips. I moaned as I felt it spread me open. Lexi swiveled her hips, teasing me with just the first inch of cock. In and out she moved, easing the tip into the clutching grasp of my vaginal folds and then fully withdrawing, leaving me whimpering with desire.“Please…” I begged her in a desperate whisper. She rewarded me by easing another couple of inches of the monstrous prick into my twat. Suddenly I gasped and flinched, feeling a dull pressure in my pussy. Lexi prodded again and I bit my lower lip, choking back a cry. “Oh seriously… are you a virgin?” She exclaimed in surprise. I blushed bright red, nodding shyly in response. “I can’t take her cherry!” Lexi exclaimed, throwing Stephanie an alarmed look of protest. I noticed however that she hadn’t removed the rubber dildo from my cunt. I squirmed beneath her, hoping to change her mind.The sorority girl studied the situation for a moment, weighing the options. Then she shrugged as if it didn’t matter. “Well, if you don’t want to pop that tight little cherry twat, I guess you can both resign as pledges.” Oddly, she seemed almost pleased with that outcome.Lexi looked down at me, wracked with indecision. “Please Lexi, you gotta fuck me,” I pleaded in quiet voice. “I want you to be the first.” There was only so much resolve the pretty blonde girl could muster. I raked my fingers up over my taunt tummy, coming to rest on my ample breasts. I squeezed my big tits, closing my eyes and moaning with passion. “Please…” I mouthed again.Slowly I felt her reapply pressure to the massive cock rod. I cried out and she stopped, fearful of hurting me. “Oh punch that whiny little twat,” Stephanie encouraged, checking her watch in frustration. I nodded in eager agreement. Lexi chewed on her lower lip nervously, and then withdrew the shaft mostly from my clutching pussy. My vaginal lips nipped at the embedded tip, eagerly wanting more. Then suddenly Lexi thrust her hips forward. I grunted, feeling a flare of pain surge through my cunt, but my vaginal barrier still resisted. Lexi ground her hips and I cried out in pain. Lexi pulled back again, a look of concern crossing her pretty face. But I instinctively raised my legs and wrapped them around her lower back, crossing my ankles to lock her in my embrace. I drew her down towards me using the strength of my leg muscles. Lexi shifted her body forward, easing down on top of me and applying irresistible pressure with her weight. The pain flared in my cunt and I began to panic, struggling to throw her off. Then I felt a tearing sensation. I cried out in fear and dismay as the tip of the rubbery dildo tore through my virginal barrier. But then, as Lexi continued to press deeper, a mind-blowing sensation of fullness surged through my completely overstuffed little pussy. My cry of pain transformed into a lustful wail of delight. Lexi bore down on me, the weight of her body fully embedding the huge prick into the far reaches of my incredibly tight little cunt. Her perky little titties pressed into my large breasts as she squirmed on top of me. I gasped as the huge prick bottomed out in my vaginal folds. Then I felt the metal ring of the harness press up firmly against my trembling loins and I knew she was fully embedded in my cunt socket. Lexi’s soft pussy lips nuzzled against mine, sharing an intimate vaginal kiss. I unlocked by legs from Lexi’s lower back, giving her freedom to move. She gazed deeply into my eyes and slowly ground her hips in a sensual circle. The massive cock rod slowly stirred my straining pussy into a simmering vaginal stew. Then she slowly pulled her hips back. Several inches of the massive cock rod withdrew from my pussy, causing me to moan with delight at the incredible sensation of friction. With a lunge Lexi thrust downward, impaling my greedy pussy on her rigid rubbery spike. A yowl of lustful delight escaped my lips and I urgently ground my hips, pressing myself passionately against her. Lexi withdrew again, and as she thrust downwards I bucked upwards with my hips, matching her powerful fuck stroke. I marveled at how quickly Lexi’s huge cock and skillful bursting of my cherry barrier had transformed me from a shy, trembling virgin into a greedy little rutting fuck-pig. We fell into a well-timed rhythm, our loins thrusting wetly against one another as our passions began to rise to a full boil. Suddenly, Lexi fully withdrew, leaving me empty and desperate. I writhed on my back, spreading my pussy open with my fingers in the hopes of enticing her back in. But Lexi had other things in mind. Gazing deep into my eyes, she squeezed the rubber bulb again several times. The already huge shaft, glistening wetly from my vaginal juices, surged to even larger proportions. The exposed end of the massive fuck stick was now at least twelve inches in length, with another twelve inches lodged deep in Lexi’s straining pussy. The shaft was as large in diameter as a soda can, and I grinned as I imagined the enjoyable struggle we were going to have trying to stuff that impossibly oversized prick back into my tiny little pussy.But as Lexi maneuvered herself back into position, I felt the tip of the rubber shaft slip down lower, bypassing my eager pussy and instead nestling into the little dimple of my asshole. I squirmed at the teasing sensation and giggled at the ridiculous notion that such an impossibly huge cock could ever fit into my incredibly tight little butthole. Lexi gently pressed her hips forward, prodding the rounded nose of the huge dildo ominously against the tight little pucker of my anus. I gasped in shock, feeling adrenalin rush through me. She couldn’t possibly be serious! “Lexi! Stop!” I whispered desperately. I looked around the room, hoping that Stephanie would step in and intervene. But to my surprise, the door to the storeroom stood open, and the sorority girl was nowhere to be seen. Lexi