Life With sis

Aria Skye

Life With sisLife With sisNot my story, I just cleaned up a post by a retired user “batoutofhell”If one thing is certain, life is full of changes. Just when the girls were starting to plan their trip to Virginia Beach, mom and dad had a meeting with Stephanie to tell her that they really didn’t want her to go that far, besides with plane tickets it was going to be really expensive. They suggested picking some place that they could go to by car no more than a one day drive. There was some arguing and crying, but she agreed to ask the others to reconsider and pick a new place.This wasn’t what they wanted, but the girls decided that they’d like to go to the Twin Cities in MN and spend time at the Mall of the Americas. What a deal, I thought. It was less than a day’s drive and mom and dad thought that would be safer for them at a mall than a beach with lots of teenage boys around. What did they think hung out at malls? Dad said he’d take care of the hotel arrangements, he could get some kind of corporate discount and he agreed to us renting a car for the trip, because mine was a real piece of crap, not to be trusted too far from home.Just a couple of days before we were supposed to go dad and mom had a meeting with Steph and me. Dad said he really didn’t like not having a “real” adult along, but he trusted me to watch after the girls and made me promise to keep them in sight at all times when out of the hotel. Then he told us that the only corporate type room arrangements he could get adjoining were two rooms each with two queen size beds. Steph immediate said she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as another girl.Mom took over. She looked very sternly at the two of us and made us promise to not fight and to get along for this week . . . we promised but made faces at each other. Then she said she didn’t want Steph in bed with another girl either so she was asking if the two of us would share one room, after all, she was my sister. I complained a little and so did Steph but we agreed with Steph adding “as long as he doesn’t look at me . . . ever.” One more time, mom and dad made us promise not to fight and to try to get along for this week long trip. We agreed. Later that day, I went upstairs to get ready for work and Steph said she was tired and wanted to read. As we got to the top of the stairs she smiled and whispered “this couldn’t have turned out better if we planned it.” I just smiled and nodded in agreement. Just before I opened my door, Steph grabbed me and pulled my head to hers so she could give me a big kiss and say “I love you bro, this is going to be so fun.”We don’t see much of each other, I work nights, leaving home around 3:30 PM and get home generally after midnight. I sleep in to about 9:00 AM and by then Steph is at school and mom and dad are at work. I’m off on Mon and Wed. I asked for and got vacation time for when the girls wanted to go but it was unpaid for three of the days since I hadn’t worked long enough to build up enough time. As a bonus, there are two micro breweries of the chain I work for in the Twin Cities area and the manager said we could get employee discounts on the food for all four of us. That could help a little with the expenses.Dad rented us a Chevy Impala, on the planned day after graduation I loaded all of the luggage and girls into the car and we headed out. This was actually not quite as bad as I thought it would be, but I did get tired of hearing them constantly talk, I just wanted a little bit of quiet time. After about two hours of “school talk” and “boy talk” I got hit with a question I didn’t expect at that moment. Terece asked “was I was going to be their boy toy or servant or whatever you call it?” I said “beg your pardon” and she elaborated by saying “you know, will you do stuff for us, naked, you know, like at the pool?”Since she brought it up I asked what they wanted. Then I started to blush as they started to elaborate on all of the plans they had. They wanted me to walk with them at the mall and pretend that they were all my girlfriends, that sounded not too bad, we were close to the same age. When we went to the hotel pool, they wanted me to put suntan lotion on them, fix their chairs, dry them, etc. Pretty much go from pretend boyfriend, to pretend man servant. Then they started to giggle and I caught bits of; “you tell him,” “no you do it,” “not me, you ask, he’s your brother,” “I’m scared, you ask.” Finally I said would someone just spit it out, you’re making my head hurt. Then they all started talking at once, which was worse, so I asked Steph if she knew what they wanted, just tell me or ask me, or whatever they wanted. Steph said “they talked about the time they were at the pool and I was naked and wanted to know if I’d be their naked servant at the hotel, in the rooms and do stuff for them like fix their bath or wash them or jerk off for them, or you know, stuff that they wanted to do or see.” I was beet red, I know, but I said sure, as long as there was no pain. That was followed by a bunch of laughing and happy comments.When we got to the hotel and checked in, the games started. Terece turned to me and said “bring our bags to our rooms and unpack while we look at the facilities.” They all turned and walked away leaving me with a bunch of suit cases. I got a cart and brought everything up, I put the bags in the rooms and made a modest attempt at unpacking, hanging things that needed hanging, putting bathroom things in the bathroom and everything else into drawers. I have to admit, I did admire the skimpy and sexy underwear and bathing suits. This could be fun.I was standing in the bathroom, door open, poor planning, taking a pee when all three girls came into the room. When they saw me they started to laugh and asked if I was just practicing for the rest of the week. Lexi handed me a bag and said it was a present from the girls, they bought it at the hotel gift shop, it was a very brief pair of swimming trunks, not a Speedo, but it wasn’t very big. They said that and this, they handed me another bag with a T shirt in it, were to be my uniform at the pool. Then I was told to hurry and change, we are going to the pool.It was a bit embarrassing at first, but as a lot of the older business men and women that were staying there kept watching the girls in their bikini’s and glancing at me, it started to be a turn on. After a short while I got right into being ordered around: Spread lotion on my back. Spread lotion on my legs. Get me something cold to drink. Dry me and get a fresh towel for the chaise. I did it all without a word, the problem was, every time I got done with the suntan lotion my cock was bulging in my trunks, that’s what they wanted to see, and they saw it.Afterwards, we went back to our rooms. Steph said that they were all going to take showers to get the suntan lotion off and that I was to dry them. They all used the shower in Lexi and Terece’s room. When I came in to help, I was told, not with those clothes on, NAKED, NOW! Oh dear, raging hardon for about 45 minutes as a dried girls and rubbed them with body lotion, all over, oh yes, all over, pussy, tits, ass, you name it, and of course the legs. They were having so much fun giggling about my hard cock and stroking it sometimes or just giving a couple of quick jerks. They did tell me I better be able to last all week, they didn’t want to look for a replacement. Steph was actually pretty quiet, she just kept watching and smiling, except for when I dried and lotioned her, she was the only one of the three that gave me a little kiss and a thank you, followed by a smile.I asked about dinner plans and was told that they were having fruit and salads sent up to the room along with some cold sandwiches, some sort of “party platter” they had on the room service menu. When I looked shocked, Lexi said not to worry, she was paying for it, her treat for the first night. I was rushed out of the room when the food arrived and then was ushered back in after the delivery. Since there was one table in each room with two chairs, we brought our chairs into their room. Then it was my job to be their naked server. It was pretty fun, fixing plates for the girls and getting a little tug on the cock or a quick suck, this was going to be OK. As I finished serving them I was told to get something for myself and I did. My cock was getting a little softer but the precum was really making a mess running out of me. Steph saw it and asked me to come close to her, I did and she took a piece of melon and scooped up the precum, then ate it. One comment, not enough to go around, so girls.After that, we went back to the pool for more of me being their servant. I let you know what happened at night later.When we got back to our rooms Terece said “I can’t wait much longer”. Both Steph and Lexie agreed, then Steph told me to get undressed and get into the tub. I asked why, and was just told to do it.While I was getting undressed, the girls took off their shoes and bottoms. When I got into the tub they told me to lie down and then all three of them got into the tub and stood straddling me, I was pretty sure what was going to happen. As soon as all were in position Terece said “I got to go now” and within seconds, all three were peeing on me. It was really something to feel all of that hot pee hitting me from my chest to my balls and even better, getting stare at Lexie’s pussy as she pulled it open and let loose all over me.When they were done they ran some water and rinsed their feet under the faucet as they got out and told me to rinse off but don’t get dressed. I did what they said to and went into the room with them, they were all wearing just T shirts and started to tell me that they wanted to see how long I could keep hard without cumming. But first I was handed a 2 liter bottle of cola and was told I needed to drink it all, soon because we were going to do “that” again real soon. Steph told me to start jerking off, she wanted to let the girls see my hard cock. With that, Terece motioned for me to come over to her and she started to suck on my cock, that got it up really fast. While sucking she was gently caressing my balls. With everything that has happened today, I thought I would cum really quickly if she didn’t stop and I said so. Lexie reached over and pulled me towards her and she took off where Terece left off. Now she was sucking my cock and playing with my balls. One more time I told them what was going to happen and she stopped. She looked up and smiled and said “not yet, you have to wait”.We sat around talking and drinking our beverages, part of the talk was about the day’s activities, what they wanted to do tomorrow, etc. I had finished the bottle they gave me and was really hurting to pee. I told them a couple of times that I didn’t think I could wait much longer or I’d be going on the floor. Finally, they agreed that they had to pee too and told me to follow them into the bathroom. They all got into the tub and faced me while pulling their T’s up. Steph told me to pee on their pussies, I gulped and stared, then they all said to hurry up, they needed to go too.I let loose, I really had to go bad. I aimed at first one pussy then the next, I didn’t think I’d ever stop peeing. The girls were squealing and giggling and telling me to keep going, but it soon ended and they told me to get into the tub like before.As soon as I was down and they were over me again, they started to pee on me. I don’t know what got them interested in doing this, but it was starting to get to be pretty fun. My cock got hard as I watched the stream of urine coming from Terece’s pussy, she was closest to my face. When they were done they said we might as well do our showers, we needed to clean up anyway.To my surprise, and pleasure, we all showered together. It was crowded, but what’s not to like about rubbing bodies with wet, soapy girls. We even helped wash each other. I paid particular attention to make sure they all had the cleanest tits in the hotel and they did their best to make sure my cock was cleaner than any other in town.As we were drying Lexie asked if I’d like to watch them climax. I just nodded while smiling and letting my cock rise to the occasion. The girls all laid on the bed, propped up with pillows and told me to stand at the foot of the bed. Then they started to masturbate and talk to each other about watching my cock, how many boys they had sucked off, how many they had given hand jobs too and how many and who they had fucked. I was really getting into listening and slowly jerking off.My sister was the first to climax, it was really something to be standing right there, staring at three beautiful pussies as the first one started to open and contract to the climax, she moaned softly at first then louder, just about when I was ready to cum I slowed down. Terece’s face changed a little, she was getting pink on her chest, her head went back and she started to shake all over, what an unbelievable sight. Before she finished Lexie followed.I told them I was ready to cum if they wanted to watch. They said I better not hit the bed or them, catch it in my hand or something. I had no time to get anything to cum into so a started to cum in my hand. I had been waiting for this for a long time and couldn’t stop once I got started. As soon as I had squeezed the last drop of cum from my cock Steph said “you know what we want to see” and I just stood there. Steph said “eat your cum and let us watch”. My cum filled hand went to my mouth and I licked it clean for them.It was getting late and I asked if it was about bed time. They all agreed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I came out Steph was in my bed. I just looked at her and asked if she decided to change beds. She put a finger to her mouth to shush me and told me to come to bed. I did as she told me to, then she said “I just want to be held for a while, please hold me”. I put my arm around her, she snuggled into me and whispered “I love you”, I didn’t say anything for a minute or so and she said it again. I looked down at her and told her I loved her too, she gave me a little squeeze and I fell asleep.Well, the next couple of days were much of the same, mall, pool, eat. The only part that was kind of fun, I got to go naked in the room in front of the girls who were busy doing girl things and maybe a little playing with me.Then the conversation at breakfast on the fourth day. Terece was the spokesperson and wanted to know if they could have an all day party. No people invited, just the four of us, but a party. I asked what they had in mind, some blushing and looking at each other, then they said that they brought a couple of bottles of rum with them, Terece’s cousin bought it for them.I wasn’t sure, but I agreed if we didn’t leave the room once anyone was getting tipsy and no one could get really drunk, I was still responsible. They excitedly started making plans, first we had to go shopping and get food, then fix up the room.Pretty much they decided that the table with four chairs was the “lounge” and the desk, cleaned off with a towel, was for the bar and food. Lights were turned off, except for one dim light and a music station was put on the TV. They got changed into their swimwear and told me to do the same and mix them some drinks. We couldn’t carry glass to the pool so I mixed up a 2 liter bottle that was 3/4 full with rum and we brought some plastic glasses with ice and off to the pool.For a couple of hours I did the pool boy thing, putting on lotion, pouring drinks, drying them when they got out of the pool. I was getting horny and the girls were getting a little bit silly drunk so we went to the room where I was instructed to get into the bartender uniform . . . naked.We talked a bit as I joined them for some drinks, and I had to ask why all the peeing stuff. Terece said she found her dad’s porn movies and he had a lot of “golden showers”, fisting and cream pie stuff. They were watching the golden showers and thought it looked fun. She also thinks her parents are into it because they do seem to take a lot of showers together, in one day.As they were getting more drunk, Lexie said she was hungry and that she had bought some chocolate sauce and honey to dip fruit into, but she now had a better idea. She got the chocolate sauce and squirted some on my cock and started to lick it off. With no invitation, Terece joined her, squirting chocolate and licking my cock. It got so hard I thought it would explode, I’d never had two girls licking on my cock and balls before. I couldn’t resist, I undid and pulled off Lexie’s top and put some honey on her nipples and bent over to lick it off of one when I was joined by Terece, who started to lick the other one. I looked at Steph and she was rubbing her pussy through her swimsuit.We sat back down for some more rum and Coke when Terece asked if we wanted to see what her and Lexie could do. Lexie was shaking her head and saying no, not now, but Terece kept on asking us but when we wanted to know what, she said we would just have to watch.Terece told Lexie to get ready and she made a face but took off her bottoms, went over to the bed, propped herself up with a couple of pillows and put one under her hips. Terece started up the bed between Lexie’s legs and put a finger into Lexie’s pussy, pulled it out and said that she was pretty wet, then she started rubbing her clit with the wet finger, then put it in again to get it wetter. After about three or four minutes of us watching this, I was horny, but that really wasn’t anything special and before I could