Lovers Ch. 02: A New Story Begins


Note: All characters and events that are included in this story are completely fictional. All characters involved in sexual activity are 18 or older.

Comments and Feedback are always appreciated! Enjoy!


The sun shined brightly through the window blinds as the sounds of birds chirping echoed throughout Keely’s bedroom. Slowly, Keely opened her eyes and squinted as some sunlight shined in her face. She sat herself up and stretched her arms over her head, breathing deeply in and out. As she inhaled, the smell of sex and pussy automatically entered her nostrils. Lowering her arms, Keely smiled as the memories of the previous night returned to her. She looked around the room, seeing bits of clothing scattered around her bed. Her attention then turned to her voluptuous lover who still laid sleeping on her chest. Keely gazed at Vivian lovingly as she tenderly ran her hand up Vivian’s exposed back and along the side of her huge left boob as it was squished between her body and the bed.

Vivian began to shift and rolled herself over on her back to stretch. Her eyes fluttered upon and turned her head towards Keely, giving her a smile.

“Well hello there, gorgeous,” Vivian said, sleepily.

“Morning, my love,” Keely said softly, laying down next to her lover and kissing her softly on the forehead.

Vivian wrapped her arms around Keely’s body and pulled her close, their breasts melting together as Vivian pressed her lips against Keely’s.

Keely moaned as Vivian’s tongue invaded her mouth. Vivian broke the kiss and began playing with Keely’s hair.

“What are we now, Keely,” Vivian asked in a soft voice.

“What do you mean,” Keely asked in response.

“Is this a one-time deal sort of thing or are we dating?”

“Viv, last night was the best of my life and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. And, if you feel the same, I was hoping…to be your girlfriend.”

Vivian looked at Keely with surprise at first but then realized that she did feel the same as her lover.

“Then that settles it,” Vivian said with a beaming smile, “You and I are lovers!”

The girls leaned in for a deep kiss, ecstatic about their newly formed relationship. The kiss broke.

“You think we should keep this between us for awhile,” Keely asked.

“If you want, sure,” Vivian responded, “We don’t have to rush. We can do it whenever we’re ready.”

“That’s fine with me,” Keely said happily, giving Vivian a soft kiss on the lips.

“So, babe, what do you want to do today?” Vivian asked.

“Well,” Keely replied, “I wouldn’t mind staying in bed with you all day long.”

The two girls giggled and pressed their foreheads together.

“Well besides that!” Vivian said, laughing.

Keely thought about it and came up with an idea.

“Why don’t we try and hang out with Lily and Julia.” Keely suggested.

“That’s a great idea,” Vivian exclaimed, “I haven’t hung out with them in so long!”

“I’ll call them after you and I have had our shower,” Keely said with a giggle.

“I like the sound of that.” Vivian said sexily, “Lead the way, sexy!”

Keely grabbed her lover’s hand and the two ran out of the bedroom for their first exciting shower together.


Lily pulled into the driveway of her best friend, Julia’s, home. She put her car in park and took a second to look over the house she had always thought of as her second home. Julia had been her best friend since they met in elementary school 13 years ago. They had been through nearly everything together since then and now they were about to embark on a new journey together in college. Snapped out of her thoughts, Lily got out of the car to go inside. She was so excited to be able to spend some time with Keely and Vivian again and couldn’t wait to catch up with them as it had been months since they had seen each other.

Lily pulled out her key to Julia’s house and let herself in.

“Julia! I’m here. Are you ready?” Lily asked, but received no reply. “Julia? Maria? Anyone home?”

Maria was Julia’s younger sister by a year but was equally as close to Lily as Julia was. The three of them had been inseparable growing up and it was sad that they would have to leave her behind as they went to college and Maria had to go through her final year of high school. Julia and Maria also had an older sister, Anna, by 2-3 years but she had gotten into an argument with the family and hasn’t spoken with them since. It was a very touchy subject to bring up, especially in front of Julia, so Lily never spoke of it.

“I’m here!” Julia shouted from upstairs. “Come on up!”