brought me back into the moment, rocking her hips and giving the tip of the burrowing dildo another gentle nudge. I giggled, coming to the conclusion that she was only teasing. “That’s… that’s my butthole, Silly!” Lexi smiled and nodded in agreement, wrapping her fist tightly around the slippery shaft. She worked her hand in a circle, grinding the tip against my tightly puckered rectal gateway, gently applying pressure. My eyes grew wide as I realized that Lexi was completely serious. I felt my wrinkled little anus pulse in response as the tip of Lexis’ prick nuzzled the highly sensitive flesh. Vaginal juices drained from my gaping pussy, tricking down into the crack of my ass. The warm, syrupy lubrication soaked into the dimple of my pooper, easing the incredible friction that was resisting her anal insertion. Lexi increased her pressure and I felt my anus strain, refusing the invasion. “No… it’s… it’s too big!” I protested, knowing that there was no way I could ever stretch enough to take such a monster. Lexi looked down at me with loving, lust-filled eyes, gently rubbing her fingers through the wet folds of my pussy until I once again began to squirm with pleasure. Removing her hand, she locked eyes with me and the silence of the room was broken by the distinct sound of the rubber pressure bulb once more being activated. One, two, three squeezes. I couldn’t see, but I knew the double dildo had once again enlarged in size. I felt a strange throbbing sensation against the sensitive flesh of my tightly clenched anus. Lexi was breathing deeply, and I realized that the throbbing pulses were the vibrations of her frantically beating heart, shuddering through her body and transferring down the length of the rigid rubber prick. I moaned, knowing I could feel the pulse of her body, throbbing against my rectal gateway. She reached down, apparently now needing the fingers of both hands to obtain a secure grasp on the huge diameter of the shuddering cock rod. Then, slowly, she once again began to push. “Oh… my… god!” I exclaimed, realizing that she still had her heart set on fucking me up the ass. I knew I had only one course of action. I once again brought my legs up and crossed my ankles across her lower back. Straining, I pulled her in close with the power of my leg muscles as she lay down on top of me. She slowly ground her hips and my tiny little asshole resisted the growing pressure. But then it began to rapidly pucker back and forth with lustful excitement. “I’m a virgin there too, you know,” I purred sensuously. My flirting had the desired effect as Lexi closed her eyes and groaned, never letting up on her insistent efforts to worm the rounded nose of her huge dildo past the reluctant gateway of my anus. Lexi’s relentless cock exploited every twitch and shudder, the tip slowly plowing into me. I cried out as an incredible stretching sensation wracked my body, and then suddenly the pain was replaced by an incredible sense of fullness.Lexi froze in concern as I gasped for breath in ragged, desperate heaves of my chest. Gently she caressed my cheek, brushing strands of tussled hair from my eyes. I looked up at her with love and trust, feeling my asshole stretched open around the tip of her massive strap-on cock. I knew I was defenseless and completely at her mercy. Twelve inches of throbbing prick stood poised to ravish my tight, tender rectum. I locked eyes with Lexi, my expression conveying my desperate need. “Fuck me…” I begged, my voice cracking and trailing off into a ragged whisper.“You sure?” she inquired in a concerned voice. I nervously chewed my lower lip, but then nodded meekly in response.“All of it?” She asked breathlessly, an eager tone rising in her voice. I licked my lips and nodded more confidently, squirming my naked body underneath hers. Every minor movement caused my widely stretched little asshole to strain and quiver. I savored the sensation of complete vulnerability and helplessness. “You want every last inch of my big black cock, up your hot little virgin shitter?” She inquired with a mischievous grin.“Please…” I begged shamelessly. Oh god, Lexi! Fuck me up the ass! I want it! Deep and hard and…” Satisfied, Lexi cut me off with a passionate open-mouthed kiss as she slowly began to plow into my pooper. I held back a cry of fear as I felt my bowels realign to accommodate the massive invasion. Panting, I ground my hips in a circular motion. The enormous shaft made it about halfway in, then seized up tight, unable to overcome the ever increasing tightness of my clutching rectal grip. I cried out, knowing that I couldn’t take even another inch. Lexi strained, grinding her hips, but unable to make any more forward progress. She paused for a moment and then pulled her hips back. A mind-blowing friction cascaded through my bowels and I shuddered with delight. Then Lexi rewarded me with a long slow thrust forward. I grunted in surprise, feeling her plunge yet another inch deeper into my virgin anal territory. She ground to a halt again. She rolled her hips, giving me a moment to stretch and adjust. Then once more she withdrew. As she thrust downward I matched her motion with a desperate surge of my hips. She withdrew several inches and worked her fingers into my pussy, retrieving a liberal coating of my vaginal juices to rub along the length of the huge prick. The rubber cock rod already glistened wetly from its brief journey into the depths of my gooey snatch, so it was simply a welcome excuse for Lexi to dig her fingers into my twat. I squirmed with pleasure as she dug her fingers in deeper, applying more of my cunt butter to the already dripping rubber dick. Then, with a determined lunge, Lexi thrust her hips forward yet again. I groaned with passion as I felt another two inches of my rectal fuck tunnel plundered. Again and again we thrust our loins against each other, grunting