say anything, Steph did.Terece got up and got a bottle of lubricant from her suitcase and came back, smiled at us as she squirted some on Lexie’s pussy then started to work the opening of her pussy with her thumbs, while still stroking her clit with her fingers. First she would put the thumbs in, then pull the pussy open while sliding the thumbs out. She did this a few times as Lexie started to really get into this. Then Terece put lubricant on her fingers and started to work Lexie’s pussy open with two fingers from each hand. Now she was pushing in four fingers at a time and stretching the pussy open . . . this was starting to drive me crazy and precum was starting to drip from my cock.Steph saw the precum, leaned over and licked it off. She also took off her bottoms so she could rub her clit. Lexie was now moaning and rubbing her clit as Terece put more lube on one hand and put in four fingers and moved them around a little bit, then she did it, her thumb went in and all of a sudden she was up to her wrist in Lexie’s pussy. Lexie was groaning and moaning and rubbing her clit when all of a sudden she grabbed Terece’s arm and started to work it in and out of her pussy real fast, then she climaxed. I almost did too, just watching, I’ve never seen anything like that.When Lexie was done, Terece pulled her fist out and smiled at us and said, “she really likes that, a lot, I guess you can tell”. I asked if she ever tried it and said no, but Lexie said as long as she started slow it didn’t hurt, in fact if felt really good. Then Lexie admitted she usually doesn’t cum that fast, but with us watching she couldn’t control it.Then, with no notice, Steph crawled onto the bed and said “do me, please, do me.” She got into position and now I was really getting hornier than hell, getting to watch this a second time, only now with my sister. As Terece started the routine, Lexie said she would help and got along side Steph and started sucking at her breasts and licking them. I knew if I touched my cock it would explode.Steph really got into it, she kept telling Terece to “fuck her harder”, I just couldn’t believe it. Then she almost screamed as she started to climax, Terece said she clamped onto her wrist so hard with her pussy she couldn’t pull it out. When she was done climaxing, she was just grinning and saying “we have to do this more often.” I told them I couldn’t hold back I was going to cum too.Steph told me not on the bed or floor, do it in your hand and I did. I didn’t even wait for her to tell me, I ate it. Immediately, Terece said that everyone had cum but her. Both the girls pulled her onto the bed. Lexie went for her pussy and Steph for her breasts. I just watched as the three of them worked together to make her climax.That was the real highlight of the night. We did play some water sports, but that was the most memorable part. Later, when we were too tired to play anymore Steph and I went to our room and showered and went to bed. Tonight Steph came to bed with me for the second time on this trip, cuddled up to me, kissed me on the cheek, told me she loved me and said I was going to have to learn how to do that fisting thing on her. I asked if it was a joke, she said no way, I had to learn.After the week away, it was really hard to get back to a normal lifestyle. First off, mom and dad noticed that we were a lot nicer towards each other. Rather than tell a big lie, I told them that we just really learned to appreciate each other more, I guess it comes with growing up . . . they thought it was nice.Every chance I had, I would go naked around the house when the parents weren’t there. I loved being naked in front of Steph and she got pretty comfortable about being partially naked around me. She would just wear a T shirt so I could see her pussy and ass. She was still uncomfortable about being totally naked, she didn’t like her little titties, I didn’t care.Since school was out, Steph got a job at the same restaurant I worked at during the same shift so we could drive together. She worked in the front of the house and I was in the kitchen. This was really good, because of our schedule we were usually home alone after we got up until we went to work.She never got tired of the peeing thing. Every morning it was pretty much the same thing. She’d come in to wake me and follow me to the bathroom. We’d get into the shower and she’d start to pee on me while I did the same to her, then we’d shower, helping wash each other and then to my room.Steph seemed to never get tired of watching me jerk off. She’d ask if we could wait, though to cum later. This one morning, she asked if I’d given any thought to trying to fist her, and I had, I was afraid I’d hurt her. She wanted to try, she had bought some lubricant and went to her room to get it.When she laid on my bed, she put a pillow up under her hips and spread her pussy open with her fingers. It looked so good, so pink and wet, I had to go down on her. I started to lick up inside her pussy, get the taste of her pussy juices, then I went for her clit and started to suck and lick it. Steph put her hands on my head and said she wanted to try the fisting now, she was really turned on.I started like I remembered the girls do. I worked at the opening to her pussy with my thumbs, slowly putting them in, feeling how warm and wet she was. Then I would spread them apart, but not force it too much. I did this probably six or seven times, each time spreading her pussy open wider. I was getting so hard and the precum was oozing out just from looking inside that beautiful pussy of hers.Next I got the lubricant and wet a couple of fingers with it and put them inside her pussy and rubbed them around to spread the lube, I did this a second time just to make sure. Then I put lube all over my right hand and started by inserting three fingers into her pussy, it was tight and she was moaning and moving her hips onto my fingers and telling me to put in another finger. I went for four and she started to stroke her clit and push her pussy onto my fingers, like she was fucking my hand. It was really tight when I tried to insert my thumb too.Before I could get my thumb in her pussy she started to climax and tighten around my fingers. When she was done she told me to straddle her so she could suck my cock and I did. I was so horny I only lasted a couple of minutes and started to blow my cum into her mouth, I couldn’t stop.When I was done, she was looking up at me smiling and motioning me to lie down next to her. I did and was kissed and passed my cum back and forth between us for a couple of minutes. Then we both swallowed. She said that it felt so good to have her pussy full like that and she wanted to keep trying until I could get my fist inside her.After that we went downstairs and got breakfast. I still love to walk around naked and look at her pussy and ass. Maybe someday she’ll be willing to go naked around me, but until then, I’ll take what I can get. After we ate, Steph said that maybe tomorrow Lexis and/or Terece might come over to visit. They’re planning on moving away together to go to college and they have something that they want to tell us.We woke up with the doorbell ringing and someone knocking. Steph went downstairs to check and it was her girlfriends. Mom and dad had gone to work and we were tired because we worked late. Steph called up to me and told me to come down, no need to dress.When I came downstairs both Terece and Lexie gave me a hug and a tug on my cock and said hello. We had some news to tell them and they couldn’t wait to tell us something, they went first. They told us that they figured that they were more gay than bi and that they were moving to CO, maybe the Denver area, to go to college. I guess I looked surprised and they said it’s not a big deal, they are bi, they just happen to really like girls better, especially each other, and then they kissed.Steph was excited for them and told them we finally made a decision too, about school and our future. I had been planning on going into the military, but since I’d been working in the kitchen at the micro brewery, I found I really liked cooking. We found a school in the Twin Cities of MN that offered courses we both wanted and we would wind up with our BA’s in less than three years. It was all year schooling, no breaks except holidays. I was going to major in culinary arts and Steph was going for hotel, motel, restaurant management. We haven’t told our folks yet.Terece asked if our folks weren’t home, would it be OK to go out to the pool and Steph said yes. They literally undressed in the living room, stopped at the laundry for towels and headed out. Steph told me to get the suntan lotion and fix them some drinks.They were definitely still bi, they let me lotion them up, rubbing their backs first then their breasts, tummies, pussy and legs. All three seemed to like the attention and so did my cock. By the time I got done with Steph I had a little stream of precum hanging from my cock, she scooped it up with a finger and licked it clean.I got the girls some drinks and as a thank you, each of them gave my cock a couple of tugs. As I sat down, Terece started telling us about how they figured that they were probably more gay than bi. While she talked she was absent mindedly stroking her pussy, so I thought, then I noticed that Lexie was doing the same thing. That got my cock rock hard and I wanted to jerk off right there.Steph asked what they were doing. Terece said just getting ready, she thought the three of them could have some fun before they left, since they were moving in a couple of weeks and didn’t know when they’d see each other again. Before Steph finished with “what do you have ….” Terece got up and went over the chaise that Lexie was on, Lexie spread her legs and Terece went down on her pussy, licking it inside and out, cleaning off as much pussy juice as possible. Then she started pushing her thumbs into her pussy and spreading it open as she pulled them out. We knew what was coming next and Steph told me to go to her room and get the lube from her night table, I did.When I got back downstairs Terece had her entire fist inside Lexie and was pumping it fast as Lexie rammed her hips onto the fist and fingered her clit. Evidently she didn’t need the lube. As I watched, she started to climax, I looked at Steph and she was fingering her clit too, she looked at me and smiled, then said, “I’m next, I hope, I don’t think I can last long”.When she was done, Terece asked if I wanted to lick her hand, of course I did, I love the taste of pussy. She let me lick her hand dry and told me to clean up Lexie, she was going to help Steph. I looked at Lexie, she spread wide open and told me to make sure she was clean, then she giggled and added, I hope you don’t mind. She was staring at my cock, it was so hard it was throbbing and precum was dripping out the end.As I started to go down on Lexie, I saw Terece start to work on Stephanie, she was already moving her thumbs in and out as I started to lick Lexie’s pussy clean, it was really wet and tasted so good I thought I’d cum without touching my cock.I heard Steph moaning and looked over, Terece had lubed her hand and was working four fingers in and out of her, slowly at first. Lexie got up and went over to Steph too and started to lick her clit while Terece kept working her fingers in and out. When she put her fist in, Steph moaned loudly and said she couldn’t hold back any longer. Lexie kept sucking and licking her clit while she started to moan and push her pussy onto the fist, it was just unbelievable.Last was Terece’s turn and she asked Steph to do the fisting. As Steph started the process, Lexie went over and started to kiss her, deep kisses, tongue action and started to work her way down to her breasts. By the time she was sucking on her breasts, Steph had four fingers in Terece’s pussy and was adding a little more lube, I started to stroke my cock, slowly, I didn’t want to cum yet. When Steph got her fist into Terece, she looked up at me and smiled and said it felt really good to have her fist in the pussy, about then, Terece started to shake as she climaxed. I asked if I could lick her out and they all just smiled at me as Terece spread her legs for me to get to her pussy. I couldn’t taste the lube, just the pussy juice, I loved it.Steph made a comment that everyone had climaxed but me. She asked if I wanted to and I just nodded yes. She told me to lie on one of the chaises and start jerking off so they could watch. As I started, Steph came along side me and started to spread her legs a little, I knew what she was about to do and I couldn’t wait. Within seconds, there was a stream of pee right from my sisters pussy hitting me right on my cock and balls, I didn’t want it to end, it felt so good, but it did. Then Terece said she wanted to help and she straddled me, got her pussy above my cock and she started to pee on me, she was smiling at me as she did it and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. As she got off, Lexie moved over me, squatted until my cock was just about touching her pussy and she started to pee on me, that was it, I couldn’t hold back any longer, as her piss was hitting the end of my cock I started to cum and just let it happen. When I was done, they were all smiling at me and asked how it was. I had to say terrific.Then Steph told me I better hose off that area sometime today, we didn’t want any questions about why it smelled like pee out there. We all laughed as Terece said “too bad you don’t have a dog to blame it on”.We visited for a couple of hours and then said our goodbyes. The girlfriends got dressed and left. Steph and I went upstairs to get our morning showers and get ready for work. As we got into the shower I asked Steph to sit on the floor of the shower and spread her legs. When she was in position I peed all over her pussy and clit while she smiled and told me she loved me.After our showers, Steph followed me into my room and said she had one more thing to do. She got down on the bed and told me to stand in front of her. She started to suck on my cock and rub my balls until I came for the second time today. I know why she did it, she kept sucking until everything was out of my cock. She then stood up, put her arms around me and started to kiss me, her tongue came into my mouth followed by some of the cum, we kissed and passed the cum back and forth for a couple of minutes, she closed her mouth and backed away a little bit, we both swallowed. Then she looked me deep in the eyes and asked me if I thought we’d stay together forever. I smiled and told her I hoped so, she was really special. Then I told her thanks, and she asked for what. I told her this was one of the first times she was around me totally naked, usually she puts on a T shirt or something. She looked at me and smiled and said she didn’t think she had to hide from me anymore, she is just who she is and that’s the way it is. We said “I love you” almost at the same time, laughed and she headed for her room to get ready for work.Well, it was almost the end of summer and we were pretty serious of our next move. We changed from going for a 4 year degree and figured we could get the vocational training we wanted and a AS degree in about 18 months. School goes year round. We made arrangements at work to meet with the manager of one of the chain restaurants in Eagan, MN when we got there, so we could have jobs while going to school. That looked pretty good so we planned on taking two weeks off to find a place to live, move, check into school and get started working. It was going to be busy.Mom and dad let us go through a bunch of stored stuff in the basement, garage and shed. We found pretty much enough dishes, cookware, flatware, pictures and some other stuff to get us started in an apartment. We told them we were looking for a one bedroom, that’s about all we can afford. They weren’t crazy about us sharing a room, but as long as we had our own beds they thought it was OK, after all, we were brother and sister, nothing was going to happen between us.I traded in my clunker of a car and got a used small truck with a shell on the back. Dad picked up half the cost as a way to help us, and Steph and I paid the balance. No payment is good. We packed enough clothes and toiletries for a week and headed out. We had reservations at a suite motel near the restaurant and figured that was a good place to start looking for a place to live.When we got the motel and checked in, we brought our stuff in and went right to the restaurant and met with the manager. Everything was going to be good, he could use us both Wed through Sun, this meant we were either in school or at work every day of the week. We had lunch with the manager and chef and got a few ideas of places to live nearby and then went back to the motel to plan the rest of the week.As we got into the room Step told me to hurry up and get undressed, she was already undressing. We hadn’t gone pee in a long while and both of us were really hurting and didn’t want to waste it. As we went into the bathroom, she asked what I wanted to do, I told her whatever she wanted. She told me to sit on the floor of the tub, then she stood over me, squatted down just a little and let loose with a hard and hot stream of pee. It hit me square on the cock and she moved a little to hit my balls too. This brought an immediate thrill.Next, I got up and told her to assume the same position I did, only spread her legs and put them on the sides of the tub. This opened her pussy just bursa escort enough so I could hit her clit. She gave