Libertine Adventures Ch. 03 – Denial

Twin adventures 3

This is the third episode of libertine adventures, for those of you who haven’t read Ch 1 and 2 I recommend them, but if you don’t want to, read them a long time ago or simply want a quick reminder, here is what happened so far: Anna and Olivia are twins, and their mother died in November, in London. Anna lives in London still and Olivia studies and lives in Vienna. Anna meets Mike and Ella, special friends of her mom who invite her to a special wake party. She discovers there that her mom was a libertine and frequented orgies and all those kind of parties, which makes her revalue all her life. In ch 1 she discovers lesbian sex with Ella that wants to introduce her to this libertine world. In ch 2 she decides that she wants to change lives, and goes to see her sister in Vienna. During the flight she meets a very sexy flight attendant, Emily that gives her her number. In Vienna she meets Alexander, a young waiter, and Laura, her sister’s housemate. She makes Laura discover lesbian sex, and here we are.

I did not expect you to leave your number like that, you keep being full of surprises

I smiled, of course he did not expect me to do that. First I was a girl, and socially girls do not do the first step, it tends to intimidate guys with a fragile ego, secondly, I looked innocent and shy, which I was several weeks before but somehow my newfound sexuality gave me a confidence I did not know I had. Anyway, I looked innocent, and therefore a bold and sexy behavior was not expected from a girl like me.

Hundreds of different scenarios ran in my head as I was thinking in how many different manners I could be the “shy girl”.

I smiled and ended up answering to the message.

I hope you don’t mind if there are some more :p

There, I continued playing the falsely innocent girl, knowing perfectly well that I wasn’t.

During that flirtarious moment I remembered that I had Emily’s number. I remembered her hot breath on my skin, her long legs with pantyhose and I suddenly felt excited. I looked for her number in my contacts and decided to send her a message.

Hey, it’s Anna, from the plane, in Vienna, I would love to take up your offer of seeing you again.

My phone buzzed. It was Alex.

I don’t mind, in fact I am looking forward to discover way more of you ­čśë

Well I wanted him to discover every single hole of my body.

Mhhh. I thought hole, and that had never occurred to me before. I was thinking about Ella’s fingers in my ass and the reaction that Laura had with mine, and I thought that I would definitely take something there with enough preparation. My phone buzzed again. It was Emily.

Hey! I am glad to hear from you, I am now embarking for a flight to Rome, but will be back in a couple of days, when I do I’d be happy to have you for dinner.

I didn’t really know if Emily wanted to eat me for dinner or if we were to eat together. Both were completely fine with me since I was way too excited by that woman. This being said something was off about her that I could not put my finger on. It was that kind of completely unhealthy attraction towards someone. I knew there and then that I would have been completely submissive to her, but it was a kind of submissiveness that could lead to losing myself into that emotion. And right now, with all that happened to me, I needed that.

My phone buzzing took me out of my dreamy state. It was Alex again.

So.. could I do that discovery around a glass of beer sometime this week?

I smiled.

Sure, how about tonight?


No time like the present!

We gave each other an appointment at a bar near my sister’s house and found out that they were almost neighbours. I also found out that I liked chatting with Alex, he was really nice and looked forward to our meeting. I knew I wanted him, but I did not know yet how. I decided that I needed to come before meeting him, my head would be clearer this way and anything that would happen then would not be solely controlled by my raging hormones and newfound sexuality. I was wrong of course but it was an excuse to get off.

The moment when I was about to undress and masturbate was coincidentally the same moment that Laura got home. I do not know what came over me but as soon as she entered the room she gasped and had this surprised and excited look on her face, because I had put on my sexy slutty schoolgirl shirt and was waiting for her with my legs spread open and my fingers slowly caressing my clit.

“I have a meeting with a boy tonight” I said looking at her in the eyes. “And I reaaaaaally need to make sure I do not make any bad decisions so I need to cum right now”.

“Maybe” she said seductively licking her lips, “I could help you with that”.

“MMh that would be very welcome of you! Come here.”