with the effort. Then, with one final thrust, Lexi surged downward and I felt the velvety lips of her pussy tickle the obscenely splayed flesh of my deeply fucked anus. She was fully hilted! I had no idea how many inches of black rubber cock I had up my ass, but the sensation was amazing. Lexi collapsed on top of me, panting with exhaustion. Knowing she was fully stuffed into the depths of my rectal fuck tunnel, I unclasped my heels from around her lower back. I clung to her tightly, wrapping my arms around her and lovingly running my fingers over her naked back as she tried to catch her breath. I squirmed my hips, trying to get myself into the most accommodating position for her when she regained her strength. The huge rubber prick throbbed, lodged tightly in the depths of my rectum as our heartbeats shuddered back and forth through its embedded length. Slowly I felt our heart rates fall into sync. It was as if we were one and the same creature, bonded in a lustful ecstasy of lesbian butt-fucking passion. My fingers traced random patterns over Lexi’s naked back, starting at her shoulders, but inevitably working their way lower and lower. Eventually my hands settled onto Lexi’s firm little butt, and I gently squeezed her perfectly rounded ass cheeks and I pulled myself tight against her. Tentatively I let my fingers creep into the deep cleft of her ass, alert for any hint of nervousness or protest she might offer. But the cute blonde simply sighed and wriggled her hips in encouragement. Growing bolder, I let my fingers dig deeper. Lexi cooed with delight and spread her legs wider, providing me easy access to what we both knew was my final objective. I trailed downward between her cheeks, my fingertips easily finding their way to the recessed dimple of her rectal pucker. Working in a circle, I teased all around her wrinkled orifice, causing her to wriggle with expectation. Stiffening my middle finger, I began to apply pressure, gently probing and rubbing at her slippery rear portal. Lexi began to slowly roll her hips. At first the monstrous rubber dildo was locked tightly in the clutching grasp of my bowels. I began to despair that I actually had too much cock up my ass to allow for a proper fucking. But then, with a determined effort from Lexi, the massive cock rod slowly began to slide. A burning friction flared in my bowels and I gasped. Lexi paused, giving me more time to stretch and adjust. Then she tried again. We achieved a few inches of delicious movement and already I could feel the first shudders of a powerful anal orgasm begin to build. I held my finger firmly in place in Lexi’s sweet little ass crack, making it clear that any further motion on her part would force my finger into her rectum. Lexi seemed to think that was an exceptionally fine plan, and eased her hips back. Her rectal gateway resisted for a moment, but the blossomed open at my insistent touch. Lexi groaned and rolled her hips in a sensuous dance. A length of rubber cock pulled out of my ass, traded inch for inch of penetration of my finger into her hot little sphincter. Then with my finger fully buried in her snug little asshole, Lexi reversed the roll of her hips, slowly forcing the entire length of her huge strap-on cock back into my quivering bunghole. She held herself there for a moment, and I could feel her heart beating rapidly as she laid her naked chest on top of mine. I wriggled my fully buried finger in her anus and she responded with a long backstroke of her hips. Inch after inch of her butt-wrecking cock rod slid from my bowels. I bit my lower lip with anticipation, and then squealed with delight as she drove the huge cock-piston back into the steamy depths of my rectal fuck socket. Her next stroke pulled out easier, and our flesh quivered with the impact as she pounded the next full-length lunge home with a vengeance. My finger worked frantically in her anus, twisting, probing, and stretching her tight little butthole. Her next outstroke was wonderfully smooth, with enough slippery lubrication and stretching of my rectum finally working their magic. Lexi thrust back into my bowels with a fluid, gliding motion and I knew then that twelve inches of massive cock were just the perfect fit for my tight little asshole. Suddenly we heard footsteps in the hallway. I felt a momentary surge of panic, but then convinced myself that I recognized the distinct click of Stephanie’s heels. Still, I issued a sigh of relief when it was her face that popped around the corner of the doorway. “I was thinking you two might be up for a threesome,” she suggested with a sly grin. Lexi paused and then nodded eagerly, and I was already trying to figure out how we might work the pretty sorority girl into our tangled, intimate embrace. I licked my lips, hopeful that I might coax her into squatting her pretty little ass on my upturned face. Realizing that I had developed a particular fetish, I wondered if Stephanie’s asshole would be as tight and sweet as Lexi’s. But as I pondered that thought, Stephanie stepped around the corner, trailing a leather leash in one hand. She gave a slight tug and into the room stepped an incredibly huge dog. It was Baxter, the sorority house Great Dane. We had already met him early on in the initiations and greetings. He was a huge, friendly b**st, weighing in at well over 200 pounds. But as he trotted happily into the small storeroom, he stopped and his muscles went dangerously taunt as he sniffed the air. He let out a small whine and tilted his head sideways in curiosity. The intoxicating scent of hot twats in heat filled the room, and I knew the alluring odor of wet snatch was not lost on the monstrous b**st. Then as I watched, his large red prick began to immediately extend out of its sheath, swelling and expanding alarmingly in size. He was a young dog in his prime, so he was ready for some sexual