Losing Your Senses Ch. 03


It all started when we realized that we had an evening to ourselves. An overnight school trip and a friend’s sleepover meant the kids were gone for the night. How did we get so lucky I thought? The unfortunate part is that neither of us had connected the dots, so there were no formal plans for the evening. No celebration. No romantic plans. No bad boy evening (or so I thought). Just another typical night at home.

We pulled together some steaks for dinner which I grilled. It was a quiet dinner, but nice to have some time together. A good bottle of wine complimented the meal.

As we were finishing dinner, and the first bottle of wine, I asked my wife what she wanted to do with our “night off.”

A typical date night for us usually involved a night out, or a movie, or even a movie marathon courtesy of the DVD player. Tonight though, she had a different plan.

“How about we play a game of Scrabble?” she asked.

While different, it was not an odd suggestion. We both enjoyed Scrabble and we have had more than a few highly contested games. It is always in good fun, so I easily agreed.

“I’ll grab another bottle of wine if you grab the game,” I said. And with that the evening was off to a good start.

The first game moved quickly. It was more like a game of checkers than chess. The luck of the letters meant words were easy and we finished in no time. She won.

“Best 2 out of 3?” I asked.

I wanted to keep playing, and I was not about to lose, so I challenged her to keep playing.

“Sure,” she said, “but what’s the bet?”

We have a habit of betting. Some turn out better than others and this one was no different.

“I don’t know. What do you have in mind?”

She pondered for a few seconds, sensing she was in control because she had already won the first game.

“If you win, I wash and detail your car, but if I win, you are my servant for the evening,” she proposed.

I didn’t have anything better to offer, so I agreed. “What is the worst that could happen?” I wondered to myself. Seemed easy enough to me, so I re-filled the wine glasses and we jumped into the next game.

The second game was back and forth, and competitive to the very end. We both had some great words, but the letters were getting challenging. As we neared the end of the game, I needed just a little bit of luck (like a good letter) and this game would be mine. Instead, she announced her win with a victory dance.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I won,” she said.

I looked and sure enough, she had finished by using the last of her letters. Somehow she sandwiched a few letters together to spell the word “mini” – game over!

“Really?” I thought to myself.


How do you win the game on such a simple word? Is that even a word? Little did I know that it would come in to play later in the evening. She must have been hiding some letters on me.

She was dancing around the kitchen like a giddy school girl. Her smirk seemed a little devious. There was more to it than a simple game of scrabble. Little did I know how devious.

“I guess I can put my sponge away. I won’t be needing that for your car!” and with that she grabbed her wine, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and headed to the living room. As she walked away smiling, she started to collect on the wager-

“Since you are now my servant, put the game away and finish the dishes.”

With that she found her favorite spot on the couch and put the TV on. Feeling deflated, I cowered to her demands, packing up the game and taking the time to load the dishwasher.

“Oh James,” she yelled as if I was her personal butler or something.

“What do you want?” I snarled.

“Come in here,” she yelled back at me.

“First, you are James my personal servant for tonight. And second, you will respond with proper respect when I talk to you. Now, I need a little more wine.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said as I decided to play along with her little game.

I re-filled her glass, and then proceeded to finish in the kitchen. She decided that we would spend the rest of the evening watching a movie. Before I could sit down to join her she barked at me “put this in the DVD player.”

I was not sure if there was some strange power going to her head, or some fantasy that she wanted to play out, but with the house to ourselves I was willing to play along. I lost the bet and there was no harm, right?

My wife seemed quite fidgety and I could not figure out why.

“Honey, I’m feeling a little hungry. I need something to snack on. Go get me the can of peanuts.”

And with that I was up and headed to the kitchen – servant for the night.

“Honey, I am hot. Can you go get my nightgown so I can change out of these jeans?”

I trudged upstairs and retrieved a night gown.

With that she headed to the mud room to change and I headed back to the kitchen. I had to admit that she looked sexy in just the nightgown. It barely covered her ass and her legs glistened smooth and silky. kartal escort bayan As she walked through the kitchen, I pinned her against the refrigerator and offered her a kiss.

“What are you doing?” she asked, as if she was naïve to my advances.

