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long story for long masturbation sessions(“`-”-/”).___..–””`-._`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)(_Y_.)’ ._ ) `._ `. “-..-‘_..`–‘_..-_/ /–‘_.’ ,'(((‘ (((-(((” ((((K R I S T E N’ S C O L L E C T I O N_________________________________________WARNING!This text file contains sexually explicitmaterial. If you do not wish to read thistype of literature, or you are u******e,PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!!_________________________________________Scroll down to view text——————————————————–This work is copyrighted to the author © 2013. Pleasedon’t remove the author information or make any changesto this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration.——————————————————–The Gambleby Scorpio00155(address defunct)***It all started innocently enough, my son was being bullied at school and I thought that I was fit enough to take the bully on for him. I was wrong. (M+/F, FF, m+/F, ped, forced, size, toys, bg, inc, v, d**gs, blkmail, huml)***PART 1I sat and stared across the room at my son who sat with his head in his hands, his whole demeanour was one of defeat. He looked up at me with tears threatening to flow in his eyes, and then put his head back in his hands.”Tell me again what he said,” I said softly with disbelief tingeing my voice.In a dull voice my 15-year-old son repeated what he’d told me no more than twenty minutes past.”Don said the only way to stop him bullying me was for you to beat his girlfriend in a fight.”Shaking my head I wondered what the hell was going on. I’d known that an older boy called Don and his gang of bully-boys was harrying the k**s in the area, along with a number of other parents I’d complained to the local authorities and even the police, yet they’d seemed powerless to stop this teenager’s reign of terror. Now he’d given my son an out and I knew that there had to be a catch in it somewhere, though for the life of me I couldn’t see what it was. Don’s girlfriend would certainly have the advantage of youth on her side, but I’d seen the girl hanging off his arm and she was a mere wisp of a girl. I might have been 35, but I was in damned good shape thanks to daily workouts, I had the height, weight, reach on this ‘girlfriend’, and felt confident of the outcome if we met. Looking at my son I decided that he was at the end of his tether, if all it was going to take was beating the slip of girl Don called his girlfriend to end my Bob’s torment so be it.”Okay,” I said firmly, “where and when does this fight take place?””Mum, no, don’t!” Bob gasped, his head whipping up out of his hands.”I can beat that girl I see hanging off his arm.” I said confidently, “Trust me.””Oh please mum,” my son pleaded with me, “you can’t. The bastard has something up his sleeve; I just know it. Please mum, I don’t want you to get hurt!”The concern in his voice gave me a moment of doubt, but I felt confident in my ability to win against the girl. Looking at Bob I gave him a confident smile and repeated my question about when and where the fight was to be. After about five minutes of trying to dissuade me from the idea of taking up the challenge Bob finally gave in.”He said if you had the guts to accept the challenge” he sighed forlornly, “we should be at the old sports club at seven thirty tonight and…”When he faltered I waited a few moments before encouraging him to go on.”And” he said with great reluctance, “you had to dress right.””Dress right?” I repeated in a puzzled tone.”Mum, please don’t do this.” Bob pleaded with me again.”Bob, just tell me what the hell this ‘dress right’ means.” I replied more firmly than I’d intended.”No trousers, slacks, jeans or shorts.” he said softly staring down at the floor, “Dresses or blouse and skirt are okay. Stockings, no tights; knee-highs or socks and high heels. Bra and panties, no one-piece leotards or swim suits, no bikinis. Mum, please, I’m begging you don’t do it!”I waved off his final plea as I thought about the ‘uniform’ Don had set for the fight, it seemed quite clear to me that he was hoping to get a few flashes of body parts during the conflict. Well, if I had anything to do with it the fight would be over as soon as it started. Glancing at the clock I noted it was approaching six forty, if we were to get to the old sports club on time I needed to get a move on. Rising I told my son to get himself ready while I changed, he looked at me with pleading eyes, but got up to get himself ready as I had asked.All the way to the place where this fight was to take place my son pleaded with me not to go through with it, I was touched by his assertion that he would rather be bullied than see me harmed. Full of my own confidence I tried my best to reassure him that everything would be just fine, that I’d beat the girl easily, that I wouldn’t come to any harm and the bullying would stop. Yet nothing I said seemed to calm his fears, he was positive that Don had some trick or other up his sleeve. Some of his doubt rubbed off on me and I wondered what it might be Don could possibly do to change the outcome of the fight in favour of his diminutive girlfriend.With five minutes to spare we arrived at the old sports club, it was a secluded site hidden away in one corner of a large park, and when I say hidden I mean just that. The place was concealed behind a stand of trees and bushes, so much so that not everyone even knew the place was there, many assumed that it had been torn down years back, but there it stood and it seemed that Don had turned it into his little domain. There were lights on in the main gym and I led my son inside with him almost going down on his knees to beg me to turn around and go home. Inside the gym was a group of fifteen 16 and 17 year old boys, one of whom I instantly recognised as the chief bully Don, there were also about three teenage girls there, one of whom was the petite girlfriend I was to fight. As we crossed the dirty floor of the gym Don spotted us and grinned triumphantly, a shiver ran down my spine at the look of sheer confidence in the youths face, but I steeled myself with the thought that his girlfriend was a pushover.”Well, well,” Don crowed, “look who we have here. Seems momma has got some guts after all.”The gang of boys all laughed at his comment, annoyed I walked up to him and glared at him.”I see you dressed right.” Don smirked looking me up and down.Now I was proud of my figure, but his look was disgusting and I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.”Just get on with it,” I snapped.”Ooh,” he laughed, “a cocky bitch eh? Well I’ll tell you what, let’s just up the ante shall we?””What the hell are you prattling about?” I frowned.”Well, if you feel so confident about winning,” Don smirked looking me in the eyes challengingly, “why not make the stakes even more interesting.””Like what?” I snapped.”God mum, no!” Bob gasped behind me.”Shaddup wimp!” Don snapped menacingly at my son, then smirked at me again, “How about 24, no make that 48 hours of service.”He had lost me totally, just what the hell did he mean by ‘service’? My puzzlement must have been obvious because the youth laughed.”What’s up bitch, don’t know what service is?” he cackled with his gang joining in the laughter, “Let me make it simple for you. You win and we leave your wimp of a boy alone plus you get to have me do anything you want for the next 48 hours…”It sounded stupid, especially as the only ‘service’ this boy could do for me when I won was to leap off a tall building. His ‘dramatic’ pause drew on for a few heartbeats then he went on.”You lose” his voice dropped menacingly, “and your boy keeps getting the treatment and you do anything I want for 48 hours. Anything! And in case you think of welching remember we got your k** here.””And what’s going to stop you welching when I win?” I snapped angrily.He laughed at me and swept his arm around his gang.”I got a rep lady,” he sneered, “I’d lose respect if I welch on a deal. ‘Sides, you got to win first bitch, if you think you’re up for it of course. Are you on or not?”I was more determined than ever to wipe the smile off the bastard’s face, he was throwing out the additional challenge and I looked him straight in the eyes as I answered.”You’re on!” I snapped, “Now cut the chatter and let’s get this over with, I have things to do!””No!” I heard Bob breathe, “Oh God no!””It’s okay Bob,” I smiled at him over my shoulder, “this won’t take long.””I’m lookin’ forward to taking you down a peg or two bitch.” Don growled at my comment to my son.”Dream on.” I smiled confidently.”Okay, get it on then.” Don snapped waving at his girlfriend to come forward.The boys all formed a large circle around us as I eyed up the short teenager facing me, I grinned at the thought that she wouldn’t last long against me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Don grab my son and pointedly order him to watch the fight, but I couldn’t let myself be distracted by this. The girl moved and I tensed ready for her attack, only she just paced around me so I had to keep turning to face her. Around and around she paced, he lips parted in a cruel grin that began to get on my nerves, then suddenly she bounced at me, I punched out at her then gasped with pain as the girl ducked under my punch and hit me in the gut. For a moment I was winded and that moment was all this girl needed, I felt her foot hit the back of my knee and I dropped to my knees, she was all over me before my knees hit the ground!I suddenly felt my head jerked backwards sharply by a hand painfully grasping my hair, an arm went around my throat in a chokehold and I gave a choked cry as the girls arm tightened relentlessly. Grasping at her arm I tried to pull it away from my throat.I was shocked to discover that I couldn’t budge her arm even a millimetre, her muscles felt like knotted bands of steel under her thin blouse as I gurgled in her grasp. It was my son crying out to me that gave me the strength to make a last effort, punching back over my shoulder I felt my fist connect with the girl’s face, heard her cry out and her arm loose it’s hold for a moment. With a desperate strength I tore loose from her grasp and struggled to my feet, turning to face her I gasped for breath and threw another punch at her. Once again my blow failed to land as she ducked under it and hit me in the gut again, what breath I had left whooshed out of my body with an ‘oof’ as I curled over the girl’s fist. I cried out in pain as her fingers locked themselves in my hair and pulled me forward, I hit the ground with enough force to stun me and as I struggled to my hands and knees the girl kicked me in the ribs with enough force to twist me over onto my back. Even as my back was striking the ground she was leaping astride my chest, groaning I tried to struggle up against her and she slapped me across the face. I cried out at the sudden pain across my cheek, then again as she slapped the other cheek, her small fists struck downwards and I yelped as she punched me in the breasts. Her hands grasped the front of my blouse and tugged, though the haze of my pain I heard and felt the buttons bursting, my blouse flapped open to slide down either side of my body as the girl dug her fingers into my breasts painfully. Grasping her wrists I tried to push them away from me as her fingers mashed at my boobs making tears spring to my eyes.”Not so tough now bitch!” the girl hissed at me.Grasping my hair she started banging my head in the floor leaving me dazed and stunned, I felt her get off me, roll me over then my arms were jerked backwards as my blouse was torn from me. Shaking my head I tried to push myself up, but I just couldn’t seem to find the strength and before I had raised myself more than a few inches she was on me again. She jerked my head backwards by my hair with one hand while the other tugged at the back of my bra, desperately I tried to reach around to stop her pulling the hooks open, but I couldn’t get at her. Suddenly my bra went loose, with a cry of humiliation I flung an arm across my chest as she pulled my upper body upwards by my hair. Despite all my struggles this petite teen tore the bra from me then stood up, she kicked me in the ribs again and I cried out, next thing she was behind me, her hands pulling at my skirt as I kicked and screamed at her. I tried to grab at my skirt with one hand while covering my bare breasts with the other, but there was no way I could hold my skirt up one handed. With a laugh the girl ripped it from me, forcing me over on my back as she pulled it off my kicking legs, as she threw the skirt aside I lashed out with one foot and caught the girl in the ribs, with a ‘whooof’ she flew backwards.Gathering myself I climbed to my feet and kicked her again, I was hitting at her with everything I had left, her cries sounding with each blow I landed. Just as I thought I was getting the upper hand she reached up and dug her fingers into my pussy, her nails digging painfully into me even through my panties. My scream rang around the gym as I staggered backwards away from the girl’s grasp, but she moved with me, squeezing and crushing at my pussy as she rose to her feet, desperately I clawed at her hand trying to free myself. Then my screams became a breathless gasp as she hit me in the stomach with her other hand, her clutching hand released my pussy as I doubled over, when she grabbed the waistband of my panties and tugged sharply at it I didn’t have the strength to resist. With unbelievable strength she literally ripped the panties from my body, jerking me towards her as I became nude, as our bodies collided I tried to grasp her, but somehow she twisted me around, I felt her hand lock around one of my wrists and force it up my back. She forced me to my knees, my arm feeling as though it would break at any moment as she pushed it further up my back, crying out I tried to twist free to no avail. Then her sharp clawed finger were digging at my pussy again, my legs jerked out as she dug her nails in, my scream echoing around the room to die in a groan as my body crashed down to the hard floor.”Fucking bitch!” the girl hissed at me, “Thought a stuck up cow like you could beat me did you, well now you know better!”Her knee came down in the small of my back pinning me to the ground as with one hand she tried to force my arm up between my shoulder blades and with the other hand assaulted my pussy. I couldn’t take any more punishment from her, I cried out to her to stop, I begged her to stop and she laughed at me, her laughter joined by the rest of the group around us.”Do you surrender bitch?” the girl hissed.”Yes!” I cried, “I give in, I surrender!””Know what that means bitch?” she laughed, “You lost, you’re Don’s for the next two days.”I groaned in despair at her words, but she wanted more than a groan out of me.”Say it bitch,” she snarled pushing my arm up harder, “say it! Say what losing means!””I lost,” I whispered, “I’m Don’s for the next 48 hours.””Louder!” she snapped digging her fingers into my pussy again.”I lost,” I screamed out, “please no more, I lost and I have to do whatever Don wants for the next 48 hours!”Suddenly she released me and stood up, she prodded me almost contemptuously with her foot they walked away from me. With tear filled eyes I struggled to my feet trying to cover my pussy and boobs with my arms, raising my eyes I found myself looking at my son, his face held a look of shock and dismay, beside him stood a leering Don. His eyes raked over my battered body, and then he crooked a finger at me signalling me to come to him. My legs felt unsteady as I walked the few feet towards him, his eyes burning into me as I came to a stop in front of him.”Bit late to be covering up ain’t it,” he smirked.I knew he was right, they must all have seen my naked body as I struggled against Don’s girlfriend, but something in me had needed to try to keep one thread of dignity. Don raised an eyebrow and I knew what he wanted without his needing to say another word, my face burned with embarrassment and shame as I let my hands drop to my sides in submission. His smirk grew wider as he let his eyes rove over my now fully exposed body.”Listen and listen good,” he said looking me in the eyes, “you got two days to recover in, Friday at eight you be back here with your wimp-boy. Understand?”I nodded, but he repeated his question sharply.”Yes,” I sobbed in humiliation, “I understand.””Good!” he said, “When you come you be dressed in the smallest mini-skirt you can find, even if it means buying a new one, got that?””I understand.” I sobbed.”On top you wear a see-through blouse,” he went on, “no bra or panties. Got that?””Yes.” I replied numbly.”Lastly you wear stocking and the highest heels you have,” he continued, “and if you have nothing less than four inches you go out and buy a pair. Got all that.””Yes.” I replied.”Then repeat it!” he snapped sharply.”I-I… have to be here by eight on Friday night,” I sobbed, “wearing the shortest mini-skirt I can find, a see-through blouse, stockings and high heels of at least four inches. No bra or panties.”Laughing he dismissed me, but as I reached down to grab the tatters of my clothing he snapped.”You go as you are, those are Cherries prize.”Sobbing with shame and humiliation I fled the gym with my son beside me struggling to get his jacket off. Outside he put his jacket around my shoulders and gave me the car keys, how I made that drive home I’ll never know, I felt stunned, shocked and totally humiliated by my defeat at the hands of a girl half my size. When we got home Bob helped me up to the bathroom then left me to wallow in my misery under a warm shower, cleaned and dried I felt little better. Numbly I tottered to my bedroom, my son suddenly there beside me supporting me to my bed, covering me with the bedclothes and sitting beside me as the tears flowed down my face.”I should have listened to you.” I sobbed.”Oh mum, what are you going to do?” he sighed sorrowfully.”What can I do?” I bawled, “If I don’t show up, dressed the way he said they’ll hurt you Bob, God I can’t let that happen! I just can’t believe that I lost to that girl!””I heard some of them talking,” he sighed, “they were saying Cherrie is a semi-professional wrestler on some circuit or other. I knew that bastard Don had something up his sleeve! Mum, don’t go, I’ll risk whatever he’ll try to do, but please don’t go, they’ll hurt you again, I know it!””Darling,” I sighed tearfully as I reached up to stroke his face gently, “you know there’s no choice, I have to go or see you injured by them, probably badly. I can’t, I won’t let that happen to you Bob, no matter what it costs me.””I love you mum.” I sighed giving me a hug, “I feel this is all my fault. If I wasn’t such a wimp I could have fought my own battles.””Don’t blame yourself Bob,” I comforted him, “there’s little you could do alone against so many of them. This situation is my doing, I was too cock sure of myself, I was so sure I was going to win I let Don manoeuvre me into upping the stakes. I gambled and lost. Now, give me another hug and then off to bed with you.”When he had gone I lay staring up at the ceiling, tears welling up in my eyes and streaming down my face as I thought about just what Don’s ‘anything’ would be come Friday. The way he wanted me dressed left no doubt at all that I was to become a sexual plaything for 48 hours and although I was no shrinking violet where sex was concerned I was in dread of what the bastard had planned for me.I got through the time before I was set to show up at the gym like a zombie, fear clutching at me constantly as the hours passed. What made things seem even worse to me was that I had to pay for the privilege of being enslaved for 48 hours, nothing in my wardrobe would suit what Don had stated in no uncertain terms that I was to wear. The boutique I’d bought the mini-skirt and blouse in was miles from my home, the assistant had grinned when I had stated my needs and my blush of embarrassment only made her grin all the more. When I left the place I had a skirt so miniscule that it didn’t cover me at all, both my buttocks and my pussy could be glimpsed easily whether I moved or stayed still as for the blouse, it was so sheer as to be as clear as glass! The shop had even had the high heels I needed to buy, I had never worn anything higher than three