escapades on the spur of the moment. I wondered briefly at the thought of why the scent of sweltering girl pussy would prompt such an instant, almost trained reaction from the doggy. But then I felt my colon shudder with an involuntary muscle contraction, rippling up and down the length of Lexi’s deeply embedded dildo. Any stray and passing thoughts were pushed aside in favor of the heavenly sensation of having the depths of my tight little virgin pooper so wonderfully violated. Lexi however was a bit more concerned, watching with a deer-in-the-headlights expression as Stephanie approached with the obviously eager canine. I gasped as I suddenly realized her precarious position. She was laying face down on top of me at pretty much the ideal mounting height for the lustful dogggy. The fact that her pussy was already fully stuffed to the brim with an extremely large rubber cock left only one very logical and tempting opening. Lexi’s firm, naked rump bobbed in air in a saucy and alluring manner. “Oh, Stephanie… I don’t know…” the pretty blonde began to protest. She tried to squirm away, but the massive double dildo refused to easily withdraw from my clutching anus. She was trapped and defenseless. Straining, she began to pull out, liberating several inches of the rubber cock from my rectum. But by that time Stephanie already stood above her. With a firm hand she insistently pressed down on Lexi’s lower back. Slowly the huge dildo sunk back into the slippery confines of my bowels like a piston cycling into the snug fit of a well-oiled engine cylinder. Once again I felt Lexi’s wet pussy lips tickle the crack of my ass and I knew she was bottomed out in my anus. Despite my concerns for Lexi, I let out a quiet little mewl of passion and ground my loins in an eager motion.Baxter was quickly maneuvered into position, and seemed quite adept at the situation. Based on his confident demeanor, I had my suspicions that Lexi’s sweet little asshole wouldn’t the şişli escort first time the Great Dane had dipped his wick into a sorority girl or hopeful pledge. Stephanie moved aside as the huge Great Dane stepped over her back, placing his front paws on either side of her torso. He squatted down with his haunches. Lexi let out a mewl of protest, but sandwiched between me and the canine, there was little she could do to avoid her fate. Her eyes went wide with shock and I knew the tip of Baxter’s fleshy cock had nuzzled its way into the crack of her upturned butt cheeks. The only thing protecting Lexi’s sweet little anus was my deeply embedded finger. But as I felt Baxter’s cock zero in on the blonde girl’s recessed anal dimple, I instinctively withdrew my finger from her rectum. Grasping blindly, I managed to find and wrap my fingers around Baxter’s massive dog cock, finding it impossible to fully enclose my fingertips around his girth. I felt his throbbing meat pulsing in my grip as I gave him a loving stroke with my hand. Then sliding my fingers down close to the tip of his prick, I maneuvered him into alignment with Lexi’s quivering shit socket. Baxter adjusted his stance, and then wrapped his legs around Lexi’s chest for a firm grip. Lexi gave a tiny whimper of dismay, and then bit her lower lip as Baxter began to push. Feeling the pointed tip of his cock ease into her tight little opening, I removed my hand, knowing he was locked on track. Using both hands, I got a firm grip on Lexi’s firm, naked rump cheeks and pried them further open. In Lexi’s feverish state of sexual excitement, her asshole was already primed and ready, pulsing in and out with anticipation as the Great Dane began to relentlessly pressure his massive dog cock up the blonde girl’s defenseless asshole. Working the tip inside, Baxter squeezed in deeper, stretching her tight little anus around the full diameter of his prick. He paused, adjusting his stance and giving the poor girl a moment to ponder her fate. Then he once again began to push. Lexi squirmed in panic, and only a couple inches of throbbing doggy prick managed to squeeze into her bowels before he ground to a halt. But Baxter had every bit of fifteen inches of throbbing red dog prick to offer, so we all understood that a mere few inches of penetration was not where this was going to end. With Lexi panting like she was about to give birth, Baxter thrust again and Lexi shrieked. Another inch of dog cock was successfully embedded. The huge dog fell into a pattern, and with repeated lunges he began to punch his shaft ever deeper into Lexi’s quivering rectum. With each powerful thrust of his haunches, Lexi’s entire body jiggled and her hips were jarred and forced downward, pounding the rubber dildo deep into my ass. I reached behind her and my fingers once again found Baxter’s cock, buried like a telephone pole in the firm foundation of her bowels. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, giving him a firm milking. Then I let my hand stroke downward, finding the point of embedment where his cock was locked in the straining ring of her rectal embrace. I ran my fingers around the straining flesh of Lexi’s anus in a gentle, teasing motion, feeling her shudder in response at my intimate touch.As Baxter’s cock was about halfway in, Lexi’s eyes grew wide with panic and she began is issue alarming choking sounds each time another inch of the Great Dane’s massive cock was hammered into her snug little ass. With her pussy already stuffed to the brim with an obscenely huge dildo, the poor girl just didn’t have the space available to accommodate this perverse double penetration. Desperately she fumbled with the rubber inflation bulb of the strap-on, trying to find a way to bleed off the pressure and reduce its huge twat-stuffing girth. But just then Baxter lunged forward with a punishing ass-fucking thrust and Lexi cried out and tumbled forward. The rubber bulb slipped from her