Love , Prostitution Ch. 21


Before leaving on the trip around India, Emily had persuaded a group of four of the more experienced ‘registered ladies’ from the Delhi branch of the club to take turns in supervising the brothel for a week at a time. During their week on board each supervisor/trainer was to ensure that the 7 brothel recruits, Achara and the other 6 stewardesses on board Bangkok Girl, receive the training and practice required for them to be considered by branches as new ‘registered ladies’. Their training and practice to be documented. The supervisor/trainers would have their first class air conditioned rail travel, meals and taxis expenses paid and while working on board receive $2,500 per night, so for the 7 days on board they would each receive $17,500.

Emily had also made arrangements with the Harbour Master, so that a blind eye would be turned to the consensual sex activities on board Bangkok Girl while in Harbour. The Captain of Bangkok Girl was also briefed and he and his officers were invited, during the training period, to use the facilities of the brothel between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. free of charge. The club members of the Kolkata branch were invited to assist, free of charge, in the ‘training and development’ programme on board Bangkok Girl. They all happily agreed to assist and provide detailed feedback on each visit to the resident supervisor/trainer. The trainees were required to be in the brothel from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. When Emily told Amy of the arrangements she was delighted and joked that at least the girls wouldn’t be bored.

Prospective bookings are flooding in from club members and from ‘registered ladies’. Emily and Amy sit down in the penthouse to study all the reports. Achara and 5 of the other girls are highly rated by all that visited them and the training reports from the ‘registered ladies’ tell the same story. The supervisor/trainers had tried to help the seventh girl to improve but the club members continued to report her performance as poor. Several of the ‘registered ladies’ had met with her privately and it became clear that her heart wasn’t in the work. When asked if she would like to return home, she broke down in tears of gratitude. Emily telephones Bangkok Girl and speaks to the Captain. He advises her that the girl has been transported back to Bangkok on board a vessel commanded by one of his friends.

Emily thanks him for his actions and advises him that cruise bookings are pouring in and suggests that Bangkok Girl’s first cruise from Kolkata (West Bengal) around India and back be: Week 1, Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh); Week 2, Chennai (Tamil Nadu); Week 3, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala); Week 4, Mangaluru (Karnataka); Week 5, Mumbai (Maharashtra); Week 6, Navlaki (Gujarat); Week 7, Mumbai (Maharashtra); Week 8, Mangaluru (Karnataka); Week 9, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala); Week 10, Chennai (Tamil Nadu); Week 11, Port Blair (Andaman Week 12, Kolkata (West Bengal). He notes the ports and asks to give him an hour or two to plot the cruise on the charts and report back. Emily thanks him and the call ends.

The Captain calls back as promised and says that the proposed start/end points for each leg of the cruise are eminently feasible. Guests would be able to travel to and from each port by train or bus and if there were no berths available, Bangkok Girl could be anchored and the lifeboats used to ferry guests and ladies to and from the landing berth. Knowing the way the vessel will operate, he advises that although the vessel is capable of carrying 72 guests, to facilitate one guest per cabin, that a maximum of 30 guests be set per cruise, leaving 4 cabins on the upper decks for the owner and her friends. The cabins on the lower decks vary in luxury, the most luxurious twin cabins possibly suiting the ‘registered ladies’ and the 4 PSOs in each of the 18 best cabins and the assistant PSOs fitting into the remaining cabins equipped with bunks. Emily thinks his suggestion is a good compromise allowing for up to 30 guests and 30 ladies.

Emily asks if there is sufficient safety equipment and lifeboat space for the numbers under discussion and the Captain assures her that there are. She thanks him for his assistance and they agree the first cruise will start on the first Friday of the following month. Changeover of guests and ‘registered ladies’ to take place each Friday. Disembarkation to be accomplished by 11 a.m. to allow sufficient time for the crew to clean and prepare cabins and guest areas and for supplies to be replenished. All this including the brothel and cabins for the ‘registered ladies’ before Embarkation commences at 2 p.m.

