Lipstick mark on the glass

Lipstick mark on the glassLipstick mark on the glassIn light of the moon followed thy shadow. You stood on the terrace with a glass of red wine in hand. A gentle wind otula? your naked torso. The colors of the night I saw the outline of your character. What do you think you want me to say … I wonder all the time. Noiselessly on tiptoe, I approached you. I nestled the naked back. Your body is wrapped with warm hands. Fingertips when I roam naked body. Soft lips you are giving away a thousand kisses, leaving a lipstick trace. Obróci?e? towards me. Watched with eyes full of longing. I was with you, but only for a moment. I was and I wanted to feel happy, if only for a moment. Your smell was irresistible, your breath could soothe my heart. Przytuli?e? me. Kusi?e? kiss. Your mouth is stuck to my mouth. Versatile look into my tongue, and once found, together formed a dance of desire. We were like blazing fire … p?on?li?my time, warmed to red. Greedily kissing the feet crawled another apartment, and after a while to find a magical place. In the bedroom, a large white bed. I muğla escort was looking at your subjects eyes. Sip of wine, then another. Yours, now empty glass I placed on the bedside table, next to the bed. I started to undress. Your hands wander blindly following kr?g?o?ciach my body. At the moment przystan??e? the chest. Wtuli?e? in no face, kissed, leaving a pleasant warmth and excitement. Breasts became swollen and hardened nipples, jutting proudly. Head tilted slightly back. The mouth came gentle moans. You took me in his arms and you’ve put on the pristine white bed. Kiss and pie?ci?e?. Sun??e? fingertips drawing lines on the body of desire. Our hands in the sensual dance of secrets uncovered bodies. Desire, passion and tremendous excitement. Rozchyli?e? zanurzy?e? my legs and fingers in wet pussy. Muttered, groaned. Free, sliding finger movements became faster. Sometimes the clitoris zahacza?e? thumb. Each of the touch-induced shivers of delight. Wilam on the bed. Hips were dancing in a sensual dance. Body shaking orgasm, and paragraph produced a protracted escort muğla groan. Wysun??e? fingers, gave them to me to oblizania. Popatrzy?e?, and then have a strong rozchyli?e? my legs. Gently lay down on me, pushing the body to the bed. Zatopi?e? in femininity. We have become one flesh. Thou didst love me gently. Walked slowly and rhythmically. Ociera?e? flesh of my flesh. Dra?ni?e? nipples. Drowning at your arms. Caress his back and buttocks, which each shot tautened and pr??y?y. We were entangled in love and a great longing. Over time, your movements have become bolder, faster and deeper. I felt a strong heartbeat, which przeszywa?o body inside and out. I closed my eyes, one hand clasped sheets, a second hard dociska?am your buttocks, to be able to feel you even more.-Yeah … aaaaaaaa … so love me, do not stop, please, you whispered in his ear.I felt that once we get both, experiencing a powerful orgasm. Wild passion, afflicted our bodies. Senses raged. J?czeli?my, body trembled and curled. We had no breath. We ran into the abyss of pleasure. Out of the mouth muğla escort bayan produced a guttural scream. While later eksplodowa?e? flooding my insides.Even some time we lay wtuleni in themselves, still forming one body. Then I got up and went to the bathroom. You at this time and back sheets poprawi?e?’ve put to bed. I returned to the bedroom, I lay down next to you. I sank myself into your naked body, kissing passionately in the lips and thanked for the wonderful moments. Saw himself in the eye. Her eyelids were becoming heavier and slowly fell down. Until he fell asleep. One could hear only our deep breath.The blissful state compliance with the lovers slept. For such moments worth living. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Life is sometimes cruel. Early in the morning przebudzi?e? to want to hug me. Tried his hand groping reach my face and horror stwierdzi?e? that lie alone. Broke out of bed and rush through the eyes tried to find me, but I was not there. I no longer exist. I’m only your memory. The only thing that remains for me is a trace of lipstick on the glass of your wine glass standing on the bedside table. It united us all was a beautiful experience. But as we can not live. We were kind of together, but still separately. And so I do not want, so I can not. So we can not live. Sorry …

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