trembling fingers and landed on my tummy, followed an instant later by Lexi’s naked body. Squeezed between us, the rubber bulb responded faithfully, pressuring another jet of air into the already straining dildo. I felt it twitch in my ass, gaining yet another fraction of an inch in both length and girth. Lexi groaned, feeling the identical response in her obscenely stretched pussy. Baxter withdrew again, and then hammered another merciless fuck-stroke into the poor girl’s snug little anus. More dog cock was pressure-fit into Lexi’s bowels, and the rubber bulb squeezed once again in response, enlarging our rubber double dildo even further. We fell into that pattern, with Baxter pounding Lexi’s upturned rump like a jack hammer and the poor girl desperately trying to regain her grip on the pressure bulb for the dildo. But her efforts were in vain as Baxter picked up speed. The rubber bulb was triggered time and time again, and the dildo stuffed up my ass ballooned to an amazing size. I was stretched beyond belief, and knew Lexi’s double-stuffed fuck tunnels were straining at their limits. The dildo finally reached its maximum potential, and I swear I could feel it quiver inside me. I could only hope it didn’t blow while it was stuffed deep into the rippling confines of my colon. But the dildo held firm, and Lexi finally abandoned her futile efforts. She simply lay on top of me, moaning with mindless pleasure as a small strand of drool trickled from her slack lips.Finally, with a triumphant butt-fucking lunge, Baxter’s hammered all the way home and his prick was fully embedded up Lexi’s hot little shit chute. The canine’s heavy nut sack swung freely, bouncing against the blonde girl’s widely splayed pussy and the crack of my straining ass. Lexi looked down at me and a single tear rolled from her eye, trailing slowly down her cheek. With it went any last remains of her sense of innocence and dignity. It was clear from her expression that once a girl takes a well over a foot of throbbing dog cock up the ass, her self-image is changed forever. Baxter, untroubled by any of these psychological concerns, only knew that his huge prick was fully buried in an incredibly warm and snug little rectal fuck tunnel. With an eager growl he withdrew until only the tip of his cock remained embedded, and then slammed home with a long, powerful thrust. Lexi squealed as he bore into her and then grunted as he bottomed out, her firm naked butt checks pressed flat against his furry haunches. The huge b**st withdrew again, and she pulled backwards with her hips, following his motion. Baxter simply withdrew further, once again pulling most of his prick from the clutching confines of Lexi’s anal fuck tunnel. But as she pulled back, Lexi drew back on the dildo stuffed up my shitter. We all paused, dildo and dog cock both primed and ready for launch. With a growl, Baxter thrust powerfully forward, fully burying his massive fleshy shaft to the balls in Lexi’s tender little anus. She squealed and thrust forward in a chain reaction, and uncounted inches of her huge strap-on dildo disappeared into the slippery clutches of my bowels with a wet hiss. Our flesh slapped and jiggled with the impact and Baxter withdrew again. Lexi responded on reflex, stroking the massive dildo out of my incredibly tight little pooper. Cunt cream drained from her pussy, down the huge rubbery shaft, providing soothing lubrication for my straining asshole. It glistened in the light, fully lubricated and ready for insertion. Baxter wrapped his paws tightly around Lexi’s chest and rammed forward with his haunches. Fifteen inches of throbbing dog cock were eagerly swallowed by the blonde girl’s quivering anus as she gasped with delight. A fleshy slap filled the room as Baxter’s furry haunches met Lexi’s naked rump cheeks, compressing them flat as her entire body jiggled. I grunted with satisfaction as she pounded forward, the slippery shaft of the massive dildo sinking into my shitter with a now comfortable ease. Lexi swiveled her hips in an erotic dance of lust, grinding her ass against Baxter’s hairy loins and stirring the fully socketed dildo up my ass in a heavenly circular motion. Baxter picked up speed, and Lexi adapted to his timing perfectly. The three of us — girl, girl and dog — were cycling like a well oiled precision fucking machine. I rolled my hips upward, wrapping my legs around Lexi’s hips and hugging them tightly against the Great Dane’s heaving furry flanks. “Cu… Cumming!” I gasped, feeling powerful convulsions ripple through my pussy. Then the sensation spread to my bowels, shuddering through my anal tract as it feverishly gripped at the powerfully stroking rubber dildo. Lexi followed suit, double-stuffed beyond her limits and squealing with mindless passion as she writhed in the grip of her own orgasmic spasms. And although Baxter was a late arrival to this party, Lexi’s hot little anus proved to be more than a match for the randy canine. Lunging forward, he buried every inch of his massive cock rod into her rump, his furry haunches quivering with expectation as his cock knot began to swell. Lexi wailed and squirmed in a panic, trying to throw him off as his knot stretched her already straining asshole to even more obscene proportions. Baxter however was wise to such girlish antics and clung to her tightly until his prick was hopelessly locked in her grasping anal embrace. Try as she might, she could not dismount him now. Her asshole stretched beyond belief, Lexi responded with another gasping orgasm. She inhaled sharply, making cute little cooing noises. Feeling her thighs quiver sent me over the edge again, fireworks exploding across my vision as powerful convulsions contracted both my cunt and asshole in a series of shuddering spasms. I thought for a moment I heard voices in the hallway outside the room, but I was frankly too far