“Nothing,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

I guess I was feeling the effects of the wine combined with the sexiness of my hot wife. I think I was even getting hard. She refused to play along and headed back to the couch. We settled down ready for the movie.

No sooner had she made herself comfortable again then she barked at me “Don’t you want to get comfortable too?”

“What?” I asked.

“Get out of those jeans,” she demanded. “You need to get comfortable for the movie.”

It seemed like an odd request, but why fight it I thought to myself. I headed to the mudroom and dropped my jeans. In doing so, I felt a twinge of excitement down below. It wasn’t hard, but I am sure it was noticeable as I returned to the living room back to my seat.

“Are we ready to start the movie again?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Well, that lasted about fifteen minutes or so. Servant time again.

“Oh James…I need some more wine, and while you are up, go get my lotion from the dresser.”

With a look of total exasperation I paused the movie and headed upstairs. I couldn’t help but to think this was getting old, but she was quick to put me in my place as I returned.

“Scrabble was fun. We should do that more often.”

It was her subtle way of reminding me that I lost the bet. We re-started the movie as she spent the next few minutes lathering her arms with lotion. I was trying to concentrate on the movie, but I couldn’t help feeling turned on watching her from the corner of my eye.

Things settled down as the movie proceeded. I thought the evening of “servant boy” was over. The movie was getting more intense and reached a scene that I knew was going to turn steamy. Not only was the excitement building in my pants, but I could not help but watch my wife as she was squirming ever so gently on the couch. The heat of the scene in the movie must have had her racing. I could not take my eyes off of her nipples poking through her nightgown.


I ignored her trying to focus on the movie.



“I need a glass of ice water. This wine is going to my head.”

Between the heat of the movie and the thought of my wife tipsy, I must have been getting excited. When I stood up to head to the kitchen, my boner was stiff and trying to jump out of my boxers. As I walked past her, I was hoping she didn’t notice. Unfortunately, it was a little too obvious.

“Oh my,” she whispered to herself, not recognizing that I heard her.

I decided to take my time in the kitchen. I was pushing beyond horny and feeling like I wanted some relief. I stood in the kitchen with my hand down my drawers stroking my cock. It was rock hard and I was ready. I almost forgot the water.

“Where’s my water?”

Reality brought me back and not a moment too soon.

“And can you bring me some crackers?”

My cock was hard and I was about to explode, but her voice cut through the moment like a sharp knife. My only thought was “wow – whatever.”

With the moment ruined for me, I delivered her snacks as required. By now, my boner was gone, now limp as a biscuit, and I was wondering where this was headed. I even started to wonder when it will end. What’s next for servant boy?

I handed her the water and crackers while she looked me up and down. No more boner, so there wasn’t much to see but she was licking her lips. Seductive? Hell yes. On purpose? Not sure.

As I made my way back to my chair there was another request, or was it a demand?

“Before you sit down…”

“Now what,” I thought to myself. Enough already. I get it. You won the bet. Can we just finish the movie?

“My feet are so dry. Can you put some lotion on them before you sit down?”

With a huff, I relented and grabbed the lotion. I stood in front of her with her foot on my leg just above my knee. I poured a few drops of lotion. First the right foot and then her left. I could sense her relaxing with her breath growing deeper. As I worked the lotion into her left foot, I moved to her ankle. She squirmed a little adjusting her position to be more comfortable. In the process, she gently spread her legs. I could not help but to sneak a look at her pussy, covered with her pink lacy panties. My boner was back.

I decided to see how far she would play along and poured some more lotion. As I massaged her foot, I started to work my way up her leg. She spread her legs a little more opening her knees to give me a full view of the lacy pink panties. I could only stare, hoping they were as wet as I was hard. As I reached her knee, working up her legs, she snapped back.

“James! What are you doing?”

She pulled her legs away and crossed them as if she had just come to her senses. escort maltepe

“What?” I thought to myself. Did I do something wrong or was she just teasing me? I pulled back.

“Just start the movie,” she screamed at me, although I was pretty sure she was staring at the bulge in my boxers.

We sunk back into the movie, sipping wine, munching some crackers and enjoying the quiet evening at home. The next hour slipped by quickly. Before I knew it, the movie was over and the wine was gone.