a little squeal as the pee hit for the first time. After that we rinsed off and dried and went into the room.Neither of us dressed, we sat together on the couch talking. Steph had put her head on my shoulder and was absent mindedly running her fingers along the shaft of my cock. I couldn’t resist, I had one arm over her shoulder and was slowly playing with one of her breasts, concentrating on gently tweaking one nipple. We kind of laid out our plans for the search for an apartment.Steph looked up at me and said, “you’re horny.” Not a question, a statement. I asked her how she new and felt her squeeze my cock as she ran two of her fingers up the shaft to the tip, then she held those two fingers up and showed me a big glob of precum, she smiled and stood up. Then she told me to feel her pussy, she was almost dripping she was so wet. I guess we both were a bit horny. She told me to go over to the bed.When I got there, she arranged a couple of the pillows and told me to kind of recline against them, so I did. Then she got on top of me and started to lower her pussy onto my cock. I stopped her and before I could say anything she grinned and said it’s not what you think, I know better, so I relaxed.The next thing I knew I was in heaven. I felt her soft, hot, wet pussy settle on top of my cock. Then she started rocking and sliding back and forth, wetting my cock with her juices and rubbing her clit on my cock. It didn’t take long and she was moaning gently as I felt her pussy start to almost vibrate on my cock shaft as she climaxed. When she was done, she got off and knelt alongside me.From the kneeling position she started to lick my cock and get all of her juices off me. I told her I couldn’t wait much longer. As she put the tip of my cock in her mouth I started to cum, it felt so good I didn’t want it to end, but it did. Steph got up alongside me, pulled me over so we could hold each other and started to kiss me. Softly at first, then more full mouthed. Next I felt her tongue and my cum entering my mouth. We passed the cum and played with our tongues for a few minutes before swallowing. I told her we better clean up before we went out apartment shopping. She grinned and said no, she wanted us to go the way we were, it would be fun. In fact, she said we should stop cleaning up every time we do something like this. If either of us is dripping or wet, just rub it in. Sounded a little weird, but so what.Before the end of the day, we had a pretty good idea of what part of town we wanted to live in. The next day we found the place we could afford. One bedroom, kind of a big main room with a kitchenette. The called it a loft apartment. All of the appliances, including a stack washer and dryer were included as well as sewer, water, heat and garbage pickup. Only electric was ours and we didn’t care about TV, we weren’t going to have one.Next we went shopping at some thrift stores and bought enough furniture and extras to get started and arranged for deliver. We couldn’t move in for three days, that was OK, we had the motel room for four more days anyway.We stopped and got some stuff to fix a small supper, ate, cleaned up after ourselves and then got undressed and headed back to the bathroom. We stood in the tub hugging as I started to pee all over Steph’s tummy and let it run down her pussy and legs. When I was done, she backed up and got into position so she could pee up on my tummy, it took a bit, but she did it. We then showered and went back out to the room. We were tired and ready for bed.As we laid down, Steph snuggled up to me, my favorite position, put her hand on my cock and gently squeezed. Then she said she hoped we didn’t get tired of what we were doing and by the way, she announced she would be joining me in at least sleeping nude, especially once we were in our own place. We did a quick kiss and told each other we loved each other. After a couple of moments of silence she said, “good thing they trust us not to do anything, since we’re brother and sister”. I had to laugh a little, and then told her good night as I rested one hand on her bare pussy.Well we found a nice, small, one bedroom studio that had a pretty good neighborhood, nice and quiet. We made a trip home to get another truck load of stuff mom and dad said we could have and we got moved in. A week later we start work and school. Until then it’s get the place the way we want it.Some is double duty, we bought a pretty big dining room table because it is also our desks. Very little living room furniture, we’re not going to be here much. Mom and dad followed us back, they wanted to see it and help us move in. The next day we all had breakfast together, in our new apartment, and they left, still not really happy we shared a bedroom, but since we had twin beds, it was probably OK.After they left, we opened one of the boxes of wine they left us. They gave us two since they knew we didn’t drink heavily. I got naked, Steph stripped down to just her shirt and we settled in to enjoy a day off. As we sat together, Steph started to stroke my cock almost absent mindedly like she did at the motel. I told her I liked it and she said she really didn’t realize what she was doing, then she grinned at me and winked. Now I knew better. She did ask if I was going to go naked all the time at home and I said as long as it didn’t bother her, yes. She said it would bother her if I quit, then she would think something was wrong.I asked if she was going to start to go naked but she said, not yet, but I will sleep naked. I totally understand, it’s not for everyone, but she does look pretty sexy in just a shirt. Then she asked another question, she wanted to know if I thought her pussy would look better completely shaved, I like the little patch she has, but said that maybe we could work at it and make it look better, she shaves it kind of ragged, maybe I can help. She added, she wanted me to keep my cock and balls shaved, she didn’t care about the rest, but she liked smooth skin when she was licking and sucking. Hard to believe we’re talking about this stuff. A couple of years ago we barely talked at all.We finished our wine and decided we needed to get dressed and do some grocery shopping for the rest of the week and the start of next week. We got back, put everything away, got into our lounging attire, shirt and nothing, and poured some soda to drink (or as they call it in the north “pop”).There was a knock at the door, neither of us thought of this. Steph got up, she had the only clothes on and asked who it was. It was a man’s voice and said it was he and his wife, just came to welcome us in. She could see them in the peep hole and saw that they were a little bit older than us. Steph told them we weren’t dressed, if they wanted to come back a little later. The woman answered and said they’ve seen everything, it won’t bother them if it doesn’t bother us. Steph looked at me, I nodded, she opened the door.We met the folks from across the hall, Keith and Sue. At first I felt really awkward, but Keith said not to let it be a bother, they aren’t dressed all of the time either. I got up and came over to them and we shook hands, Keith did glance at Steph’s pussy. After a couple of minutes of standing there, Sus suggested we sit down, Steph asked if they’d like some wine or . . . they said yes to the wine. Steph poured four glasses, added some soda to ours, and served them. This was really starting to be surreal. I’m naked, Steph is half naked, this couple is fully dressed, and we are just visiting. I almost got up to get dressed, but thought that would be even more awkward. We visited for about 15 minutes, Sue said they needed to get home. As they got up I could see Keith had a hardon, my guess, they were going to have fun when they got home. As they left, they told us not to worry about being undressed if they came over, it was OK with them.When they left we almost burst into laughter. Steph asked if I could see his hardon. I told her he’d been staring at her pussy the whole time and she said she knew it and Sue kept looking at my cock. I told her this could actually wind up being fun some times.By now we both had to pee pretty bad. We went to our new bathroom and got into the little shower. I got on the floor of it as Steph stood over me and let loose with a stream that started hitting me right in the face and then worked it on down my chest. Then she got down and I did the same for her. We bought a bunch of cheap small towels to wipe off with, we figured we’d go through a lot of them.After we dried off I asked Steph to come to our bedroom with me. She did and when we were in there I asked her to lie on the bad so I could eat her out. I really like the taste of her pussy and I love it when she climaxes. I went down on her right away and started to suck on her clit while pushing my tongue inside her. She got really wet pretty fast but she stopped me and asked me to fist. When I got up, she already had the lube on the nightstand and handed it to me.I started rubbing my thumbs up inside her pussy with a little bit of lube on them. As I rubbed, I pulled her pussy open, a little more each time, this took a while, I didn’t want to hurt her. She started to moan as I moved over to using three fingers. I added more lube and she started to rub her clit while I moved my fingers in and out, then I added the fourth finger, that had her pretty spread out and she started to climax, I could feel her pussy squeezing and releasing my fingers as she moaned and pushed her pussy onto my hand.When she was done, she sat up and told me to get on my back. As soon as I had she licked off all the precum that had formed on my cock. Then she licked my balls and sucked them while stroking my cock with her hand. When I couldn’t hold back any more, she got up and straddled me with her pussy and rocked that wet pussy back and forth and up and down on my cock, I could feel her clit on my cock as I started to cum, I couldn’t hold back.After I finished cumming, Steph went down on my cock and sucked it clean and licked it clean and got up all the cum from my tummy. She then got back on top of me, put her face close to mine and pulled my mouth open with two of her fingers. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I found out as my cum fell from her mouth to mine. Then she rolled off and started to kiss me. We did our usual thing here and passed the cum back and forth as we kissed for a couple of minutes and then I swallowed it. We were both pretty tired and Steph said that she had told me that we weren’t going to clean up every time we messed around. She like the smell of sex, is the way she put it. Besides, we need to take a shower in the morning after our morning “golden showers”. Life with sis is getting pretty fun and interesting.With school and work, we didn’t hardly have time to sleep. Mon through Fri we had school from 0800 until 1630. Then we worked at the restaurant Wed through Fri from 1730 until 2330. On Sat and Sun we worked from 1100 until 1800. In between all of that we had anywhere from two to three hours of study or homework and, oh yes, sleep time. We didn’t have much of a social life, it was mostly just the two of us for 18 months.This is a typical day:I woke up first, I usually do, and went over to Steph’s bed to wake her up. I just sat on the edge of her bed and gently stroked her cheek with my fingers, first thing I get is a little frown, then a smile and she tells me she’s awake and tells me to start the coffee and she’ll meet me in the bathroom.After I turn on the coffee pot I head for the bathroom, she’s standing in our shower smiling and tells me that I know what to do. I sit on the floor of the shower as she straddles me, squats down a little bit and lets loose of a hot torrent of pee, it splashes on my cock and balls and feels so good, I wish it didn’t end as fast as it did.When I stand up, Steph spreads her legs and opens her pussy with her fingers so I can pee right on her clit. As the pee hits her clit she moans just a little bit and tells me this is the best part of waking up. Then we take quick showers, helping each other by washing each other’s back.After we dry off, Steph puts on a shirt and follows me out to our little kitchenette where we pour our coffee and fix some breakfast, usually just cereal and fruit. We figure out what needs to be done for the day and head back into the bedroom.Steph tells me she’s horny this morning and wants to watch me masturbate while she does. I like the sounds of that and don’t hesitate in starting to stroke my cock as she leans back on her bed, spreads her legs and starts to stroke her clit. She puts a couple of fingers inside and gets out the pussy juice to wet her clit and keeps going. My cock is hard and precum is oozing out the tip, I get it off with one of my fingers and lick it, this makes Steph moan out loud.Now Steph tells me she wants me to use my mouth and tongue on her. I love the taste of her pussy and lie down between her thighs. I start by cleaning up as much of her pussy juice as I can get out of her pussy with my tongue. Then I start to gently suck on her clit while rubbing my tongue on it at the same time. It isn’t long before she has my head in her hands pushing it down onto her pussy. Then I feel her body tense up, she starts to shake just a little bit and then a loud groan as she climaxes. I keep working her clit until she pulls my head off of her.She throws one of her legs over me and tells me to slide up on the bed, so I do. Then, while sitting on the edge of the bed she starts to stroke my cock with one hand and rub my balls with the other. She stops a couple of times to lick off the precum. When I tell her I’m close, she puts my cock in her mouth and keeps stroking it with one hand. I cum almost as soon as I fell her hot mouth on the tip of my cock. She keeps going until I tell her to stop.Steph moves up the bed to where she can put her mouth above mine, by the look on her face I know I have to open my mouth or have cum all over my face. I open my mouth and she lets the cum fall from her mouth into mine. Then she comes all the way down and kisses me, just a little kiss, so I swallow. We have to get ready to go to school.The rest of the day is hectic with school, then we have to stop at home to change to go to work. After work we return back home, we’re both pretty exhausted but settle down to have one glass of wine and kind of unwind before taking showers to get the restaurant smell of us.We get undressed and go to the shower together, that’s one thing nice about a large shower, no waiting. When we get in, Steph wants me to hug her, I do, and she reaches down and puts my cock between her legs. As soon as she has it there she starts to pee on me, I’d been holding it for about 30 minutes and let go too, I’m hitting her pussy as she hits my cock and I can feel it running down my balls and legs.After we take a quick shower, Steph puts on a shirt, I stay naked and we go back out to do our homework. It takes a couple of hours before we can finally go to bed. Before we climb into our beds, we stop by the door and hug one more time, I’ve really gotten to depend on my sister for her support and love, it’s really a special feeling.Most of our days were pretty much the same, a little play time, school, work, study. Then we got a little break. School was out from just before Christmas until just after New year’s Day. We still had to work, but that gave us a bit of free time. It was during this period that Lexie and Terece asked if they could come out to visit us. Actually they asked Steph, not me.We didn’t have much room, but Lexie and Terece didn’t mind sleeping on the love seats in the living room. That’s the only furniture we had there, two love seats with a table between them. They were going to stay for five days.When they got into town, Steph went to get them at the airport, I got busy trying to clean up and make the place more presentable, like getting all of our stuff off the table so we could use it. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go since the girls had figured out that they were pretty much lesbians, maybe a little bit bi.It was really good to see them when they got to our place. They really hadn’t changed much, dressed a little bit more grown up, that’s about it. The first thing I heard from the two girls after I got a hug from each was, “I thought you’d be naked, isn’t that the point of living away from home?” I didn’t know what to say other than I thought that it might bother them and I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. Lexie gave me a little punch on the arm and smiled and told me to go get comfortable, this was our place and I should be the way I wanted to be.I actually blushed a little bit, excused myself and went to our bedroom to get undressed. It is so hot, to me, to be naked in front of girls other than my sister. My cock was about at half mast when I came out of the room, I guess it was turning me on pretty quickly. When I got back out Lexie stood up and gave me another hug, she tugged once on my cock and said “this is more like the Jeff we know and love.” Well, that took me a little bit by surprise.Steph told me to get us all some drinks and asked if they’d like wine or pop (soda for you southerners). They both said wine so I poured four glasses and delivered them. It was kind of fun sitting in front of them, naked, while we visited. I got the feeling they were still bi, both kept taking glances at my cock. After we drank our wine, they wanted a second glass, Steph and I switched to Diet Coke.It was pretty fun catching up on all that they were doing, they were lucky, they didn’t have to work, but it won’t be fun paying back all the loans. At least we were staying debt free, we do get a little help from mom and dad. We pretty much like the idea of making it on our own. Lexie and Terece think that they might stay together after graduation, if they can find jobs in the same town.Terece announced that she had to pee, then she blushed and asked if we still played around a little. That got Steph to blush as she admitted that we not only still did, but it has gotten to where we have pee play two or three times a day. Lexie almost shouted “yes” when Steph said that. She let out the secret that the two of them have been doing a lot of playing around themselves. Steph asked if they wanted a little pee break together, almost at once both girls said “how about all four of us, is there room?”That did it, my cock got hard, and I had to pee. All three girls started to get undressed, right there, in the living room. The first thing I noticed, both Lexie and Terece had shaved their pubes into a little V right above their pussies. We weren’t sure of what we could do, but we knew we were going to have fun trying.The girls were kind of surprised at how small our apartment was but yet it had a pretty good sized shower. It was the kind that I think they took out the tub and put a shower in that was the same size. When we got to the bathroom Lexie asked Steph if she thought she could pee on them while they were standing in the shower. Steph knew she could and told them to get in, she had to go pretty bad. There was a little giggle as the two stepped into the shower and Steph got in front of them, spread her legs a little, moved her pelvis up and opened her pussy with two fingers on one hand. Before they could even say they were ready, Steph was peeing on them, a nice strong stream that first hit them a little high and then went down and got both of their pussies.Then it was my turn, I stood in front of them and started to pee. I was a little bit hard, but it went down pretty quickly because I did have to pee. They spread their pussies open so I could hit their clits, and I did. Lexie told us to pick one and get on the floor. Steph went into the shower first and sat on the floor while Lexie stood over her, and peed down her chest onto her pussy. Steph handed Lexie a hand towel to dry off with and so did she as I got into the shower. I sat on the floor and Terece squatted down right over my cock and let loose with a really strong stream of hot pee, I got hard again. When she was done, she thought it was fun and said we’d have to do it more. We dried off and went out to the living room again.When we got out to the living room I got us all some pop and asked if they wanted to eat in or go out. Lexie said she’d rather eat out and smiled as she looked at Terece. I told her I could go for that too, but I needed to know if they wanted food at our place, I had stocked up so I could cook there. They all agreed to stay at our place to eat, that way we didn’t have to get dressed.In between talking to us while I started to fix something to eat, yes I did put on a shirt and shorts to be a bit sanitary, Lexie and Terece were hugging and kissing and reaching for each other’s breasts and pussy. Not making out actually, just kind of playing around. I think it was getting Steph a bit aroused because her voice started to change a little bit, along with the other two girls. Then before I had our meal ready, Steph surprised me by asking if one of them would fist her, she’s been dreaming about ever since we went to the Twin Cities together and she told them my hand was too big, it hurt a little bit when I tried.Lexie said that they’ve been fisting each other just about every night lately. They’ve really gotten into it more than oral. Steph got up to get a towel and some lube, sat on the towel on the love seat after moving the table out of the way and asked Lexie to “do” her. I had to stop cooking, I couldn’t miss this.Lexie came over to Steph and touched her pussy with her fingers and smiled and told her she was already pretty wet. Steph admitted she was really horny from watching the two of them. Lexie started to work on Steph’s pussy first by licking around it and then licking deep into her pussy, and then finally licking her clit. When Lexie’s tongue hit Steph’s clit, she jerked a little bit with excitement and moaned pretty loudly. Lexie kept working on her clit for a few minutes before sitting up and using her fingers.It was the same routing about using her thumbs to start opening her pussy while her fingers still rubbed her clit. When she was happy about how things were going she put some of the lube on Steph’s pussy and started to work it inside of her pussy with two fingers from each hand. Terece came over to them to help by rubbing Steph’s clit with one of her fingers. Then she switched to just one hand with four fingers going in and out of my sister, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her pussy.Then, I don’t know how she did it, she slipped her entire hand, up to her wrist, inside Steph. Steph started to moan and push her hips and pelvis up and down onto Lexie’s fist while Terece did her best to keep working her clit. I could see that she was getting ready to climax, her body was getting tight and then it happened, I hope the neighbors didn’t hear, she almost screamed as she climaxed. The two girls kept working her pussy until Steph made them quit. When Lexie pulled her fist out of Steph’s pussy, both her and Terece licked it clean of pussy juice. I kind of moved my way in to get to her pussy and lick it clean but I couldn’t get there, Lexie beat me to it.Steph looked at me with kind of an apologetic look on her face. She knew what I wanted. Oh well, I’d get some later. I went back to finish our meal. Hopefully more will happen tonight after we eat.I couldn’t wait for us to finish eating and get cleaned up. I wanted to get naked again. All three of the girls had put shirts on, but were bare bottomed, so I caught a glimpse of bare ass and pussy whenever I could.Steph and I made an exception to our rule and had a second glass of wine, actually all four of us did. While we were drinking it, the girls were talking about fisting and how much that they like it. Steph’s only complaint was that I couldn’t get my fist into her but she loved it now that she had it done again. Lexie asked if she wanted to fist one of them, I couldn’t believe how fast she answered yes.Steph told Lexie she wanted to do her. Lexie got out the towel and sat on it while Steph got on the floor between her legs. While Steph started to work on her pussy with her fingers, Terece helped out by rubbing her clit. It wasn’t long before Steph had her fingers lubed and had four of them going in and out Lexie’s pussy. Lexie was totally enjoying it as she pushed her pussy onto Steph’s fingers. Then Steph folded her thumb under and in went the fist. This is just so hot, my cock was almost pulsing it was so hard. Terece kept working Lexie’s clit with her fingers until there was a terrific orgasm, thankfully not as loud as Steph’s. Terece asked if I wanted to try on her, she thought she could take my whole fist. I said I’d love it, her pussy if so good looking. As she switched places with Lexie I switched with Steph and started to do what I’d seen them doing. Terece told me to stretch her harder, she liked it a little rough, Lexie blushed and said “yes she does, I ought to know.”I pulled her apart further and she kept saying more until I got to where I knew she wanted me to stop. I did this for probably two or three minutes, I didn’t believe a pussy could open that wide. I then started to use two fingers on each hand, at first it was a bit tight, but she kept telling me to pull her pussy open more, it seemed like the more I stretched her, the better she liked it. Good thing she’s a lesbian, no guy around would have a cock that could satisfy her.Lexie told me to see if I could get my fist into Terece. I asked if she was ready, she was so turned on, her voice was very husky and her pussy was dripping wet. She told me to go slow and try. I folded my thumb in and slowly started to work my fingers and thumb around the opening of her pussy. She told me to make a fist as my fingers went inside, that way it fits better, so id did. I started to move my fingers in, making a fist as I went, she moaned a little bit then she shoved her pussy down on my fist. I couldn’t believe she did that, it felt so tight and hot and almost immediately I could feel her pussy contracting on my fist as she started to pump her pussy onto it as fast as she could. I couldn’t believe it, she was climaxing while fucking my fist. When she was done, she asked me to very carefully pull my fist out. Even with my fist out, her pussy stayed quite a bit open at first. I asked if I hurt her and she just grinned and said it was terrific, she knew she could do it because Lexie has put both of her hands in her before, not as a fist, but eight fingers. As I stood up a big glob of precum was hanging from my cock. Steph moved over to it right away and licked it off. As she backed away I told them that all of this has gotten me really horny and I want to cum. All together, like it was planned, they said “NO.” I had to wait.We got more to drink. Lexie and Terece had wine and Steph and I went back to Diet Coke. After a while longer talking about their exploits in fisting, which got me even more turned on, Steph decided I needed to work on her more so she could take my fist.Steph stood up and said she had to pee, the other girls volunteered to have some fun. All four of us headed to the bathroom and Steph told me to lie on the floor of the shower, all three girls straddled my body, Steph said “one, two, three” and they all started to pee on me at the same time, it felt good to have all that hot pee on me, but what was better, was being able to look up and see it coming out their pussies. When they were done I got up and started to pee on them, right where they were standing, there was a bunch of giggling and then we rinsed off under some fresh water.We went back to the living room but before I could sit down, Steph told me to stand in front of them and jerk off. At last, my cock was about to explode and I told them the show wouldn’t be very long. I was right, just a couple of minutes after I started, I had to tell them I was going to cum, where did they want me to do it. At first Lexie said in my hand, then Steph got up and came over to me. She put her mouth on my cock just as it exploded, it felt like I pumped four or five shots of cum into her mouth, I was so turned on. When I was done cumming, she kept sucking until I stopped her.Steph stood up, I knew she was going to give me my cum as Lexie said, “don’t do it, give it to me.” Steph looked at her, she smiled and said it again, and added “anything to kiss you.” Steph and Lexie started kissing, I could tell they were passing the cum back and forth. Lexie pulled away and leaned over towards Terece and started kissing her. Steph turned to me and said “she got it all.” Then we watched as Lexie and Terece passed it back and forth, I didn’t think my cum ever would do that. Terece motioned for Steph to come over to her, Lexie chimed in, “looks like she wants to kiss you too.” Now I knew Terece had all of my cum.When Steph and Terece were done kissing, she came over towards me, I could tell by the look on her face that she had my cum. I stood up and met her halfway to the love seat. We started to kiss and I felt her mouth open, her tongue came into my mouth followed by my cum. There was a lot more there than normal so I figured I had some of the saliva from the other two girls, that made it even hotter to me. When we were done kissing, I swallowed my cum. What a day.It wasn’t long after that we decided to get some sleep. We had a few more days to play around. Besides I was exhausted. As we headed to our bedroom, Lexie and Terece said, “we love you guys.” Steph turned around and told them that we loved them too. When we got into our room, Steph gave me one more little kiss and said “but I love you in a different way,” she smiled at me and we went to bed.After our day with Lexie and Terece I was really tired. After we said our good nights I think I fell asleep before my head was even on my pillow.I woke up feeling something soft and warm rubbing my face, it was Steph rubbing the hair from my forehead. When I opened my eyes she smiled and said she couldn’t sleep and wanted some attention. I moved over the best I could so she could fit in bed with me, I figured she just wanted to be held awhile.Instead, she gave me a couple of soft and gentle kisses on the cheek and then moved over to my mouth. She was being so gentle and sweet, just barely touching me. Then she moved back along kissing my cheek until she was nibbling on my ear lobe, I could feel her hot breath on my ear as she did this. She then moved down my neck towards my chest, I could feel her hair gently rubbing on my skin as she moved. sis stopped at one of my nipples and licked at it and sucked it for a little bit before moving on down to my abs, kissing me the whole way, her hair was gently touching me as she moved, all of this was really bringing me to a state of arousal, my cock was rock hard.This sure didn’t feel like she was getting attention, it was more like I was. Steph moved her mouth onto my cock, first licking and then sucking the head of it. Next she slowly moved down the shaft, kissing and licking it until she got to my balls. First she sucked on one, then the other. I felt her hot naked body slowly coming up over me as she slid into place with her pussy right over my cock, I could feel how hot and wet it was on the shaft of my cock as she started to move up and down, rubbing her clit on my cock. Her hair fell over my face as she bent down to kiss me again, this time with more passion. Her breathing had changed and she was moaning very softly as she moved, it felt unbelievably good.When she stopped rubbing her clit on my cock, she moved up on me, straddling my face. She didn’t have to say anything, I knew what she wanted. I reached for her pussy with my tongue, I don’t think I ever felt it this wet, there was a little trickle of pussy juice running down one thigh as I licked it clean. I began to gently suck on her clit while working it with my tongue. In a husky voice that didn’t sound like her she said, “put a finger in my ass.” I didn’t believe what I heard, that was always off bounds, she said it was an exit, not an entrance, one way only.I didn’t do anything except keep working on her clit, stopping every little bit to get her juices out of her pussy. Then, in a little bit louder voice she said “I told you what to do, please do it now.” I reached around towards her bubble butt, it is cute. I moved one hand towards her butt hole and slowly got one of the finger wet from her pussy, then I just moved it around her sphincter gently, she let out a sigh and tried to move her ass onto my finger. I got it wet again, this time I pushed it into her just a little bit, as soon as I had, she pushed down on my finger until it was buried in her, then she started moving on it, like she was riding a cock.She pulled off of my finger and started to move back down me. She stopped and sucked the precum from my cock and licked off her juices that still had it wet. She got off the bed and said she’d be right back, and she was. Standing alongside my bed she told me to get up on my knees, as I did she got in front of me doggy style. I stopped and said “no, we discussed this, I am not going to fuck you.” It was said as firmly as I could without making too much noise, I didn’t want Lexie and Terece to hear me.Steph looked back at me smiling, she said “that’s lube on your night stand, that’s what I got up for.” Again I told her we can’t do this. Now she was more firm with me, but quietly said, “I know the deal, here’s what I want from you. Lube your cock real good and then slide it into my ass. I want to have sex with you and that’s the safest way we can.”I couldn’t believe it. Also, I was a bit afraid, I didn’t want to hurt her. My cock is bigger than a finger. But, I pretty much always do what she wants me to do. I lubed my cock and started to work the head of it around her little butt hole, I’d really never checked it out, but it was kind of cute. sis told me to move my cock in slowly, so I did. It felt hot and tight, but the lube was letting me slide in. Steph groaned a little so I stopped and asked if it was hurting, she said no, it felt good, keep going, so I did.As I got my cock all the way in she slowly started to rock back and forth, pulling my cock out and pushing it back in. This felt really good. I could see that she was using one of her hands to rub her clit while I went in and out of her. When she started to climax it felt like she was squeezing my cock with a vice, she got so tight, then it contracted and expanded so fast I couldn’t control myself. I came in her like I’ve never cum before, just one shot after another. It wasn’t long, I was exhausted, wore out, depleted.When I went to pull out Steph told me to get my face under her right away, she wanted me to eat the cum out of her ass. I just did what I was told, as I got my head under her she sat up and relaxed her sphincter muscles and cum poured out of her ass into my mouth, it was still hot but had her taste on it too.Steph bursa escort bayan got off my bed and said she was too tired to clean up, she was going to sleep and she went back over to her bed. I just moved back