gone to think with any clarity. On top of me, Lexi screeched with delight and frantically pumped her hips, shafting the huge dildo in and out of my ass with the power of a steam locomotive. Baxter brought up the rear, as it were. He lunged forward, spiking his cock rod into Lexi’s quivering rump and lifting her hips several inches off my squirming body. She hung there, suspended on his massive ass-fucking cock. He snapped his head skyward and let out a prolonged howl of doggy lust that echoed through the halls of the large sorority house. His balls contracted and his cock swelled to even larger dimensions. Canine cum raced down the length of his anally embedded prick and exploded out of the tip in a rumbling eruption of seething hot sperm. Lexi shrieked with delight, feeling her bowels coated with the frothing fountain of slippery dog goo. Locked in tight as Lexi’s anus convulsed around his huge cock knot, Baxter nonetheless thrust again, pressing Lexi’s naked rump cheeks flat and hard against his furry loins. His heavy swinging nut sack contracted in a muscular spasm, sending another scalding torrent far into the depths of Lexi’s trembling pooper. I could feel her tummy begin to swell against mine, bloating with an alarming overload of canine cock and cum. Baxter issued a second lustful howl of passion and lunged forward once more as another geyser of cum rocketed into her over-stuffed little rectum. With no place left to go, the excess volume of doggy cum pressured its way past the fleshy anal seal grasping Baxter’s cock knot, and sprayed obscenely from Lexi’s straining asshole. The once-tight anal ring was stretched alarming around the huge girth of Baxter’s prick, puckering in and out and milking the base of the doggy’s amazingly large cock. Once more Baxter thrust, forcing a grunt of satisfaction from Lexi as she rocked her hips backwards to meet him. Another jet of cum blew deep into the depths of her ass, causing another sticky overflow to splatter in all directions out of her widely stretched rectal portal. Seemingly tireless, Baxter blew again as Lexi took him with an eager moan of delight. The splattering torrent of overflow erupted from Lexi’s asshole, soaking us all with a clinging spray of sticky doggy cum. Baxter lunged, burying himself deep and hard, his legs quivering as his balls pumped frantically, once, twice, three times in hard, rapid succession. A prolonged geyser of cum thundered through his cock and into Lexi’s pressurized bowels. For a moment the seal of her rectum contracted with her orgasmic spasm, clamping down tightly around the base of his massive prick. Her tummy swelled alarmingly and she squirmed in discomfort as the pressure continued to build. The mental image of a vibrating pressure gauge, its needle well into the red warning zone, leaped into my mind. Then she gasped and her widely stretched rectal orifice quivered and relaxed. Cum blew from Lexi’s straining bowels like Champaign from an uncorked bottle. The explosion of semen blasted against Baxter’s furry loins and then splashed back, coating Lexi’s naked rump and backside with a glistening layer of a****l cum. The syrupy mess began to drain downward off her thighs and back in sticky streams, oozing down onto my upturned squirming body in heavy drips. Panting desperately, Baxter growled and managed one final thrust, his balls again contracting in a rapid series of convulsions. A prolonged gusher of cum streaked through the length of his massive shaft, flooding into her clutching sphincter in a sustained torrent. Lexi took it with enthusiasm, pushing backwards with her hips and grinding her naked rump cheeks against his furry haunches as his balls convulsed for the last time. The overflow of dog cum gushed steadily from her ass in a thick cascade. Her pussy dripped steadily, draining down our mutually embedded dildo and forming an ever growing puddle of sticky wetness on the mattress under my naked ass. Lexi shuddered, her anal tract rippling with muscular orgasmic contractions along the length of Baxter’s throbbing cock, milking every last drop out of his massive shaft. The overflow oozed from her ravished asshole in a steady trickle, leaking out from around the doggy’s deeply buried cock shaft. Then with an exhausted sigh Lexi collapsed on top of me. Baxter followed her down, resting heavily on her back as he panted desperately for breath with his tongue hanging out. I giggled with delight and then lazily turned my head and looked at the storeroom door to see if Stephanie perhaps had returned to join us after all. A cold shock ran through me. Standing in the door were several senior girls of the sorority, all wearing stunned expressions. And standing front and center was Stephanie, her hand over her mouth, expertly faking a look of shock and dismay. She turned to the sorority girls. “Well, I think you’ve seen enough of my competition to make your pledge choice fairly clear,” she announced, crossing her arms and looking at Lexi and I with harsh disapproval. “You know I would never embarrass you like this if I were a member here!” I seethed as it all became clear! That little bitch had set us up! She wasn’t even a sorority member. I realized now that she was just a hopeful pledge like us, and obviously had no qualms about doing whatever it took to eliminate the competition. And I had to admit, she had done a fabulous job. Here Lexi and I were, fully naked and in the midst of an absolutely shameful lesbian display, with Baxter, the ass-fucking sorority dog thrown in just for good measure. I tried to wriggle out from underneath Lexi, but the huge dildo up my ass held me firmly in place. And Lexi couldn’t move either, despite her desperate efforts, having to wait until Baxter’s knot eventually shrunk down enough to unplug his cock from her still throbbing asshole.Lexi started to cry, sobbing slowly at