Life with neighbors Part 2


Life with neighbors Part 2Life with neighbours Part 2I(Vijay) had shared my story with my neighbour Savita. As mentioned Savita and I were fucking each other everyday. Savita was to leave with her husband leaving behind her daughter at home. It was Saturday when Savita left. I went for breakfast and Kumkum, the daughter was at home. She was 20 years old, 5’3″ tall had big boobs 34B size. She did not know cooking. We had breakfast of Milk, Cornflakes and Omlette which I prepared. I asked Kumkum whether she would like to come and see a movie and we will have lunch somewhere.She was more than happy. We saw a movie and had lunch and came back when she was leaving me, I took her in my arms. She was uncomfortable and got herself released. Next day after breakfast we decided to go to a shopping mall. I was in shorts and she wore a tight top and skirt. The outlines of her nipples were clearly visible. She sat down on my motorcycle. She held me tightly by keeping one of her hand on my stomach. Slowly it slid down and her hand was on my leg. I purposely put a strong break, she lurched forward and her boobs were pressed on my back and her hand slid forward and almost touched my tool. I got her a perfume and bangles. We had some lunch in the mall and she agreed to take a beer with me.After coming back I asked her to wear her bangles and also use the perfume to check whether she liked them or not. We can exchange them if necessary. She liked them and was very happy. Simultaneously she was worried as to how she will explain these to her mother when she come back. I assured her that we will find a way out by then.In the evening she came to my room. I had given one set of keys of my flat to them. I was in my bed room and was watching a horror movie. She sat down near me and started watching the movie. One of the scene was real cracker and Kumkum came near me and I found she was shivering. I held her hand and started pressing it and she was comfortable with my actions. Slowly I lifted her hand and gave it a kiss. She crunched but did not press for releasing the hand. As the movie progressed she was coming closer and closer to me. Her thighs were touching me. I kept my hand on her thigh and started moving it. She was wearing a skirt and slowly I started moving it upward. In next scene she got kaynarca escort very scared and came very close and kept her hand on my shoulder, in the process my hand also moved up and was touching her pussy. I started moving my finger and found her enjoying. Next I placed my lips on her cheeks to which she did not object. With this encouragement, I placed my lips on her lips. She was not prepared for it and moved away a little bit but did not leave my place. I asked her the plan for dinner and agreed on calling for a pizza. I took beer from my fridge and gave one to her. She said that she does not like the taste of beer but would have it for my sake. She was becoming comfortable. I asked her whether she has a boy friend to which she denied. I also while talking asked her whether she has been kissed by any one earlier. She said yes by her father and mother. I told her I was not referring to that type of kiss and was talking about kissing on the lips. She denied being kissed that way.I asked her whether she liked me and she said yes.I asked her why she did not allow me to kiss herKumkum—I got scaredI……Can I do it now Kumkum…………She remained quiet but I could understand that she was ok with it.With this encouragement, I took her hand and started kissing it and put my hand on her lips and she also slowly put her peck on it. I took her in my arms and put my lips on hers. Slowly when my tongue pressed her lips she opened the lips and I inserted my tongue slowly in her mouth and she also started moving her tongue.I kept pressing her in my arms and she also started pressing me towards her. I was moving my hand on her back and slowly brought it down to her hips. She had lovely butts. She was 34-24-36. Slowly in this position, I started moving my hands on her boobs and kept her hand on my pulsating tool. She started moving her hand along my tool. At this time I made her lie down on the bed. We were entwined with each other and she was making small sounds of enjoyment when ever I pressed her boobs.After a little while, I asked her to take my tool out. She asked me what was the juice coming out. I explained that this is pre cum and flows whenever tool is in enjoyment state. I asked her to touch her pussy. On asking she agreed it was also wet. I asked her to remove orhanlı escort her panties as she had already taken my tool out. She was hesitant but did as I told her. I put my hand inside her pussy and started moving my fingers inside. She started pushing her pussy on my hand and with in a minute released lot of juice on my hands.I cleaned my hand and found her juice fragrant and salty. I also put one of my fingers in her mouth and she hesitantly sucked it clean. She opened my shirt, removed it and slowly made me fully naked. I also started removing her clothes. She protested but when I reminded that she has already made me naked she agreed. I started kissing her and she also actively did the same. I moved down to her boobs. They were bigger than of Savita and were fully erect. I started sucking on her nipple. She got excited and pressed my head. Her nipples were of dark colour and were at least half a inch long. She moved my hand to her pussy and started thrusting on my hand and orgasmed in a minute. I kept my hard erect cock on the gate of her pussy and started rubbing it on her clitoris. She was fully excited but I was careful as she was virgin and my cock was too thick and long for a first timer.. I slowly pushed my head inside. She was in pain and wanted me not to push in. I explained there will be pain for the first time after that she will enjoy the cock.I kept moving my tool and had inserted the head fully. Kumkum was thrusting her pussy towards my tool. I gave a strong push and her virginity was broken She started crying in pain and wanted me to take it out. I kept thrusting my tool and Kumkum started participating and was enjoying and in a minute she orgasmed and her pussy was filled with juice. I also could not restraint my self and released my juice. Since that day for the next 15 days we enjoyed each other every day. Kumkum would come back from college by 4.00 pm and till 6.00 pm we fucked each other at least twice a day. On Saturday and Sunday night as I had my off we will sleep together and would fuck at least 4-5 times in the night. We also saw some porn movies together. One day she said that she really enjoys having sex with me and why I did not do it earlier. She was very down when she realised that her mother will be at home from next day and tepeören escort wanted me to find a way out. Also she asked me to take off so that we could stay together and fuck each other. I also was now used to her and suggested that I will try to find another place for us to meet.Savita was back next day and her husband left after two days. As soon as he left, she came to my room and we fucked like mad. She was very happy and told me that she is pregnant with my c***d.I and Kumkum would meet in the market/garden where we could fondle each other. It was not satisfactory. Slowly I persuaded Savita to involve Kumkum in our game to reduce the risk of being caught. Reluctantly she agreed. On a Sunday when Kumkum and I had weekly off, they came together and we started seeing a movie which I knew had porno scenes in the later part. I had darkened the room and was sitting in between them. I had covered our legs with a blanket. I held their hands and kept their hands on my thighs. Slowly both of them moved it to hold my tool, their hands met. Both of them tried to with draw but I kept my hand on their hands. Thus both of them knew the game we were playing. After some time all of us moved to my bed room. Both Kumkum and Savita were hesitant. I asked them as to whether they would like to have some beer. Reluctantly they agreed. I went out and brought six bottles of beer and ordered food. By the time food came, we had finished one bottle of beer each. By now both were relaxed and had started talking of sex. After finishing food, we all lied down on the bed and started touching each other. Savita was looking very cute and I started kissing her but Kumkum wanted me to suck her nipple. We became free with each other. After that it became a three way game. Savita became an expert in pussy/cock sucking. Due to pregnancy, Savita could not be fucked very often and got tired easily. I and Kumkum would fuck everyday and Savita would either suck my cock or either of us would suck her pussy.Every good thing come to an end. I was transferred to Hyderabad and was required to move in a months time. All of us were devastated. Kumkum and I started fucking every day in the evening before going to my office. She would try to come as early as possible and many a times would miss her classes. In the day time Savita and me will fuck each other. Now we had no fear of getting caught as Kumkum was part of us. Savita before I left for Hyderabad told me that her sister Sheena was in Hyderabad and gave me her number. Kumkum also had a friend in Hyderabad.

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