inches, these were double that and I knew I would have to practise walking in them before I arrived for my humiliation on Friday night. Lastly the assistant sold me self-grip stockings, as she packed all my purchases she commented that ‘my lover was in for a great time’, her words sent an icy chill through me.Then the hours were all gone, as I prepared for the ordeal ahead I felt the urge to hide myself away growing and growing inside me, only the thoughts of what would happen to my son kept me moving. When I dressed and looked at myself in the mirror I felt my face blushing, I looked like a slut, my boobs were totally on display, my pussy peeked from under the hem of the skirt. Looking at my face I wondered if I should put on make-up, Don had said nothing about it and I decided that he could get stuffed if he thought I was making myself up for him. When I finally left my room it was with the grim determination to get the affair over and done with. Bob was waiting for me in the living room, his expression glum and forlorn, as I walked in his eyes raised then opened wide, his face turned bright red then he suddenly looked away from me. Inside I felt chilled that my son was so ashamed of what I was doing for him that he couldn’t look at me, yet I had to pay off the wager or see him hurt.”We’d better go,” I said softly with a tremble in my voice.My son said nothing as he rose to his feet, but as we headed to the front door I felt him take hold of my wrist, I looked at him and saw his concern for me clearly written in every line of his face.”Please,” he almost whispered, “stay here, don’t go. I don’t trust Don.””Bob,” I smiled what I hoped was comfortingly, though my inner fear had to be showing through, “you know I have to do this. I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to you and I could have prevented it. You’re all I have Bob, I love you and will do whatever it takes to keep you safe.””Not this mum,” his voice trembled as though in the verge of tears, “not this. There has to be something else…””There isn’t darling,” I silenced his plea gently, “oh how I wish there was. Come on or we’ll be late. The sooner we get there the sooner it will all be over.”His shoulders slumped as we left the house, I felt so exposed as we walked the few feet to the car, I’d thought of wearing a coat until we got to the sports club, but felt it would be a pointless gesture. The trip to the club was made in silence, I could sense my son watching me and on the occasions when I glanced his way I felt my heart aching at the sight of the despair written in his eyes. His despair mirrored what I felt inside. All too soon we had arrived at our destination, I parked the car behind the clubhouse then sat staring at the lights gleaming from the grimy windows of the gym. For a moment I couldn’t move, beside me my son made a last ditch effort to beg me to drive away, but I knew it was too late for that. Giving him a smile of assurance that I did not feel I got out of the car, locked it and gave him the keys, on trembling legs I walked towards the entrance with my son a step behind me.”I was wondering if you would come,” Don laughed as we walked across the gym towards him, “nice to see an obedient bitch.”My heart pounded with fear as the distance between us closed, my eyes flicking around the hall counting the other boys that were there. Fifteen, just as there had been on the night of the fight, only this time there was only the one other girl, my conqueror, Cherrie. I came to a stop a couple of feet in front of Don; his eyes seemed to **** me, as he looked me up and down triumphantly.”Nice outfit,” he gloated.”Let’s get this over with,” I replied with more confidence than I felt.”All in good time,” he laughed then glared threateningly, “You won’t be so cocky by the time we’ve finished with you bitch. The clock starts ticking at eight thirty, you know what you have to do?””Yes,” I responded with fear clutching at my heart.”Well?” he snapped.”I have to do whatever you want,” I responded feeling my face flush with humiliation.”That’s right,” he sneered, “whatever I want. No questions, no hesitation. I own you for the next 48 hours. And just so you have it clear lady, for every time you don’t do what you are told when you are told your boy over there gets hurt. For every time you balk at whatever is done to you he gets hurt. You don’t speak unless told to, one word out of line and he gets hurt.””I understand,” I said in total defeat, “I’ll do whatever you want, only don’t hurt my son.””We’ll see how well you behave,” he gloated, “And you’re off to a bad start already.””I don’t understand,” I gasped with fear clutching at my throat.”I kinda figured you would have had the sense to know we wanted you lookin’ pretty,” he said in a low voice, “and you turn up with no make-up. Still, there’s time to fix that. Cherrie take her out back and get her made up nice.”Cherrie grinned evilly as she pushed me towards one of the doors at the back of the gym; numbly I let her guide me to a room out back. She dumped a load of cheap make-up on a table and stood back with her arms crossed under her breasts. As I began to apply the make-up Cherrie commented on how much and what type I should use, by the time I’d finished I looked like a cheap whore, my lips coated with a deep red lipstick, pale blue eye shadow covering my upper lids, rouge on my checks. She even had me put a coat of lipstick on my nipples so they would show up even more. Before we left the room Cherrie handed me a glass of what looked like vodka and ordered me to drink it all to ‘loosen me up’. When we returned to the gym Don grinned and nodded his approval, looking at his wrist his grin grew wider and I knew that the time had finally come.”It’s time bitch,” Don gloated, out of the corner of my eye I saw my son wince at his words, “I own you now!”My heart missed a beat as I anticipated his ordering me to have sex with him or to suck him off then to do the same with all the others. Instead he reached into a bag beside him and pulled out a wide leather dog collar, he pointed at my son as he held the collar out to me.”Take this and go over there and kneel in front of your boy,” Don instructed, “then beg him to put the collar on you, I want it done up tight. You tell him to keep tightening it until you can’t take any more.”I stared at him in horror that he was involving my son in his plans for me; it was bad enough to have him see my humiliation without having him as part of it.”You were warned lady,” Don growled menacingly.He nodded his head and I heard my son cry out, turning my head I saw him in the grip of two boys who were pushing his arms up his back. Snatching the collar I ran over to my son, the boys let him go as I stopped in front of him and knelt down.”Please Bob,” I pleaded raising the collar to him, “put this collar on me.”His eyes were filled with tears that I knew didn’t all stem from pain as he reached out to take the collar from me, moving behind me my son wrapped the collar around my throat. The leather felt cool against my skin as he buckled it behind my neck, Bob did it up loosely and I knew that he would suffer even more if I walked away with it so loose.”Tighter Bob,” I whispered without turning.”But mum…” he breathed.”Do it, please Bob.” I cut him short.His hands fumbled at the back of my neck and I felt the collar tighten a little, at the same time I was shocked to feel my nipples starting to grow hard! I felt a deep shame at my body’s reaction to the situation I was in, getting turned on was the very last thing I had expected and I felt sick at my own weakness.”More,” I said to my son as he stopped again, “Keep tightening until I tell you stop. Do it for me Bob.”Bob hesitated then began to do as I asked, slowly he drew the collar tighter until the point came when I knew that if it got any tighter I would not be able to breathe. I had him stop and buckle it then stood up and went back to stand in front of Don.”On your knees bitch!” he commanded, “From now on you kneel in front of me or any of the others here, including that wimp you call your son, unless told otherwise.”Sinking to my knees I looked up at him awaiting whatever was to come next, he looked down at me with triumph in his eyes. Walking around me he joked with the other boys about how obedient his new bitch was, how good I looked in my collar and how I was so eager to be there to please them all.”You are eager aren’t you.” he laughed, “Tell us how eager you are to please us.””I-I… want to please you,” I said loudly knowing that I had to declare my surrender for all to hear, “all of you. I want you to use me however you wish, my only wish is to please you.”I saw my son close his eyes and hang his head, one of the boys beside him prodded him urgently in the side then direct him to keep watching. Above and behind me Don was laughing, revelling in his ownership of me and I felt hatred of him fill me; hatred and fear. He left me kneeling there as he wandered around his friends making comments on how happy I sounded to be there, finally stopping in front of my son.”See what an eager little bitch your momma is.” Don gloated to my son, “Get over here bitch!”I jerked to my feet at his call and almost ran over to where he was standing, kneeling I looked up at him glaring my hatred at him even as tears of shame filled my eyes.”See wimp,” Don laughed, “see how eager she is to make me happy. Why don’t you tell him momma.””Bob,” I said through the lump in my throat, “it really pleases me to make Don and his friends happy. I want to be used by them.”I would have hung my head in shame as I spoke, but the collar around my neck kept my head up and I could see the look of horror in my son’s eyes as he looked down at me. His look hurt more than anything I had endured so far and I prayed that he would understand why I was speaking as I was, at the same time I prayed that Don wouldn’t notice how my nipples were pushing at my blouse. It was a vain hope; Don looked at my breasts then smirked.”Right out of her own mouth wimp,” he sneered, “and if her saying it ain’t enough look at how turned on she is, look at those fucking nipples poking at the blouse!”Laughing he grabbed me by the hair and looked into my eyes, his fingers twisting and tugging at my hair as he spoke softly to me.”There’s still fire in those eyes lady,” he mocked me, “but we’ll change that soon enough. So tell me, is your cunt getting wet to go with those hard nipples? Is this getting you all turned on? Go on, feel your cunt, put your fingers in and feel how wet you are…”He let go of me and I let one of my hands drop to my pussy, I gave a gasp of shock when I felt how wet I’d become. As I pushed a couple of fingers into myself I felt a familiar tingle of excitement start up, it was impossible yet there was no way I could avoid what I was feeling. Feeling sick and perverted I slid my fingers all the way in then pulled them out coated in my juices.”Get him to lick them clean,” Don went on as he pointed to my son who was looking at me aghast, “let him taste how hot you are.”Bob was pushed forward, his eyes wide as I held my hand up to him as I’d been commanded. He shook his head and tried to step back, Don hit him and barked an order for him to lick my fingers clean, pleading with my eyes I nodded to him to do it. His eyes closed as he leant forward a little to run his tongue over my juice coated fingers, with obvious reluctance he licked the juices from my fingers then sucked them into his mouth to get the last of my juices off. When he straightened my son had tears running down his face, his eyes wouldn’t meet mine at all and I felt my heart sink at the thought that in protecting my son by submitting to Don I might well lose his love and respect for me. My son stumbled backwards as Don pushed him aside, he must have been able to see my pain in my eyes because his smirk grew larger. Expecting the command to have sex with him I avoided meeting Don’s eyes, looking down I waited for his next words, dreading them.”Strip.” was all he said to me.Obeying I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse, as I took it off I felt my nipples harden even more, dropping the blouse to the floor I reached to the button on the skirt, opening it I tugged the zip down and let the skirt slide down my legs. Stepping out of my skirt I started to take off my stockings, but Don had me keep them on, kneeling in front of him again I lowered my eyes to the floor in shame and humiliation as I waited for his next command. He called out to Cherrie to bring a lead, I trembled when a few moments later Don clipped a lead to the collar at my neck, he jerked it upwards drawing me to my feet.”Time for the bitch to go walkies,” he sneered.He jerked the lead, drawing me after him as he walked towards the exit, I saw my son being hustled along by two boys as the rest of the group followed in Don’s wake. Outside Don jerked the lead downwards and I knelt at his feet.”Cherrie,” Don grinned, “you take this bitch for a walk, a good long one.”Cherrie took the lead from his hand, jerking the lead she got me to stand up; I towered over her yet it was she who was in control of me. My high heels tapped on the tarmac path as she led me out of the screen of trees and bushes into the main area of the park, my naked body on open display to the world. I didn’t even have the solace of darkness to conceal my nudity and shame, a bright light had been shone on me as soon as we’d left the bright lights of the gym, obviously Don had no intention of letting me hide may humiliation. Tugging at the lead from time to time Cherrie walked along a path that skirted the outer edge of the park, we passed three sets of gates and I felt relief to note that they were all closed, it meant that the park was empty of all but the group with Don. Then we came to another gate, I felt my heart sinking as I realised that it was nothing more than an opening in the fencing, there was no gate to seal it from the outer world. At first I thought Cherrie was going to lead me out that gate, but instead she followed another path deeper into the park, the lead jerking at me as she pulled me along. Somewhere a clock was striking nine and I felt shocked to discover how little time had actually passed, it had seemed to me that hours of humiliation had gone by, instead it was only half an hour!We came to a c***dren’s playground and Cherrie lead me over to a climbing frame, she stopped and jerked down on the lead, I sank to my knees in front of her. The girl sat on one of the bars of the frame and spread her legs wide, I bit back a gasp when I saw her naked pussy; she was naked under her outer clothing! Cherrie pulled on the lead drawing me to her, then her fingers grasped my hair, with a sharp tug that made me wince the girl pulled my face down to her crotch. It didn’t need the brain of an Einstein to know what she wanted me to do, but I had never been with a woman before and I hesitated, Bob’s cry of pain from somewhere behind me reminded me forcefully that I could not afford to hesitate no matter what it was I had to accept. Leaning forward I ran my tongue along the slit of her pussy, the taste of her juices seeming strange in my mouth as I licked her out, her hand in my hair painfully guiding me to the points that gave her the most pleasure. Around us I heard the boys laughing and joking as I licked at Cherrie’s pussy, their comments sending a burst of shame through me, but at the same time making my body react with arousal, which made my shame even deeper. Worse still was the knowledge that my son was watching as I pleasured the girl that had defeated me with such ease. It seemed that ages had passed before Cherrie finally groaned her way into a climax, her hand wringing in my hair painfully as she pulled me as tight to her as possible, her suddenly copious juices flowing into my mouth as she jerked and shudder on the metal bars. She wasn’t done with me yet though, pushing me back the girl turned then leant over the bar, her bottom pointing straight at me, she jerked the lead again and I felt horror rise in me at the realisation that I now had to lick her anus as I had her pussy. Yet I moved to obey without pause knowing the penalty my son would pay if I didn’t, I thought I would be sick as I licked at her puckered hole, pressing my tongue to it in an effort to penetrate her. Cherrie groaned with pleasure then reached back to pull my face even tighter to her backside, keeping me pressed tight to her crack as I licked her to another climax.”Good little bitch.” Cherrie said patting my head as she stood up after her climax.Jerking the lead she continued the walk through the park, I stumbled along with her feeling totally defeated and expecting to be laid down to be taken by the boys at any moment. Yet we returned to the clubhouse without them touching me, I couldn’t understand what was going on, I knew I was to be ****d, but they seemed to be in no hurry to carry out the final humiliation.Once we were inside Don took the lead again, Cherrie went out back while he led me to a mattress spread out on the floor to one side of the gym. I tensed with fear at the certain knowledge that they were now going to take me, I had no illusions that they would simply take it in turns to have me, that might happen at first, but sooner or later they would take me in groups. Jerking the lead Don had me kneel at the centre of the mattress, letting the lead drop he stepped back to look down at me.”Well,” he sneered, “did you enjoy your walk bitch?”Though the bulk of me had abhorred the humiliation of that walk and having to lick the teenage girl to climax a part of me had been excited by it. I was tempted to tell him that I had hated the walk, but I knew deep down this was not what he wanted to hear, no matter what I felt about what was done to me I had to tell him I loved it, it was the only answer he wanted.”Yes,” I breathed in shame.”Yes what?” he sniggered.”Yes,” I said more loudly while my eyes close to hold back my tears of disgrace, “I enjoyed my walk.””Hey wimp,” Don laughed, “your momma is some kinda slut ain’t she.”I was too ashamed to look to where my son was standing to see how he reacted to Don’s words. The sound of Cherrie’s heels clicking on the gym floor heralded her return, I heard my son gasp loudly and raised my eyes to see what it was that had shocked him so. My eyes went wide when I saw Cherrie walking towards me, she was as naked as I was, her young breasts bouncing as she moved, but it was the strap on dildo she was wearing that drew a gasp from me to echo my son’s. Shaking my head I stared at the size of the thing sticking out from her groin, it had to be ten inches long and two inches across; I trembled as it dawned on me what was to come next. Stepping onto the mattress and coming to a stop a couple of feet from me the girl looked at me and gave an evil smile.She ordered me to take off the lead, with awkward fingers I manages to get it off and lay it at the side of the mattress as she had instructed, then I knelt there terrified of what was to come. Yet at the same time that perverted part of me I had never known I had was sending signals of excitement coursing through my body, trembling in mixed fear and excitement I waited Cherries pleasure.”You want this?” she sneered down at me pointing to the dildo.”Yes,” I almost whispered, saying the only words I knew she wanted to hear, “yes I want it.””Thought so,” she laughed, the rest of the group laughing with her, “well if you want it you had better start by sucking it. Crawl on over here you slut and suck this cock!”Obeying her command I crawled across the couple of feet between us and put my mouth to the artificial phallus, it felt hard and unyielding on my lips as I closed them around its head. Tears flowed from my eyes as I took the first few inches of it into my mouth, the hard cap pressing against my throat before I drew back again. With slow motions I moved my mouth up and down on the dildo, my tongue running on the underside of it as it push in and out.”Jesus, call that cock-sucking!” Cherrie barked above me, “Take the fucking thing in bitch!”Her words stunned me to immobility, I had never managed to take anything into my throat before; surely she couldn’t expect me to take this giant artificial penis that way.”Fucking do it!” she barked out as my son’s voice rose in a cry of pain.My mind was screaming that it was samsun escort impossibility even as I tried to do as she wanted, pushing down on the dildo I let it press at the back of my throat then tried to push down on it even more. Gagging I pulled back to try again and again, but each time I felt as though it was choking me and would pull back.”You’ll fucking take it,” Cherrie hissed viciously as Bob’s voice rang out in agony in the background, “or your precious little boy gets an arm broke.”Bob was almost screaming in agony as I closed my eyes and tried pushing down on the thing yet again, my son’s cries rang in my ears as I gagged but kept trying to push down.”You get it all in and he stops getting hurt.” Cherrie crowed down at me.Gagging and choking I pushed down hard and at last felt the hard plastic push into my throat, god it was painful and I groaned both my pain and degradation as the thing slid further into my throat. I felt as though I was suffocating as I went on pushing down, the blood pounded in my ears almost drowning out my son’s cries. Then my lips touched the base of dildo in a lewd kiss, above me Cherrie was laughing and pointing out the indignity of my position, but at least my son’s screams had stopped, though I could hear him sobbing somewhere nearby.”Oh yeah,” Cherrie laughed, “this bitch loves it! Mouth fuck that dick bitch!”Sobbing I pulled my head back letting the dildo slide out of my throat, letting it slide almost all the way out of my mouth before pushing down on it again. As I slowly ‘mouth fucked’ that hard plastic I began to find it easier to take, I no longer felt as though I was suffocating as it pushed into me and then to my horror I found I was starting to enjoy the feel of the thing moving in my throat. My mind screamed out that it was impossible for me to get pleasure from having this thing going in and out of my mouth, but my body was growing more and more aroused with each movement I made on the dildo. The point came where I groaned not in shame but in pleasure, I felt disgusted with myself, yet there was no escaping the excitement building in me nor was there any hiding it. Loud voices yelled derision at me as I began to move faster on the dildo, I heard Don shout out ‘look at the slut go, she really digs it!’ Cherrie was screeching at me to ‘do it faster’, I could not disguise the surges of pleasure running through me even while I sobbed tearfully in disgrace at my own actions.”Jeez, the fucking slut’s gonna cum!” one of the boys yelled out deridingly.”Damn right she is.” Cherrie crowed as I pushed up and down on the dildo, “I knew the fucking bitch was a whore and this proves it. Bet sonny boy can’t believe what a slut his momma really is.”In my mind I screamed out in denial, but my body was making me groan out in pleasure as the very climax they had laughingly predicted I would have washed over me.”Oh boy, she’s fuckin’ cumming!” a voice shouted with glee, “Look at that fuckin’ cunt juice up!”With a loud moan of unmistakable pleasure I pushed all the way down on the plastic cock and jerked into a climax, the laughter and lewd comments only seeming to add to the sensation that filled me. As my climax faded I felt degraded, I couldn’t believe what had happened, a part of my mind was numb with shock as Cherrie had me release the dildo and kneel in front of her. Panting for breath I tried to understand what was happening to me, how I could be getting so aroused by my own degradation, but I couldn’t comprehend it. Letting my eyes move I looked to where my son was standing holding one of his arms, his eyes and mouth were wide in disbelief, his head shaking as though trying to deny what he had just seen happen. Beside my son Don was laughing and calling me all sorts of filthy things, I felt my hatred for him well up and he must have seen it in my eyes because he stopped laughing, looked at Cherrie and nodded.-= PART 2 =-Somewhere I heard a clock striking the hour, ten chimes, only ten chimes, with dread I knew deep inside me that I had another 46 and a half hours of torment ahead of me. With a deep shame I wondered how I would be reacting by the time those hours had passed if I was cumming for them after only ninety minutes! Fearfully my thoughts dwelt on my son and what he must now be thinking of me, could he ever accept me again after this?”Beg for it you fucking slut!” Cherrie hissed cutting off my thoughts, “Beg me to fuck you with this cock so your beloved boy can see just how big a whore his mother is!””Please take me with that cock,” I said loud enough for them all to hear, “do me with it, please, I need it in me.””Say the fucking word!” Cherrie almost screamed out, “Say it, slut, let’s all hear what you want me to do!””F-fuck me Cherrie,” I answered forcing down my shame and tears, “fuck me with that cock. Please Cherrie, do it, fuck me with it!”She looked at me and shook her head, she must have seen that I didn’t truly want what I was begging her for and she wanted to degrade me to the point of truly begging her to fuck me with the thing strapped to her crotch.”Tell you what,” she sneered, “you suck on it some more while I think about it.”Obediently I took the dildo into my mouth and throat again, this time one of her hands grasped my hair and moved my head in a fast hard motion that to my utter disgust had me rising to another orgasm within a few minutes. Before I could reach a peak Cherrie pulled my head backwards and looked down into my eyes.”Now beg me,” she whispered harshly.My pussy was burning from the aborted orgasm, it was screaming for me to give it release, to fill the need to climax and I knew this was showing in my eyes as Cherrie stared into them.”Oh god Cherrie, fuck me, I need it, please, fuck me, fuck me!” I cried out.”Lie down and spread your legs.” Cherrie laughed triumphantly.I’d thought she would take me from behind which would have at least allowed me the illusion that it was a man taking me, but now I knew that she was going to take me as a man would, on top of me looking down at my humiliation and excitement. Still begging her to fuck me I lay back and opened my legs wide, Cherrie knelt between my legs, her eyes locked on mine as she reached forward to stroke my pussy, she sank a finger into me with a broad grin spreading across her lips.”You are really hot for it aren’t you bitch.” She gloated as he pulled her finger from me.She pushed the juice soaked finger towards my mouth and I swallowed it to the knuckle as I sucked my own juices from her skin. From all around me male laughter sounded, their voices raised in derision at my shameful arousal at what was happening to me, I felt totally despoiled yet helpless in the grip of the excitement my body was forcing through me. When Cherrie reached down to cruelly squeeze my breasts, to twist and tug at my nipples I couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure, I hovered on the edge of an orgasm as the girl played with my breasts, teased my nipples painfully and tormented my burning pussy by rubbing just the tip of the dildo along it.”Should I suck on your tits?” Cherrie asked loudly.”Yes, yes!” I cried out, “Suck them, please Cherrie, suck my nipples hard!”With a laugh she lowered her head and kissed me full on the lips instead, her hands tugging at my nipples and to my eternal shame I responded to her kiss hungrily. Throwing my arms around her small body I held her tight to me, letting her tongue slide into my mouth as I humped my lower body trying to get the dildo into my burning pussy! One of the boys laughed ‘hot damn look at her fucking demanding it!’ with a hard shove she parted our lips then twisted her head down to suck at one of my nipples.”Oh God!” I groaned out as her action sent a thrill through me then I was pleading with the girl, “Please I have to have it, Cherrie please give it to me, fuck me for god’s sake fuck me!”Her only answer was to move her mouth to my other nipple while I continued to plead with her to take me, I listened in horror to myself begging this girl to take me as though from a distance. Then she was kneeling up, I looked up into her eyes as she pressed the dildo to my yearning pussy, her face held a sneer of contempt for me that burned out of her eyes at me, but she savoured the sight of my increased arousal in my eyes as she pushed the cap of the dildo between my pussy lips.”Where do you want this?” Cherrie whispered down at me.”In my pussy, please, put it in my pussy!” I groaned trying to hump up onto the hard unyielding plastic.”Where?” she asked again.Through my haze of humiliation and pleasure I realised that she wanted me to use the crudest language to tell her and everyone present what I needed from her. I had hardly ever used foul language, begging her to ‘fuck’ me had been the first time I had used that word and now I knew what she wanted I did not hesitate.”In my cunt!” I cried out loudly, “Oh god Cherrie, please, put it in my cunt!”Her sneer grew wider as she pressed the dildo to my pussy then pushed down on it hard with all the weight of her small body. The whole ten inches of the thing rammed into me in a burst of delight that drove me straight into my climax! Screaming out for her to fuck me I jerked and humped against the fake cock that filled me to capacity, which had driven deep into my womb. Loud laughter fuelled my inner shame as Cherrie began to fuck me with harsh jerks of her body, tears of shame and bliss filled my eyes as she fucked me hard with me begging her to go faster! Climax after climax ran though me as this slip of a girl took me ruthlessly and then as I reached towards another peak she pulled away from me. Opening my eyes I looked up at her pleadingly, but she just smirked and ordered me to stand up, I obeyed with my legs threatening to give way beneath me. Still smirking the girl lay down on the mattress, the dildo pointing up into the air as I looked down on her with my while whole body seemed to burn with lust. Wordlessly Cherrie pointed at the dildo and I knew what she wanted me to do, straddling her body I lowered myself onto the dildo and let myself sink down on it with a groan. For a moment I sat impaled on the thing then I began to thrust up and down as hard and as fast as I could, almost driving the girl into the ground as I fucked myself even harder on it than she had done me. Cherrie laughed up at me, calling me a ‘slut’, a ‘whore’ and a ‘bitch’, her words were echoed by the boys surrounding the mattress and even though I felt degraded by their words I could not stop myself moving on the hard plastic cock.”OH GOD!” I cried out, “What’s happening to me!”Cherrie laughed up at me as I flopped forward gasping for breath, her hands pulled cruelly at my nipples until I cried out in pain, but even that seemed to excite my body so that my cry was tinged with pleasure. Leaning down I kissed the sneering girl hard, forcing my tongue between her resisting lips and for a moment I was in control of what was happening, but Cherrie was not going to let that happen, with a jerk of her body she threw me off her and stood up. Sobbing and shuddering in orgasmic bliss I watched as she took a tube of something one of the boys was handing her, watched as she squeezed out a clear gel onto the dildo then rubbed it over the surface.”On your hands and knees slut!” Cherrie commanded.Shaking I took up the position and gazed in horror as Don drew my son around the mattress until he was right in front of me, his eyes shocked and upset at the sight of his mother acting the way she was. Suddenly I felt coolness on my anus, my eyes went wide as a finger pressed into me almost without effort and it came to me that the coolness had been a lubricant. The finger moved out of me then the cool sensation came again, this time it felt as though the nozzle of the tube had been pushed in me as the cool gel entered my back passage. Then the finger was back pushing the lubricant further into me, coating my bowels for what was to come and although I had never had anything in my back passage before a surge of pleasure began to rise in me again. In front of me my son stared in dismay as I began to push back against the finger invading my bottom, but as soon as I moved it was pulled out leaving me trembling in anticipation of what would take its place.”Look at her,” Don was saying to my son, “she loves it, so much for your oh so pure momma wimp, look at her begging for it.”And I was begging for it, Cherrie was pressing the dildo to my anal ring and I was crying out to her to fuck my arse. This wasn’t me, something was wrong, yet I couldn’t find the concentration to figure out what, a part of me was thinking bewilderedly that it might be me, a me that had never had the chance to come out before, but the rest of me screamed out a denial of that. No matter how horny I had got in the past I had never begged this way, at first my words had been just that, words to satisfy their sick desires, but now I was really begging to be fucked, to be used in any way they pleased! I couldn’t believe that I could act this way without something else acting on me.Then my thoughts were torn asunder as Cherrie began to push the strap-on into me, I thought it would tear me apart as it stretched me painfully, but the lubricant aided its slow entry sending messages of ecstasy cutting through the pain. My eyes half closed as I pushed back against Cherrie, the dildo pushing deeper into my back passage, in front of me my son looked as though he would faint with shock at the sight of me screaming out for the girl to fuck my arse. My tears flowed again as I felt the humiliation rise even higher in me, but even then I couldn’t fight the pleasure, it seemed to fill me until it was all that mattered.”So what’s your mom now?” Don asked my son.”Shut up!” Bob said even while his eyes stared at me in shock.”You know the slut threw the fight dontcha.” Don sneered, “There ain’t no way a k** as small as Cherrie could have beaten otherwise.”My son looked at Don then back at me with horror in his eyes, I shook my head in denial of Don’s words, but I dare not speak out my denial for fear that my speaking out of turn would bring my son pain. I pleaded with my son with my eyes not to listen to Don even as they closed in orgasmic bliss as the dildo finally pushed all the way into my back passage, groaning I shuddered as I came, my breasts shaking lewdly in front of my son as they hung under me. Cherrie took hold of my hair and pulled me backwards to her, twisting my head round she kissed me forcefully, driving her tongue into my mouth as her other hand snaked around my body to tease one of my nipples. Then her lips were at my ear, her breath sounding loud as she started a fucking motion with the dildo by moving her lower body.”When he asks,” she was whispering in my ear as she nuzzled it, “you better fucking confirm everything Don’s telling him.””God no!” I gasped in voice so low even she could barely hear it.”God yes!” Cherrie hissed in my ear, “If you want the k** to stay in one piece you’d damned well better go along with it.”My mind froze at what she was saying, even the burning desire that filled me was held at bay for a moment as the probable result of my confirming Don’s lies came to me. Then the pleasure was overwhelming me again and I groaned in despair mixed with arousal as Cherrie began to pump the dildo up into my back passage with hard jerks of her body.”Why?” I gasped out as bliss filled me again, “Why do you want to drive my son from me?””Why?” Cherrie hissed licking my ear lobe, “Because we can. Better him disgusted with you than crippled don’t you think?””Yes.” I groaned softly, “You know I’ll do whatever it takes to protect him from being hurt.””We know,” she laughed, “you wouldn’t have come tonight otherwise. So bitch, what’s it to be?””I’ll tell your damned lies.” I moaned in despair, “Just don’t hurt him please, I beg you.””You behave and he’ll be fine.” She laughed in my ear then pulled my head around so that I could see my son, “Look at the little bastard, so shocked by his mummy begging to be fucked but still fucking getting horny watching it happen.”Aghast I let my eyes drop to my son’s groin, the unmistakable bulge of an erection filled the front of his trousers and the size of the bulge was an even bigger shock. In my arse Cherrie was pumping hard and I bit my lip as a new wave of bliss ran through me, my eyes locked on my son’s groin as I gauged the size of him as even larger than the dildo filling me. Shocked at my thoughts I forced my eyes up to his face then grunted as Cherrie pushed me back down onto my hands and knees again, Bob’s eyes met mine and I cringed inwardly at what I was going to have to tell him. Don stood at his shoulder leering at me as I rose to another orgasm, the laughter and catcalls of the other boys filling me right along with my pleasure.”Look at her Bob,” Don said to my son, his eyes looking over my shoulder to Cherrie then his lips curving into a victorious smile, “you think she’d be fucking cumming like that if she hadn’t wanted this in the first place? You think she’d be begging to be fucked if she didn’t want it? Shit, you can hear she means it when she begs to be fucked, that ain’t no acting.””No,” Bob breathed, “no she couldn’t have done what you say.””Ask her,” Don sneered, “ask the slut if she threw the fight just so she could get fucked by us. Ask her if she agreed the terms of the bet before she came to the fight. Ask the slut who it was that suggested the terms of the bet.”An orgasm ran through me as Cherrie continued to bugger me without mercy, my despair at the words Don was feeding to me while talking to my son came out as an orgasmic cry. My anguish grew as I saw the doubts starting to rise in my son’s eyes, I could see he didn’t want to belief what Don was saying, but at the same time Don was telling him to ask me to deny it and I knew that for Bob’s safety I couldn’t deny any of it, no matter how bad it sounded.”Fucking ask her,” Don persisted, “then tell me what your oh so loving mummy is!””M…mum?” Bob said with a trembling voice as the crowd suddenly fell silent.Behind me Cherrie continued to move making me groan out to fill the deafening sudden silence, my son was trembling as he tried to get the words out, to ask me the questions Don had fed him.”Mum,” he finally got out, “who set the terms of the bet, you or Don?”I felt the dildo press into me and Cherrie’s fingernails dig into my buttocks as a warning to speak as they wanted me to.”I did.” I breathed with barely a hesitation.My son seemed to stagger at my response, Don propped him up while telling him to ask the rest.”D…did you agree this bet before the fight?” Bob asked in a voice without any tone to it.”Yes,” I answered, “I met Don that afternoon to make the deal.””No, it can’t be!” he gasped, “Please mum, tell me you didn’t throw the fight just so you could lose the bet.””I can’t tell you that Bob,” I groaned as the moving dildo in my arse sent even more pleasure rushing through me, “I did throw the fight. I couldn’t get such pleasure as I’m getting from Cherrie now and as I’ll be getting from Don and the others if I won. I had to throw the fight!”His eyes were almost glazed as he took a step back, almost as though I had struck him a physical blow, then a burning anger sprang to his eyes. I sobbed at the seething emotion of disgust he held in his eyes as he looked at me, but the sob came as a shudder of pleasure ran through me and was taken by him as one of enjoyment rather than of despair.”SLUT!” he spat at me and because of the collar round my neck I couldn’t even hang my head in shame.Don clapped my son on the back as Bob looked at Cherrie behind me.”Fuck her, fuck the whore!” he said to her loudly.His words were taken up by all the others as Cherrie began to move even faster and harder in my back passage, a chorus of ‘Fuck the whore!’ rang around the hall and in my ears as the girl did just that, their chant getting faster as her motions became faster. My whole body seemed to erupt in orgasm after orgasm as the dildo rammed in and out of me until Cherrie pulled out of me letting me drop to the mattress in a shuddering heap. Leaving me lying there she went to Don and kissed him then went out back, Don looked at Bob then whispered something to him as my senses began to return to something near normal. As Don whispered to my son Cherrie came back, still nude and still wearing the dildo, in her hand was a glass that she brought over to me; my hands shook as I drank the liquid in the glass at her command. It was as she was reaching to take the glass that it suddenly dawned on me why my body was betraying me so, I stared at the empty glass then up into Cherrie’s face.”Penny finally dropped did it?” she chuckled in a low voice, “Yeah, there’s stuff in the drink, it makes you so hot and horny you can’t fight it. And when you drink the next one in a couple of hours it will be knowing what’s in it. By the time you’ve had four or five you won’t give a fuck what’s happening to you!”She took the glass and walked away from me, leaving me to wallow in my misery even as the burning lust rose in me again, but now I knew what it was and why I was so helpless against it. Raising my eyes I looked at Don still whispering to my son, in the distance came the chimes of eleven thirty, I had another 43 hours to get through and I knew that there was even worse to come in that time. My eyes flicked around the circle of boys, noting them loosening their clothing and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I was going to be pleading with them to fuck me. I saw Cherrie come back without the dildo on, though she held it in her hand, dully I watched her come onto the mattress beside me to stand over my kneeling from.”Enough rest.” Don’s voice suddenly cut across my thoughts, “Bob’s got some things to ask you slut, you answer him when he asks them.”I nodded wondering what other filth he’d poisoned my son’s mind with, what other perversions I had to endure to protect a son who now hated me.”Do you really need to be a sex slave to get off?” Bob asked, my face turning crimson at his words, “Is it really the only way you can cum?””Yes it is.” I answered without hesitation, cringing inwardly at the shock in his eyes.”How many times have you done this with Don and his gang?” he asked.I looked at Don in horror as I realised that he was leading my son to believe that I had come willingly, that the whole fight thing had been a set up. Don smirked over my son’s shoulder and mouthed the word ‘five’.”Five.” I answered dully.Bob gasped and looked over his shoulder at Don as though finally fully believing the youths lies, I couldn’t blame him for believing them he couldn’t have heard Cherrie telling me to confirm whatever Don said, or have seen Don feeding me the answers to his questions over his shoulder. That my answers were matching what Don had told him was apparent proof positive that Don was telling the truth. Without hope I looked at my son as he licked his lips, his eyes filled with the pain of what seemed to be my betrayal of him to his greatest tormentor. Bob looked at Don again then back to me, nervously he opened his mouth to ask the next question.”Tell me you don’t drink piss.” he breathed.I felt sick at the answer I had to give my son, but I had to give it.”I love to drink urine.” I lied to my son.Even as I sat and endured the torture of the questions being asked of me my body was growing ever more aroused, whatever had been in the drink was obviously working it’s evil way in my system.”I can’t believe it!” Bob gaped.”Show him Linda.” Don smirked, “Show your son how much you like drinking piss. Cherrie will help you.”Bob stared wide eyed as Cherrie had me lay down, weeping silently I opened my mouth and watched her squat over me, I felt sick to my stomach, but knew that I had to drink her urine and so lower my esteem even more in my son’s eyes. Suddenly a gush of warm salty liquid was filling my mouth, gulping desperately I drank it all as fast as it filled my mouth, my actions seeming to show how expert I was at this perverted act.”Oh fuck.” I heard Bob groan, “She didn’t lose a drop.””I told you,” Don chuckled, “she loves it.”As though confirming his words my body chose that moment to go into a chemical induced orgasm, at least I prayed it was the d**gs I’d been given that was the cause, I was sure of nothing any longer. Above me Cherrie was standing up, her legs astride as she pointed at her pussy in a clear indication that I was to lick her clean. Sitting up I licked at her pussy, cleaning it of the remains of her urine while heading towards another climax myself.”That’s gross!” Bob exclaimed in disgust.Cherrie pushed me away from her with the spiked heel of her shoe, as she walked over to stand by Don I knelt up in the position of subservience Don had demanded of me at the start of the evening. I looked at Don and he indicated with his eyes that I should look at my son; I let my eyes obey his silent command. Bob was looking at me with utter loathing, his look hurt me more than any physical blow ever could, but somehow I managed to not show this to him.”What are you?” he breathed.”A slut,” I answered immediately knowing full well the role I had been set in, “A whore that will do anything to get satisfaction.”He turned away from me and I looked at Don, he was smiling as though he’d won the lottery, he mouthed to me ‘beg me to fuck you’ and I nodded my understanding. Raising my voice I begged Don to fuck me, I told him I needed him; that I had to feel his prick in me; to feel him fill me with his meat and his ‘spunk’. Throughout this my son’s shoulders slumped lower and lower as though I were striking at him with every word.”Better get ready boys,” Don gloated as he came towards me shedding his clothes, “you know how hot the slut gets. And don’t forget her ‘cocktail’, you know how much she loves that.”I felt my tears flowing as I watched all but my son strip down, at the same time the damned d**gs were sending me crazy with desire. As Don came onto the mattress I saw Cherrie go over to my son, put an arm around his shoulders, lean her naked body against him and start to whisper in his ear, her lips brushing his cheek from time to time as she spoke. Don followed my gaze and laughed, I looked up at him and wondered just what sort of a****l he was that he could destroy two lives with such glee.”See them over there,” Don leered down at me as he pointed at a group of five youths, “they are getting your ‘cocktail’ ready, a glass of spunk with a dash of our special d**gs mix. You’d better make a good show of drinking it down or you know what happens.””Bastard,” I breathed, “I’ll do what you say, but tell me why you have to destroy my relationship with my son.””You got no say in anything or any right to ask anything bitch,” he growled, “but I’ll tell you anyway. My mother dumped me; I have always hated people like you that had it good together. Now you know, and here’s something else for you, you aren’t the first we’ve done this to, and you won’t be the last. When we’re done with you we’ll move on to somewhere and someone new, never know, Bob might tag along with us just at the others joined me when I’d done with their mums.”I stared in dismay at the other boys, horror-struck at the knowledge that each of them had seen their mothers degraded and defiled then taken up with the defilers to do the same to other innocent women and her sons. As my eyes moved around the room I saw Cherrie kissing my son, her body pressed tight to his, if it had been in my power I would have throttled the girl, but I was powerless and my shoulders slumped in defeat as I looked back up at Don. He could see that any tiny resistance I might have had left was crushed in me, his grin shouted out his victory over me.”What now?” I asked in a low voice, “What else is there to do to me?””You’ll see bitch,” he revelled in my defeat, “and whatever it is you take it and act like you love it. Hell the d**gs will make sure you enjoy it whether you like it or not. Breathe a word of what’s really going on to the brat and I swear I’ll kill him, you just take your cues and go with them.”I knew his threat was not an idle one; I had to play out the game his way to the bitter end, it meant I would probably lose my son, but he would at least be alive and unharmed. Nodding my compliance I waited for Don to start the next phase of my defilement, my eyes drifted to my son, he was undressing with Cherries help, not exactly eagerly, but not too reluctantly either. As soon as he was naked Cherrie was all over him again, I knew she was doing everything she could to get my son well and truly aroused, I only hoped she’d not leave him frustrated. My attention was jerked back to Don as he called out for my ‘cocktail’, one of the five boys that had been masturbating into a glass came over stirring the thick white fluid that three quarters filled it, mixing their juices with the d**gs they’d laced them with.”Hey Bob,” Don called out, “you have to see this. I never tire of watching the slut drink down a glass of spunk.”My son turned and I was shocked to see his erection, it was huge and Cherrie was leading him over to the mattress by it. The d**gs already coursing through my system were driving me crazy with lust, as I took the glass of sperm I wondered how even more of this d**g would affect me. Quelling my fear I licked my lips as though in anticipation, raised the glass to my lips and drained it in one go, gulping down the thick sperm as though loving it’s taste. As I lowered the glass I saw Bob staring open mouthed at me, I gave what I hoped looked to be a happy smile and shrank inside as his eyes filled with loathing and disgust. Then Don was laying back on the floor, his hard cock standing up from his body as he called me to him, I didn’t hesitate, and rising to my feet I went over to him, straddled his body and lowered myself onto his cock. The feel of him sliding into me made my body shudder with growing excitement, knowing that it was the d**gs making me so hot did nothing to ease my shame at my body’s reactions, nor did it ease my inner pain as I made all the movements to fuck Don in front of my son. Raising my eyes I cried out as an orgasm washed over me, it felt more powerful than anything I had felt so far and I suddenly knew what else the d**gs were doing to me, they were making my climaxes more powerful than I could ever hope to cope with. Laughing up at me Don reached to my tits to twist my nipples painfully, pulling them out from my body as though he intended plucking them from me, in front of me my son looked on as I showed every sign of loving what was being done to me.”She’s one hot bitch,” Don panted out to my son, “She loves everything you do to her, never met a slut like her before. Hey, I got an idea Bobby boy, you still see this as your mum or what she really is, a low whore just out for her own pleasure?”Silently I prayed he would respond that he saw me as his mother, my whole body quivering and straining on Don’s cock as I bucked in climax on it.”As a fucking low whore,” my son responded after only a brief hesitation, his next words cutting me to the very centre of my being, “I don’t know who this is, but she sure isn’t my mum.”My cry of despair at his denial of me sounded like a cry of bliss as my body erupted into another orgasm so intense I thought I would faint. But even the d**g fuelled lust in me paled briefly at Don’s next words.”In that case you have got to get some of it.” He laughed breathlessly, “Hop up her and shove that horse dick of yours down her throat, man you’ll love how she feels. Just don’t go choking her just yet, I know she loves being choked, but man we all got to get some fun with her too.”Even my horror at Don’s invitation to my son couldn’t hold off the d**g-induced sensations for long, as my son stepped onto the mattress I felt my body almost explode with bliss. At the same time I felt fear rising in me at Don’s comments about choking me, what did he mean by them? What was it I was supposed to love? Then my thoughts were driven from my mind as I felt something brushed against my lips, opening my eyes I found myself staring at my son’s monster of a cock, a horse dick Don had called it, and he was damned close in his description. Looking up at my son’s face I saw him looking down at me disdainfully, opening my mouth I looked into his eyes trying to beg him not to do this to me, but either he didn’t notice or didn’t understand what my eyes were saying.”Come on slut momma,” Don laughed from below me, his cock pushing up into me as I paused in my motions, “don’t leave the k** hanging there, put him in your mouth and give him a good suck-fucking.”Raising a hand I grasped my son’s cock and drew it to my mouth, I felt my jaw cracking as his girth forced my mouth painfully wide, but I didn’t pause, pushing against him I drove his long, thick cock into my throat. All the while my eyes were locked on his, despite all the shivers of delight running through me I kept my eyes open and held to his eyes, I saw his disbelief as his cock slowly sank into my throat, the rise of excitement as my throat tongue and mouth massaged his erection. When I finally managed to get all his erection into me my son put his hands to the back of my head and pulled my face even tighter to his groin driving his cock a whole inch deeper in my throat. I groaned in despair and bliss around his flesh, wave upon wave of pleasure filled me to the point of distraction and when my son began to pull out of me I braced myself. Out and out he went, then suddenly he reversed direction to slam his cock back into my throat, I squealed out in pain and pleasure as my own son began to fuck my mouth hard, at the same time Don began thrusting up with a similar force into my pussy. Even without d**gs I knew I would have been quickly driven to an orgasm under this double assault, with the d**gs I felt as though my world was exploding in ecstasy, gurgling around my son’s cock I added to his motions by moving my head with his thrusts at the same time I jerked down to meet Don’s up thrusts! For Don it was too much, within minutes he was pushing up into me, his hot semen spurting into my depths as he came and driving me even higher into rapture, but Bob kept on going as though he could go on forever.”Hey k**,” I heard Don gasp out through the haze of my euphoria, “pull out of her so I can move. Then you can try her cunt, you’ll love it and so will she!”I groaned as my son did as Don asked, pulling his cock from my aching throat and standing aside as Don pushed me off him like a piece of baggage, he rose then pushed me over onto my back with his foot.”Fuck the sluts brains out boy.” he sneered as he pushed Bob between my legs.The next moment I felt my son’s giant cock thrust all the way into me, I screamed out in ecstasy as his entry drove me wild with desire. Looking over my son’s shoulder as he lay still with his cock buried in me I saw Don leering down at me, he mouthed at me to beg my son to fuck me, telling me silently to act the slut he was making me out to be. Fighting back a sob I whispered in my sons ear that he should fuck me hard, he leant up and stared down at me, my eyes were filled with tears as I started to beg him to fuck me, humping my pussy on his motionless cock as though desperate to feel him fucking me. Suddenly he groaned and his eyes closed, but his cock slowly began to move in me, his sheer size pulling my flesh as he drew back then thrust into me hard. Within seconds I was lost in orgasmic bliss, even through my haze I realised that he would have driven me to this point without the need for d**gs, I could not believe how good my own son’s cock felt as it moved ever faster in me. He seemed to go on pounding into me forever, before long I was flopping around under him like a rag doll, his frenzied thrusting making my body jerk with each downward thrust, my cries had become whimpers of delight as he fucked me through d**g boosted climax after d**g boosted climax. When he suddenly pushed up into me then tensed I gave out a weak squeal, deep, deep inside me it felt as though a hot geyser has erupted as his sperm flowed and flowed and flowed.**Sometime later I became aware that my son’s body was no longer pressing on mine, his cock no longer filling me to more than capacity, groaning I opened my eyes and struggled to my knees fighting the desire in me to curl up and let exhaustion take me. Bob was standing over me, his eyes looking strange, I could read all of what he was feeling, but part of it was confusion, then Don drew my attention by moving to my son’s side. Taking my son Don looked at the other boys, he looked at me then at my son, turning my son around he had him look at me.”Okay boys,” Don said without taking his eyes from mine, “she’s all yours, remember she likes it in threes.”I fought back my urge to open my eyes wide in shock, instead I licked my lips and nodded, my son watched me intently with that strange look in his eyes as three of the youths came over to where I knelt submissively. There was no finesse or gentleness in their actions, one of the boys lay back and I was ordered to sit on his cock, as it slid into my pussy I felt a finger pushing lubricant into my back passage for which I was thankful, though I knew that a different lubricant would be filling me all too soon. With a cry I climaxed as I finally sank the full length of the cock in my pussy, even as I came I was pushed forward onto the boys chest and a body was pressing on my back, a cock probing at my anus, I cried out as it suddenly sank into my. The third youth knelt in front of me, his cock waving in front of my face, reaching up I took hold of his erection and drove my mouth down onto it, his cock sinking into my throat easily. My body was erupting in bliss as the three of them began to fuck me mercilessly, pierced in every hole I possessed I couldn’t do anything more than let them use me as they wished. Thankfully they didn’t last long, I think I would have died if these youths had the staying power of my son, the three of them came within seconds of each other, their juices flooding into my mouth, pussy and arse as they grunted out their pleasure. Moments later they were moving away from me, laughing and joking about having ‘fucked me good’ as I forced myself back up to a kneeling position. Apart from my son and Don there had been fifteen other youths in the gym, three had taken me, which left twelve more to go, four more groups of three. Even as I had these thoughts the next three were entering my body, things took on a dream like quality as I was used to sate their lusts, nothing more than an object there for their pleasure. After each group left me I would force myself to kneel up to await the next group, my mind lost in a blur of rapturous bliss and I no longer knew or cared if it was the d**gs or my own body’s pleasure that made me feel so ecstatic.Kneeling up again I waited for the next group to take me, but as the moments passed it dawned on me no-one had come over to me. I had no idea how long it had taken them all to have me, but I could not believe that they would just stop, hoping against hope that my ordeal was at last over I forced my eyes to focus. The first thing I saw was Don and Cherrie talking, he seemed annoyed about something, then I saw my son standing near them trying to look inconspicuous as he listened in on their conversation. Suddenly Cherrie nodded and went out to the back rooms, a moment later she was back with a glass that I knew had to contain more of the foul mixture that had me burning up with desire, a desire that seemed to grow stronger rather than weaker with time. Without a word Cherrie came over to me and thrust the glass out to me, numbly I took it and drank the contents, as I lowered the empty glass I noticed that the Cherrie was wearing the strap-on again and I knew that she too would be taking me again soon.”So how did it feel to fuck your own son?” she sneered as took the empty glass from me.”Wonderful,” I said truthfully as I stared at the dildo.She laughed loudly, and then reached out to tug at one of my nipples.”You get that after the boys have well and truly lubed you up for me,” she stated, “all of them get to use all your holes before I fuck you again. Work it how for yourself how many times that means you get fucked before I get to you.”I stared at her as my mind whirled, each of the boys had used one of my holes, and their juices were flowing out of my pussy and arse already. What she was telling me was that they each were going to take me twice more, once for each hole they had not used yet.”Oh god, thirty times!” I gasped in horror.”Yeah,” she gloated, siirt escort “thirty times and then I get to use you again. And you had better beg me to fuck you when the time comes bitch.”Suddenly I realised why she had been talking with me, it was not out of any thought of letting me rest; it was so the d**g could work it’s evil way into my system. I hadn’t thought the fire that burned in me could get any hotter, but now they were raging infernos as the d**g cocktail hit me, every breath threatened to make me climax, my pussy was literally burning with a need to be fill, by nipples ached they had become so hard. Cherrie laughed as she moved away from me loudly declaring that I was ready for the next round, the first group were moving in on me even before she was off the mattress, just the touch of their hands on my skin drove me to wild climaxes and when they entered my body I could only whimper weakly as the power of the sensations filling me drove all thoughts from my mind. I know that five groups of youths took me one after the other, I know that between each group I managed to get back to a kneeling position, but all I can remember of it is one long blur of rapturous ecstasy. Even when they broke off after they’d all used me for the second time the bliss filled me to the exclusion of all else and I lay quivering helplessly for ages before I finally came down enough to kneel up again.Vaguely I remember Cherrie giving me a glass again, of draining it and returning the empty glass to her. I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the raging inferno of lust that was filling me, it drove me, controlled me, pushed me and I heard myself screaming to the boys to fuck me! Gleefully they took me three at a time and with force, each group now taking ages to cum and driving me to the point of passing out as they filled me three by three. Nothing else mattered any more, not even my son, only the yearning need to be fucked that filled me completely. At last the boys finished with me, tossing me aside they left me lying on the mattress, but I wasn’t alone for long, Cherrie waited until I showed signs of recovering somewhat before joining me on the mattress.The first thing I saw as I regained some of my senses and opened my eyes was the strap-on dildo mere inches from my face, the girl rolled me onto my back and straddled my head facing towards my feet. The fake prick came down towards my mouth and I just opened wide and let it slide into my throat, Cherries ‘good bitch’ ringing in my ears as the burning filled me again. Leaning forward Cherrie licked at my pussy, her tongue lapping at the semen that flooded me, then she pulled the dildo back until it barely touched my lips, her mouth moved and I screamed as she bit at my clit hard. My scream became a choked gurgle as she suddenly thrust the dildo down into my throat with a ruthless force; time and again she did this, ramming the hard plastic into me while she tortured my clit with her teeth.”Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I gasped weakly when she suddenly moved away from me.”Oh I’ve no intention of stopping,” she laughed, “just gonna take you another way.”As she stopped talking I felt the dildo surge into my pussy, I screamed out in bliss and went on screaming while she pounded in my pussy mercilessly. Between screams I begged her to fuck me harder, to do me faster, a part of me was reeling in dismay at my actions, but it lay trapped behind a barrier of sensations that would accept nothing more than the total abuse of my body. My head thrashed as I went through climax after climax, at one point I remember my eyes meeting those of my son’s, he was weeping as he watched me pleading with Cherrie to take me, to abuse me, to fuck me without mercy. But even his pain couldn’t break through the burning in me! I was insatiable as I begged for more and with a chilling laugh Cherrie called on the boys to ‘keep the bitch quiet’; they carried out her wish by filling my throat one after the other with their cocks. Now the only sounds were my muffled squeals, the slap of Cherrie’s body hitting mine with cruel force as she fucked me with that tireless prick she wore, the heavy breathing of the boys as they fucked my mouth, their grunts as they came off deep in my throat and of course their laughter and gibes about the ‘slut’ servicing them.Some endless time later Cherrie pulled the dildo from my pussy, the boys moved away and I whimpered at them to carry on, to keep fucking. A heel dug into one of my boobs making me cry out with pain/pleasure, looking up with unfocussed eyes I saw Cherrie standing over me, one foot planted on my boob as though she were a huntress and I her trophy, then she moved her foot and rolled me onto my stomach. I barely heard her barked command to get on my hands and knees, but I struggled to obey with the cruel laughter of the gang ringing in my ears. When I had finally managed to get into the position she wanted me in Cherrie came behind me, with one thrust she forced the dildo into my arse making me scream, but once again I was silenced by cocks being thrust into my willing mouth one after the other. Once again the only sounds were those of their pleasure, my pleasure and their derisive laughter. I wasn’t even aware of the point at which I passed out, my abused mind and body unable to take any more of the blissful torture.-= PART 3 =-I woke with a start then groaned as my body screamed out it’s pain to me, my arse, pussy and throat felt raw, but my mind felt partially my own again. Opening my eyes I found myself alone on the mattress, I had no idea how long I had been u*********s, nor how long they had used me for, though it had felt like forever. With a struggle I made it back to the kneeling position to await their further pleasure, even now I could still feel the effects of the d**g I had been made to drink, the fires of lust still burned deep inside me despite the pains of my body.”She’s awake.” a voice said off to my left.”About fuckin’ time.” I heard Don’s voice reply.Raising my eyes I saw Don sitting on a chair in front of me, glancing around I saw the rest of the boys lounging in chairs or on mats. As I turned my attention back to Don I saw Cherrie come out of the back rooms with a dreaded glass of liquid in her hand. Then I realised that Bob was nowhere in sight, I looked around fearful that he had left me to my fate in disgust.”Don’t panic bitch,” Don laughed drawing my eyes back to him, “the wimp’s asleep out back, Cherry will get him when she takes the glass back.”I slumped with relief, and then took the glass thrust out to me, draining it I grimaced at the sharp flavour; it hadn’t tasted that strong before. Don must have known what I was thinking, he laughed then rose from the chair, came over to the mattress and stood looming over me, his fingers hooked in the collar around my throat as he leant me backwards. I was forced to look into his eyes as he spoke to me in a low, almost evil voice.”That was a double dose,” he said, “we’re nearly done with you, only another eighteen hours to go and you are going to be screaming for every minute of them.”I felt chilled by his words even as the d**g started to work its way into my system fanning the fires of lust higher yet again.”Ever tried bondage?” he went on, “No? Well you’ll love it. And you’ll love being spanked, especially when your bastard boy does it to you.”He carried on talking, describing acts of depravity that he and the others would perform on me; acts that he would get my son to perform on me. Each act he described made me cringe inwardly, at the same time the lust burned higher and higher in me as the d**g cocktail did it’s evil work on me.”And the best part of it is you will be begging us to do these things to you,” Don laughed, “begging us to hurt you and abuse you, begging your own son to abuse you and hurt you too.”Closing my eyes in shame I knew I could not fight this youth, that I would do everything he said I would even to begging Bob to abuse me. I felt him jerk the collar then release me, kneeling I tried to put an expression of pleasure on my face, in this the damned d**g helped out as fresh waves of bliss started to fill me, not a hand was touching me and I was already rising to an orgasm. Then Cherrie came back with my son in tow, he looked across at me then looked away again as though ashamed to see me. Hiding my pain I remained kneeling on the mattress awaiting whatever was to come with an expression of happiness fixed on my face. From time to time by body gave a shiver as waves of pleasure surge up then receded, Don had given me an idea of what to expect and amid the growing tidal surges of bliss I was filled with fear.”Okay, we’ve wasted enough time with this resting shit.” Don suddenly declared, “Let’s start the final part with a rematch, get over here slut!”Still weak I nevertheless got quickly to my feet, crossed the room to where he was standing and knelt in front of him, Cherrie sauntered over to stand beside me, her strap-on cock sticking out from her tiny body.”Well bitch, this is your chance to get your own back against Cherrie, you and she will fight again” Don stated with a smirk, “only this time there’s no wimp out of a submission, this time it ends when one or the other of you is physically unable to go on.”I knew that I hadn’t a chance, I was already too weak from the hours of abuse I’d suffered at their hands, add to that the effect the d**gs coursing through my system and there was just no way I could even hold my own against Cherrie. Despite all this I nodded my agreement and went to rise to my feet, I never got there, without any warning Cherrie swung round and kicked me in the solar plexus, I grunted in pain as all the breath was forced from me, staggering backwards I fell flat on my backside on the hardwood floor. Curling up in a ball I tried to get my breath back while protecting my vital areas, I reckoned without Cherrie, almost in a frenzy she kicked at me, hitting me in the back and ribs, even hitting me on the pussy. The blow to my already aching pussy jerked me out of my ball and straight into Cherrie’s merciless hand, reaching down she dug her fingers into my breasts and used them to cruelly to drag me up on my feet. As soon as I was upright she was slapping at my face, jerking my head from side to side with each blow and there was nothing I could to do stop her, though I did make a last ditch effort to get a blow of my own in. Barely had I started my swing than Cherrie was acting, with a twist and twirl she was suddenly behind me, I cried out as my knees were kicked out from under me, then the breath fled my body again as the girl jumped on my back and driving me to the hard floor. In desperation I tried to get up again, but I had neither the strength or time to do this, in a heartbeat Cherrie drove me down to the floor by kneeling in the small of my back then grasping my collar and pulling backwards towards her. The collar dug at my throat as the girl pulled my upper body up and back, and the collar was choking me, I felt my senses fading and a sense of relief that my passing out would end the fight in yet another win for Cherrie. Only she had other, crueler plans that choking me into u*********sness, as I hovered on the edge of passing out she let go of the collar letting fall back to the floor so hard than one of my lips hit a tooth and began to bleed. Almost out cold I lay panting and gasping for breath, dimly I was aware of my arms being forced behind me, as my senses swam back I felt something being wrapped around my wrists then my elbows and I realised that Cherrie was tying my arms behind my back. Weakly I tried to fight against being tied, but I was way too late, even as I flexed my arm Cherrie was finishing the last knot, she stood up then kicked me over onto my back, crushing my tied arms under me. Moving to my feet she kicked my legs apart, when I tried to lash out at her with a foot she jumped clear then moved in on me again, her shoe sole came down on my already aching pussy, she ground her sole on my pussy as though stubbing out a cigarette. Screaming I tried to squirm away from her, but she stayed with me, crushing my pussy lips cruelly, then she threw herself on me, forcing my legs open she shoved the dildo all the way onto my aching pussy then began to fuck me as though in a frenzy. Fuelled by the d**g lust and my own natural arousal at being fucked I shot into an orgasm, whimpering I tried to buck her off, but I hadn’t a hope of getting the leverage to dislodge her with my hands tied behind me. Suddenly Cherrie was slapping at my nipples even as the dildo slammed in me cruelly, I cried out in both pain and bliss, desperate for both escape and sexual release!”Hell, that’s got to be enough,” I heard my son’s voice, “she can’t fight with her hands tied, Cherrie can do whatever she wishes. Doesn’t that count as physically unable to continue?””I guess you could be right,” Don replied, “but let Cherrie have a little more fun first. You ain’t worrying about the slut are you?””What do I care about her,” my son’s voice cut through me like a knife, “I just thought you prided yourself on keeping to the rules once you’d set them. Let Cherrie fuck her to death for all I care.””Hear that bitch,” Cherrie hissed down at me, “even your own son don’t give a fuck what happens to you any more, good job for him you still worry about his precious skin.”Without warning she began fucking me again with the fake prick, despite the terror filling me, despite the anguish of my son’s final rejection of me I erupted into an orgasm after only a few minutes of her starting to fuck me again. At the same time she was slapping my face and breasts, twisting my nipples making me scream in pain, in between all this she was punching my breasts and she didn’t stop until Don shouted at her to give it a rest. Cherrie rose to her feet and once again posed with her heel digging into my boob, with a contemptuous final kick at my prone body she walked away from me.”Get up bitch, you ain’t hurt that bad.” Don barked out.With my hands tied behind my back it was a task to get up, but finally I managed it, staggering I went over to Don to kneel in front of him. Though it wasn’t mentioned I knew that my arms were not going to be released, this had to be the start of the bondage scene Don had mentioned earlier, beside Don my son stood stiffly in both senses, his whole body was tense and his glorious cock was at full attention, but my son refused to look at me.”You have got to see this Bobby boy,” Don laughed, the lies dripping from his lips, “I didn’t believe it the first time she had me do it to her, but she fuckin’ loved it! You want us to tie you in your favourite position slut?””Oh please, yes tie me in that way.” I responded trying to sound eager.A glass was thrust at my face, unable to take it I let Cherrie hold the glass to my lips and tip it, I drank the even more bitter fluid wondering just how many doses I was being fed. Minutes later I no longer gave a damn how many dose I’d just drunk as a blast of ecstasy shot through me. Don commanded me to stand and then follow him; my whole body tingled and burnt with lust as I staggered after him, Bob following behind me. We came to a bench and I knew that I was expected to lie on it, my arms crushed into my back as I lay back, with cruel force Don parted my legs and tied my ankles to my thighs then a rope was looped under the bench and around my throat below the collar. Understanding of this position came to me as Don straightened up, my was pussy was open for their use, if I fell from the bench I’d be choked by the rope, if I jerked too much in the throes of the orgasms I knew would be hitting me I’d choke. Then they were taking me, pride of place went to my son, Don let him be the first to take me in his position, my son’s cock surged into me and I cried out in pleasures as he started to fuck me in a frenzy, almost as though he was trying to get off quickly. If that was his intent his own natural staying power defeated him, for a good thirty minutes my son drove me up the scale of orgasmic rapture, at times I would jerk so much that the rope cut into my neck and when he eventually came deep inside me I hit a peak that had me straining upwards in deadly ecstasy. By the time Bob raised himself from me I had almost choked into u*********sness, but I had barely a minute of recovery time when Don pushed his cock into me and sent me into choking orgasm after orgasm. Then all the other boys took me in this position, by the time they’d all had me I was in my orgasmic dream world again. I vaguely remember being released from the bench and dumped unceremoniously back on the mattress, my arms still firmly tied behind my back. Sometime later my senses began to return, I saw them all drinking cans of some drink or other, and I felt my own thirst rising in me. As my mind cleared slightly I wondered how long it had been since I’d eaten something other than sperm, drunk something other than d**g laced vodka and sperm. Struggling to my knees I assumed the position that was required of me, Don was the first to notice me kneeling waiting on their pleasure, he grinned and came over to the mattress.”You keep cheating us out of time,” he grinned, “by rights you should make it up somehow.””How can I do that?” I asked foolishly.”Well it’s simple,” he laughed, “just announce that you feel you’ve cheated them out of eight hours and you want them to carry on until eight thirty tomorrow morning.””Even my dulled mind knows that’s twelve hours not eight.” I said in surprise.”Yeah, well the extra is to cover any time you rob us of between now and then.” He smirked, “It’s up to you… Hmmm, wonder where that boy of yours has got to?”There was no mistaking the unspoken threat within Don’s change of subject to my son; I knew that there was really no other choice I could make. If it hadn’t been for the collar holding my neck straight I would have hung my head in defeat, as it was I lowered my eyes and wept as the conviction came to me that the nightmare would never come to an end.”Okay,” I muttered weakly, “I’ll stay yours until eight thirty, but please, I am so thirsty, could I have drink.””Sure you can!” he almost cackled, “And here’s Cherrie to ease your thirst now.”In fact Cherrie was stepping onto the mattress as he made his comment, inwardly I cringed at the effects another dose of whatever it was lacing the drinks would be on me, each glass had driven me to a higher level of depravity. The power of the orgasms I had under the influence of this d**g were indescribable, the nearest I could come to doing so would be like shoving a live mains wire in my pussy. Nevertheless I opened my mouth and let the girl pour the liquid into my mouth, swallowing I pulled a face of distaste.”A triple, without the booze flavouring,” Cherrie laughed as she walked away with the glass.”Ah well, rest period’s over,” Don smirked, “time for you to perform some more.””Please,” I gasped, “please tell me why us, why me?””Why not,” he grinned, “part of it was that your boy was dumb enough to fall for the fight ploy, and of course so were you. But you’d been chosen before that, we knew as soon as we spotted you and the wimp together that you were a happy mother and son, who better to fuck up?”He started to move away from me, and then paused, turning he looked down at me and smiled coldly.”Best we get it all said,” he said, “you’ve got two more doses of the ‘cocktail’ to take, both will be double what you’ve just had now. Funny thing with that mix of stuff, after the sixth single dose it has a permanent side effect, you’ve had what amounts to nine single doses with another twelve to come, no turning back for you now.””Oh god,” I moaned both in dread and in excitement as the doses I’d just taken began to push my body to the heights of pleasure again, “what side effects? Please tell me.””With pleasure,” Don laughed, “what you’re feeling now, the hyped up sexual sensations, the insatiable hunger for sex in any form and any way you can get it, they’ll never leave you now. The intensity won’t be as bad, but you’ll always feel horny, always have the itch to be fucked, putting it bluntly you’ll be a nympho slut! Well you did ask.”With that he walked over to the rest of his gang, amongst who was my own son, I sobbed for myself and for my son. A moment later they were all heading towards me and I knew that the next ordeal was