first, but then breaking into a full-blown bawling session. Stephanie grinned mercilessly. Lexi’s body shook with emotional dismay, and I gently rubbed my hands along her naked sides, unable to think of a way in which to comfort her. All our efforts to impress the sorority girls were now in vain, and more than anything I wanted to join her in a good hard cry. I clung to her as her emotional spasms only grew worse. Unfortunately Lexi’s shuddering body was having an unexpected effect on Baxter. Feeling her warm, delightful body of a sorority pledge girl quivering underneath him was stirring new life into his slowly softening cock. Experimentally he tugged his prick in reverse. Lexi’s anus strained, distending outward but maintaining a firm clutching grasp on his cock knot. Baxter adjusted his position and tried again. Lexi squealed and squirmed as her anus stretched, but then reluctantly released him. His cock knot slipped out of Lexi’s devastated asshole with an audible “pop”. A torrent of dog cum followed, flowing from her gaping sphincter in stringy rivulets. He pulled his prick part of the way out as Lexi continued to quake and tremble with her crying fit. The vibrations rippled through her clutching asshole, transferring those delightful sensations to the doggy’s cock. Not understanding Lexi’s emotional distress, Baxter only knew that the girl’s snug little fuck tunnel was doing wonderful things to his prick. He came to the only conclusion that his doggy mind could reach. This eager bitch needed more cock! And Baxter was certainly the canine for the job! His huge penis responded to the stimulation, slowly swelling to regain its maximum size and stiffness. Eagerly the huge dog eased his fleshy shaft back into the depths of Lexi’s asshole. He jammed up tight as his still shrinking cock knot butted up against her slowly tightening rectal opening. He shifted his weight from leg to leg, straining to force it in. As he shrank just a bit, Lexi’s asshole splayed open at the insistent pressure. With a wet-sounding thrust, Baxter’s cock — knot and all — once again was plugged to the hilt in the pretty blonde girl’s trembling bowels. Her blubbering stopped, overcome by the irresistible sensation of a huge doggy cock punched into her already well-reamed rectum. “Oh… Baxter… no…” she pleaded in a barely audible whisper. But then despite herself, she gave an involuntary shudder and slowly ground her hips in a sensual circle. Baxter took that as enthusiastic permission to give her back door a second buggering. Stroking out, he encountered only minor resistance as his knot had significantly reduced in size. He jostled for position on her back and then lustfully pounded his lengthy red cock back into the depths of Lexi’s rectum. Her rump cheeks quivered with the impact and she was unable to control a lustful groan of passion. Baxter buried his cock full depth in the blonde girl’s asshole and held himself in that position, simply savoring the rippling sensation of her bowels milking the length of his embedded prick.Straining desperately against Baxter’s weight, Lexi managed to withdraw the massive rubber dildo from my anus. I cried in protest, but then felt the rounded nose of the slippery wet shaft press up against my pussy. Fumbling to help her, my fingers clutched at the impossibly huge slippery shaft and guided her into my snatch. Relentlessly the monstrous prick spread me open, causing me to gasp with a mixture of alarm and delight. Lexi pressed into my vaginal tunnel, boring ever deeper in a smooth, steady motion. I felt the round rubber tip churn through the depths of my twat and beyond, lodging securely in my womb. Finally she was in me to the hilt. Her pussy lips ground against mine as she kissed me passionately, her tongue fluttering as if fucking me in my mouth.By this time Baxter’s cock was back to prime form and he picked up a steady pace of reaming out Lexi’s eager pooper. He issued a commanding bark, looking at the crowd of girls in the doorway for their respect and approval. Lexi’s hips again began to swivel in time with his irresistible thrusts, and we once more fell into a well timed three-way fucking routine. As I rolled my hips upward and tightly clenched my legs around Lexi and the frantically thrusting Great Dane, I had a vague notion that the storeroom door clicked quietly closed, leaving us to finish our shameful deeds in privacy.Already drained of his first cum load, Baxter had amazing stamina. He savagely punished Lexi’s greedy pooper as she reamed the depths of my pink little pussy completely raw with her monstrous rubber prick. We gasped and squealed and trembled over and over, pussies and assholes feverishly clutching at thick, pounding pricks in continuous orgy of lustful delight. One girlish orgasm spun into the next and I entirely lost track of time. But finally, after a rough and prolonged butt-fucking session, Baxter gave his signature howl of lust and unloaded another impressively huge volume of cum up into Lexi’s quivering little shit socket. In our feverish thrashing, Lexi actually managed to accidentally uncouple her obscenely stretched asshole from Baxer’s massive cock knot. His cock slipped from her gaping anal cavity in mid-orgasm and his thunderous cum cannon blasted out of control for his final orgasmic gushes. Long tracks of syrupy dog cum arched through the air, splattering heavily onto Lexi’s naked back and completely soiling her pretty blonde hair. I managed to catch a full load in my upturned face, and Baxter’s powerful gushes left scant bits of naked girl flesh untouched. By the time he finally faltered, Lexi and I were both completed splattered and drenched with his hot, sticky seed. Baxter finally got back on target, sinking his sputtering shaft back into Lexi’s gaping anal orifice. He heaved desperately for air, resting heavily on her naked back as his cock