She approached me dropping her bag on the floor and g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri crawled slowly between my legs. She began kissing my thighs and tried to kiss my flat stomach, going up to my breasts. I let out a moan when she took a nipple in her mouth, while passing my hand in her hair and pressing her mouth against my sensitive breast.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her mouth to mine, then kissed her passionately. Our tongues touched, and twirled and swirled dancing together. We continued like this for several minutes until we were both wet and panting, wanting more. Grabbing her head again I guided her towards my other lips, wanting her to taste me so bad. That is when I discovered that I also had a dominant side even though I would not completely discover it until much later, and not with Laura.

Nonetheless, she complied and began tentatively licking my wet cunt. She must have liked the taste because she moaned into my pussy, causing the vibration of her humming to stimulate me even more. I gasped and moaned in her mouth, spurting some of my pussy juice on her welcoming lips. While she was licking me I was grabbing her head, pushing her mouth into my pussy, then grabbed one of her hands and guided it towards my ass. I wanted the sensation that Ella procured me again.

Laura inserted a finger in my pussy first, lubricating it, then slowly she inserted her index in my tight opening. I moaned louder. I was completely oblivious that my sister had returned home and continued therefore to make more noise.

“Yes, finger my ass, please” I moaned to Laura, who doublet her efforts and inserted now a second finger up my bum, making me almost scream as the sensation of two fingers in my ass and her tongue on my clit overwhelmed me. She began to suck and nibble on my clit causing more waves of pleasure.

“Damn it, yes lick my pussy, yes, right there! God I love your tongue and your fingers. Oh god!”

Laura seemed to be really turned on as again she renewed her assault on my pussy, determined in making e come. But I wanted her too. I told her to undress.

She began taking off her clothes dancing sexily, making me wait for my release. Took of her shirt and pants, revealing her matching lingerie, black panties with a black sexy bra. I took both off right away, wanting her naked.

“Come here” I said.

She complied, and we kissed again. I sensed the taste of my pussy on her lips and could feel my juices all over her sweet face. It turned me on even more as I loved my taste. But I wanted to taste her too. I indicated to her to turn over, so her bare dripping pussy would be right in front of my face. We were in 69 position now, and she opened my legs, just to plunge her head between them and begin licking me again.

“I cannot get enough of your taste” she said.

And that is when I looked at her puckered hole, and decided that my tongue belonged on her asshole as well. She yelped but welcomed the attention, soon beginning to moan, pressing back her ass against my tongue. She panted hard and began rocking her hips back and forth, using my tongue as a stimulator for her little tight asshole. I reminded her that she had a pussy to lick by pressing her head forward burying her lips between my thighs. She fingered my ass and pussy at the same time while sucking on my clit, and I began rocking my hips against her too, I wanted her fingers to go deeper, her tongue to lick more, her teeth to hurt my sweet sensitive clit.

I inserted my tongue inside her ass while rubbing her pussy with my thumb and she began to convulse coming uncontrollably. I felt the muscles of her sphincter contracting around my tongue. In her orgasmic bliss she pumped two fingers hard inside my ass and that sent me over the edge. I began convulsing as well, all while keeping my tongue movements in and out of her convulsing ass. I felt all of her juices covering my chin as her orgasm subsided, and when mine was over too, she rolled on the side, showing me her fingers that were wet with my girl cum. She then looked at me sexily and inserted one of the two fingers that were in my ass in her mouth, and tasting it hungrily. Then she came to me, and instinctively I opened my mouth, tasting my own ass off her fingers.

We then looked at each other, and kissed passionately, exchanging our mutual tastes, and the mix tasted amazing.

I told her I was going to go in the kitchen to grab a glass of water, she accepted, happy in her post orgasmic happiness. I put on a pyjama and headed towards the kitchen, only to find my twin there.


Had she heard?

She looked at me, and smiled.

“Well, I wish Lukas was that good! He usually lasts six minutes and then goes to sleep because he is too exhausted. Who is the lucky guy? By the way, I though I was the wild one! Your ass, seriously?”

She looked amazed. And I did not know what to tell her.

“Also, Laura is coming back soon, does she know you are using her room?”

I stuttered, and when I was about to g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri say something I heard footsteps behind me and Laura’s voice.

