Love At LACMA+Film Gala 2014


Love At LACMA+Film Gala 2014In the fall of 2014 when I was on a flight back to Los Angeles after my first job as a Film Director for a quite small indie sci-fi project I received a phone call from a fellow director, asking me to step in for him to for LACMA + Film Gala Premiere in Los Angeles a while he continued to film in Europe. Since I was basically going there myself anyway due to our post-productions offices are in Los Angeles as wellI said I’d do it. So instead of going to the post-production offices immediately I decided to stay in Beach front condo in Oceanside. I went right to the LACMA + Film Gala Premiere. where the famous directors,actors had already started going I thought why not im an indie director. Around 5pm I drove Blue Saleen mustang myself to the premiere.What happened while after I had done had done giving interviews with the press and taking pictures. I only found Amy Adams. Apparently Amy Adams had been there at the premiere to giving interviews for her upcoming project Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice. Amy was finished she then approached me wearing a beautiful Gucci black and blue dress that showed her cleveage I was wearing a white T-shirt plus my Brown tweed jacket and my blue jeans.Amy approached me I was nervous so I said “Hi” nervously.Thank goodness Amy was very joyous and Said”Hello There friend!”.That really broke the tension and I felt relaxed I said again “Hey Amy,you look great!” she paused then smiled and responded giddy and she blushed”Aww Thanks you do to”. Amy’s Limo driver left but thankfully she had brought her suitcase luckily for me I had brought my Blue Saleen Mustang I asked if she would want to stay for the night before she had to board a plane back to detroit for additional reshoots for the Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice Ultimate cut.I drove her to my condo at oceanside she let me hold her hand on the way there.Once we got out of my mustang I asked her if she needed anything pendik escort she was fine she.I went up stair decided to change into my pajamas basically A T-shirt and Gym shorts then laid on the bed upstairs then.went on my Macbook pro to see if any of the post-production offices for my film sent E-mails to my Gmail account if they needed any assistance or confirmations for there next steps.So I while was reading some E-Mails from our Special Effects Supervisor and the next thing I knew I woke up to a nice tingling feeling between my legs. I felt a tongue licking up and down my semi-erect cock and then lips closing around the head moving slightly up and down.”Mmh” I moaned.Having been on location for the last couple of weeks I was very foucused on the task at hand this was very unusual and suprising. I decided to close my browser.I closed my lap top screen “What the…?”As soon I closed my screen Right in front of me stood Amy Adams still in her red curled hair still wearing her black and blue dress.” Hi Friend!””Oh Hi Amy,What are you doing in my room?! ” I moved my computer to the floor”I got lonely,friend. I want… stay with you I got a long flight tommorow and I want to stay with you also my wet pussy and I want to stay with you!””Well….you can stay in my room.””And I will ” With that she dropped her gorgeous Gucci black and blue dress and pushed me back on the bed and took off my Gray T-Shirt. Her dress was completely off so I could see her bald pussy.I stood up, my shorts still around my knees. My cock had softened a bit but the view woke him up again. she laid down with me slowly.Standing right in front of her, my growing cock slightly touching her bare breasts, she pulled my head up for a kiss – and what a kiss it was. She was really going for it. I tried to remember what her scenes were in American Hustle. She was sexy in her 1970’s getup revealing her cleveage I really liked her as an actress also nominated for the Oscar escort pendik several times. She was obviously older and her face her faced had aged her behavior was definately she had not slept with someone in a while.”Has your fiancee Darren not slept with?” I said, hesitating to make the obvious next step but she was having none of that.”Yes” she said impatiently, “now come on and I want your cock in me.”That was all my brain needed hear to go back to stand-by-mode. I grabbed her, lifted her up off the bed an. Then I lined up my cock with her wet pussy.”Are you sure?””Come on Now, do it already! I’m want you do it!”So I did as she wanted and without warning pushed my cock inside her in one thrust.”Oh yeah!” she exclaimed with her eyes wide open before closing them and letting her head fall back while I pulled out and pushed back in again. She had obviously done this before but still her pussy was incredibly tight despite being pounded before. I had no idea how long I’d been on the computer so I decided to waste no time and started Doing her good and build up a rhythm quickly.”Oh yes, that’s exactly what I needed” she moaned.As I was steadily pumping in and out of her I noticed something that had escaped me until then: she was Completely Naked She was obviously wearing no bra as I could see her amazing bare breasts and tiny nipples , moving back and forth with every thrust now harder.Amy giggled as I made the connection that she was naked by my mouth kissing and licking all over them before sucking alternately on her left and right nipple. I hadn’t seen such wonderfully big, round, firm boobs for quite some time and was enjoying them very much. So much in fact that I almost forgot about the fucking, much to the annoyance of Amy.”Im really enjoying this …. mhm….” Amy responded”So Am I”I moved back onto the bed and laid down so she was face me with her arms on my bare chest displaying her lovely large breasts and tiny nipples. pendik escort bayan I put my hard cock between her asscheeks and slid up and down a few times. I’m not going to lie to you: the thought of Doing her in the ass crossed my mind, but I thought what if her fiancee Darren saw it that could mean a career killer and scandal also my small film canceled. So I shoved my cock right back in her dripping wet pussy which sure was tight enough and increased the speed of my thrusts with my hands holding on to her Nice hips.”Oh yeah” she moaned.I could see Amy faces above me. She had her eyes closed and her facial expression was a mix of pleasure and pain. I lifted my hand and slapped her ass. She shrieked out and opened her eyes in surprise. When she saw my face when she opened her eyes well she put on a mischievous smile.”Do it again!”I slapped her again.”Hmm yes, again!”I slapped her a third time.”Oh yeah, that’s it! Fuck me! FUCK ME HARD!”I was surprised when Amy was cussing she normaly isn’t like that when off-scree, That’s when I hit the point of no return. I was doing her as fast and as deep as I possibly could and she was loving it.I could feel her starting to shiver and then she let out one long “OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!” while her pussy contracted. I held on to her boobs, her body falling down on mine while filling her with my cum.After a minute or so I had caught my breath.”That was amazing.””It was indeed.”Amy looked at me we both were still naked she was so beautiful her bare body I smiled she said “What?”curiously”Oh man,you were great Amy and you look great naked” I said.”I like it, I love being able to be free !” Amy answered and I started laughing.Unfortunately my cell phone which was Samsung S7 buzzed soon afterwards the post-production offices need me back they were having trouble with one of the films sequences and need me back immediately so i can course correct it I gave Amy my number and got dressed,Amy did as well I drove her to LAX so she can catch her flight to Detroit.When I arrived at the post-productions I heard a Buzzed from my Samsung S7. Amy had just sent me a message: “You Can “Cast Me” Anytime?”I responded with a Kissing emoji

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