After the telephone call, Emily and Amy send out emails to all club members and ‘registered ladies’ of all branches that they had met during their trip, having recorded their contact details in a password secured file shared between the ladies and kept on their smartphones. The emails include details of each week of the maiden cruise so club members can choose their preferred Embarkation and Disembarkation ports. The email requests bahis firmaları telephone confirmation with card payment of US$175,000 to secure their booking on a first come, first served basis.

The same details of the passage are also sent to the ‘registered ladies’ that expressed their interest in sex cruising, asking them to confirm their availability and their choice of week(s), informing them that when the number of club members booked is known, then the appropriate number of ladies will be selected. The wage for each leg of the cruise was confirmed to be US$35,000 net, i.e. there will be no charges made for first class food or for accommodation in a shared double cabin with ensuite facilities.

By the end of the day the first ten legs are fully booked by both club members and ‘registered ladies’ with card terminal payments received into Emily’s account totalling US$5.25 million for each of the 10 weeks, US$52.5 million in total. The final 2 weeks have only 2 cabins remaining available for club members to book, which are fully booked and card payments received on the next day. Thus all 30 places for ‘registered ladies’ have also been booked. They have also received over 50 emails from ‘registered ladies’ who asked to be placed on the reserve list. The cruise pay for ‘registered ladies’ amounts to a cost of US$1,050,000 per cruise providing a gross profit of US$4.2 million per week, US$50.2 million for the 12 week cruise, excluding the operating costs of Bangkok Girl.

Emily telephones the Captain and informs him that all 12 weeks of the cruise are fully booked and paid up. He is delighted and thanks her for informing him so quickly, giving him the maximum possible time to make all the necessary arrangements. They discuss dining arrangements and the Captain suggests that seats at a table with one of the officers is often a popular option. Emily tells him that she likes the idea and would like to think about it and discuss it with Amy, Sansa and Sushila how it could to used to maximum affect. Although the Captain knows she is a prostitute and she is proud to be one, she is also a woman of considerable wealth and influence and doesn’t feel like talking about the personal arrangements of herself and her 3 close friends with an employee.

After the call, Emily and Sannsa say that they hadn’t expected anything like this response and suspects their trip round India helped a lot. They agree that the cruises must achieve the very highest quality for club members. The ‘registered ladies’ must absolutely focus on the complete satisfaction of club members. Amy and Sushila join them and they tell them the news. They are both highly surprised and highly delighted and all look forward to the first Friday of next month, i.e. just after the conference for the hotels.

All four confirm their availability for the whole cruise. Sushila suggests that Emily, Amy and Sansa, as former mistresses of the Delhi branch officers, be available for prior booking by club officers at double the cruise nightly cost, i.e. paying another US$25,000 per night booked. In addition to their company, they could enjoy dining at the Captain’s table with their chosen lady. Emily, Amy and Sansa think it a wonderful idea but insist that the plan should include Sushila as well. Emily agrees readily and telephones the Captain to ask him to seat Amy, Sansa, Sushila and herself, all with a plus one at his table for all the dinners of the cruise. He is delighted and will include it as part of the Cruise Plan. After a busy day, they dine together and retire for a good night’s sleep before the conference starts after breakfast the next day.

Dressed in their best sari outfits, the ladies go down after breakfast. Mrs Karima Chettri meets them and introduces them to various groups taking coffee before the first session commences. The delegates that they meet are all in good spirits and excited to learn about the project. Mrs Chettri leads the ladies to their seats on the platform, then one by one introduces them to the conference delegates. Then she invites Emily to formally open the proceedings. Emily stands at the lecturn and waits for the applause to subside. She welcomes everyone to The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi. Emily makes a point of thanking them for their enthusiasm about the project and wishes them a successful and enjoyable conference, then officially invites the conference leader, General Manager Mrs Karima Chettri, to chair the conference. After her introductory remarks, Mrs Chettri introduces Ms Sushila Mitra to introduce the project.