“Anna what is taking you so long?”

And then My sister opened her mouth, suddenly everything making sense to her, when she saw Laura naked.

“Oh…” She said, now visibly feeling bad. “I did not know.. I didn’t think that you… that Laura…”

I didn’t say what to say to her. We always shared everything and now she was discovering that I was into girls, and I had not told her anything.

“Olivia It’s very new, I am sorry I didn’t tell you.” I said tentatively.

She was completely red and got out of the kitchen in her room, shutting the door behind her.

“She will be okay.” Said Laura putting a hand on my shoulder.

“I know, I just… I would have preferred to tell her instead of her finding out this way.”

“What did you want to tell her exactly? Hey I’m into girls since yesterday?”

I laughed softly. “Well no idea sounds good when it is said like that. But you are right, I did not find a moment. But still. I would have liked to tell her myself.”

I got back into Laura’s room and began to get ready for the date with Alex. Laura helped me prepare and she assured me that Olivia was going to be okay and that she would have talked to her later when she would feel better. At some point I thought I heard her masturbate through the wall, but I was not sure and decided it was probably my imagination.

For my date I put red stockings, going along with a pretty black skirt and black heels. I had a red top that was showing a good portion of cleavage. I decided not to put any bra and headed out leaving my red wavy hair as it was. I was actually excited, it had been a while since I had gone on a date with a guy. The last two people I had slept with were women.

I paused.

I was re-evaluating my life choices. And then after a short existential break decided that I did not give a shit about the consequences, and that I had worried enough my whole life, now it was the time to taste some freedom.

When I arrived to the bar Alex was already waiting for me, and when he saw me his jaw dropped and his eyes were wide open. He must have liked how I dressed. I turned on myself so the skirt would lift right enough to show that I was wearing stockings and not pantyhose, and that my lingerie was of the very sexy kind.

His face reddened which made me understand that he had seen my bare thigh. I smiled at him with my most innocent smile.

“You like?” I said in a high pitch, almost girly voice, feigning innocence once again.

“Very much, makes me wonder what else you have in store for me.” He answered looking me in the eyes. I sustained his look and temporarily lost myself into his look, which made my heart pound. I licked my lips but regained composure, and again with my sweet smile asked where we would sit.

We ordered a couple of beers, he was surprised to see that I was taking a 9% imperial stout, usually girls liked sweet beers, he said. But of course I was different from what he was used to, and told him that this was not going to be the last surprise of the evening. While I said that he approached me and I could feel the heat of his body near me in the cold winter of Vienna. I welcomed the warmth.

While in this position we kept talking for a couple of hours. He was super interesting and was not one of those judgemental guys who called a girl a slut just because she liked sex, he was so simple and nice and appreciated life exactly in the ways it was without being a douche. I learned that he was pro feminism and we talked about sociology, and politics, and he was all for self acceptance of one’s sexuality and identity. Even though he kept some reflexes that he admitted were hard to get rid of he was a great guy and I felt safe with him.

After a while, when we were in the middle of our third beer (mine this time as a double IPA, I had changed) he made a joke about my attire being sexy. I smiled and looked up to him in response.

Make a move dumbass! I though within myself. He approached his head, and last minute shifted towards my ear, whispering slowly.

“I really like your stockings, how did you know I particularly enjoy lingerie?”

My pussy gushed, I was turned on.

“I didn’t” I answered calmly, without showing him my excitation, “I just thought you might like it.” Then I though that if he was going to play with me I might as well be playing with him. “It’s fun that you mention the stockings, because I am currently wearing undies matching my bra as well.”

“Is that so? Are they red and black and look stunning on you?”

“They are red and black, but I am not sure how they look on myself, maybe you could be the one commenting that?” This time the innuendo was clear.

“I would love that” He said, now his lips very close to mine. He leaned forward slightly but would not close the kiss, making me do it. I felt drawn to him, and leaned forward g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri too, touching his lips with mine. My lips parted letting his tongue make its way towards mine. We kissed passionately, forgetting the world around us, and I let the alcohol drive my instincts, not caring about the consequences, and forgetting myself in the moment.