to my pillow and was asleep in no time. When I awoke, my cock was hard and my sheets were wet, I think I came in my sleep. Now the dilemma, was that a dream or real, I’m embarrassed to ask her. Maybe she’ll say something.I really didn’t know what to do. If Steph and I had sex we broke the biggest promise we made to each other. As I was lying there wondering if it was real or not I heard Steph get up. She stopped by my bed and asked if I slept well. I just blurted out “yes” and she said that she slept so well, she didn’t wake up until she heard me stirring around in my bed. I had to know, so I just asked if she got up at all during the night, she said “no” she slept so soundly that she doesn’t remember sleeping this well.She asked if I’d been to the bathroom yet and I told her no, she reached for my hand and said that we should get our morning showers done before the other girls got up. When we got into the shower, I couldn’t hold it, so I just started peeing on her pussy, she spread it open so I could hit her clit. When I was done, I knelt on the floor so she could pee on my cock. We took our showers and headed back towards our bedroom.Steph stopped me and gave me a “shhhh” and pointed towards where Lexie and Terece were sleeping. They weren’t sleeping. They were both locked in an embrace kissing while rubbing each other’s pussy. What a way to start the morning. We walked, quietly towards them but they heard us and stopped. Lexie looked at us smiling and said they were feeling a bit horny and couldn’t stop themselves. Steph told them to keep going, if they didn’t mind an audience. I think they liked that idea, they went right back to what they were doing, but keeping their pussies spread towards us so we could see what was going on. We sat on the love seat across from them, my cock was going into a full erection pretty quickly. I didn’t believe what happened next, Steph got onto the floor and moved over to Lexie and started to lick at her pussy. She turned to me and told me to help Terece. They stopped kissing long enough to say that they really like that.I went over to Terece and started to lick and suck at her clit and pussy. I looked over to Steph and she was doing the same, I really never knew her to be this aggressive towards another girl, but I knew she’d done other things with these two. Lexie and Terece were kissing again and as I looked up I could see that they were rubbing each other’s breasts and especially working at the nipples. It wasn’t long before I heard Lexie start to moan and I saw her have an orgasm, Steph had brought her around quickly. I kept working at Terece until she climaxed while pushing my face into her pussy.Lexie stood up when both girls had calmed down a bit and told Steph to get on the love seat. When she had, Lexie started to work on her pussy, first kissing it then licking at the wetness off her pussy and then she started to work on the clit, licking and sucking. At the same time, Terece was kissing Steph, working her way down her neck to her breasts and back. After a little bit she just stayed at her breasts, licking and sucking on her nipples. I was hard as a rock, but didn’t want to cum right now, I wanted to watch. I did slowly stroke my cock. When Steph came, her whole body shook as she moaned. Lexie kept on her pussy until Steph pushed her head away, it was getting to be just too much for her to handle.All three looked towards me and asked if I liked what I saw. I just kind of nodded as I put more effort into stroking my cock. Lexie grinned at me and asked if I was close, I just grunted and nodded yes. She motioned for me to come over towards her. Then she put the head of my cock in her mouth and started to cup my balls in her hand, that did it, I came in her mouth, over and over until I was drained.Lexie moved over towards the other two girls and they started kissing each other and I could tell they were passing my cum around between them. I thought for sure that Steph would wind up getting up and passing my cum to me, I was wrong. After about five minutes of them snowballing, they stopped and let me know that they had already swallowed it.Terece told us to follow them, they had to pee. I couldn’t believe how the morning was starting out. We got into the bathroom and Lexie told me to either sit or kneel in the shower so she could pee on my face. I sat down and she got right over me, as I lifted my face to see her pussy, she started to pee, a really strong stream of warm pee was hitting me in the face and running down me. As soon as she was done, Terece did the same thing. They let me rinse off so that they could take a quick shower.I wonder what the rest of the day has in store for us.I was left home alone for a little while. The girls went out to do some shopping, I hate grocery shopping, with the understanding that I would clean up the apartment. No need to get dressed, so I start cleaning. I’ve been cleaning about a half hour when I hear a female voice call out “anyone here?” I was cleaning the bathroom and had the fan on so I didn’t hear a knock. There is no way to get to the bedroom to get some clothes without being seen from the door.To save some embarrassment, I called out “I’m just getting out of the shower, I don’t have anything on”. The female voice said, “I’ll wait”. As I came out of the bathroom she was staring down the hallway, right at me. I kind of froze when I saw her but my cock was thinking for itself and started to get hard. We both started apologizing at the same time but she never took her eyes off me, so I figured I’d take the chance. I walked towards her telling her how embarrassed I am that she caught me this way, but she has already seen me, we can’t undo that. She was a little embarrassed and said she understands, she never should have opened the door. By now I’m standing right in front of her with a very hard cock.It turns out she knew some people that used to live in this apartment and didn’t know that they had moved, that’s why she walked in. I told her my sister and friends went to do some grocery shopping and I guess they didn’t lock the door. Now she seems to be a little bit more comfortable about the whole thing so I ask if she’d like some coffee or tea or anything to drink, she thought some tea would be nice. I went to the kitchenette and got some water on while we talked.Her name is Susan and she wanted to know if I always went around naked. I told her pretty much most of the time. The next question was about the girls, do they mind. I told her my sister is used to it and her girlfriends don’t seem to mind at all. Then she surprised me and said she kind of thought it was cool, she liked it that I was so casual about being naked in front of her. She also looked at my cock and said she was pretty sure I liked it.When the water was hot, I made the tea. I put a cup down in front of her at the dining room table and she asked, as she reached for my cock, if I minded her touching it. I didn’t say anything, she slowly ran her fingers up and down the shaft, then she cupped my balls in her hand. Next she looked up at me and said she really thought it was nice that I didn’t get dressed, she would have missed this. Then I felt her hand tighten around my cock as she started to stroke it.While she was stroking my cock she was telling me about where she was from, how long she would be in town, etc. I really didn’t hear much of it. It felt too good to talk. I did manage a few nods and yeses. Then she stopped talking, she had to, while standing in front of her, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth and started to move her head back and forth on my cock while tickling my balls with her other hand. I warned her that I was about to cum, she didn’t stop and neither did I. I came in her mouth over and over, when I was done, she sat back in her chair.Susan was pointing at her mouth and trying to tell me she didn’t swallow, she needed to spit. I told her I had a better idea and told her to let it into my mouth as we kissed, her eyes got big, but I bent over to kiss her. She really didn’t kiss much, she was trying to get all of the cum out of her mouth. When I swallowed it, she was still just looking at me, then she said she never saw a man do that before, then she said she thought it was really interesting. I sat at the other chair and we visited while drinking our tea. About fifteen minutes later, the girls got back with the groceries. They were all surprised to see us sitting there and I explained briefly about her walking in because she thought it was someone she knew. Nothing was mentioned of the blow job. After we finished our tea and the girls had the groceries put away, Susan said she better be going, we both stood, she gave me a little hug and thanked me for the tea. On her way to the door she asked if she could stop by again before she left for home, it would be in a few days. Steph and I both said sure, at the same time.Once she was out the door, all three of the girls started to prod me, they wanted to know the whole story. How did I get naked in front of her? Did she get upset? What happened? So I told them everything that happened. Sometimes it’s nice to be left at home alone to do the cleaning. By the way, I still had to finish the cleaning.After Jeff told us about what happened with Susan, we were all pretty excited. I told Jeff he needed to finish the cleaning, after all we had a deal. Terece, Lexie and I sat in the living room visiting, they wanted a glass of wine so I joined them. Every once in a while they would lean towards each other and kiss or just play with each other by rubbing a hand over the other ones breast or rubbing their thigh. I was sitting across from them so I had to watch, it was getting me a little turned on too.After about 30 minutes I got them a fresh glass of wine, I got half a glass. When I got back to the living room they were in a passionate kiss, reaching under each other’s tops to get to the breasts. I told them if they were going to keep doing this at least they could get naked so I could see what was going on. They stopped for a minute and looked at me, Lexie gave kind of a silly smile and started to get undressed, Terece chose to follow and pretty soon they were sitting across from me totally naked, and looking really good. They were both turned on or cold because their nipples were really hard and sticking out.About then Jeff came into the room to start straightening up. He liked what he saw, his cock started to get hard as we watched him. Then Lexie and Terece started making out again, only now they had their legs spread apart so they could work on each other’s clits. I could see that their pussies were really getting wet. I wasn’t sure if they were doing this for Jeff, me or both of us. Jeff sat next to me to watch and started to stroke his cock. I told him to keep doing his chores, he could watch when he was through, and he did.This was really getting me turned on. I reached down to my pussy, it was wet, I mean running down my thighs wet. I put a couple of fingers in so I could lube my clit and started to rub it while watching my friends. Lexie asked if we could move the table between the love seats, I told Jeff to do it for us. He was totally hard walking around with his cock bouncing up and down, I love watching it do that. After he moved the table he sat next to me and said everything was done.When the table was moved, Lexie got on the floor between Terece’s legs and slowly started to work her way up first one thigh then the other licking and kissing as she moved. Terece was moaning and pushing her pussy towards Lexie but Lexie just kept teasing her. I didn’t want to climax right away so I was going really slowly on my clit, Jeff was going really slowly on his cock, we were both enjoying the show, I know this because we looked at each other and smiled, then went back to watching.Finally Lexie got to Terece’s pussy, as soon as her tongue touched her clit, Terece let out with a loud moan. We watched as Lexie worked her tongue in and out of her pussy and while she sucked on her clit. Terece was moving around in pleasure and moaning softly. All of a sudden Terece stiffened up, she sucked in air really loud and we could see her whole body shake as she climaxed. The whole time she was climaxing Lexie kept working on her clit. Finally Terece pulled Lexie’s face off her pussy and said it was enough. Terece was all flushed and smiling as she told Lexie to get on the love seat.This was just unbelievable, you can’t watch a video this good. It was right in front of us. On top of that, I could watch Jeff jerk off. Two or three times I leaned over to his cock to lick the precum off, I love it. Jeff was beside himself he was so horny. I love watching him trying not to cum while still wanting to stroke his cock.Terece didn’t waste any time on the thighs, she started at the top and started kissing and sucking the breasts of Lexie, first she sucked one nipple then the other, over and over. The whole time she was very gently stroking the clit and putting a finger or two inside Lexie, twice she stopped to lick the juices off her fingers. Then she went down on her.I could almost hear her slurp as she moved her tongue in and out of Lexie, getting all of the juices she could. Then she was licking and sucking on her clit. I had to stop, I was too close to climaxing. I was fascinated watching Terece and Lexie, they’ve been my best friends forever and now this, I just couldn’t get over it.Jeff stood up and got in front of me. At first I was mad, he was blocking my view but when I looked up at him to tell him to move, he just said please and moved his cock towards me. I know he had to be close or he wouldn’t have done this. I took his cock in one hand and his balls in my other. As I pulled his cock into my mouth he started to cum, he didn’t wait for me to suck or anything, he just started cumming like crazy. I sucked and licked the head of his cock until he was trained. I really like the taste and texture of fresh cum. I swallowed as Jeff moved to the side so I could keep watching. It was a little too late, Lexie was pulling Terece’s head off her pussy. I could tell by the way she looked she had climaxed. Now I wanted to. So I started to work at my clit, I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. Lexie asked if I wanted some help, then before I could say anything, both of the girls were moving over to my love seat.Terece started by kissing me and then moving down towards my breasts, kissing the whole way. She stopped on one nipple and then went to the other. While she was doing this Lexie had spread my legs apart and was sucking on my clit, I could feel a couple of her fingers working their way in and out of my pussy. I had closed my eyes it felt so good. I was more horny than I thought. I started to climax and when I did I moaned really loudly, it startled me that I orgasmed that fast after they started on me. This was just too unbelievably good.We all sat down for a minute, just kind of staring at each other and grinning. I’m not sure how the rest of the day is going to go, but this was a fantastic start for all of us.This was turning out to be one heck of a day for all of us. Lexie and Terece said that we should keep it going all day, why not just have a fun day. I liked the idea and we didn’t even need to ask Jeff, he was just sitting there grinning.It was pretty fun, we fixed something to eat and drink. We had a couple of things to do on the computer. Then there was clean up after eating. What made it fun, we stayed naked. I’m usually not too fond of being naked, but with my friends, it just didn’t seem to matter, I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The only complaint we had was we were going to have to stay in the apartment if we weren’t going to get dressed, so we decided to stay in the apartment.Lexie was kind of squirming a little bit and then said she needed to pee and wanted to know if Jeff wanted to watch. He not only stood up right away, so did his cock. We decided we could all give Jeff a little show and have some fun too, so we headed for the bathroom. I didn’t realize how much I had to go until I stood up.I pretty much knew what Jeff wanted and it wasn’t to watch us pee, not like stand by the toilet and watch, he wanted to see where it came from. When we got into the bathroom Jeff went right into the shower and I told the girls, it was going to be like we did it before, only one by one. Lexie went first, she had to go the most. She stood over Jeff, he was sitting on the floor, Lexie got her pussy close to his face and spread it open with her fingers, when she started to pee she adjusted where she was standing so it was hitting Jeff right on his cock and balls, by the way, his cock was kind of bouncing it was so hard. I gave her a hand towel to dry her feet off.Then it was my turn, I got in the same position Lexie did except I pushed my pelvis forward a little and pulled up on my pussy a little and when I started to pee, it hit Jeff right in the chest and ran down to his cock. He just kept smiling, I think he was liking this more than we were. It’s fun to pee on him.Last was Terece and she did the same as Lexie. She straddled him, pulled her pussy open with her fingers and stared to pee. By luck, it started to hit him right on the balls, she didn’t have to move at all. When she got out we left Jeff to shower off and get the pee out of the shower too. I was surprised Jeff didn’t have to pee, but maybe with his cock hard he couldn’t anyway.While we were sitting around talking I told them what a terrific turn on it was to have both of them on