Lie detector

Lie detectorI was a witness somewhat and even of the frauder was identified as that prick on the sales team we all. had to pas the lie detectorI was hook on the machine and rhe inspector came in , shaking my small 22 years old hand with his strong firm rugged hand, his smile and pepper hair match with a deep calm voicei answer all the question and was found to be ”not guilty””before we get over with the test”locking the door of the small conference room”i want to know something””do you like to suck cocks?””what no wtf”my reading obvioulsly made him smile”dont be shy we are alone , i love that cute pink mouth of yours””you have a gf?””no can i go now”getting closer and closer”you want me to get it out and show how big iam dont you””nooo”the lie detector flashing red”you little liar , here look at my big black cock”i felt small and caughti do wanted to see it and woudnt stop him ”you want me to help you become my cock sucker dont you little boy”knowing he would know the truth if i said noi did anywais looking up ”no….”the machine flashing red”you so cute im gonna make you a very good secret cock sucker dont be shy no one will know you are”sliding it on my face making me feel the big thick cock he want me to suck”stop pretending and try”he was in my mouth sliding in and out”good boy good boy , in and out , in and out like that good boy give your pink mouth to daddy thars a good boyyyy”letting the older strong black inspector have its way with my headsloppy big black cock in and out making me watch how a beautifull big black cock he has for little cock sucking boy like mei became under his spell, under the power of his big strong cocklooking up happy to suck , happy to try and feel the big cock in my mouth”you like this, you shoudnt lie to daddy from now on, ive been looking at you, i was eager to samsun escort ask you if you wanted this big cock in secret””ok daddy”slurping back on his bbc”that’s better don’t be shy daddy wants a young friend to please me and this big cock””mmmmmmm oj daddy yes i love that big cock mmmmm””i knew you would, here ass up time to make you my lil bitch boy””ohhhh no please i m not sure”the machine turning red”you want my big cock in your ass ””no lie boy, no lie”he lubed me up telling me he will be gentle”i want you to love this dont be afraid ill be slow and gentlle”all my work team were going home as i was help sit on his tip , taking myself his bbc down in me until he had me lift and legs up moaning on his bbc ”you are mine now , you love to be fuck , you have toys at home?””yes i dooooo , i dooo””i know baby boy, i know cute white boy love to get their cute ass stretch up and fuck goood””you take my cock so good look at you, you train for this at night? sit on your toy like a horny little boy?””yesssss i doooo i dooo oomg i love this mmmmm ahhhhhh fuckkkkk dont tell anyone plese””of course ot iam married, you are my secret boy , dont be afraid , iam here now”he shove it all in again and again , bouncing me down on him making me moan like a fag lil boy pounding me down on his bbc so good i cum all around my lil cock squiring moaning and helpless on the big strong daddy cocki was drop on the desk legs up and hands cuffed together just a little tied up white boy who cum from getting fuckedhe laught at me loving cock way too much ”you are so cute , im sorry i lied””what you mean ahhh ahhh”and i saw his whole police crew get in , 3 younger police officer in their 30s, looking at me getting their cock outall bbc ready to be worshiped”you want to taste my team too?””no no please”the lie detector escort samsun flashing red all the guys laughting”always the same isnt it?””they cant admit it before we teach them”one by one filling my mouth , all of them so big and tasty making me loose it to so many strong cock all up for me”good boy good boy, let yourself go its ok we are all straight and discrete married guys ””we meet in secret and like to get our bbc serviced by cute boy like you””yes boy he is right here open up. my wife really never suck me, please suck me boy i need it””yes boy its fine , dont be afraid we are all doing this in secret , no one knows””none of us gonna say a word , just have fun”all 4 around the desk me helpless but taken care off gently ”ok , please never say a word ”i let them have me all togethertied up on the desk looking at all 4 married guy hard and happy fucking me until my tight hole was too much for them fat cockonre bursting in my boy pussy unable to resist”’so tight so tight ahhhhhh fuckkkk”they all watch me moan and take cum swinging on the desk head on the side cleaning the cock who just flooded me i knew i was a fag , i was so shy to admit it , passing my night sit on my vibrator dreaming of having secret fun dreaming of getting fuckedthey killed the boy i was that nighti went home hours later than usuall , drop at my appart by the older inspector , alone and broken in my shower so many cum dripping out mu ass a gaping cunti slept exhausted only to wake feeling hornymy ass aching , looking at it and i saw how open and pussy looking they made meforever, just a slightly open cunt , one sight of it and you know my hole takes iti walk out needing fresh airi felt too much a bitch and would fuck my toy if i stayed homein the hot saturday morning i was out for 10 minute when i walk infront of him in samsun escort bayan sweat pants his large cock flapping in it so obviouslyolder chubby black stranger walking his dog ”hi cute dog ”on my knees saying hello to his dogthen looking up to him ”hi”smilling at him staying on my knees”hi boy”not moving he got closer looking aroundand i was kissing his pants slowly ”you wanna go to my place boy we cant do this here”nodding at him getting up ”you are young you like older man? ”jus nodding walking with him”ok i like young boy , been a while tho ””iam str8 but divorced , i live over there”we got homehe ask me to wait in the lobbyback in a white boxer with a hole in front a big cock ring holding up his 8 inch bbc i was put a collar and he leash me in silence , undressing me, pushing me down nakedwalk to his bedroomhe lay me down on his bed and pull my legs up ”those were to my wife ”looking at the red lacy panty he put on me before helping a red lacy camisole down ”now cindy, you gonna suck me like a teen girl ok”nodding mouth open tasting his bbc in the smooth attireass up loving to suck cock and really getting into being in girl cloth i seemed”good girl i love to get suck by sissy boy in secret since i was 15 and discovered my neighbor was wearing his sister swimsuit drunk at 2am sucking my bbc lke a sissy slut””after that i had to set some rules he was always at my door ”sucking cock and listening to his story made me so horny”since then i only accept to be suck if my boys wear cute lingery”he pull me ass up lubbed his bbc and panty pn the side ass slap hard until i moan like a girl he yellpounding me into a maning bitch , changing my voice so he stop slapping my ass ahhhh ahhhhh girly moan and taking cock”thats it baby girl , moan like a girl and take my cock slut”i love it so fucking muchi yell like a teen at the prom night getting her tight cunt open smilling and taking the stranger strong bbc in my pussyhappy to be a fag, pleasing men and meeting was so easy and i loved the attention so much of a bbc all hard full; of cum just for me

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