“James?” she called to me. “Are you still my servant?”

“Yes,” I replied. “You won the bet. What now?”

She could sense that I was annoyed and that this had gone far enough.

“My feet are cold. Can you go get my slippers from my closet?”

Argh!! “Sure, where are they?”

“Back left corner of my closet,” she muttered.

As I got up, she gave me a look, her eyes deep and seductive. She followed me across the room with her gaze.

I spent the next ten minutes searching her closet to no avail. I could not find them, but I did not want to go back downstairs without them. Where are they? Should I pick another pair? I felt horrible that I could not find them. This happens all the time and I always feel stupid.

Finally, I gave up. I had to go down and tell her I could not find them. Failure. Would she be disappointed? As I turned to leave the closet empty handed, I was startled to see her standing there.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. I explained that I had looked and looked but could not find them.

“You failed?” she asked. “Hmmm…what should I do?”

“Stand over there,” she barked as she pointed towards the bed, disappointment written in her face.

Then she turned and headed to the bathroom.

“What the hell?” I thought. This is crazy, but I was scared to move. It’s a freaking pair of slippers. What is going on?

She came out of the bathroom and I could not help but notice how beautiful she looked, but I was still petrified by her reaction. I stood dead still wondering what was next. Was she really that mad? Upset? Over slippers?

She walked up close to me. I took a deep breath trying to anticipate what she would say, or do.

“You are such a loser,” she said.

All I could mumble was “I’m sorry,” as I bowed my head in shame.

With that she wrapped her arms around me and we hugged. I looked at her as if to say “I’m sorry” but she kissed me. That confused me, but I went along with it. I was sure she was upset, but we are kissing?

We kissed again – she was now in total control. She pulled back and I stood frozen. She reached out and yanked my boxers down, then pushed me forcefully onto the bed.

“Don’t move.”

I lay motionless as she left the room for what seemed like an eternity. I wanted to get comfortable, but she told me not to move. Do I risk it? What is she doing? Where is she?

When she came back, she barked at me again “Stand up.” There I was totally be-wildered, standing with nothing but a t-shirt wondering what the hell was happening.

“Turn around,” she demanded. I did.

“Take off your shirt!” (I did that too) “And go get the lotion.”

What? The lotion is downstairs.

“Now,” she screamed at me. “Now servant!”

My mind was racing. Naked, but too scared to be excited. My cock was tingling with excitement, but my mind was wondering if I should be excited. I headed downstairs.

When I returned she motioned me to the side of the bed. She was now naked herself. She kissed me and said “I need a back rub” and with that she laid face down on the bed. I paused as if I had no idea what to do.

“Let’s go!” she ordered. “Stop wasting time!”

With that, I climbed on the bed next to her and poured some lotion on her back. For the next ten minutes, she enjoyed the pleasure of my strong hands working her back. I started by kneeling at her side, but quickly moved behind her so I could work long strokes from her shoulders down to her hips. With each soothing stroke, she gently spread her legs just a little wider. I positioned myself so that I was kneeling in between her legs. I could work from her neck all the way down to her ass – sometimes hard strokes and sometimes soft tingling strokes. And sometimes I would squeeze, kneading her tired muscles. But then I would go back to the long strokes down her back. Then I finished with a soft squeeze of her ass.

She must have been feeling horny, because with each long stroke down the middle of her back her legs opened a little bit wider, inviting me towards her wet pussy. I was definitely ready to go. My cock was rock hard, and each time I reached for her shoulders, my cock would press into her ass. I knew she could feel it. My cock was throbbing and it was time to fuck her.

I made one long reach and grabbed her shoulders. As I did, I pushed my hips forward, shoving my cock deep towards her pussy. She gasped and turned to me –

“What are you doing?”

I whispered in her ear “I want you so bad.”

“You pendik escort are not finished.”

Dejected, I kept going with the massage, slowly massaging her ass and moving to work her outer thighs.

With a sudden lunge, she was up on her elbows.

“Move!” she said. “Move over!”

I rolled out from between her legs and lay on the bed next to her. She rolled over and looked me in the eyes. With that she kissed me deeply.