Sushila is applauded as she stands at the lecturn: “The project started right here in the former Delhi Mughal Hotel. The idea for the name change came to Ms Emily Berkshire when she saw all the artwork installations here based on the Kama Sutra. Her inspiration came from the two excellent films; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Why call it inspiration you may ask, the reason is simple and yet profound. You can find any number kaçak iddaa of Kama Sutra hotels in Delhi, never mind in the whole of India, whereas the title The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and derivations of it, is a registered trade mark which cannot be used without permission of the owner. Ms Berkshire simply decided to request permission, at a negotiated price, for the exclusive use of the title The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of [city name]. The rest, as a Russian Meerkat might say is ‘simples'”.

“All that was needed was a floor of the hotel to be dedicated as an up-market centre for seminars and courses on personal relationship topics such as: (1) how to please your partner and (2) how to refresh your marriage. The stated aim was to turn the hotel into one of the State’s leading adult development centres in the ancient and modern arts of intimate personal relationships. In your conference pack you will find financial analyses that show the impressive impact on the accounts of The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi. Ms Emily Berkshire always likes to stress the importance of the major project and how each member of a hotel’s management team would enjoy a career and curriculum vitae enhanced by their successful participation in the project. Thank you for your attention”.

Sushila sits down to an enthusiastic round of applause. Mrs Chettri thanks Ms Sushila Mitra for her excellent introduction to the project and announces that delegates will now separate into groups to discuss the possibilities they can foresee for their own hotel by undertaking the project. Ms Berkshire and her colleagues have graciously accepted our invitation to join us for dinner this evening. As the delegates separate into discussion groups, the ladies take their leave and return to the penthouse.

Emily receives a call from The Chairman of the Kolkata branch of the club. He says that he is booked on the first week of the cruise on Bangkok Girl and wonders if she would be willing, for a substantial fee, to allow him to advance book her company for the first night of the cruise. Emily asks if he would be kind enough to name the fee offered and he asks if US$25,000 sounds acceptable. She begs his pardon and asks if ‘her company’ means as his ‘registered lady’ for the night and he says that she understands him exactly. Emily says that she would be delighted to accept his advance booking and he gives his card details so the payment is processed immediately.

Emily asks if it would please him to sit with her at dinner the first night at the Captain’s table. He tells her that would be delightful and would like to ask her one more question: “May he pass the word around the branches that she and her 3 friends offer the same service on the same terms?” He can’t see her smile, but her affirmative answer in a soft sensuous tone tells him what he wants to hear and he looks forward even more to the cruise. He adds that her phone is likely to be ringing a lot, for he knows many gentlemen are keen to avail themselves of the same service. They exchange farewells and the call ends.

Amy, Sansa and Sushila heard half of the conversation and want to know all the details. Emily says the unbelievable has just happened only a short time after we talked about the idea. The Chairman of the Kolkata branch has booked my company for the first night of the cruise and paid US$25,000 for the privilege. He asked if he may spread the word as he knows many have asked about the possibility of all 4 of us offering the service and he was the one delegated to ask. It looks as though we may not have to advertise the service. The ladies are all amazed and delighted.

Nilesh enters the lounge to see if the ladies would like some coffee. The ladies thank him and Emily asks if Sudesh, Ranjit and Sanwar (Sushila’s PSO) are available so all 4 PSOs can join them for coffee. With all 8 gathered over coffee, Emily tells them about the arrangements for the 12 week cruise and details the itinerary. Nilesh, as Emily’s PSO, will be Head of Security on board Bangkok Girl, the other PSOs being Shift Managers assisted by all assistant PSOs. They will be the only security personnel on board.

The plan is for the full convoy to leave Delhi after an early breakfast next Wednesday morning and drive to Kolkata Port. After all their belongings have been stowed in their cabins, the cars will be parked inside a secure building within the port area as arranged with the Harbour Master. This plan gives them a full day to recover from the drive and ensure everything is prepared for the highest quality cruise possible. The club members and ‘registered ladies’ have to receive the best possible service for which everyone of this group is responsible. Our most excellent service should be as far as possible proactive rather than reactive. If something doesn’t seem right, please ensure it is made so without delay.