to begin.With my arms still firmly tied behind me I was pushed across the gym to a vaulting horse, it was shabby and torn; its legs had been cut down, yet it looked strong enough to hold me. This time I was thrown face down, my head dangling one side of the horse, my legs the other, my legs were tied to the feet of the horse while a rope was passed through the collar lead ring to be tied to the grab bars I lay between. At first I was relieved that the rope had been attached to the back of the collar, but my relief was short lived, it lasted right up to the point the first boy took me in the mouth. This round started with Don fucking my pussy, in moments I was climaxing, though I couldn’t lift my head due to the restriction of the rope fixed at the collar. As Don took his pleasure another of the youths came around to my face, he had no need to command me to open my mouth, I had it open and awaiting his pleasure even as he closed the distance between us. Soon he was deep in my throat, fucking my mouth as hard as Don was fucking my pussy, then he took a step closer forcing my upper body to rise a little, but this was not what he wanted, his hands pressed down on my shoulders and I gurgled as the collar tightened around my neck. One after the other they took me, each doing me twice and each pushing my shoulders down as they used my mouth, and each time I felt the collar start to choke me. Only one of them didn’t push down as he fucked my mouth and by the sheer size of the cock he thrust into me I knew it had to be my son. As if all this weren’t enough Don began to spank my buttocks as he fucked my pussy as did every boy that fucked my pussy thereafter, including my son, though his blows were more caresses than spanks, Once again the ordeal ended when that had sated their lust for the moment, for a while they left me hung limply over the horse, but at last they untied me, apart from my arms, and tossed me back on the mattress.Laughing at my shuddering, exhausted body the boys began drinking again, amongst them my son who I saw pointing at me and laughing. Of everything that I had endured so far the sight of my son laughing along with my tormentors at my expense was the most painful, I knew at that moment that I had lost him, that he would be leaving with Don, leaving me broken in spirit and body for his sake. Wishing I could just lie there and wallow in my despair I finally struggled up to my knees.”Ah, the bitch can’t get enough, damn it!” Don crowed, “Tell you what, how about we take the slut walkies again, you can walk her this time Bobby boy, fancy that?””Too fucking right I do!” I heard my son answer, seemingly only too pleased to add to my humiliation.And that was that, the lead was reattached to my collar by my son, he jerked it to draw me to my feet then headed out the door with the group following along behind. This time my path was different, my son headed straight for the open gate, he didn’t even hesitate as he led me out of the park, with the damned d**g burning away inside me I kept climaxing every few minutes. My son took me around the whole outside of the park until we came back to the gate we had exited from, jerking the lead he took me back into the park and this time the path we followed was the same Cherrie had taken from the very same gate. So it came as no surprise to find myself back at the playground, the only difference this time being that my hands were firmly tied behind me and it was my son guiding events. With a jerk of the lead Bob took me over to a roundabout, as he had me kneel on the thing the other boys were spreading themselves around the roundabout.”Don says you complained of being thirsty,” Bob said in a flat, expressionless voice, “he thought you might be hinting that you were hinting at something else. Were you?”Don was behind and to one side of my son, out of his cone of vision Don was miming what was to happen to me and I felt sick.”I was,” I said gulping back bile, “I have a craving to drink piss.””Well,” my son sighed, “you’ve got your wish, we’ve all topped up and are all busting to pee. Starting with Don the roundabout will be turned clockwise until you’ve drunk from everyone.”Thank you.” I smiled what I hoped was a look of glee.Gently the round-about turned until Don stood before me, his cock was already free of his trousers, leaning forward I took the tip of the of his cock in my mouth and had it almost immediately flooded by hot, mineral tasting urine. Fighting the urge to gag I swallowed as fast as I could, but some of the liquid spurted out of the sides of my mouth to dribble down my chin and onto my breasts. When he was done I had to lick him clean, then the roundabout turned to the next boy and the whole process started over. I wept with shame when a powerful climax ran through me as I drank from the third cock, then another hit me with the fifth and by the time I had gone full circle I was in a state of constant orgasm. I breathed a silent sigh of relief that this part of the ordeal was over, but I was wrong, there in the middle of a c***dren’s playground Don, my son, fifteen other youths and Cherrie gangbanged me. By the time they had finished with me I was barely able to kneel let alone stand, but my son jerked my up to my feet and almost dragged me back to the gym. I was thrown on the mattress and left to recover on my own. Over and over I kept thinking ‘God how much longer does this goes on?’ it already seemed that an eternity had passed.Yet as soon as I felt strong enough to get to my knees I did so and awaited with dread what was to come next. As I knelt up Cherrie came over with yet another glass in her hands, the taste of the fluid was foul and I remembered what Don had said about the last two doses, I had just drunk six single doses and there was another six to come. Barely had these thoughts come to me than I felt my body bursting with ecstasy, I needed to be fucked as the only way to dull the burning, I sobbed in bliss as I screamed out for someone, anyone to fuck me and to do it right now!God did they fuck me, for the first time in hours my arms were untied, they had me spread my legs and lay back on my heels, bent back like this my wrists were tied to my ankles, a rope was also fixed to the collar and tied to my ankles. Despite the deep fear that I may well choke in this position I was screaming to be fucked hard. That is just what they did, in the pussy and mouth they took me without mercy, oblivious to the sounds of my choking as my head jerked when I would climax, and since I started climaxing as soon as a cock pushed into my pussy I was barely conscious by time the last of them flooded his juices into my exhausted body. When they finally untied me my whole body jerked and shook as the nerve jangling climaxes I’d done my best to constrain hit in one long burst that had me flopping around as though in a fit.They left me to rest, for all of twenty minutes; I had managed to get to my knees in fifteen, but the ignored me as they stood around discussing something. When they at last came for me I followed where they led, which was to the centre of the hall, my own son threw a couple of ropes over a beam and Don tied a rope to each of my wrists.”Pain time,” Don whispered to me as he tightened the last knot, “You’ll soon see what I mean and as soon as you do you’d better start begging for it to be done to you.”Fear chilled my heart as they pulled on the ropes until I was teetering on just my shoe tips, then my heart froze when I saw Don handing out rubber hoses. They were going to beat me with them, I had no doubt about that at all, Don had already hinted at it. Fighting my panic I tried to look excited at the prospect of my forthcoming beating, a surge of d**g induced ecstasy made my acted look seem real and I started yelling out to them to beat me. It was my son that stepped forward first, this shocked me back to a momentary sanity, he was smiling as he swished the hose as though practising, yet I could not read the expression in his eyes. Then he was in front of my dangling body, he ran the hose over my body and I climaxed.”I get the honour,” he said in a voice that sounded lifeless, “of beating you first, I get to do it six times slut, then the others all join in.””Do it, ” I said trying to sound husky, “do it, do it hard, beat me!”Suddenly he struck out, the hose hitting me across the breasts, I had expected it to hurt more yet it was more than enough to send me crashing into an orgasm that went on and on as he beat me. At his sixth blow the rest of the group surged forward and began to beat on me as well, unlike my son’s strikes theirs hurt, they hurt a hell of a lot! Screaming in fear, pain, and orgasm and for them to keep beating me I jerked and shook in my bonds, trying vainly to escape the blows aimed at me while exhorting them to hit me. At one point they all laughed coarsely at me as my bladder cut loose, urine streaming down my thighs to pool on the floor beneath me. Then it all suddenly stopped, groaning I hung limply in my bonds, my body screaming out its pain to me as I sobbed in despair and fear. When they released my wrists I fell to the floor lifelessly, this time they didn’t even bother to move me to the mattress, they left me lying in my own pool of urine while they went to rest themselves for whatever was next on their agenda…Dimly I became aware of the chimes of a clock sounding out seven, through the dirty windows there was daylight and I groaned in relieve at the thought that there was only another ninety minutes to get through. I lay still and tried to recover my strength, but as I lay there Cherrie came over with the final glass of d**g laced vodka, raising my head by my hair she poured it into my mouth and I gagged at the flavour as it slid down my throat.”Stronger,” I muttered weakly.”Yeah bitch,” Cherrie hissed in a whisper, “ten doses. I know Don said six, but what the fuck, you may as well go out higher than a kite.”Her words ‘go out’ rang in my head as she walked away, after all I had been through, surely they didn’t intend killing me, oh God, surely not that! Minutes later the d**g was coursing through my body, it sent a sexual driven strength through me that had me on my knees calling out for more. Even as I was begging then to do me a part of me was frozen with fear at the prospect of death.My fears were merely heightened when they took me back to the centre of the gym, this time it was only one rope they threw over the beam and it was attached to my collar. Then they retied my arms behind my back, the ropes cutting into my skin. I almost fainted with relief when I was ordered to my knees, though they then took up the slack on the rope I had at least a chance of avoiding choking by stretching upwards or even rising to my feet. Or so I thought! Don quickly disillusioned me of that idea as he came over to fuck me first, he took me in the mouth first, forcing his cock deep into my throat, he fucked my throat with cruel strokes, taking hold of the back of my head he took a step backwards and I tried to scream as the collar dug into my neck, hardly a sound escaped past his cock buried in my throat. When he came I was in climax and gurgling as the collar strangled me. Don moved away and after a few minutes another took his place, all of them fucking me in the mouth and all of them dragging me forward so that I choked while sucking them off. At least they gave me a few minutes each time to recover a little, last to take me was Bob and although I felt him step back he somehow held his body forward and for the first time I did not choke as I sucked off a cock.For a time I was left to get my wind back, but then it began all over again, this time they took me in the pussy, fucking me from behind and pushing me forward so that I would choke, by the time each boy was done I was hanging limply in his grasp on the verge of u*********sness. Thankfully they left me long enough to regain my senses before the next boy would take me until once again it was my son’s turn to fuck me. Somehow he managed to make it look as though he was pushing me forward while actually holding me higher and totally relieving the pressure on my neck, I couldn’t fathom why he was going out of his way to ensure I didn’t suffer by choking.What I thought was to be the last round came as no surprise, each of them fucked my arse, bending me forward until I was seeing red. Time after time my senses faded, the blood pounding in my ears as the ever-greater pressure of the collar digging into my neck drove me to pass out. And again it was my son who took me last and who also managed to do it in such a way as to keep the pressure from my neck. When he at last came deep in my bowels I breathed a sigh of relief. I had no idea what time it was, but I was sure that it was well past the extended period I had agreed to so many hours ago.”Don’t get feeling relieved just yet bitch,” Cherrie said stepping forward, the dildo once again strapped to her groin, “now it’s my turn!”I wanted to scream out ‘NO!’ I wanted it all to stop, but instead I meekly looked at Cherrie and started begging her to have her way with me. She looked around as though checking that no-one was watching her, then held a glass to my lips and I drank the contents even though I knew that I was ingesting even more of the d**g cocktail that had already made me sexually insatiable. For a moment Cherrie left me alone, then she was back, the glass gone, but not her evil smile, that smile chilled me and I looked around the gym in the vain hope of rescue from some quarter.”Looking for your precious little motherfucker, bitch?” Cherrie laughed cruelly, “He’s out back helping the guys pack up. When he comes out here you are going to tell him to leave, you will tell him you want some time alone with Don and me.””Oh god no,” I wept as my fear grew to panic, “but I was to be freed at eight thirty, Don said so.””So he lied.” Cherrie grinned, “It’s nearly ten now bitch, and you go free when we’re finished with you. Now you gonna tell your fucking son what I told you to or…?”She left the threat to my son unspoken, though she knew that I was aware of what the ‘or’ was. It had been hard to think with the d**gs coursing through my body keeping me focussed on the need for sexual gratification, but now the latest dose I had been given was starting to kick in and I was too weak, too defeated to even try to resist them for even a second. At that moment my son came into the gym from the back room, he was carrying some boxes and seemed oblivious to my presence, Cherrie nudged me as he walked across the room.”Bob,” I called out to him trying to sound calm and happy to be in the position I was in, “when you’ve done with those can I talk to you for a minute.”He didn’t respond, not even to look in my direction when I spoke, through the growing haze of lust and fear I felt crushed by this. Cherrie was chuckling quietly as I knelt there awaiting my son’s return, no words can describe how I felt at having been forced to turn my own son against me to save his life. Then Bob was back, he came over to where I was kneeling and looked down at me, though he avoided meeting my eyes.”Bob,” I said keeping my voice sounding ‘happy’, “I want a little time alone with my lovers, Don and Cherrie, would you go home by yourself? I’ll be along later, after … after I’ve said goodbye to them.””Whatever, slut.” He sighed.I wanted to scream out at him to help me, to save me, but instead I watched him turn and leave without a backward glance and as soon as the outer doors had closed behind him I broke down and sobbed in despair. Cherrie laughed at my misery, her fingers twined in my hair and pulled my head up so that I looking into her cold, cruel eyes.”How’s it feel bitch?” she gloated, “How’s it feel to be treated worse than a lump of shit by your own precious son?”I couldn’t answer her; even the d**g-induced passion couldn’t penetrate my wall of despair at that moment.”Think he gives a fuck about you now?” Cherrie laughed tugging at my hair.”No,” I whispered through my sobs, “No, not now, not after all this.””Don’t worry dearie,” she laughed tapping me on the cheek, “in a few more minutes that dose I gave you will kick in, then it’s you that won’t give a fuck about anything as long as you get fucked.””Where’s the k**?” Don’s voice came from across the hall.”Gone,” Cherrie laughed, “Mama sent him home.””Shit, not again!” Don cursed.Even the depths of despair could only act as a barrier to the d**g driven lust rising in me for so long, I felt my whole body starting to burn with the need to be satisfied even as Don came to stand in front of me.”Cherrie,” he was saying angrily, “don’t fucking do a Colchester on me, I told you then what I’d do if you killed another one!””Jesus,” she cursed with a touch of fear in her voice, “that was a fucking accident Don! I won’t let his one die, not quite, but she pissed me off, I want to do her till she begs for mercy.””Okay, but just remember,” Don said menacingly, “she dies and you join her, I fuckin’ mean it Cherrie!”Cherrie said something that seemed to satisfy Don, by now I could barely concentrate on anything but the rising tidal wave of lust that I was drowning in. He turned his attention to me and seemed delighted at my distress, reaching down he tilted my face so he was looking into my eyes.”Was it worth it?” he smirked, “Was it worth all this to save your boy?””Yes!” I breathed.”Well he’s safe now,” Don laughed, “so you gonna start resisting us now he’s out of reach?””No,” I whispered.”Louder slut.” he said sharply.”No,” I said a little louder, my mind splintering as the d**gs did their work, “I won’t resist you.””Not in the least?” he laughed loudly.”Not in the least,” I answered realising with terror that my words were absolutely true, that I could not resist him or Cherrie, or indeed any man that commanded me from that point on.He could see in my eyes that I had come to this realisation, his grin broadened as he held my chin.”Want Cherrie to play with you a while?” he asked, “Want her to fuck you almost to death?””Yes!” I breathed as a climax washed over me, “Please Don, let her fuck me, let her fuck me to death!””Tempting,” he laughed letting go of my chin, “might be nice to watch a bitch get screwed to death, but I think we’ll let you live. Not that you’ll thank us for that. The slut’s all yours Cherrie, we’ll wait for you in the bus, you got three hours max, no longer.”With that he walked away and it was only then that I noticed that everyone else was gone too, only Cherrie and I remained. Inside of me a part of me was screaming in terror as it watched the sexual b**st I had become, but it was locked away too deep to show, instead I turned my eyes to Cherrie’s cruel face.”Please Cherrie,” I breathed as another climax hit, “please fuck me, I need it, Cherrie I need to be fucked, fuck me, fuck me fuck MEE!”Cherrie laughed then lashed out, her hand slapping my face so hard I nearly fell, the rope tightened and the collar dug into my throat.”Yes!” I croaked and gasped as I struggled back to my knees, “Beat me! Fuck me! Hurt me!”She slapped me again laughing as I swayed, choked and struggled back upright to beg her for more. Reaching to the collar she released the rope then pulled me to my feet by my hair.”We’ll go back to that later,” Cherrie nodded at the dangling rope, “but first I’m going to hurt you good.”Her hand lashed out in a balled fist hitting me in the gut, gasping I doubled over then sank to my knees which was where Cherrie had wanted me. Gasping for breath I begged her for more, the inner me was shocked at how depraved I had become in such a short space of time, but Cherrie revelled in it. Forcing me backwards she had me assume a position where the heels of my shoes were digging into my shoulders, then she squatted over my face with the dildo pointing at my mouth. Without a word from her I opened my mouth and gave a gurgling scream as she drove the dildo into my throat, my whole body bucked in orgasm as she forced herself down on me with all her weight as though she were trying to drive the dildo down to me stomach. When she pulled back I groaned with disappointment, then gurgled in pleasure again as she drove back into my throat, I became lost in ecstasy as she fucked my throat escort bayan with bruising force. Time lost all meaning, only the pleasure that driving dildo was