Library Fantasy



I sauntered into the city library with a few friends. As soon as I walked in, the hush-hush atmosphere fell upon me like a ton of bricks. I guess it was probably all the conditioning I experienced as a child. Strangely, my friends had seemed unaffected. They continued talking and laughing like we were still out on the busy street. A few customers gave our group some pretty dirty looks as they walked past.

The library was huge. It was the city’s main library and held resources from all over the world. I walked to the railing that circled the centre winding staircase and counted the floors. 5 stories it seemed.

We had come in because one of my particularly scholarly friends had said she needed a certain book to study for her exam. Though the rest of us were reluctant, she was a girl and she was pretty, so she got her way. It didn’t help that one of my guy friends was trying to get with her, so he was quick to come to her defence. But I digress.

My friends wandered leisurely off towards the textbook section. But I, not wanting to suffer their embarrassment any longer, decided to hit up the fantasy section and join with them later.

I climbed up two flights of stairs and found myself on a rather spacious floor. Tables for studying were placed in open areas near the many-sided banister that surrounded the circular staircase. A few people wandered the isles, seemingly aimlessly, looking for books that probably didn’t exist. I walked by a few study tables before something caught my eye.

Now, I’ve seen my fare share of hot women, but this one was a stunner. Starting from the top, her hair was a dark reddish brown that took on strawberry highlights when it caught the light a certain way. Her skin was clear and porcelain white. Her eyes were big despite the fact that they were squinted in concentration on the book she held in her little hands. She was small of build and seemed short, even when sitting. She wore a long sleeve sweater that was low cut and showed off some (fantastic) cleavage. Her jeans were dark and tight and the bottoms were tucked into some knee-high black boots with a little heel. She seemed like the epitome of a stylish university chick.

I think she had felt me staring, ’cause she looked up and locked eyes with me. I was too startled to know whether to turn on the cool or just keep walking and save myself the potential embarrassment. For some reason, I went ataşehir escort with the former.

“Hey,” I said as I smiled and walked over. She smiled back. Good so far.

“Hi,” she replied. Her voice was high pitched and cute. Her round eyes, no longer squinting, shimmered an aquatic green.

At this point I was at a loss for words. What DO you say to a girl in that sort of situation. She had caught me staring, so what now? I decided to take a different sort of approach and just be honest.

“Look, I’m sorry for staring,” I said in a low voice so that no one around would hear. “But that’s what guys do when they see something they like. Just… I was dumb and got caught.” I waited a few moments in anticipation to see how she’d take it. She seemed shocked.

“I see,” she said, her surprise forming into a smile that almost seemed mischievous. “I’m not sure if it was dumb though. I kind of liked it.”

Now it was my turn to be shocked. I could barely believe my ears. I’d never had a girl admit to something like that, but I shook it off.

“So.. What are you re-“

“Cut the crap,” she cut me off. “You like what you see, and I like what I see. We don’t need to dance around it.”

This girl was full of surprises.

“Okay, fine. You’re right. My name is Alex, and I think you’re attractive.” If this girl wanted to play hard ball, I was gonna play hard ball.

“Well, my name is Renee and I think you’re… Pretty.”

“Pretty, huh? Nice choice of words…” I responded sarcastically.

“Well, if attractive is all I’M going to get, then yes, you’re pretty.”

I gave Renee an unimpressed look. She smiled her mischievous smile in response.

“I don’t feel like playing this game.” I said. It was time to change up my approach. “I’m off to the fantasy section and I have some friends to meet downstairs in a little bit. Nice to meet you, Renee.”

“Suit yourself,” she responded, biting her lower lip and giving me the ol’ up and down. “Good bye, Alex.”

I got up and walked off, not even stopping to look back. I figured she’d catch me on the way out, and hey, if she didn’t, then I guess it wasn’t worth my time.

This section of the library was quiet and somewhat secluded. I stood there for a moment, enjoying the silence and white noise around me. Walking down one isle, I searched the racks for a few of my favourite authors. I got to the end kadıköy escort and turned the corner into the next isle.