“You have been a good servant,” she said and then kissed me again, our lips locked in a passionate embrace.

She climbed on top of me as we spent the next few minutes absorbed in our bodies. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. I wanted so desperately for her to climb on top of me, but I did not dare say anything. Or should I? Would she do as I asked, or would she get mad yet again? I wanted her on top of me. Go for it! No wait! What if she gets mad? Oh god, this feels so good. Keep going. My mind was awash in thoughts.

I felt her hand reach for my cock. We continued to kiss as she grabbed my dick, stiff as a flag, and started to work it. She started with gentle strokes from the head to the base. My mind was racing. I wanted to finger her pussy, but I could not reach it. She had me positioned in a way that I was pretty much helpless. All I could do was enjoy the sensation from her soft hands on my rock hard cock. Don’t cum. Don’t cum. Don’t ruin this moment!

The next thing I know I felt her tongue on my nipple as she worked her mouth down my body. My cocked tingled more than ever. What is she doing?

Then I felt her lips brush the tip of my cock. Hot, soft, and wet. She would not take me in her mouth, but instead teased me forever with her tongue. She would lick the tip ever so gently. I was ready to be her to take me.

I tried to find a way to thrust my hips so my entire cock would go into her mouth, but she was having none of that. I wanted to finger her pussy, but she had my arm locked so I could not reach. Wow…what a helpless feeling. She teased me until I was squirming.

With that she took my whole cock deep in her mouth. One long stroke. FINALLY I thought, except she stopped. ONE? That’s it?

Before I could answer my own question, she threw her leg over my shoulder and shoved her pussy in my face.

“Lick me servant.”

I barely had time to stick my tongue out and she had her pussy lips buried in my face. It was amazing, as I became totally lost in pleasing her. She was so wet and tasted so good. Each time I darted my tongue into her pussy she let out a little moan. In the meantime she held onto my cock. She would lick the head, daring me to cum, but never giving me the pleasure of sucking the whole thing. How was I going to cum that way? Before I could answer that in my head, she was rocking her hips back and forth fucking my mouth. I licked her clit and she moaned loudly.

“Oh god that feels so good. Don’t stop!”

It was her usual whisper that had me thinking it was time to finish. Boy was I wrong.

She let go of my cock and sat up straight, riding my face for her own pleasure. I kept my tongue deep in her wet hole pretending it was my cock. She reached down and started to massage her clit, her finger doing circles to build the excitement. I could feel her finger with my tongue. She shoved her finger deep inside her pussy. She let out a long moan. I thought she was about to cum right then, but no.

She reached for something on the bed, and then went back to work on my cock. She laid on top of me in a 69 position, her pussy deep in my face and her tongue teasing the head of my cock. I was throbbing so much I don’t know how she kept licking it. She took both hands and reached under my legs, grabbing my ass. Wow.

As I pushed my tongue deeper inside of her, she was getting wetter by the moment. She took my cock in her mouth with one long slurp and pulled my ass cheeks apart. It was driving me crazy. I almost came right there. It was an incredible sensation, until she stopped. “You fucking tease,” I thought, but I could not dare say that to her. I wanted to cum.

She kept going, repeating the process of sucking my full length while pulling my ass cheeks open. It felt amazing, but I started to wonder…never mind…just keep licking her.

And then I felt it. This time as she went down on me, I felt her finger on my asshole. WAIT! What are you doing? Too late. Oh God.

She flicked her finger in my ass. I instantly went to another level of excitement. My tongue pushed so deep inside of her that she gasped. She had never done anything like this before, but it felt so good.

She pulled her lips from my cock. Maybe she was tasting my pre-cum. Maybe she just needed a break. And then I felt something. As she spread my ass cheeks, I felt her finger. Oh wait – is that her finger?

My asshole succumbs to the pressure, but this was bigger than her finger. She was gentle, but she pushed. She pushed it deeper and deeper. I felt it go in and was lost in the feeling. That’s good right there I thought to myself. But it kept going, deeper. When would it stop?

What is she was fucking me with? In, then out, and then back in again. She was subtle, soft and smooth, but what is it?

She turned to me and said “why did you stop licking my pussy servant?”

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