me to make me climax. They admitted that they’ve done that a couple of times with girls at college where they are going. As we kept talking about sexual stuff I started to get horny and started to rub my clit just a little. Lexie nudged Terece and told her to look what I was doing. It kind of caught me off guard, I didn’t realize I was doing it, but I didn’t stop. Jeff came in and sat next to me.Terece reached her hand across to Lexie and started to play around with her pussy, just kind of rubbing around and going to her clit teasingly. Then Lexie was doing the same to Terece. That’s when Jeff asked if we were going to do this all over again, he didn’t think he could cum again, not yet. That was almost funny to hear. I knew what I wanted to do but wasn’t sure if I should ask so I just thought about it for a little and decided what the heck, they said we’d have fun and stay naked, I’ll ask later.Jeff asked if any of us would like a glass of Merlot, he was going to fix one for himself with some lemon lime soda in it. It sounded good to me and the girls thought so too. Jeff got up, cock pretty limp, and went to the kitchen to fix our drinks. We sat around for a while talking and drinking and kind of fingering ourselves a little when I decided to ask. I asked the girls if one of them would please fist me, I remember when they did it after high school and I wanted that feeling again. They just looked at each other, smiled and said they do it quite a bit now and of course they would if I help them too. Jeff’s cock kind of twitched as it got a little bit harder, I sure do like watching his cock do all of these moves, hard, soft, in between, bouncing, etc. I told Jeff to get us the lube out of my night stand and he did.I put a towel on the love seat so we wouldn’t make a big mess and scooted down so I could open my legs. Both girls got up and came over to me, they both started kissing me, one was on my lips and moved to my earlobes, the other moved from one breast to the other, sucking on the nipples and licking them too. Terece was on my breasts, Lexie finished kissing me on the mouth one more time and went down to my pussy. She leaned in and slowly worked her tongue in and out of my pussy, then I felt her tongue on my clit and then the best part, she started to suck on my clit, I was getting really turned on. She stopped sucking my clit and sat down so she could rub my clit with one hand and start to finger my pussy with the other. Now Terece was kissing me on the mouth, this was so unbelievably good, I had my eyes closed and was just loving it. Then I felt my pussy being pulled open by two fingers, Lexie only has two hands, how was she doing this? I opened my eyes and looked down. Terece was now sucking on one of my breasts and using her hand to rub my clit while Lexie was working her fingers in and out. I just leaned back and closed my eyes.I felt more pressure on my pussy as Lexie started to use four fingers in and out and pulling it apart. Terece slowed down the rubbing on my clit. The four fingers stopped stretching my pussy open for a couple of seconds, I looked down and Lexie was putting more lube on one hand, she looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back and closed my eyes again, it was such a terrific feeling as my pussy filled as she put four fingers from one hand in and twisted it around and moved it in and out, my breathing was changing and I heard myself moaning as I started to push my pelvis and pussy onto Lexie’s fingers.Then it happened, I felt the fist go in, it was good as I remembered, the pressure the movement as she twisted it around in my pussy. I kept pushing my pussy onto her fist as Terece kept stroking my cock, then I felt my pussy tighten, loosen, and then start contracting over and over as I had a terrific orgasm. I didn’t realize how loud I had gotten with the moans until Jeff told me to quiet down a little, we didn’t want the neighbors checking on us.I opened my eyes and pulled Terece’s hand from my clit, it was just driving me nuts, I couldn’t take it anymore, but the fist still felt good. Lexie slowly removed her fist from my puss and got up on her knees, I leaned forward and kissed her. This was so good, I love it. Too bad Jeff’s hands are too big or I’m too small, whatever. I did look over to Jeff, he was sitting on the love seat across from us with his cock all hard. It looked wet, I asked him about it, he said he was using some of the lube, it felt good.Lexie asked Terece if she wanted to go next, since her fingers were already full of lube. I changed places with Terece and knelt alongside her so I could start kissing her. I kissed her on the lips for a little bit and then went down to her tits. She doesn’t really have big tits, but they are terrific, they are like half g****fruits and really firm. Too bad mine aren’t that big. I sucked on first one nipple then the other, and when I would change I would rub the other breast with my hand.I was looking down watching Lexie, she was really good at this. She had finished licking her pussy and was now starting to use two fingers from each hand to stretch her open. I took the hand off of Terece’s breast and started to but her clit. It was always a little bit of a strange feeling to feel another girls clit. I think Jeff liked it because as soon as my fingers were on Terece’s pussy, Jeff sighed, then moaned a little bit. Her clit was hard as could be, she was really turned on, her breathing became shallow and I looked at her face, she was moaning very softly with her eyes closed.By now Lexie was working one hand in and out of Terece’s pussy. Lexie looked up at me and as we made eye contact she smiled and winked at me, I didn’t understand the wink at first then I saw why. She had her fist in Terece up to her wrist, she was twisting her fist back and forth as I could see Lexie shoving her pussy on and off it. I kept stroking her clit, even after I felt her start to orgasm. She hardly made a sound, but her whole body shook as we kept going. Finally she told us to stop. I looked over to Jeff, he was slowly stroking his cock, he smiled at me so I told him not to waste any cum, don’t cum until we are done. He just smiled some more.Lexie got up and washed her hands. Terece asked if I was ready to do Lexie, I said sure. She then clarified it, are you ready to do the fisting, I felt myself blush as I said I thought so. Lexie traded places with Terece, smiled at me and gave me a wink again and said, be gentle.I started off by going down on her pussy, kind of strange to do a pussy, she was so wet, she had rubbed some of her pussy juices on her inner thighs while she walked to the sink and back. I could smell and taste it on them, so I started to lick her thighs clean, her pussy tasted like mine, I’ve tasted my pussy juice lots of times both from my fingers, and from Jeff’s mouth after he’s eaten me out and we kiss.When I got to stick my tongue in her pussy I was surprised at how wet she was, it tasted good. Then I moved my tongue to her clit, she moaned, I looked up, her head was back and Terece was sucking on one of her breasts. I started to suck on her clit, it was hard and the vulva was engorged, she was really turned on I kept sucking her clit and moved two of my fingers into her pussy and started to twist them around and move them in and out, then I used three fingers, now I knew I was going to need some lube, she wasn’t that wet.I got some lube and put it on both hands, then, just as before, I started to put one finger from each hand in and pull and stretch gently, then to two finger up to when I had to put lube on one hand and push in four fingers. As soon as I did, she pushed her pussy onto my hand, as I pulled it out, she pulled back just a little, as soon as I started to push in she slammed her pussy onto me. I pulled out again and got ready to move my whole hand in. When I started to push in she did it again, she slammed onto my hand and drove my whole hand into her up to my wrist, it was startling.Terece kept rubbing on her clit as best she could while Lexie drove her pussy on and off my fist until she was climaxing. Her entire body was like in a seizure as she shook and moaned. When we were done, I still had my fist in her as she looked down at me, smiled and said thanks for being gentle, then she pulled her pussy off my fist, I thought it would make a popping sound she did it so quickly.Jeff called out he couldn’t hold it he was going to cum. Terece went straight to him and took his cock in her mouth as he started to cum. She sucked him until he told her to quit. Then she came over to where I was still sitting on the floor, bent down and passed the cum to me with a kiss. Terece smiled at me and said it was the least she could do for him, he’s been so nice to us.Our apartment I’m sure smelled like sex. Three pussies and a cock all having cum twice. Thank goodness we couldn’t smell it. I got up and got some tissues for us to wipe our pussies with. We decided we wouldn’t shower yet, just in case something else came up. I don’t think Jeff can do it again, heck I’m not sure I can.My girlfriends had to get back to school but they didn’t wake me to take them to the airport until they were ready to go, it was really early and Jeff didn’t even wake up. I dropped them off at the airport and cried almost all the way home, I was going to miss them so much.When I got home Jeff was up and making coffee, he could see that I’d been crying and came over to hug me and hold me, it gives me a lot of comfort to be in his arms. As he held me I could feel his cock start to push up against me, he was getting hard. I reached down to his cock with my hand and could feel it swelling in my hand, I think it is so much fun to be holding his cock as it gets hard. I started stroking it very slowly and squeezing, there was a knock at the door.Jeff hurried to the bedroom to get out of sight and since I was dressed, I answered it. It was our nosy neighbor wondering if everything was alright since she heard me leaving so early. The whole while we were talking, she was looking around to see if she could see Jeff naked. Not to disappoint her, Jeff walked from the bedroom to the bathroom so she got a shot of him, but not for long. That seemed to satisfy her, the explanation of the airport, that is and she left.I followed Jeff to the bathroom, he was just standing there smiling, said he couldn’t pass up the chance to show off a little. We both laughed and he asked if I needed to pee, he had to and was already soft again. I went to the bedroom and undressed and joined him in the bathroom. We stepped into the shower and got into his favorite position with me holding his cock between my legs right under my pussy. I guess I had to go a lot more than I thought, I had a stream of pee hitting his cock for quite a while, in fact I could feel him getting hard. When I was done we backed away just a little so he could aim his pee at my clit, this is the most fun to feel that hot wet stream hitting me like that. After our little fun we rinsed off and went back out to the living room.When we got there, I sat down and told Jeff to stand in front of me. I really wanted to watch and play with his cock for a while. He stood there while I reached up to his cock and started to stroke it with one hand and play with his balls with the other. It wasn’t long before his cock was rising to full attention, I love it like that. I kept going until there was quite a bit of precum forming on his cock, then I licked it off.Jeff said he wanted to watch me too. I slid to the corner of the love seat and turned sideways so he could sit across from me and do the same. We both masturbated this way so we could watch each other. I started to move a couple of fingers into my pussy to get my own juices to lube my clit, I was already pretty wet from playing with Jeff’s cock. Jeff was slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft, I put two fingers in my pussy and when I pulled them out I leaned towards Jeff and rubbed my juices on his cock. My juices made his cock look so wet and I could tell he liked the feeling of it. I put in the same two fingers again, this time I licked them clean.As we sat there watching each other I could tell we were both getting close to climaxing. Jeff said he couldn’t wait if he kept going, so he got up and moved over to get his face between my thighs, he was going to bring me to orgasm first, he does that a lot and I love it. I could feel his lips kissing my thighs as they made their way up towards my pussy. Next I felt Jeff’s tongue move in and out of my pussy getting up as much of juices as he could, this was followed by him gently nibbling on and pulling on my labia moving towards my clit. He knows exactly what I like on my clit, he sucked it into his mouth and slowly sucked it in and out while licking on it, I almost screamed with pleasure. It took just a few minutes and my body was shaking as my pussy contracted and opened climaxing over and over until I had to push his face off my clit. It took a couple of minutes to get my breath back.By then Jeff was standing in front of me again, only he wasn’t touching his cock but it was slowly moving up and down as his blood pulsed through it. I reached over with my tongue and got up a huge glob of precum. Then I put the head of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked it while moving it in and out of my mouth, the whole time moving my tongue around the opening at the tip of his cock. I could tell by his breathing and how he was starting to stiffen that he was close and then he shot his load of cum into my mouth, it was hot and thick, I could taste a musky saltiness, I loved it when it first shot into my mouth. I kept on his cock until he took my head in his hands and moved it away. I stood up, I always like to give him some of his cum back. We held each other and started to kiss, playing our tongues inside each other’s mouth. While doing this we were passing his cum back and forth between us. After a couple of minutes, I left about half in his mouth and I swallowed and stepped back. Even though I’m going to miss my girlfriends, it’s nice to be alone with my brother too.Well, the first 16 stories took up about four years. Once my friends went back to school, things went along pretty much the same for us day to day. While we had a lot of fun, it would be boring to keep repeating pretty much the exact same thing over and over. So here goes the end of a segment of our life, this is end of high school through end of vocational training.It was time to graduate, I would have an AS and a certificate in Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Management and Jeff would have an AS and a certificate as a trained chef. Life is getting ready to go on, we have decided to stay here for a while and keep our jobs. The micro brewery is giving us both and advancement and pay raise based on our graduation.A pretty large group of graduates had organized a graduation party and had rented a small tour boat to have it on. Part of the brochure said that they exercised discretion, when checking they said as long as it isn’t i*****l, we can do what we want. No u******e drinking, no d**gs, and no weapons or fireworks. So it sounded good and we had to chip in quite a bit, but it included the food. Bad part for my brother, men outnumbered women in the school about four to one, good for me.I did my best to put together something to wear that wasn’t like totally business or absolute rags. I shortened a plaid skirt to about four inches above my knees, it was to my knees and I found a sheer top to match it but since I don’t wear bras I bought a tank top to wear under it, all in all, I didn’t look too bad. As for Jeff, clean jeans and a clean shirt, he said it was casual. We headed to the pier to catch the boat, we were some of the last to arrive, my fault of course because I wanted to shorten my skirt.As we headed out we were told they would cruise up and down the river for four hours and give us a thirty minute notice when we were returning to the pier. Everyone, even Jeff and I headed to the bar. We each got a drink, wine for me, beer for Jeff. As we cruised we visited with a lot of the people who were very intent on drinking as much as they could and doing the same with eating as much as they could. As the drinking continued, I noticed everyone getting more and more loose. Jeff and I had switched to club soda with lemon or lime twist. I wanted to do something fun, but didn’t know what or how to get it started.There was some ass grabbing and titty brushing by the guys against us girls. Most of the girls were not minding at all, in fact a couple of them had undone their blouses and tied them up to bare their tummy, I was thinking about taking off my tank top, but didn’t have enough guts. I was up on the top deck aft, when I knew what I’d do to get things started for me to have fun.Three men were standing there, smoking cigarettes and drinking, they all were a little bit drunk and slurring their words. When I went up to them, one of them immediately grabbed for me to give me a kiss, I didn’t want to, but what the heck I let him, and while he did it, I grabbed his crotch and gave it a little squeeze, he laughed and so did the other guys. We visited for a bit and I kept telling them I needed to go below to pee, but I’d keep talking. I was hoping someone would finally say it, and they did. About escort bursa the fifth time I said I had to pee, one of the men said “hell, stop talking about it and go” and he pointed to the railing.That was what I was waiting for. Since I rarely wear underpants, I