Long Lost Love


As I sit at my desk and stare out the window, I begin thinking of my life, my lonely sexless life. It is unbearable at times, the wanting, the needing, the frustration. Where is that prince I was told would sweep me off my feet, or at least give me a night to remember? Oh, well, another day of files and papers. Such is my life these days. But lunchtime is fast approaching and I will be able to escape. As soon as noon hits, I am walking toward the elevator and down to the mall for some peace and quiet. As I am leaving the elevator, I stop short. There you are after all these years, leaving against the wall, waiting for me.

You greet me with a big smile “Hey babe, I thought you might be here.” I walk towards you and immediately see you from a new perspective. I sense my body warming with these new sensations, not exactly what I felt for the shy, respectful guy I knew back in the day, but I realize that everyone who got off the elevator with me is wondering who you are, and why I am so speechless. I look at you and find those big brown eyes I have always loved, your lips, your big beautiful smile. I am extremely happy to see you after all this time and I begin to feel a heat take over me. After a huge hug, we immediately start talking and laughing as we leave the building. I have no idea where we are headed, but I’d follow you anywhere. We head down to the mall and walk toward the closest hotel.

Neither one of us content with the hug and I realize I am not going back to work this afternoon! You already have bursa escort a room, so we head straight to the elevator. We are the only two on this elevator and as soon as the doors close, you back me against the wall and kiss me. Your lips are soft and hot against mine, your tongue sweet as it rolls with mine. Your hands find mine and pin me gently against the elevator wall as your lips trace my neck. I am yours right now as my mind melts with every kiss. The doors open and you lead me to the room. There isn’t a lot of talking at this point, we both want each other badly and can taste it in the air.

Once inside the room, the door closed, I can’t help but stare at you, wanting every bit of you. Without a second thought, you remove your shirt. As you cross your arms and pull your shirt from your waist, I follow your arms as you raise your shirt above your chest and eventually your shirt is free from your body. You walk towards me as I stand soaking in your body. You hold your shirt out to me “Do you mind?” I slowly shake my head. You are close and I can feel your breath. I look at your lips. Lips I imagine around my nipples, which are hard pressed against my shirt. My pussy is wet and my heart is racing. As I lean in, I lightly brush my breasts across your bare chest. Our eyes meet as I gently trace your bottom lip with my finger. Your hand circles my waist to the small of my back as we come closer to each other. I feel your cock swelling in your jeans. I feel the wetness of my pussy, throbbing, wanting you, my breasts bursa escort bayan heavy with anticipation. You lean to kiss me, but stop just short of my lips. We linger there for that beautiful second in delicious anticipation. If we do this there is no going back, no stopping. Time seems to stand still, until that moment we can wait for no longer. We kiss, our lips full of passion.

I sit on the edge of the bed and you start to undo your belt. I reach for your belt, slowly unclasp it and pull it slowly from the loops. As I unbutton and unzip your pants, I am aware of your cock throbbing, engorged and hard. I massage the shaft through the fabric with both hands. I can feel it swell. I reach down under the shaft for your balls and slide my hand back further to rub your ass. My hand on your cock and the other on your ass makes your clench with anticipation. I slide your pants off and with one layer less of fabric, run my hand again the length of your cock. I look up at you and your eyes are closed, your lip slightly parted, your mind hoping, praying that I continue.

I pull the ridge of your underwear down to reveal the pink head of your cock and kiss it softly. I lick the exposed ridge just below the head and then over the top again. I move the fabric down slowly, exposing the smooth shaft. I press my tongue at the base and drag it slowly to the head. My tongue is hot and wet as it wraps around the head and gently sucks. Again I return to the base and lick the left side, slowly, letting the wetness escort bursa linger. Again the right. Your hands run through my hair, you moan as your throbbing cock begs for more. I finally slide off the fabric as my mouth searches for your balls. My hands grab the shaft and slide up and down with the wetness from my mouth. As I take one of your balls in my mouth and gently roll it with my tongue, my free hand reaches back to your ass to squeeze your right cheek.

You grab my hair and gently pull it, forcing my mouth from your ball. Your cock is free I cover the tip from the cool air with my mouth. My lips are full and juicy. I cup your balls in my hands as my mouth slides back and forth along your shaft, my tongue massaging underneath. Slowly back and forth, with each movement you enter farther and farther. With each deeper entrance, you stay longer and longer. When I feel you can take it no longer, I begin to swirl my tongue just around the tip of your dick and then take you back deep into my throat. I suck and lick the base of your cock, tracing my tongue along the vein until I reach the head and ever so slightly drag my soft teeth across the tip. My hands at the base can feel you pulsing with pleasure. I continue to slide you deep into my wet mouth and back out for that small burst of coolness from the air.

You grab my hair and hold it out of my face. You want to watch your cock moving in and out of my wet hot mouth as you imagine my hot wet pussy. My hands go to your ass as I hold you close to my mouth. You are so deep in my mouth, I stop sliding you in and out and my tongue works you, pulsing like my pussy, forcing the rush of pleasure. I can feel you trying to stop it, trying to make it last, just a few more minutes is all you can handle.

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