My loins were on fire and I wanted so badly for him to fondle my now very wet pussy.

I put my small hand on his thigh, and my long fingers began caressing his leg, up and down. And as he renewed the passion in his kisses my finger barely touched his crotch, making him shiver.

“Do you want to get back to my place?”

“Damn yes I would love that.” I said, gulping down the rest of my beer.

We paid, and I could not wait to touch him again. He led the way to his apartment which was not far from the bar. I was nervous.

“You okay?” He asked. “If you have second thoughts I can accompany you to your home. “And it’s no problem at all.” He smiled. That made me melt. So many guys were pushy and frustrated and wanted sex right away and he was basically okay even if we did nothing. It turned me on even more.

“No second thoughts, I am just a bit nervous, but I hope you can make me so at ease that my nerves will soothe and my muscles relax.” I hinted to what I was willing to do with him and saw his crotch twitching. I knew I had hit a sensitive point.

I was really tipsy and I knew I was ready to do anything with him. I felt safe and so horny. He opened the door to his building and we went inside. He lived on the second floor, in a small studio of 25 square meters. He had a coach that could be opened to do a double bed, which he did right away. I waited for him at his door and looked at him while he bent over. He had a really nice ass.

He looked at me and said that I could put my coat on any chair.

“I want you to undress me.” I said now losing my inhibitions. He got my leather coat off revealing my red top and my cleavage. He could not help but look at it. I smiled, I had small breasts but I knew how to sell them.

“Let me text my sister first I need to tell her I am okay if I am not coming back home.” I said.

I took out my phone and sent a message to Laura saying that I would not be home tonight, and the same one to my sister. I felt a twinge of guilt for what had happened but right now I wanted to drown my guilt in hot steamy sex.

Laura answered right away with a Have fun, you have to tell me everything tomorrow! Possibly while I eat you out… I smiled, I had gotten her addicted to my pussy, and was happy because I liked hers too.

I put my phone in silent mode turned around and looked at Alex. We kissed again, and this time he took the time to taste my lips, to deposit slow kisses on my neck and all over my shoulder. I felt his hands getting under my shirt and exploring my body. I began to pant and my breath accelerated. My hands reached for his crotch and I found out that he was very hard.

“How many times can you go?” I asked.

“With you, probably two or three… You are gorgeous, and so sexy.”

“And you have seen nothing.” I said, now completely in lust. “I want to show you how much of a slut I can be.”

I never really had dirty talked and it turned me on to see that I had this in me. He smiled and laughed nervously. I was hitting all the right points.

I lifted my arms so that he could take off my top, and he was amazed to see that I had no bra and that there were only my breasts. He began to kiss them, and as I had small tits they were really sensitive and when he began slowly biting on my nipples it sent rushes of pleasure coursing through me. I moaned.

I took off his shirt revealing a quite muscular body but still thin, he did not look like the usual gym guy, but more the kind of person who did sports for fun and therefore had a fit body. I liked it. I began to kiss and suck on his nipples too, causing him to moan. I loved when a guy moaned and made some noise.

I unbuckled his belt while he was fighting with my skirt trying to take it off. He finally made it and I got out of my skirt. He gasped as I was wearing no panties. I winked at him smiling deviously.

“I told you my undies matched my bra.” I said wickedly. He saw me naked, with only the stockings and the black heels, with my bare pussy that I had shaved this morning for Laura who preferred it this way. He was absolutely stunned and looked at me with an amazed look on his face.

My mom was right in her choice of clothes, stockings really were awesome. I felt sexy, and devious as I had never felt. I kissed him again, bringing him close while I was unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants. Before taking them off completely my hand got into his boxers and I felt his cock taking it in my small hand. It felt huge, and warm and it was pulsating. I decided that I had to see it up close.

I took a pillow from his bed and put it on the floor, got on my knees on it and freed his penis from his briefs, revealing what was a 16 cm penis. I had seen longer with my ex-boyfriend, but what he did not have in length he had in width. This was going to stretch my pussy and ass. I stopped. Did I want to lose my anal cherry to Alex? I decided I did not care and would see how the sex was going to be.

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