Each evening the ladies join the conference delegates for dinner, Mrs Chettri having arranged so that, at a minimum, every General Manager dines with Emily kaçak bahis at least once. In addition they get the chance to meet her at cocktails before dinner or at nightcaps afterwards. Emily was encouraged by their enthusiasm at the start of the conference, but is even more so at each dinner when she notes excitement for the project growing day by day. She amuses herself with the hope that they don’t get over excited and leave to start the project before being fully briefed. She also notes a growing excitement in the penthouse as the date of the cruise draws closer.

The conference ends as planned on the Friday. Just before the closing speeches, Emily takes Karima aside and congratulates her on such a good job. She thanks Emily saying how easy and pleasurable it is to work with her. Emily smiles and asks how she would feel about being promoted to become their first ever female Group General Manager, which of course would mean a substantial increase in her salary and benefits. The post would keep her in charge of the project, so she would be able to see it through to a successful conclusion. She would remain based in Delhi which means no upheaval for her family by having to relocate. Karima is delighted and, almost but not quite, lost for words. Emily says she may choose her staff and office accommodation in the hotel, as well as choosing her successor as Delhi General Manager.

The closing speech, delivered by Karima, summarises the excellent progress made by conference and congratulates delegates on their contribution, both here in Delhi and when they return to their branches. Emily closes the conference by congratulating all delegates, singling out Karima for special mention. She announces at Mrs Karima Chettri is now promoted to the position of Group General Manager for The Best Erotic Marigold Hotels Group. The conference erupts into applause and cheers. Karima and the 4 ladies, make their farewells and wish departing delegates good fortune with their own implementation of the The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel project.

In the penthouse taking tea with Sansa, Amy and Sushila, the talk quickly turns from the successful conference to their upcoming cruise. Emily is asked how it felt selling herself for the first night of the cruise to the Chairman of the Kolkata branch. She replied that at first it felt awkward, having to transition quickly from being a wealthy and influential lady into a prostitute selling herself for sex and taking the payment … but it felt wonderful too. She is looking forward to the cruise so much in order to resume her real career as a prostitute. On that note, Emily suggests they all have their own business bank account for their ‘chosen career’ and a machine that can take payments by telephone for personal bookings so the money goes direct into their own business accounts. Sushila wisely confirms the need to keep records and receipts for business expenditure, for tax purposes and says she will be happy to advise where required.

On the following Monday they all visit the bank manager and he sets up the business accounts with linked card payment terminals confirming that payments can be taken without the card holder being present using their black smartphone. The manager informs Sansa, Amy and Sushila, that they all have sufficient funds to qualify for a special debit card issued only to holders of very large accounts such as theirs. Their fingerprints and retina are recorded and in about 15 minutes they receive their newly prepared special debit card. The bank manager also recommends they set up a high interest savings account and maintain a large qualifying balance, Sushila is pleasantly surprised that she qualifies. The accounts are accordingly set up for the ladies and their apps for the debit card terminal are set up with them. Next he recommends a personal account for each that can be used for non business transactions, they agree and he does what is necessary, transferring a working amount from the bulk of their funds in the high interest savings account. They all now have independent banking arrangements for both private and business use.

Back in the penthouse, Emily receives calls to make advance bookings for her and the other 3 ladies. She processes the transactions for herself, at US$25,000 per night, adding that the booking means a seat at the Captain’s table for dinner, while the others watch how it is done. With calls for the others, she simply gives the caller the business mobile number of the desired lady and then helps the lady handle her own advance bookings and take the US$25,000 per night payment. The ladies are very busy for the rest of the day taking advance bookings for themselves on the cruise, carefully taking notes of who has pre-booked and for which night on the 12 week cruise. As they relax after all the calls, Emily asks them how they feel and they all reply along the lines of: “I feel like a very successful high class prostitute and enjoy that I am”. They all laugh then examine their bookings to find they are booked, apart from one or two gaps, for every night of the cruise. Emily congratulates them: “You have just taken almost US$2.1 million each, now we can all look forward to earning it! They now love their new careers more than ever.

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