Liv’s Late Shift


Liv’s Late ShiftIt’s after 5:00 but Liv is still stuck in the office. She’s annoyed at having to stay after hours. Slipping out of the office without a peep, she sneaks down the hall to the elevators. She hides behind a wall near the elevators out of eye sight of her office until the next carriage arrives. She darts into the empty elevator and heads down to the lower levels under the lobby. Liv leans back and collides with the back wall of the carriage as she rides down. The impact was more than she anticipated but it kind of turns her on. It was like someone pressing her up against the wall seductively. She lifts her head and raises her arms wishing a man was there to suck on her neck and wrap his arms around her as she wraps a leg around his body. But she’s alone in there.The ride goes quickly and she jumps out, into a very dark basement. The parking garage is to her right, down a hallway, and to her left is storage, a janitor’s office, maintenance rooms, and other mysteries. All the main lights are off. Exit signs are illuminated, security lights are still on, but it’s mainly dark down here. Liv tip toes to the left away from the parking garage, away from where people might be. She passes the main custodial closet and the janitor’s office, both of which are closed. She knocks on them and tries the handle to find it’s locked and no one responds. She is alone, finally!Looking around and listening, no one questions her. Seeing and hearing nothing, she feels excitement and rebellious. She slips her heels off, then unbuttons her blouse and takes that off. She leaves her blouse on her heels a few yards from the janitor’s office. She walks further down the hall then slips off her nice skirt and sets it on a door handle. Down to her favorite pair of purple panties and matching bra she dances into the first storage area feeling free and horny. She finds a pole in the storage area, oddly similar to a stripper’s pole. She gazes at it longingly, missing her days dancing in the clubs.”Oh I can’t wait to get back in the clubs!”Liv does her routine on the pole, dancing up and down it. This beats any dull desk job any day. She only left the club because she had a k**. It’s been a couple months since the birth of her baby girl, it’s time to go back to stripping. The pay is more fun! Liv violently slides off her bra, then seductively peels off her panties as she finishes her routine. Bra and panties lay on the floor nearby. She takes several deep breaths, clearly not back in dancing shape, then gives herself a quiet applause. She finds a decent bench in the storage area and amazingly finds a blanket still in packaging nearby.”Since when does malatya escort a blanket come in plastic packaging?”She unwraps the blanket and sets it on the bench then sits down. She looks down at her body, slightly sweaty, her nipples are rock hard. She touches them gently, teasing them. She lowers one hand down to her pussy, slides one finger around her lips, tickles her clit. She moans softly.The faint sound of a cardboard box sk**ding across the floor startles her. She stops teasing her body and looks around. A little panic sets in, she’s naked, not suppose to be down there, beginning to play with herself. She’s defenseless too. Liv holds her breath waiting for another movement but nothing happens. She quietly moves her head around but can’t see that far down the hall or around the storage area without moving. She waits a few seconds but nothing else happens. She looks at the floor for her bra and panties but they aren’t there. She could have sworn she left her bra and panties in a pile near that pole.Panic sets in and runs through her body. She quietly stands up and tip toes back to the pole. The bra is gone, no sight of her panties. She sneaks to the hall, creeps down to the door where she left her skirt, but no skirt. She speed walks to the janitor’s office where of course, her blouse and heels are gone. Everything has been taken.Liv grows frantic, losing her clothing, not where she’s suppose to be and yet she’s somehow still horny despite the increasing fear. She hears a box slam into the floor behind her, back towards the pole.”Ah shit, what the fuck is going on?Footsteps. A heel drops to the floor and bounces. She can see a shadow move. Another heel collides with the floor. The mystery person discards her heels. Does she go get her stuff? Liv can’t stand still, debating what she should do. Call for help? What would actually happen? Someone finds a gorgeous naked woman downstairs where she shouldn’t be in the first place, skipping on work. Someone in the office had to have noticed her missing by now.Liv swiftly tip toes like a ballerina towards her heels. She finds them a few yards apart. She kneels down to retrieve them looking around, watching her back. Standing up she holds her heels like weapons, ready to defend herself. Footsteps again, coming down the hall in the storage areas. One ceiling light turns on in the adjacent storage area. Her blouse rests on the floor in the light. Liv sees it and the wheels start turning. Whoever this is, is playing with her. But he (or she) doesn’t seem to me hostile. There’s an odd flirtatious, teasing feel to this.Liv runs to her blouse and mardin escort picks it up. She looks around. The light above her turns off, and a different ceiling light turns on nearby. Her bra sits