blasting through me was all that mattered, the bliss of being taken in this way consumed me and when the dildo suddenly slid from my mouth I wailed in frustration!”Stand up slut!” Cherrie’s voice commanded as though from a distance.Trembling with anticipation I struggled to my feet, when she ordered me to part my legs I did so eagerly.”AAAAAAAAHHHHH!” I screamed in anguish and ecstasy as Cherrie kicked me in the pussy.Falling to the floor I lay shuddering and wailing; my body filled with bursting orgasms that dulled the pain. Then she had me lay back on my heels again, this time with my legs spread wide, she stood over me as I looked up at her with eyes that pleaded for her to fuck me, that echoed the words I was screaming to her. Her foot pressed on my pussy and I shot into another orgasm, she twisted her foot as though stubbing out a cigarette and I screamed to her for more as my body bucked and writhed in pleasure. Her laughter merged with my voice as she knelt down, pressing a knee to my aching, yearning pussy she reached down to my nipples and I screamed with pained pleasure as she tried to lift me by my nipples.”OH GOD! YES! YES!” I cried out, “PULL THEM HARDER, HARDER! EEEEYAHH!”I almost fainted with pleasure as her knee moved back then crashed into my pussy, I would never have believed that pain could give so much pleasure, nor that I would ever get so much pleasure from being hurt so much!”See,” Cherrie laughed as she ground her knee on me, “I told you you’d love anything that’s done to you! And even when the d**g is out of your system you’ll be the same, it fucks you up the way Pavlov fucked up those dogs! So…” she paused to punch my tits then went on through my cries, “What do you want now bitch?””To be fucked,” I begged as my body bucked in rapture, “I need it, please, please!”She laughed and repositioned herself between my legs; her hands touched my bruised pussy lips, caressing them with a gentleness that was as exciting as it was unexpected. My orgasmic pleasure grew and grew under her suddenly gentle touch, her fingers soothing away the pain then slipping into my pussy. Leaning over me Cherrie kissed me on the lips the way a lover would and I responded eagerly, her other hand moved to my tits and gently stroked my aching nipples and my rapture just grew as I groaned, mewled, gasped moaned and cried out the joyous feelings her gentle touch raised in me. Had my hands been free I would have enfolded Cherrie in a loving embrace, all I could do was accept her touches and let her hear my pleasure in my voice. Kissing and licking her way down my body she took a nipple in her mouth and gently rolled it on her tongue, sucking softly as she did so, I was in seventh heaven when she added two more fingers to the one already moving in my pussy. If I had been possessed with any power of thought I would have wondered at the girl’s suddenly gentleness, would have been concerned that it was just a lead up to something bad, but I had no power to think such thoughts. I couldn’t even tell anymore if it was the d**gs or me that was responded to the things the girl did to me, but I would have accepted anything just to keep feeling this rapture! “EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!” I screamed as Cherrie bit into my nipple drawing blood.She sat up, her eyes glinting as she watched me writhe in a pain driven orgasm, her three fingers in my pussy moving faster, driving me to an even higher peak. Then I felt her little finger slide into me, now she was pressing four fingers into me, her hand moving quickly and driving me out of my mind with pleasure.”YES! OH GOD YES!” I screamed as Cherrie curled her thumb into her palm and forced her whole hand into me to the wrist.”Like that do you bitch?” She laughed as she fist fucked me furiously.”Nnnnnmmmmm, yes,” I groaned, “more! Harder! Nnnnnmmmmm!”And she gave me more, trusting her arm into me until she couldn’t force any more in, and she gave me harder by pulling back then thrusting in with all her strength! My whole body leaped from the floor in its ecstasy skewered on her fast moving arm as I cried out for even more!”NO!” I screamed in anguish as she pulled her arm out of me, “PUT IT BACK! PUT IT BACK!””Shut-up fucking slut!” Cherrie hissed as she began to slap my tits.Then she was pressing the dildo to my pussy, thrusting into me so hard that she grunted as our bodies met, with frenzied movements she fucked me, driving me to ever higher peaks of pleasure that drove my voice heavenward. Some blissful time later her voice merges with mine as she ground into my cunt and tensed in orgasm, she seemed to strain against me for ages before suddenly pulling out of me. Rolling me over with her foot she ordered me to raise my backside, with my shoulders pressing to the floor I knelt up eager for whatever she wished to do to me.”Ooooh!” I moaned ecstatically as she sank the fake prick into my arse.Then, as she fucked me hard in the arse, Cherrie reached round and dug her finger nails into my clitoris, my orgasm exploded to a peak, my body bucking so hard that I almost threw her. On and on she pounded, her breathing becoming laboured as she took me without mercy while I begged her to keep going even harder!I must have fainted with pleasure, because I suddenly came back to my senses with a yearning for something to fill me, I didn’t care where, mouth, cunt, arse, just so long as something was fucking me! Fingers curled into my hair and I was suddenly jerked to my knees, the dildo, fresh from my arse was thrust into my mouth and I fervently sucked it into my throat, cleaning it and fucking it at one and the same time.When she was satisfied that I had cleaned her toy properly Cherrie pulled it from me ignoring my cry of disappointment, once again she used my hair to move me, this time she drew me to my feet and pushed me towards the dangling rope. Staggering on legs that shook in ecstasy I went to the rope and stood under it, she had me attach it to my collar then kneel down, eagerly I obeyed, anything so that she would fill me with the fake prick again!”I’ve only got an hour left bitch,” Cherrie crooned as she slapped at my nipples, “but you’re going to think it an eternity.”Suddenly her hands were all over me, caressed, pinching, teasing, hurting, driving me to ever more powerful orgasms while her laughter was almost lost in my blissful cries. Then she stopped, just like that, she stopped and I screamed my pleas for her to go on as I hovered between one orgasmic peak and another.”You want me to make you feel good some more?” Cherrie asked in a low voice.”Yes! Yes!” I cried out.”What would you do so that I would do that?” She asked in an even lower voice.”Anything!” I breathed eagerly.”Anything?” she mocked me, “Anything at all?””Anything at all!” I gasped as my body burned with lust.”Even kill your own son?” she whispered.”Yes!” I groaned as the fires burnt even higher in me, “Even kill my own son!”Cherrie laughed loudly at my words, after all I had been through I was now willing to kill my own son just to feel the joy of being fucked by her.”What is he?” she laughed, “What is your son now?””A cunt!” I gasped as I tried to squeeze my thighs to bring on the boiling orgasm I was teetering on the brink of, “A mother-fucking bastard! Oh please Cherrie, please touch me!””All in good time.” she laughed, “I’ll touch you when you do what I tell you.””Anything,” I gasped, “just tell me what I have to do!”She commanded me to lean forward, I did so immediately and the collar tightened, then she had me stretch one of my legs out backwards. Teetering on the toe tips of one foot and one knee I felt the collar crushing into my throat, I could barely breath and yet my body was moving ever closer to the brink of the impending orgasm.”Now the other leg,” Cherrie breathed licking her lips as though approaching an orgasm herself, “stretch it out.”I obeyed without hesitation, my breath totally blocked off as my shoe toes and the collar around my throat took up all my weight. As impossible as it may seem I felt myself rise to a crashing orgasm even as my senses began to swim, in the throes of my climax my feet thrust out and my whole weight was suddenly being taken on my throat. A part of me felt panic as croaking, gasping, strangled sounds issued from my mouth as my feet jerked and twitched, at the same time another part of me was in ecstasy as I sank in waves of bliss. Everything began to fade, even my pleasure started to dim as I sank towards oblivion, but just as the point where I felt myself slipping into an abyss my whole body was jerked upright by a hard cock crashing up into my pussy. A hand grasped my hair, dragging me back, easing the pressure on my throat, I took a sharp shuddering breath, then another, and the red haze lightened a little, the pounding of my blood in my ears dimmed. Coughing, gasping and wheezing I became more aware of my surroundings and the blissful feeling of something hard fucking my cunt with merciless force. I had no breath to cry out, all I could manage were weak whimpers of pleasure as Cherrie fucked my cunt deliciously, tirelessly sending me crashing through orgasm after orgasm. Then Cherrie did what I would have thought impossible given her small stature, she grasped my thighs in her hands and stood up. As she rose my weight was supported by her strap-on prick, her arms grasping my thighs and the collar that was once more crushing my throat.”Feel good bitch?” she taunted me as my senses started to fade again.”Mmuumph … grack!” I gasped as I faded out again with an orgasm bouncing me and making the collar press even tighter.For a moment everything faded, a part of me had the thought that ‘this was it, this was how I was going to die’, but despite this my body was fading out in orgasmic bliss. Then my senses crept back, Cherrie had once more shifted position so that I was no longer being choked, the dildo hammering away at my cunt and as soon as I had an iota of breath I was crying out in bliss yet again. Over and over Cherrie fucked me while I recovered from being strangled, then she’d move our positions, still fucking me, but now with me in a position in which I was choking. And all the while, even when I was hovering on the edges of death, orgasms of such force they left me thoughtless exploded through my every fibre of being. At one point Cherrie came round in front of me, she had me kneel then take the dildo in my mouth, with a hard thrust she buried it in my throat, grasped my head and stepped backwards. I no longer had the strength to even scrabble for footing and the fake prick became my only means of support, but it was not enough for Cherrie. Taking another step backwards she took a firm hold of my head dragging me with her, ensuring that my lips still pressed to the plastic base of the dildo. Gurgling I let her to as she would with me, somewhere along the way I had accepted the fact that this girl would literally fuck me to death, but there was no meaning to it, the only thing that meant anything now was the pleasure I got from even the worst of tortures!”Shit you really are getting off on this!” Cherrie was gasping as I started to black out.Before my senses faded completely the dildo was taken from my mouth, I got a couple of gasping breaths that brought me back from the abyss of oblivion and then I felt my feet kicked from under me. As I gurgled for air Cherrie started to fuck my pussy yet again, this time spanking my buttocks, each blow jerking me in the collar and driving me closer to oblivion. And throughout all this I was climaxing!”ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!” Don’s voice sounded distantly as I felt blackness engulfing me.I gradually came to lying on the floor; the pressure on my throat was gone, though I could still feel that the collar was in place. Weakly I tried to move, only to find that my hands were still tied behind me; writhing and humping I eventually managed to get up on my knees and waited for whatever was to come next. Gradually I became aware of the sounds of arguing, Don’s voice was raised in anger, in response Cherrie’s voice sounded petulant, I couldn’t make out the words through the pound of blood in my ears. Then there was a sharp crack and a cry, more sounds of flesh meeting flesh with a cry after each sound.”Get the fuck out to the bus,” I finally managed to make out, “we have to get the fuck out of here, some bastard heard the bitches screams and it looks as though he’s gone for the law.”-= PART 4 =-As more of my senses returned so too did the burning need to be fucked, I didn’t even have the will to try to resist the lust, I just let it wash over me. Then my eyes focussed, the first thing I saw was Cherrie, limping out of the gym, her own dildo stuffed all the way in her arse. Suddenly Don was looming over me, there was no pity in his eyes as he looked down at me, and his lips set in a grim angry line.”Time for us to go,” he stated, “but I’m leaving you with a reminder of what you have become.”He kicked me onto my stomach and then there came a strange, “whooshing” sound, Weakly I turned my head so that I could see him and my eyes widened in shock when I saw him holding something in the flames of a blowtorch.”No need to tell you this is going to hurt,” he grinned into my fear filled eyes, “I guess you’ve figured that out for yourself.”He twisted and turned the object in the flame letting it heat evenly, it was when he pulled it out of the flame for a moment to inspect it that I saw what it was he held and I gasped in horror. He grinned at me then went back to heating what I knew was a branding iron, when the iron was almost white hot he turned off the blowtorch then put a foot in the small of my back, holding the brand in one hand he grabbed my left leg with the other.”No!” I whispered in terror, but even then I felt my body rising to another climax as it anticipated the pain that was to come.”Hold fucking still!” Don barked.Suddenly he plunged the brand down onto the upper part of my left thigh, at first I was too shocked to even feel the pain, but then it exploded through me, as I sucked in air to scream I caught the smell of my own flesh cooking. My scream rent the air as he removed the brand; it was as though the agony of being branded countered the effects of the d**gs because I was suddenly free of the burning lust that had filled me for so long. Don leaned over me and I cringed.”No more,” I pleaded through my tears of agony, “please god no more!”I almost fainted with relief when his hands went to the ropes on my arms and untied them, the rush of returning circulation made me groan. His hand grabbed my hair and twisted my head around so he looked into my eyes.”We’re leaving now,” he sneered, “but you never know, we may be back this way again sometime, I know you’d like that. Want to know what the brand says?”I could only nod in reply.”It says ‘SLUT!'” he grinned, “because that’s what you are now.”He let go of my hair and started to walk away, and then he stopped.”Stay right where you are until you hear a clock chime, then you can go home.” He said over his shoulder, “Though I doubt you’ll find the wimp there, I don’t think he’ll want to go anywhere near you again! Better hope he never hears about you being willing to kill him just to get fucked!”Laughing he left me in my desolation, left me with the oh so clear memories of all that had happened to me while I had been in their power and my shame filled memory of offering to kill my son just so I could be fucked with a fake plastic cock! I have no idea how long I lay there in my misery, lay there wishing that Cherrie had been left to kill me and even now my body was burning with the desire to be taken! Exhaustion, pain and despair overtook me and I fainted away.**I woke in a soft, warm comfortable bed with a start. It was my own bed in my own bedroom and I wondered for a moment if my hours of torment had been nothing more than a dream, but then the aches and pains of my body awoke and I knew it had been no dream. Then I felt myself start to grow aroused and the familiar yearning for sex welled up in me yet again. Tears of shame and humiliation sprang to my eyes, tears of pity for what I had become in the hands of Don and his gang, tears of grief at the loss of my son thanks to Don and myself. For some time I lay wallowing in my misery before it finally sank in to me that I had no memory of getting myself home. Stunned I lifted the sheets from me to find that I was naked, bruises covered me, but I could see that I had been bathed, cleaned of the semen that had filled me and coated me, more, my wounds had been tended and I knew for sure that I had not had the strength to have done all this.Trying to rise I found that I was too weak to even roll over, I groaned in pain from my effort to move and as though it had been a cue the door to my bedroom opened. Confused I looked towards the door then gasped as a person entered bearing a tray of food and drink.”Bob!” I gasped in surprise.Then I felt myself filled with guilt at the memory of telling Cherrie I would kill my son if she would just touch me, just help me to get off. Blushing in shame I looked down at my uncovered body, it seemed so pointless covering myself after all that had happened.”Mum?” my son said softly.”I’m sorry!” I blurted out without raising me eyes, I couldn’t bear to look at him and see that look of disdain, that look of hatred his eyes had held when I last saw, even worse was my inner guilt at having been willing to kill him for Cherrie just to gain satisfaction, “I’m so sorry!”He said nothing and I felt my heart sink at the thought that I was not even worth the effort of a response in his eyes.”Mum,” he repeated firmly, “look at me.””I can’t,” I sobbed putting my hands to my face, “I’m too ashamed to look at you, too afraid of seeing your hatred for me. Please Bob, leave me, I know it’s what you want to do.”He said nothing, but after putting the tray on my bedside table he left the room, as the door closed I curled into a ball and wept, my meal went untouched. All I could think of was how at the end I had betrayed my son.Days passed and my body gradually healed from its physical hurts, the bruises, scratches and bite marks fading until it was almost as though nothing had been done to me. Inwardly it was a different story, whenever I slept my mind would cast up the nightmare moment when I told Cherrie I’d kill Bob if she’d just touch me, I would wake sobbing and wracked with guilt. For the first week I wouldn’t stir from my room other than to use the bathroom, during the second week I would move around the house but only at times I knew I would not meet my son. As the time passed I let myself go, my hair became unkempt and tangled and bags formed under my eyes from my avoiding sleep to stop the nightmares.Almost as bad was the constant hunger in me, Don’s words about the ‘side effects’ of the d**gs they’d fed me came back to me, ‘you’ll always feel horny, always have the itch to be fucked, putting it bluntly you’ll be a nympho slut!’ I was discovering how true his words had been. I tried to resist the need that was filling me, tried to convince myself that it would fade once the d**gs worked their way out of my system, but after three days I couldn’t fool myself any longer, the d**gs had to be out of my system yet the urge to be fucked was growing not fading. Out of desperation I masturbated, but that only seemed to feed the hunger, no matter how often I would do myself or what I used to bring myself off the huger was still there, it was demanding a cock, demanding that I be fucked!Throughout all this Bob seemed to be always there, he brought me meals and drinks, at times I heard him cleaning the house with the vacuum. I couldn’t face him though, couldn’t even be with him in the same room because of my own feelings of guilt, I loved him desperately, but I could not face him knowing what I would have done just to satisfy my own cravings. Nor could I tell him of my betrayal, it was bad enough remembering how he had looked at me and called me a ‘slut’ when I had lied about loving what was happening, about how I had played the same games with Don and his gang before that night, I could not bear his reaction if he ever learnt how I had offered his life for my pleasure. Time and again he tried to talk to me as he gave me my meals or caught me prowling the house in the dead of night, but I would either retreat to my room or tell him he should leave me, anything but to answer him.That one act of betrayal was destroying me even while my body was tormenting me with its demands for satisfaction.Then, part way through the third week, Bob was gone! Even though I had been telling him he should leave me it was a jolt to discover he had actually done so, it drove me even deeper into depression. I don’t remember much of the following few days, I know I didn’t eat and only drank intermittently, my son’s final rejection of me by leaving had taken the heart out of me completely. Tears filled my eyes constantly as I sat despondently in his room, looking at the things he had abandoned to get away from me. Even the hunger in me faded to a mere distant echo as I sat motionless in my desolation.”Jesus mum” Bob’s voice suddenly sounded from the doorway, “you’re a mess!””Bob!” I gasped, my mind reeling with shock, “You came back!”He gave me a puzzled look then left the room, my heart sank at the thought that he had only come back for a few of his things, but moments later he was back with a sheet of paper in his hand.”I left you a note,” he said handing me the sheet of paper, “how could you have missed it?”Looking down at the paper I fought to focus my eyes, the note was short, but clearly stated that he would be back in a few days. My hands shook as I let the paper drop to the floor and for the first time in what felt like an eternity looked at my son’s face, hoping against hope to see forgiveness in his eyes, even though he had no clue what he should forgive me for. I almost fainted at the look of love and concern his eyes held, as I swayed he stepped forward to support me and for a brief moment I felt comforted, but then my betrayal of him came back to haunt me and I pushed myself from him with a sob.”Mum!” he cried mournfully, “Oh God mum, please forgive me, had I known what was going to happen I would never have said anything about the challenge!”He tried to take my hand and I fled with a cry, retreating to my room I tried to close the door only to find my son already in the doorway.”Was it me calling you those things, doing those things to you?” he pleaded with me, “I… I… oh mum!”I gasped as he put his face in his hands and wept, he was in despair, seeking forgiveness from me for having fallen for the lies I had been forced to tell him! How could he not know that I held no blame in my heart for him, the guilt was mine, all mine and I couldn’t tell him why!”Damn it!” he suddenly cursed, making me jump in surprise at the force of his words, tears still flowed in his eyes as he looked at me determination, “Mum we have to talk, we can’t avoid it any longer!””Bob!” I gasped, “I can’t, please don’t ask me to, please!””We have to!” he said forcefully, “You go and clean yourself up, you look a mess. I’ll fix us something to eat and then we will talk!”The forcefulness behind his words brooked no argument, I dreaded the very thought that I might blurt out what I had done, but at the same time I almost dropped to my knees in front of him in the submissive posture Don had made me use while I had been in his power. Shocked by that urge I ran to the bathroom and went through the motions of bathing, washing my hair and combing it out, all the while I was torn by my inner thoughts and feelings. Returning to my room I put on fresh clothes for the first time in days, perhaps even weeks, my legs felt leaden as I turned towards my bedroom door. Making my way downstairs I stopped in the kitchen doorway, watching Bob putting plates on the table then fetching drinks for us both.”Sit down,” he ordered as soon as he became aware of my presence.Almost mindlessly I obeyed, he sat opposite me and started eating while I sat staring at my plate, unable to look across the table at him.”Eat!” he said sharply.I jumped at the sudden sound of his voice, the tone he used commanding, brooking no argument and I ate, slowly at first then ravenously as my body wolfed down the calories I had been denying it for days. Not once did I look at my son while we ate, I just couldn’t bear to let him see the guilt clearly written in my eyes, I was dreading the moment when he would insist that I talk with him. All too soon our plates were empty, Bob cleared away the table then told me to go into the living room, his tone of voice still commanding. Almost meekly I did as I was told and felt ashamed at the sudden surge of lust that rose in me as I obeyed my son’s terse words. Sitting myself in the centre of the couch I waited for my son to join me, trembling with the fear of what I may reveal to him.”Okay mum,” Bob said as he handed me a glass of wine, “shall we talk now or just relax together for a little while?””Let’s relax for a while,” I answered trying to put off the moment when we would talk about what had happened.Bob shrugged and turned on the TV, the news was on and a political item was just ending, the opening of the next item jerked me bolt upright with a gasp.”In Leeds today s*******n youths were burnt to death in a fire at a,” the announcer was saying, “disused warehouse. Fire Officers at the scene are in no doubt that the fire was started deliberately, though it is too early to say whether the youths themselves or a third party started it. At the same time Police are investigating the contents of a mini-bus found parked at the scene.”I stared in shock at the sight of Don’s mini-bus on the TV screen; I almost missed the announcers’ next words.”Although not releasing details a Police spokesperson has indicated that certain video and photographic material depicting scenes of **** and sexual torture may have a bearing on the case. It has also been indicated that a large quantity of a substance believed to be a mix of…””Turn it off!” I cried out, “Please turn it off!”Bob did as I asked then looked at me, his face calm, I felt anything but calm, I had been aware at the end that my entire humiliation and humbling had been videoed, those tapes had to have been part of the haul the police had been referring to. How long would it take them to learn who I was? How long before they came asking how I could do such things? I was mortified at the thought that strangers might even now be watching me offering to exchange my son’s life for a moment’s pleasure!”Mum.” Bob’s voice impinged on my roiling thoughts, “MUM!”I jumped at his shout, my eyes sliding to his face then away as I tried to calm my ever-growing panic.”Don’t worry about it,” Bob was saying, “they won’t be coming here.””But the tapes,” I gasped, “they have all the tapes, including those of…””I said don’t worry about it!” his voice was firm on the point.”Oh God, they’ll see!” I sobbed unable to accept his calm statement not to worry, “They’ll see how I betrayed…”I gasped as I almost let slip the one thing I dare not reveal to him.”Betrayed?” he asked in a puzzled tone, “What do you mean?”I shook my head and bit my lower lip as I tried to avoid his gaze and giving him an answer.”It had to be something that happened after you made me leave.” He mused as I shrank inwardly.”Please Bob,” I wept, “please don’t ask me!”He frowned then went out to the hall, a moment later he was back with a sports bag, putting the bag on the floor near the TV he opened it and sorted through whatever it was that it held. Suddenly he nodded and pulled out a videotape, I stared at his actions in confusion as he put the tape in the video, put the TV back on and hit the play button. Picking up the remote he started to fast forward the tape, aghast I watched the high speed pictures that shot across the screen and almost fainted when the tape slowed to normal speed and my own voice came from the TV saying those damning words!”What would you do so that I would do that?” Cherrie asked from the TV.”Anything!” my voice from the screen sounding so eager to please.”Anything?” her voice mocked me again, “Anything at all?””Anything at all!” I gasped from the screen.”Even kill your own son?” Cherrie whispered that fateful question from the screen.”Yes!” my own voice damned me from the TV screen, “Even kill my own son!”At those words Bob stopped the video and seemed to sink into the nearest chair, his face pale as he stared at the screen. Then he turned towards me and I hid my face in my hands as I waited for him to vilify me for my betrayal of him. I tensed when I felt his hands touch my wrists, though I resisted his pull my son slowly drew my hands from my face.I hung my head down to avoid his look, but he put a hand under my chin and raised my face until I was looking into his eyes. I had no doubt my guilt, fear and anguish showed clearly in my eyes, nor did I have any doubt that the revived hunger burning in me also shown in them. With a sob I twisted my head from his hand, jumped to my feet and fled from the room stopping only once I was safely in my room with the door locked behind me. Sobbing in anguish I threw myself on my bed, at any moment I expected to hear my son shouting through the door or hammering on it demanding access, but the time passed and he thankfully did not appear. For some time I lay weeping, lost in my misery until, as had happened for so many nights, I cried myself to sleep.When I awoke it was mid-morning, I felt exhausted from a nightmare filled night, a night in which I repeated my betrayal over and over, sometimes to Cherrie, but other times it was my son I said it to and each time he would gasp and back away from me fearfully. In between the nightmares I was haunted by what could only be described as ‘wet’ dreams, dreams in which I was fucked in all ways, in which I was beaten or even half choked to death. With all that it was no wonder that I was more tired than when I had fallen asleep. Forcing myself out of bed I dressed then sat on the side of the bed, I knew that sooner or later I would need to leave the room, but I could not risk facing my son I had to put off leaving my room until I had no choice. And suddenly I had no choice.”Mum,” my son’s voice sounded loudly from the other side of the bedroom door, “get out here, and I mean right now!”Though my mind cringed at the thought of having to face his disdain after seeing how I had betrayed him, my body leapt to obey and appalling the hell out of me in the process. When I opened the bedroom door he was standing there, he looked tired and a fire seemed to be burning in his eyes, though I had only glanced at them the once.”Get downstairs, now” he commanded.His tone left no room for argument and I rushed downstairs half afraid of his mood, half afraid of having to face his questions about my betraying words. In the living room he pointed me at the couch, without a word I sat, my eyes dropping to look at the floor as he came to stand in front of me.”Look at me!” he barked out sharply.With a start I raised my eyes to his face, though I still avoided looking into his eyes.”Look in my eyes!” he commanded taking hold of my chin, holding my face so that I had no choice but to look into his eyes.”Bob I…” I breathed.”Just shut-up,” he cut across my words, “I’ll talk, and you listen. Don’t speak, don’t look away from my eyes.”I nodded my understanding and obedience of his orders, looking into his eyes I dreaded what I had been expecting to see there, his hatred and revulsion for me, but as I gazed into his deep blue eyes what I saw made me gasp!”What do you see?” he demanded.”It can’t be!” I whispered in awe, “I see your love, your concern, your worry, but most of all I see love. Bob I don’t understand I swear I saw, expected to see…””Be quiet!” he snapped, “You thought you saw what, revulsion, hatred, disgust? Were those what you’ve been expecting to see in my eyes? Were those what you saw at some point while we were Don’s playthings? And I say ‘we’, he was as much fucking with my mind as he was fucking your mind and body!””But… but… but I saw those things in you yes!” I gasped, “I saw your eyes burning with hatred when you called me a slut!””Did you really think I had fallen for those lies they had you tell?” he sighed, “Surely I don’t seem that stupid do I?””I don’t understand!” I cried out with tears welling in my eyes.”I guess you were too upset to notice where my eyes were facing when I spoke as I did.” He sighed again.”But I swear you believed what I was told to say!” I gaped at him.”Yeah right,” he snorted, “like I’m not going t notice Cherrie feeding your lines into your ear, or Don giving you your lines silently from behind my back!””But you can’t have seen or heard them!” I gasped.”No?” he grinned, “Well I admit I didn’t hear Cherrie, but surely you remember me learning to lip read as part of Deafness Awareness Month last year?””You read her lips???” I breathed in surprise.”Not all of it,” he smiled for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, “but enough to know what the hell was going on and why you were saying the things you were.””And Don?” I asked, “There’s no way you could have lip read him, he was always behind you when he would mouth what I had to tell you.””Normally I would agree with you,” Bob, “but for all his cunning and smarts he never learnt not to stand opposite reflective surfaces. The windows were so filthy outside they were almost like mirrors inside, I saw more than enough of his reflected actions to get the gist of what was going on. Overhearing a couple of the others talking later in events only confirmed what I already knew. I also knew that if I didn’t act the way they expected either you or I or both of us would not leave that gym alive!””Oh God,” I gasped out, “no wonder you made sure I wasn’t choking when it came to your turn to fuck me while that rope was fixed on the collar! Oh God, you were trying to ease my suffering and that only makes what I did all the worse!””What you did?” he asked raising an eyebrow.”Oh Bob you saw it on that tape,” I wept, “you heard the words from my own mouth and you were already gone and safe! You were their hold over me and even after you had gone I obeyed them!”For a moment the room was silent except for my sobbing, I was elated that my son hadn’t hated me or reviled me, but I was leaden with guilt at what I had done all the same. Suddenly Bob was sitting by my side, an arm wrapped around my shoulders, holding me, comforting me and I felt sickened by the sudden surge of lust that rose in me from his touch.”How much of that muck did they give you?” he asked quietly as he stroked my hair.”God knows,” I sighed, “according to Don more than enough to ‘fuck me up’ for the rest of my life, and that was without the last huge dose Cherrie gave me just before she had me ask you to leave.””Well the bitch won’t get the chance to do that to anyone else.” I heard him mutter coldly, then continue in a warmer voice, “Mum, overhearing bits of conversation here and there I figured that stuff takes you over, makes you do things, want to do things you would be repulsed by otherwise. I know it wasn’t the real you that spoke those words.””I wish I could be so sure.” I sobbed leaning into his shoulder, “Bob I found myself genuinely enjoying much of what happened even while I felt disgusted at myself for doing so.””Well,” Bob laughed squeezing my shoulder; “I guess we all surprise ourselves when we experiment, though I guess it might have been a better voyage of discovery under other circumstances.””Bob,” I sighed as a shiver of impending climax spread through me just from his holding me, “there’s more and it’s worse. You saw the brand they put on me?”I saw it.” He growled.”It denotes what they have made me,” I felt my tears flowing again.I explained about the permanent side effect of the d**gs, how even now that same hunger was starting to drive me to want to do anything to be fulfilled sexually.”Right now,” I admitted in a low voice, “your comforting touch is driving me nuts with lust, any minute now I’ll climax then it will get even worse.””That doesn’t make you a slut!” he protested.”No, not yet, but sooner or later I am going to do as Don said I would, seek someone, anyone to fuck me, even if I have to turn whore to do so!” I sobbed in misery.Bob fell silent and I thought for a moment that I had shocked him speechless.”And what,” he suddenly asked in a whisper, “if you found a person to keep your needs fulfilled?””Oh Bob,” I wept, “that would be a pipe dream, what man would have me long term now? What man would accept the perversions I have been taught to enjoy? What man would accept a branded woman?””I can think of one,” he said giving me a hug that sent a climax washing over me, “I have an admission to make mum. There’s one part of all this that I do not regret at all.”Bob?” I said in confusion.”That I got to have sex with you.” he almost whispered, “It was a dream come true, though I would have preferred it to be in a more romantic way.”In surprise I leant away from him, he was looking into my eyes so that I could see the truth of his feelings, but his face was flushing bright red. I could not believe I had heard him correctly, but it seemed that he meant every word. Then it was my turn to blush as I remember the sheer size of his cock, the way it had filled me so deliciously, had given me more satisfaction than all 16 youths put together and Cherrie only matched him because her cock was fake and I was d**gged to the eyeballs! As I looked into his eyes I saw something else rising in them and gasped in surprise and excitement!”You still want me?” I breathed.”More than ever mum.” he smiled, “I love you as my mother, I love even more now that I have seen how much you love me, seen what lengths you would go to protect me! And I love you as a woman, a beautiful woman. If you’d let me I’d like to try to help you keep this hunger, as you call it, under control.””Bob,” I whispered, “Could you cope with the perverted things I will no doubt ask you to do to me? Could you still love me then?””Perverted things?” he mused, “Like tying you up? Like beating you? Like fucking you so hard you faint?””Yes,” I sighed sorrowfully, “and worse, like treating me like shit, like a slut slave?””Oh shit!” he groaned, “You would want that? Truly?””I think so.” I replied lowering my head in shame at his expression of shock.”Mum,” he suddenly laughed, then said firmly, “your collar is in your room, go put it on, strip off everything else except stockings and heels, then get back her and assume the position … bitch!”Even before he had finished speaking I was groaning in climax, as soon as I felt that my legs would support me I rushed to my room. With eager fingers I threw off my clothes, put the collar tightly around my neck, put on stocking and the six-inch heels and as I rushed back to my son I felt another climax wash over me. When I got back to the living room I found my son sitting naked on the couch, his enormous prick reaching towards his chest in erection. Without hesitation I approached the couch and dropped to my knees in front of him.It was as I sank to my knees that I remembered the videos the police were studying even now, and then I froze.”The videos!” I gasped out, “You have the videos!””All the ones of you.” He smiled, “The rest didn’t concern me!””But how did … Oh God!” I paled at the sudden realisation that my son had done what I had been unable to do though I had longed to for revenge.”Yes,” he sighed sadly, “it was me, I got the tapes first, that was all I went for at first, but when I thought of all they had done to you I knew I had to… it was too easy… I…””Oh my darling!” I hugged him to me. “Don’t think about it anymore. That bad part of our lives is over, it has changed us, but it has made us stronger in some ways, let’s put it behind us as best we can.””And concentrate on our future pleasure?” he smiled softly.”Yes, exactly.” I smiled back.”In which case,” he smiled broadly, “would my ‘slut’ like to sit on this?”As I leapt onto his lap and his gorgeous cock I wondered how life would be for us in the future. Moments later thoughts of the future were driven from my mind as my mind became consumed by passion, passion that my own son was gleefully giving me!End*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*The author does not condone c***d abuse, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison system.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Kristen’s collection – Directory 79

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