I slammed right into Renee.

I began to say something, but she put her index finger over my lips to quiet me.

“Shh…” She hissed softly, her mischievous smile broad across her face. Looking around to make sure we were alone, she suddenly shoved me against the back wall and pushed her lips against mine.

Man, this girl could kiss. she ran her hands over my chest and down to my stomach before sliding one under my shirt to run her nails lightly over my skin. The sensation sent shivers up and down my spine and instantly raised goose bumps all over my body. She seemed pleased by this, for she retracted for a moment and looked into my eyes as she ran the fingertips of her other hand down one of my arms, feeling the goose bumps and causing more in the process.

She placed her open mouth against mine again and let her tongue slip inside. It was at this point that I finally gathered my bearings and gave back. I sucked on her tongue with a desperate force as I wrapped my arms around her, cupping the back of her head with my hand and bringing her closer to me. She moaned quietly into my mouth and dug her nails into me slightly. She moved ever so slightly to the side and reached down to find my belt. It popped open with ease and, after looking around quickly, dropped to her knees. She undid my jeans and bit down on my zipper. Slowly, she lowered herself even further, taking the zipper down with her, all the while staring at me with her big green eyes full of lust.

She reached in and pulled my already rock hard cock out of my pants and wasted no time slipping it into her mouth. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from gasping loudly. Her mouth was so very warm and wet and she knew just what to do with it. After a few long, slippery thrusts, she brought her head back off of it and planted tiny little wet kisses up and down the shaft. When she got back to the top again, she feathered her tongue over the tip, driving me crazy with lust. The look of want on my face seemed to be pleasing her and she kept smiling that damn smile of hers, making me even more wild with desire. I didn’t even care anymore if anyone caught us, I was lost.

“I think you’re hard enough to give me what I want,” she said very matter-of-factly. She had taken off her boots and slipped bostancı escort bayan her pants slightly down while she had been blowing me, and I’d been too focused to notice, so by the time she stood up, her pants were off.

Putting a leg high up on the shelf behind me (my she was flexible), she lowered herself onto my cock. She moaned quietly as it slid in. It was no effort, she was soaked. She tightened up her kegel muscle and bounced on it for a bit, but I had had enough of her calling the shots. I grabbed her other leg and wrapped it around me. Then I spun around and pinned her to the shelf behind me, shoving myself as far into her as I could. I thrusted into her again and again, relishing in her delightful facial expressions. I leaned in and kissed her neck wetly and she suddenly grabbed the back of my head.

“Oh my god, don’t stop,” she whispered into my ear. “Please don- ah -sto- uunnhh!” Her body shuddered as an orgasm crashed through her. Her nails went into me and she burried her face into my shoulder to keep from making too much noise.

I let her down slowly, and slid down to the floor myself, tired. Without saying a word, Renee turned away from me and straddled my legs. She inched her round ass back until she felt my hardness against her opening and then slipped it into herself.

She rocked, bounced and ground her hips against mine, giving me a great view of her fantastic rump until I couldn’t take it any more.

“I-I’m cumming,” I managed to blurt out. She bounced on me more aggressively, looking back at me with a smile. “Oh- uh- ah!” At this point, she popped herself off me and stuffed my cock into her mouth, right to the hilt. The explosion MUST have hit the back of her throat. It was intense. I grabbed her hair and bit my lip to keep from screaming. I watched as her throat contracted to swallow each spurt.

When it was over, she slowly slid her hands up my shaft to push the last little bits out, and sucked them right up as if it were delicious candy. She looked into my eyes and licked her lips, before standing up and putting on her clothes. She kissed me once more, very passionately, and was gone.

When I recovered, I stood up and dressed myself in a daze, not believing what had just happened. I walked out to find that her and all her stuff were gone from the table she had been sitting at. I went to the table and looked closer. She hadn’t even left a number!

I stumbled down the stairs and went to the front entrance to find my noisy friends standing there.

“What took you so long?” One of them said.

“I found something interesting,” I replied curtly. But not one of them would ever know what I meant.

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