Love , Lust


Scott’s heart and mind raced as he drove. It was 11:28. Amber’s train was due in just 2 minutes. Had it really been only 3 weeks? It felt like months since he had last seen her, last felt her. She was perfect. In every way a person could be so. He felt a swelling in his pants just at the thought of her. He parked and adjusted himself. He walked into a moderately busy Amtrak station, only to find that, as usual, the train was running about 45 minutes late. “Well, I’ve waited 3 weeks,” he thought. “What’s a few more minutes?” So he sat and contented himself with his thoughts.

Amber was near hysterics. She’d felt longing and sexual frustration before, but this was the limit. And now the damn train was late. She considered going to the bathroom to for a little relief, but decided to wait and concentrate all her energy on Scott. Oh, it had been too long.

The two had been together for just over 5 months now, though it felt much longer. They were as in love as any two could be, but were separated by 5 hours for over a month now. It sucked, for lack of a better word. They missed each other terribly; that was a hard enough burden to bear. When the sexual desire and frustration set in, it became nearly unbearable. They had phone sex a few times each week to help quell the flames of lust, but it wasn’t the same. All that built up energy and lust would come pouring out tonight.

Scott and Amber sat and waited, connected by their thoughts. They practically counted the seconds. At about second number 2768, Scott heard the train approaching. He dashed out to the platform and saw it, the headlight a shining like a beacon. He wanted to run aboard and jump her, but good taste told him to wait. She spotted him before the train even stopped. She quickly jumped in the aisle, wanted to claw people out of the way. She stepped out and they locked eyes. Scott ran up and threw his arms around her, whispering to her how much he loved her. She replied with the same, and they kissed. Time stopped for a while until Scott decided tuzla escort he wanted to wait until they were at least naked before he came, and pulled away. She saw the look in his eyes, and gave him a smile that told him he wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

If Scott had owned a bigger car he would have found an empty parking lot and made love to her on the spot, but the cramped little Saturn was not made for such things. No, this night needed comfort and space for many different….activities and, well, positions. They made out at every red light, they were rubbing each other the whole ride. She felt the bulge in his pants and rubbed it until he grabbed her hand and asked for a break in the pleasurable torture. After what seemed like a 2 hour ride home, they pulled back behind the house and parked. They nearly ran up the steps to the apartment and into the bedroom, fumbling with their respective footwear and throwing a quick “hi” to Scott’s roommate, Dave, who gave them a knowing glance. Scott turned to his computer and put on Third Eye Blind. After all, their songs are practically a musical orgasm.

Before he’d even hit play she was removing his shirt and kissing his neck. He moaned softly and turned to face her. They kissed passionately, almost roughly. He ripped her shirt from her and felt her skin. Oh, how he missed that feeling. Soft, white, sensual. He slowly removed her bra, whispering “I love you” into her ear. Her bra was on the floor and he turned his attention to her breasts. They were perfect. Not too small, not too big. Soft and pillowy, they tasted almost as good as they felt. Her nipples were already hard like little pebbles, and he sucked and licked and nibbled them. She took her breath in sharply at the sudden rush of pleasure she felt. She pulled his head up and planted an orgasmic kiss on him, unbuckling his belt with one hand and working her way into his pants with the other. She ran her hand over his now rock hard cock and he nearly doubled over with pleasure. His belt and button undone, she tuzla escort bayan pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal his cock standing tall and proud, ready to serve its purpose. Mimicking her movements, her unbuttoned her pants with one and slipped the other hand in. He ran his finger of her slit softly a few times, feeling the incredible wetness and warmth. He spread her tulips and rubbed her clit, causing a quick moan to escape from her lips through their kiss. He removed his hand and pulled down her panties, revealing her sweetness accented by a small mound of sandy-blond hair. He laid her on the bed and looked at her. God, she was hot! Every time he saw her he couldn’t believe his fortune at snagging this sweet, beautiful-

Scott’s thoughts were cut short as Amber grabbed his hips and threw him next to her, kissing him wildly. She spread her legs, inviting him in. He was perpendicular to her now, and he positioned his cock at the entrance and began to work his way in. A little bit at a time, until with one final thrust, he was all the way inside of her. They clutched each other and both nearly came right then and there. She was so wet and he was so hard, it was almost too much. But they controlled themselves, and he began slowly sliding in and out of her. He gradually sped up and then slowed down, then back up and down again. He started to rub her tulips, concentrating on her clitoris. He felt her muscles contract as both groaned with ecstasy. He was driving the both of them crazy, but it made the continuing build-up that much more intense.

He put his arms around her and pulled her up. He was standing now, holding her up, still inside of her. He began to fuck her like a jackhammer, slamming his long, hard cock in and out of her. She felt a sudden rush that exploded into her first earth-shattering orgasm. “Oh, God!” she said, bucking her hips as he held her, rocking herself into him, grinding them together in a frenzy. Scott slid out of her and planted a long kiss on her soft, sweet lips. He lay down escort tuzla on the bed, his legs off the side with his feet touching the ground. Amber was still standing and she turned her back to him, and sat down on his cock. She rose and fell; rose and fell, riding him like a bull. “Oh, fuck!” he yelled, brimming over with pleasure. “Oh my God, you’re good!” he managed to force out. She couldn’t even speak.

She continued to fuck him like that until Scott could control himself no longer. He grabbed her, wheeled her around so that he was on top of her and began hammering her like a sledge, with long, hard, fast, strokes. She tilted her head and arched her back, as overflowing waves of pleasure swept through her. She felt his sweat dripping off his face and onto her tightened stomach. She spread her legs wide, nearly doing the splits in the air and began to lose control herself. “Fuck me, Scott, fuck me harder!” she told him, and he readily complied. “Oh, you’re so tight and so fucking good, I’m gonna come!” he said. “Are you ready to come with me?”

“I’m ready, just don’t you dare stop fucking me!” she screamed. He increased to near the speed of light, slamming his throbbing cock in and out of her. She’d never been this wet, but then, she’d never been this turned on either. “I’m coming!” he said and an instant later shot the first of many blasts of white hot come into her. She felt him hosing her insides with his come and it sent her over the edge. “Oh, fuuuuck!” Their muscles tensed up as he relentlessly pounded her climaxing tulips. Her muscles contracted, milking the last drops of come from him and he collapsed on top of her, heart beating like a bass drum, panting breathlessly. She wasn’t sure whose heart was pounding harder. She was dizzy and lost in a spell as the last few throes of pleasure passed through her now exhausted, gorgeous body. They laid there for several minutes, and he eventually slid out of her and they toweled off the sweat.

They smiled at each other, still out of breath. “I love you,” she said. “I love you to,” he replied. “Shower?”

“Sounds good to me,” she said, and they walked to the bathroom, smiling and knowing there would be plenty of time for more of the same throughout the weekend.

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