was ready. I stepped to the rail, as they watched, lifted my skirt, assumed the position, used two fingers to open my pussy and lift my urethra up a little and started to pee, a very fine arc right off the stern of the boat. One of the guys asked if I had a cock, when I was done peeing, I turned to him with my skirt still up and asked if he saw one. I put my skirt down and headed down to the main deck, as I was going down the stairs, I was passed by one of the boats crew and I heard him as he got out on the top deck asking which of those men were peeing off the deck, that wasn’t allowed. I didn’t stay around to hear the response. I was ready to do something else.I was looking for Jeff when I found him on the main deck, in the shadows, with a young lady from my class giving him a blow job. Jeff looked at me and winked, I knew not to bother him. As I turned I bumped right into one of Jeff’s classmates. I excused myself and he said he liked the bump and he leaned in to kiss me. What the heck, as we started to kiss, I started to reach for his cock, it was hard right through his pants. He broke the kiss and smiled at me and undid his belt and pants. I reached in for his cock as we started to kiss again. It was really hard and I think it had been hard for a while, it was wet from precum.There was some moaning coming from right near us and I could see that another couple was fucking. She had her pants pulled down, was leaning on a rail while the guy had his pants down around his ankles. I couldn’t see much, but I knew what they were doing. About that time the guy I was kissing asked if I wanted to do the same, I asked if he had a condom, he didn’t so I said no, but I’d take care of him. I pulled his pants down and got on my knees to take his cock in my mouth. Evidently he was really not very long lasting, I was sucking on his cock and running my tongue on the opening of it and was reaching for his balls with one hand when he started to cum. It surprised me and I almost choked, but I didn’t and I sucked him until I think I got every drop. He immediately pulled up his pants and left. Now I was horny.The couple that was fucking was still going at it. I went over to them, they didn’t seem to mind when I asked if I could join. The girl asked what I had in mind, I told her whatever she wanted, she told me to help him cum, she was getting tired. He was a bit drunk. As he was thrusting in and out of her pussy, I started playing with his balls and telling him what a fantastic cock he had, I leaned in and kissed him working my tongue into his mouth and that did it. He started cumming, I hoped for her sake he had on a condom, he didn’t. I could see that as he pulled out. I bent down and licked his cock, the juices and cum tasted so good but I heard her say something like “oh shit it’s running out and I don’t have anything to wipe with”, something like that. I couldn’t resist, I told her to stand still and I got down and licked up her thighs and her pussy. It really wasn’t very messy, but I liked it. Then I heard Jeff cumming, I know that sound, I looked over, good girl she was letting him cum in her mouth. As I walked by them I bent down and whispered in her ear, he’ll eat it if you pass it to him. She took his cock out of her mouth and gave me a smile. As I walked off, they were kissing . . . my job there was done.I did manage to find to more guys to give blow jobs to, but it wasn’t very exciting for them, they were drunk and came in my mouth almost right away. At least I got their cum. At the thirty minute announcement, most everyone tried to consume as much food and alcohol as possible. There were a few of us drinking soda, but not many. For some strange reason, even to this day, when I see a boat I start to get wet.When we got home I told Jeff what I had done and he was getting horny all over again. I told him not until I climaxed, I hadn’t all night and he had, and to his admission twice. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before my brother had his head between my thighs doing what I like best to my clit. I did have a fantastic orgasm.After the graduation party we kind of went back into the humdrum of day to day stuff. We were hearing lots of stories of college k**s going off to spring break, we never did get a real spring break or for that matter go where I wanted to go after high school. I wanted to go to Virginia Beach, VA and we wound up going to Minneapolis, MN, where we live now. Not fare, I did some talking to Jeff and convinced him we need to take a break. It’s been over two years of working and going to school without any real break. We decided Florida is too far and we can drive to Virginia Beach in two days without a problem. So, it was on for us, a road trip during spring break to Virginia. Not exactly FL, but so what. We made reservations at a pretty nice hotel on the beach, we were on. Only thing, we forgot to ask for time off from work. Good thing we hadn’t had any time off, they gave it to us without a problem.We stopped in LeRoy, IL for the night, it was late when we checked in. Pretty much we cleaned up and went to bed. It was pretty nice room, it only had one bed a queen sized one. Since we made the reservations for two, they assumed we were married because when we checked in, the clerk hoped that we would have a nice night and called us Mr. and Mrs.The next morning, breakfast was early and we started driving again. Late night check in and then hopefully party for three days. We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we’d figure it out. Our room was on the first floor overlooking the beach with a patio almost on the beach, oh so cool. I loved it.We did all the daytime stuff and were told we weren’t far from some of the most popular clubs for the young people. I really didn’t have anything club like so we went shopping. I got a really cute red party dress, short, low cut front and back and matching shoes. Jeff got some dress pants and a really nice shirt, he looked really nice. We went for the clubs.There were lots of k**s there about our age, it looked like mostly about 20 to 23 or 24. We got in with a bunch as we talked. Lots of hugging, kissing and grabbing feels, from both sexes, it was fun, but I wanted more. I thought about trying a BJ under a table, not enough room I thought, I was afraid to just do it in the open, might get arrested. One guy in particular was paying a lot of attention to me, he liked rubbing my thigh when we were sitting, he wouldn’t go high enough, I was hoping he’d find out, no panties. Finally he asked if I wanted to go to his room, that gave me an idea. There were 8 or 10 of us at any given moment at the table we were at. I asked if they all wanted to move the party to our room. Jeff, got a look like panic, then he smiled. We told them what room and they could get to our patio from the boardwalk.We got there before everyone and checked at the front desk if it was ok, they said no loud noise, we were responsible for damage, etc. They were used to this during spring break. It wasn’t long before they were showing up. Actually it turned out to be more, I guess some just followed from the boardwalk. We had some music going for dancing, but the fun stuff was going on in the room. The guy I was with was one of the first ones there and he did not take his time inviting me to the bed to make out. We sat on the edge and hugged and kissed, I started to rub his cock through his pants and that’s when he found out I don’t wear underwear. His fingers felt so nice on my pussy, he was gentle and just rubbed a little inside to get his fingers wet and then on the clit, he’d done this before. I was trying to get his belt undone, he finally did it for me and took his pants off, I don’t know if he pulled of his underwear at the same time or didn’t have any on, but he was naked on the bottom.He had a fantastic cock, it was hard and he had his pubes trimmed, I prefer shaved, but trimmed is good. He sat back down and I reached for his cock and started to stroke it as we kissed. He went back to fingering my pussy and clit. I heard someone gasp, I guess as they saw us, but it didn’t matter. Before too long there were at least four couples in various stages of undress in the room making out and other things.I pushed him back onto the bed and went down to suck on his cock, I loved how hot and hard it was. While I was doing that, right across from me on the bed another couple was fucking, she was riding him cowgirl style and I could see the man’s cock going in and out of her as she rode him, then I recognized him, it was Jeff, yes, way to go Jeff and I could see he had a condom on. We took care and put condoms in the nightstands by both beds, just in case. Now it was my turn. I told my man to get up on the bed with his head towards Jeff’s feet while I got a condom, he said he didn’t use them, I told him he did or he didn’t fuck me. He asked if I’d put it on him, I did. Then I got in the same position the girl on Jeff was in, now I knew Jeff could watch a cock going in and out of me. This was so hot, we were watching each other fuck, I almost orgasmed at the thought.I could tell Jeff had cum. They were moving around so he could eat her pussy out. When he took off the condom he handed it to me so I could eat the cum out of it, wow. My man started to jerk and push hard, I knew he was cumming too. When he was done, I got off, removed his condom and licked his cock clean, then I got the cum out of his condom, he couldn’t believe I did that. While I was sitting on the bed a girl came up to me and asked if she could eat me out, I laid back and spread my legs, I was still wearing the party dress, what a party.She went straight to my pussy. I could feel her working her tongue inside me and then licking my clit. I opened my eyes and there were people watching this, I didn’t care, I was turned on and horny. One of the guys watching was stroking his cock, I motioned for him to come over to me, he smiled and moved over so I could stroke his cock for him. I pulled him by the cock onto the bed so I could suck his cock. He couldn’t last long and it’s a good thing, about as soon as he started to cum so did I, this girl really knew what she was doing to my pussy. When his cock was drained and I got her face out of my pussy, she came up to my face and kissed me, I could taste my pussy and it tasted good.I told her to trade places, she grinned and said she hoped I would. I didn’t notice it before, all she had on was a bikini top, no wonder we had an audience. I went down on her pussy, I don’t remember ever being as wet as she was I got all I could. Then I went to her labia, it was engorged and hard, same as her clit, this girl was horny. I stopped, and licked her juices some more, then went back to her clit. She climaxed after about five minutes.Needless to say, there was a lot of fucking, sucking, jerking etc. that night. While all of this was going on I heard a girl ask if anyone wanted to eat a creampie, she asked twice. I saw her being fucked doggy style on the bed next to the one I was on. I went to her and asked what she had in mind. She told me to get under her and when he came she’d put her pussy on my mouth, that’s all it took, I got under her and started to lick her pussy and his cock. He must have cum a lot or she was really wet because there was a lot of stuff that fell into my mouth that tasted so good when she put her pussy on it. Then I licked her out. I was getting up to get his cock when I saw some other girl sucking on it.When everyone started to clear out we were left with two extra girls that were naked and sleeping or passed out and one extra guy. I claimed the guy for myself, Jeff didn’t argue. He was half asleep and I went for his cock, he didn’t stop me as I jerked him until he was ready to cum, then I put it in my mouth and sucked him dry. This was a fantastic night for cum. While I was doing that, Jeff had aroused one of the girls and was eating her out, she was moaning and pushing her pussy into his face as she climaxed. I told Jeff it was time to go to bed, I was wore out. We got the left over guy and two girls into one bed and Jeff and I got into the other one.I guess from the trip and everything, we were wore out. When we woke up, the sun was up and the room was empty. Surprisingly, except for a little trash it was very messed up at all, my little dress was though. We put my dress and his outfit in the cleaners and picked up the biggest part of the mess in our room and patio, didn’t want the hotel to be mad at us. Then we went out for breakfast and decided we needed some more clothes for tonight.Breakfast was over and we had decided to do some sightseeing since we were here. It was decided to go to NC to the Outer Banks, particularly to Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers Museum is. We went to the museum and did some driving around. There was a nice micro brewery in Manteo and we ate there and had a beer. After that we stopped at a Wal Mart to buy some new clothes for tonight.When we got back to the Tidewater area we did some sightseeing around the Navy bases that we could get close to. We went to the motel afterwards to get ready for going out that night. We also had a little supper, didn’t want to start out on an empty stomach.I bought a skirt and matching top, a little bit shorter than I like my skirts, but it was cute. Jeff and I headed out to the same club we went to last night. It was close, fun, and the people there were around our age. In fact when we got in the door, before our eyes had adjusted to the dark, a couple came up to us that recognized us from last night and invited us to join them at their table. It was a table for 10, but there was only one other couple there at the time. We ordered a couple of wine coolers and started visiting. They said some more people were supposed to join them and hoped it was ok with us. The others that joined in were three girls and a guy.As best we could, we visited, got acquainted, did some dancing, etc. The guy I was with the most last night showed up and we danced a bit. He squeezed in at our table, no one seemed to mind. Jeff was up and down dancing with the girls that showed up without a date. He looked like he was really enjoying himself, he likes young girls and these looked barely of age to be in the club.Around 10PM the place was crowded, I’d had two wine coolers and really didn’t want to stay there and just be a flirt, or be flirted with. Thank the gods Jeff said something before I did, he did the same as last night. Anyone that wanted to come to our room from the beach we would have the gate to the patio open, not too much noise, no damage, etc and we headed towards the door. Two of the girls that Jeff had been dancing with followed as well as my friend from last night. We got to our room, leaving the lights out like last night, except for the bathroom and opened the patio doors and the gate to the beach are. Word must have spread there were 15 or 20 people that showed up, many stayed out on the beach, thank the gods, we didn’t have room.As soon as we got into the room my “date” wasted no time, he already knew what I’d do so he just quietly put his arms around me and started to kiss me. His hands went from on my back to one of them moving down to my butt, I liked it, he was gentle, then I felt his hand on my bare butt as he moved my skirt up, I returned the favor and undid his pants so I could reach down the front to his cock. His cock was already for me it was hard and I could feel it was wet on the end, he was turned on.I kind of moved him over towards the bed so I could get down and suck on his cock. He must have thought it would help. I told him last night I prefer shaved, he was shaved, it was so nice. I sucked his balls into my mouth, first one then the other and back and forth while I stroked his cock. Then I licked up the length of his shaft and cleaned the precum off his cock. I could really tell he was getting horny.He gently pushed me off his cock and onto the bed, sliding me up the bed. He lifted my skirt up over my hips and started to kiss the inside of my thighs, that shot lightning bolts through me. He worked his way up to my pussy, pausing to lick the inside of my pussy, then to suck on my labia, first one side then the other and then to my clit. He licked it and sucked it. I couldn’t hold back, I climaxed all over his face, just grinding my pussy into him. When I was done I told him to get a condom from the drawer, he smiled and held up a condom that was in his pants and put it on.The next thing I knew I was being fucked by the hardest cock I’d felt in a very long time. It felt so good as he went in and out, I tried to expand and contract my muscles to squeeze on his cock as he pushed in and out. He didn’t last long but is climax was terrific. I know it isn’t the same, but when he was done he let me take the condom off his cock so I could lick his cock clean, and I did my best to get the cum out of the condom. This was one terrific way to start out the evening of play.Jeff was having a pretty good time himself. I could see him every now and then as I could look over towards the other bed. He was naked and so were his two girlfriends. I don’t know if they were drunk, stupid or what but they just kept giggling and smiling, not my type. One of them was kissing Jeff while he was fingering her pussy. The other one was sucking his cock. Every once in a while they would change places, pausing to kiss each other for a little bit. It wasn’t long before the one that was kissing him was straddling his face with her pussy so he could eat her out. Again, they