completed its final orgasmic convulsions in the depths of her shuddering colon. Exhausted beyond deion, Lexi collapsed on top of me and we clung to each other’s naked bodies as we twitched through our final post-orgasmic shudders. Baxter pulled his softening cock out of Lexi’s well-stretched anus, finally drained and exhausted. She tried to withdraw her massive rubber dildo from my pussy, but it was stuck tight, held firm in the clutching, loving embrace of my snatch. After numerous failed attempts I began to experience a growing fear that we were going to need medical attention to remove the massive dildo from our twats. But then Lexi finally thought to figure out the workings of the rubber inflation bulb. Finding a small metal nub, she gave it a twist. As it unscrewed we heard the hissing of air, and slowly the massive rubber dildo began to deflate. As the huge prick eventually collapsed she was able to pull it free from the grasping confines of my cunt. A limp six inches of rubber prick slithered out of my oozing vaginal cavern, giving just hint of the massive twat stretching length and girth it had once possessed. I help Lexi unbuckle the straps and eased her half of the softened dildo from her gaping cunt. She carefully bent the now limp rubber dildo in half and wrapped the leather harness around the shaft. Then she tucked the dripping wet contraption into her purse, apparently claiming it as a souvenir. It crossed my mind briefly to complain, but then I realized that Lexi had been the one to truly earn it since it had literally been her ass on the line at the business end of Baxter’s massive dog cock.Our prolonged and perverse fuck session had finally come to an end. A thoroughly satisfied Baxter whined and scratched at the door, ready to be on his way and take a well-earned nap after his amazing rump-plundering performance. In shameful silence, Lexi and I sorted through the dusty room for our discarded scraps of clothing, knowing that our hopes of joining the exclusive sorority had been dashed. I sacrificed my socks in a marginally successful effort of cleaning up our cum-splattered bodies, but Lexi’s little panties did little to stem the seemingly endless dribble of dog goo that relentlessly oozed from her asshole and down her inner thighs. Our hair was matted in tangled strands, plastered with a liberal coating of slowly drying dog cum. It was going to take a long hot shower with lots of soap to wash away the heady scent of cum and wet cunt that clung to us like a tell-tale accusation of our actions. And we both knew that no amount of scrubbing was ever going to scour away the memory of our shameful deeds. In a way, I almost felt like we had gotten what we deserved, so desperate to join this sorority that all sense of decency had been abandoned. Hanging our heads in defeat, we quietly made our way upstairs, hoping to slink out of the sorority house unnoticed and disappear into the night. However, as we passed through the dining room near the front entry hall, a girl’s voice called out, “there they are!” I mentally cursed our bad luck as a large group of the sorority girls gathered, cheering and whistling. Lexi and I blushed red with shame, feeling the mocking abuse and contempt hidden within their seemingly supportive cheers. I held Lexi’s hand in support as I heard her take in a deep, shuddering breath. I felt her tremble in my grasp as her lower lip began to quiver, a warning that another flood of tears was on the verge of erupting.Stephanie stood at the head of the crowd, grinning victoriously with satisfaction. “Too bad, dumb cunts,” she mocked. Tears welling up in my eyes also, I simply wanted to turn and flee. But then the presiding girl of the sorority stepped forward and formally extended her hand to me. Using my fingers to brush my cum-drenched hair from my face, I looked at her in confusion. But I numbly accepted her handshake, cringing as I expected a tirade of verbal abuse to follow. But instead she turned to the crowd, “Here they are, ladies, your two new sorority sisters! Let’s hear it for Lexi and Sasha!” The crowd of girls exploded in enthusiastic applause.Stephanie’s jaw dropped open in shock. She protested and offered up a string of profanity, but it did her little good as she was firmly escorted to the exit. She desperately tried to plead her case on the front porch of the sorority, but only managed a few ineffective words before the heavy front door was slammed closed with an authoritative “bang”. It turns out that backstabbing and ratting out your fellow sorority members was not something the Pegga-Deltas looked kindly upon. And Lexi and I had apparently demonstrated “sisterly devotion” far beyond what any other pledges had ever shown. Even though the sorority only had one opening available, an exception was made since Lexi and I were both accepted as an inseparable team. There was a bit of sorting out needed with regard to the rooming arrangements, but after our performance, neither Lexi nor I ever found ourselves short of an offer of a warm and occupied bed for the night. To say that we came to know our fellow sorority sisters intimately in the semesters that followed was an understatement, as we quickly became the two most popular and sought-after girls in the house. And Baxter latched onto Lexi and I as our constant and devoted companion. But we didn’t mind sharing, as long as someone asked nicely, which happened quite often. Baxters’s howls of delight were soon a common sound that echoed through the halls of the sorority, accompanied by the knowing giggles or gasps of pleasure of our fellow sisters. And perhaps it goes without saying that Lexi’s and my performance served to set an entirely new benchmark for the testing of the next year’s sorority pledges. But I suppose that is a tale for another time.

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