on a lone folding chair. Clearly the mystery person set that chair up. Liv runs to it and picks up her bra.”Hello? Who’s playing around?”Of course there’s no answer. The light above her turns off. Down the hall in another storage area a ceiling light turns on. She runs over but it’s not her stuff in the light, it’s kinky fuzzy cuffs. Liv smiles.”You like a little kink? Have you been watching me?”The light turns off once again and down the hall a room lights up. Liv walks down the hall out of the storage area to the illuminated room. She walks along the opposite wall to make sure nothing jumps out at her. She reaches the light which shines on her gorgeous naked body. She smiles and walks inside. The first thing she finds is on the ground, a flyer from her strip club she worked at a year and a half ago. She’s featured on this particular flyer.”I miss dancing.”Club music plays. The source is unclear. Liv walks in further to find a pole in the room and a sofa where her skirt and panties sit. Suddenly the room lights turn off, but strobe lights ignite. The mystery person has set up a mini club set. The mystery person walks in completely naked. He’s fully erect, muscular slim build and very tall. “Well fuck. You’re already big. Who are you?”Mystery man just stares into Liv’s eyes, burning her with desire. His a****l lust flares from his eyes and penetrates her skin. Shivers run down her body. He walks right up to her and wraps one arm around her. She immediately grabs his thick cock and strokes it. He goes in for a passionate, lust-filled kiss where their tongues dance together. Her tongue dances up on his giving a little show in his mouth. He lifts her leg up, she wraps it around him and he reaches around to touch her soaking wet cunt. He feels the outer lips, tickling them and teasing her clit. Her body jerks with mini thrusts into him as he teases her pussy. He tends to hit a special spot often on her making her lurch into his body. He inserts one finger inside as best he can. They continue kissing aggressively then the mystery man picks Liv up and mounts her on his cock. She wraps her legs around his body as he begins thrusting into her. She rests her head on his, foreheads touching, staring into each others’ eyes. Her arms wrapped around his neck, his hands on her tight curvy ass bouncing her up and down.He swings Liv up and down, her cunt sucking his cock like a Popsicle, her lips taking the shaft elazığ escort all the way then sliding it back out rapidly, then they consume the meat stick all the way in and spits it back out. Her lips drool sweet juices that trickle down to his balls. She leans her head back and opens her mouth experiencing the pleasure she’s been missing for so long. While she hasn’t been active in dancing on poles, she hasn’t lost much and she’s putting on an incredible show on his pole. He lifts her up slightly, taking his cock out, and carries her to the sofa. He sets her down quickly with a surprised yip and a giggle from Liv. He pulls a brand new jewel butt plug from under the sofa, nicely displayed in a shoebox. Lube hides under the plug. He hands it to her bowing his head, she is his dancing queen. He strokes his cock while she prepares to insert the plug.Plug is in, she sits on her knees looking up at him while kneading his slab of meat with her lips. She kisses the tip, spreads his precum all over her face. She licks the head a little bit, then sucks his balls. She runs her lively tongue from his sack up the base along the shaft to his head then back down the shaft to his pubic area. She slowly inserts the rock hard rod inside. She’s a magician now, making his cock appear and disappear at the flick of her head. He produces a basin and holds it under her head. She engulfs his cock, taking it all in, sliding his junk down her throat. She gags on it letting the saliva pour from her mouth splashing into the basin. He bounces her head on his thick phallic shaped man cake! She gags some more producing a river of drool falling into the basin. He rests his right hand on her head and her mouth jerks him off.She stuffs her face with his cock and holds it, so much to take. She gags, she chokes, struggling to keep it in, spit trickles down her face into the basin. She pulls out and gathers her breath. The man smells her saliva, she’s produced half a basin full of spit. He puts her on the sofa, laying her down, then dips his dick in the basin covering it with her spit. He paints her tits with her own spit using his cock as the brush. She moans and purrs, so naughty, kinky and unusual. He pours the rest of the “paint” on her stomach and penetrates her tight cunt. He fucks her hard gaining speed, smacking those ass cheeks hard with his thighs. He grabs both her arms and holds them hostage as he continues fucking. He pushes down into her, thumping Liv so rapidly she cums loudly. Can hear it over the music. He slowly takes his cock out to see her cum all over him, he makes her lick if off, then he lays on the sofa as she mounts him. Liv squats over him bouncing on his meat pole. Down the hall they hear a loud shout from a low voice, “Where the fuck is that music coming from?”Liv and the mystery man pause, look at the doorway. Footsteps approach. Liv dismounts him and snags her bunched clothing, the mystery man carries her to the back door.

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