would trade places pausing to kiss and grab each other’s breasts. It wasn’t long before one of the bimbos was having an orgasm on Jeff’s face, then they finally did something I didn’t expect.Jeff got a condom on as the girl that rode his face got into the doggy style position. He started to work his cock in and out of her as the other girl, the one that was sucking his cock, got on the bed in front of the girl he was fucking. She started to eat her out, I don’t know who came first, it was like Jeff was grunting and the girl was moaning almost at the same time. When Jeff pulled out, the two girls went at it kissing and playing with each other’s tits.I had to pee and couldn’t resist it. I walked out to the patio/beach area. There were probably 20 people gathered around now, dancing, drinking and making out. I walked right over to three guys that were talking together over a beer. I stopped in front of them, lifted my skirt and peed, they stopped talking and just kind of stood there staring. My job was done, time to go back to the room.A party got raided in the motel next door to us. Everyone was a bit nervous and we suggested that maybe we should end it for the night. As everyone drifted out, Jeff and I sat at the table in our room and made plans for the next day, after that it was time to go home and start back into the routine. I was really feeling emotionally drained after everyone left. I had fun, sex was good, but there was kind of an empty feeling inside. I’m a big wussy, I started to cry, like for no reason. Jeff asked why and I told him, it’s like being the biggest slut in town, I did what I wanted to feel good, but I felt really empty inside. He had me move over closer to him so he could hold my hand and told me that was crazy talk, the reason we are here is to have a fun time, cut loose, do the things we haven’t. When we get back it’s time to be serious again. He was right, I just get crazy some times.We closed the d****s and got ready for bed, we went to the bathroom to shower and got in together. Before I could do anything, Jeff was peeing all over me and laughing, he got me laughing too, I aimed as best I could and started to pee on him. He got me out of my crappy mood. We showered, helping wash each other and went to bed. Tonight we slept together, I didn’t want to be alone.It was still dark when we woke up, but both of us were ready for the day. We went into the bathroom, I had Jeff sit on the tub floor so I could pee on his cock, he got up and I opened my pussy so he could pee on my clit, we were back to normal, yes. We had continental breakfast at the hotel, free, and then put in a day of sightseeing at Colonial Williamsburg and then to NASA at Langley AFB. We stopped to eat at a barbecue place that’s supposed to be like the best in the universe, it was pretty good but too expensive.When we got back to the hotel our laundry was back we did some initial packing, since we were heading out early in the morning tomorrow. We decided to go to a different club tonight, one that we heard was a lot more “fun” or “loose” or whatever you want to call a place that turns a blind eye to the goings on of the crowd. We hoped it wouldn’t be a mistake. Part of the draw tonight was supposed to be ‘amateur stripper’ contest. That isn’t for me, but I bet there will be a lot of horny guys there.We had dinner and went to the club. It was pretty packed inside, the music was too loud, the lights were too dark and the men I could see were too hot, I was getting wet just looking at them. On stage was the contest, most of the girls were actually pretty, but most of them were also pretty drunk. They were being cheered on by the guys and Jeff got right into it. They weren’t allowed to get totally naked, VA has some strange rules. They had to have something covering their nipples, most opted for a piece of cellophane tape and something covering the vagina, lots of g-strings were present.I found that the darkness was nice. I got up by a couple of guys that were cheering on the girls and making lots of comments that couldn’t be heard because of the noise. I got up close to one of them and reached my hand down to his cock, I could feel it hard through his pants, at first he looked like he was going to get mad, then he saw me and smiled, I returned the smile. He let me fondle his cock right there. So, I tried to undue his zipper, couldn’t get it undone so he helped, this was good. It wasn’t long I had his cock in my hand and was stroking him as he watched the dancers. I looked at his buddy who saw what I was doing, he mouthed the words, “me next” and smiled at me.Before he got too far along, I told him to let me know when he was really close, I wanted it in my mouth. That seemed to make him very close, he said he was. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth as he came, right there in the middle of the club, only his buddy was watching to know what was going on. It was super, I love fresh cum. When I was done, I got up and he looked at me, I said thank you and turned to his buddy, who was unzipping his pants as I turned to him.It was fun, I jerked him off until he was close and when he was, I got another mouth full of cum. This was too easy. I wonder how many others I can do. So I decided to find out. It was better than I thought, so much for feeling empty inside, I was getting full inside.I pretty much just worked my way around the edge of the crowd. The men were all horny and didn’t seem to mind a hand getting off. I had gotten six men off when I caught up to Jeff, I couldn’t resist, I pulled the same move on him. At first he jumped when he felt my hand on his crotch, then when he saw it was me he smiled at me and shook his head know, I shook mine yes and unzipped his pants, he looked a bit startled, but didn’t stop me from pulling his hard cock out and start to jerk him off, I just love a hard cock. When he was close, I got down and took it in my mouth. When he finished cumming, I put his cock in his pants, stood up and kissed him. He got his second surprise, I hadn’t swallowed. I passed him some of his cum before I finished kissing him.I guess word had gotten to management about me. A large man approached me and pulled me aside. He said he knows what I’ve been doing, I got scared, he smiled and asked if I’d like to go to the VIP Room, there was less chance of “getting into trouble” there. I asked if my date could join me and pointed at Jeff, he nodded and led us to a locked door at the rear of the club. I wasn’t sure if this was good or bad but we were committed.In the VIP mostly it was the same music, but quieter, the lights were just as dim, but instead of tables and chairs, there were sofas and love seats and benches, it looked more like a large living room. The big difference, almost everyone was naked or close to it and doing whatever they felt like doing. A cute little blonde girl came up to Jeff and led him away towards a sofa, I was looking around when another girl came up to me and asked if I’d like some company, thinking she’d introduce me to a man, I said yes. She led me to a sofa where after I sat down, she sat down beside me and started to kiss me.I wasn’t sure about this at first, but I’ve done a lot of stuff with my two girlfriends, so, why not. I started to return the kiss, she was actually pretty hot. She had small firm breasts, bigger than mine, but not by much, she had shoulder length brunette hair and one blue eye and one green eye, really strange, I liked it. As we kissed she reached her hand up my dress towards my pussy, when she got to it, she just rubbed her fingers around the outside and rubbed her fingers on my thighs, driving me crazy.While she was doing that, I moved my hand to one of her breasts, it was easy to get to, she was topless wearing just a very short, I mean very short, leather skirt. As I started to rub and squeeze her nipples, she moved a finger inside of me to wet it and then to my clit. I shuddered, it was exciting, so I wanted to return the favor and reached up her skirt, yes, no undies and she was shaved smooth. I love it, the kissing got more passionate as we fingered each other. It was feeling so good. She pushed me over so I was leaning into the corner of the sofa, she slowly went down to my legs and lifted my dress to expose my pussy, then she started to suck and lick at my clit, I looked around, there were two or three people watching and I couldn’t take it, I started to climax, over and over.When I was done, she moved up onto the sofa and without me doing or saying anything, she took off her skirt and leaned back. She spread her legs, she was so wet the inside of her thighs were glistening. I got on the floor and worked my way up her legs, first one then the other, kissing and licking up the juices. By the time I got to her pussy she was writhing with excitement and pushing her pussy towards me. I still went to her pussy and licked her out getting as much as I could, then went on to her labia, totally engorged and thick, I knew she was getting close, I sucked her clit into my mouth and started to lick and suck on it as she almost screamed as she climaxed, I couldn’t get enough of her, her juices were flowing and I loved the taste.I looked around for Jeff. He was straddling a bench with his pants off. The brunette was sitting in front of him and they were fucking, right on the bench. She was naked and Jeff was fondling her breasts while she moved up and down on his cock, he didn’t have to do anything but enjoy it. I walked over to them, bent down and started to kiss the girl, at first she wasn’t sure, then she let me kiss her for a couple of minutes as Jeff came inside her, I hoped he had on a condom. When she slid off, he did, thank the gods he’s not an idiot.We left after that and went back to our room. Both of us had to pee pretty bad, we waited on purpose to get back. After we were naked, Jeff asked if I’d pee on his face, he’d never asked that before, so I did. I still had him pee on my clit, I love the feeling. It was going to be a very busy two days to get back to the grind. At least we took a break and cut loose for a while. Who knew that in a few years we’d be moving into this area.When we got back to Minneapolis a few things changed. We stayed in the little apartment but I got promoted to Assistant Front of House Manager (means I work the night shift) and Jeff got a promotion to Sous Chef. A little more pay for both of us and more responsibility. Our lives, however got to be very routine.After our wild time in Virginia Beach, getting back was almost boring. Yes we still did pee play regularly, watched each other masturbate, etc. But it was always just us. We worked Tuesday through Saturday night. We were never really off when “dating” people would be going out. I dated a guy at work kind of on and off again and Jeff dated a girl from work, pretty much the same thing. Then we thought of an idea. There had to be somewhere that we could go and do sexy things, with like minded people, but how to find those places. I suggested we start at a porn store, so we did. We went in and asked the guy behind the counter if there were any sex clubs or clubs that had VIP rooms in the area, he looked at me and smiled and told Jeff, most of them require couples and he asked if we were. He said yes and sold us an underground newspaper. He said just about everything in the Twin Cities that might interest us would be in it. I couldn’t believe how many places there were, but a lot of the ads were for prostitutes. Jeff started to make some calls when we had the time. There were a couple of places that interested us. One of them claimed to “satisfy most fetishes” and offered a free visit. Ta dah, we had a place to try and they were open seven nights a week, hours were from 1800 to 0200.When we got to the club on our first Monday off, it was in an older building, looked like it used to be a warehouse. At the door we had to ring a doorbell from a waiting room. When someone came out they got our first names told us the fee to join, offered this night as complimentary, made sure we were old enough by checking our ID’s, and we were explained to how the different rooms worked and what to expect. They also locked our valuables up since they said we would mostly be undressed and issued us a bar coded arm band that all charges would be charged from and we would pay on the way out. Only additional charges were for food and beverages.When we got in there were people in diapers, leathers, naked, partly naked, being led around on leashes, etc. We weren’t sure if this is what we were looking for, but we were here. We both went to an area where we were told was where most of the “water sports” were conducted. There was a smell of urine in the air, there was a place to get out of our clothes so they wouldn’t get messed up and we went in. We got undressed, I was a little shy, Jeff, well he didn’t care. We went in to what could have been a night club if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone was naked. There were tables and chairs set up and what looked like a large wading pool in the center. That is where people were doing lots of different things with pee. Quite a few men peeing on women, some people drinking pee right from the source, etc. Jeff and I sat down at a table and a waiter brought us a pitcher of water and glasses and said if we wanted anything else he would be around, Jeff had his wrist band scanned for a tip.I already had to pee but Jeff suggested we drink something first, get good and ready. When we finally headed for the “pool”, we saw it had a drain and water running through, it was like being constantly flushed. We figured out that anyone that wanted to enter could and others, that wanted to be submissive could as well. No formal rules. As I got into the pool, a youngish man and woman came up to me and asked if I was giving or receiving, I said peeing, they both smiled and the man asked if he could drink my pee. As soon as I said yes, he knelt in front of me and asked if I stood or squatted, I just reached down to my pussy, opened it up and started to pee on his face, he opened his mouth and let my pee run out of it, evidently “drinking me pee” meant letting it run out of his mouth. Meanwhile I saw the woman doing the same thing with Jeff.We left this room and went out walking around to see what else was going on. As we walked by one room, a couple of girls were standing outside the door and asked if Jeff wanted to join them. We followed them in but they told me I’d have to find my own “date”. Once inside I noticed that almost all the women were completely or at least partially clothed, I was the only one naked. All of the men were totally nude or at least pant less. It wasn’t long before a number of ladies were giving Jeff attention. They were feeling his body, kissing him and paying special attention to his cock. I left as two women were sucking his cock and balls and a third was kissing and licking his nipples.As I was walking along, feeling a little self conscious being naked, when a nice looking young man asked if I was looking for some fun. I said yes and he led me into a room that was mostly naked women and men, they were doing lots of different things. I guess I looked nervous because the man I followed in said not to worry, nothing is forced, it’s what I want that counts in this room, most of the women are doms and the men subs. He asked if there was anything he could do to please me and I told him I’d like to watch him jerk his cock. He smiled big, pulled his pants down, his cock was already hard and he started to stoke it, I guess that was the signal, pretty soon I had three men standing in front of me jerking off. I loved it, my pussy was getting wet just watching them. I told them I wanted the cum in my mouth when they were ready. Soon, one by one they came in my mouth, it tasted so good, it had been a long time since I had cum from someone other than Jeff. After that, I headed back down towards where I left Jeff, we met in the hallway, he was looking for meWe agreed, this wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, but it was kind of fun. When we got home we got undressed, we both had to pee again only this time it was nice. Jeff let me hold his cock between my legs as I peed on it and then I stepped back so he could pee on my clit. We took a nice shower and helped each other wash up.When we were done we got a glass of wine and discussed what went on and thought it was too organized, too fake, we wanted something more spontaneous, like the club in VA. Jeff started to stroke his cock as we talked, I like it when he does that, as he got hard I moved into a position where I could rub my pussy and clit and he could watch. It is such a turn on to watch each other like this. I leaned across the sofa so I could take his cock into my mouth, I love the way it feels and tastes, it wasn’t long before he was cumming in my mouth. I sat up and got close to him and kissed him, we started to play with each other’s tongues and I let some of his cum go into his mouth before I swallowed the rest.Jeff started to rub my clit while we kissed, after he swallowed the cum I passed to him he got down on the floor and I got into a position so he could get to my pussy. As he sucked my clit into his mouth I started to climax. I guess the club got us both really horny, but being with each other made us climax. Maybe we’ll find something better later.After we both climaxed, we finished our wine and went to bed. Sometimes I guess it’s just nice to go to bed happy and satisfied.

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