Lily jotted up the steps and walked down the hallway until she arrived in front of Julia’s room. Opening the ajar door, Lily saw Julia in front of her mirror brushing her hair. Julia liked to keep it simple in terms of clothing unless the occasion called for formal wear. Today, Julia’s choice was a black sleeveless T-shirt with ragged jean shorts.

“Well hello there, my beautiful best friend.” Lily said as she approached Julia and hugged her from behind. Lily could smell the sweetness of casino şirketleri Julia’s long, dark blonde hair.

“Look who’s talking,” Julia said, laughing. “You look sexy as ever.”

Lily smiled and looked down at her black, sleeveless dress with pink polka dots. “Oh, it’s just something I decided to throw on.” She said with a giggle.

“Like I’m going to believe that.” Julia responded, as she turned to her best friend and giving her a beaming smile.

Lily never got tired of seeing Julia smiling. It had to be the cutest smile in the world. Smile run in the family, Lily guessed, as Maria had the same, beautiful smile.


Lily came out of her daze and saw Julia was giving her a concerned look.

“Are you alright,” Julia asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Lily replied with a smile. “I just remembered that I completely forgot my swim suit. You have an extra?”

Julia went over to her closet and pulled out a blue bikini that she had worn on vacation last year.

“Is this ok,” Julia asked, as she handed it to Lily.

“Perfect,” Lily said excitedly.

“Alright then,” Julia said as she grabbed her bag, “Let’s hit the road!”


Vivian was just putting her tank top on over her bikini when she felt Keely’s arms wrap around her waist and her chin resting on her right shoulder.

“I think I like it better when you’re wearing nothing at all,” Keely whispered sensually into Vivian’s ear.

“Now, now,” Vivian replied as she placed her hands over her lover’s, “There’ll be plenty of time for that later tonight.”

“I’m soaked just thinking about it,” Keely purred, kissing Vivian on the cheek.

Vivian turned to face her lover and wrapped her arms around Keely’s neck.

“But look at you,” Vivian moaned, as she took in Keely’s skimpy bikini, “You’re practically wearing nothing. You’re not trying to seduce our guests, are you? You’ve only had your first taste of women last night.”

“Well, now that I’ve had a taste, I’m hungry for more,” Keely said friskily, softly kissing her lover’s lips.

“You are so bad,” Vivian purred.

At that moment, the doorbell rang and both girls quickly went down the stairs to let their friends in. Hugs and cheek kisses were given and there was not a single girl who wasn’t happy to see the other. Soon enough, the four ladies were bikini-clad and lounging in Keely’s pool.

“I’m so glad that we were able to do this,” Julia said excitedly, “it’s been forever since I’ve seen you too after school let out.”

“I know right,” Vivian responded, “I can’t believe we’re seniors now. I’m so ready for college!”

“Same,” Lily and Keely said in unison.

“Although,” Vivian added, “Keely seems to be the odd lady out seeing as she’s going to a different college than the three of us!”

“Well I didn’t get the memo,” Keely responded. Everyone laughed hard at that.

After an hour of chatting and catching up, everyone was in the mood for something to eat and drink. Being the hostess, Keely set out to provide for her guests.

“I better got help her out,” Vivian said,” We’ll be back!”

Vivian trotted after her lover into her kitchen.

After nearly 10 minutes, Lily started to wonder why Keely and Vivian weren’t back yet.

“I wonder what’s keeping them,” Julia asked as she lounged on a inflatable raft.

Lily jumped off her chair. “I’ll go and see. Be right back!”

When she entered the kitchen, Lily saw food and water on the kitchen counter but her friends were nowhere to be found. Soon the silence was broken by, what sounded to Lily, as moans. She followed the sound to the laundry room where clear grunts and moans could be heard. Lily looked in through the ajar door and turned pale. Keely was settled on top of the dryer with two of Vivian’s fingers ramming her insanely wet pussy.

“Fuck me, Viv,” Keely said breathlessly,” Fuck me hard.”

“You like that babe,” Vivian replied in a seductive tone.

Yes! Oh God YESSSSSS,” Keely let out a silent scream as Vivian brought to a roaring climax.

Vivian removed her drenched fingers out of Keely and sucked Keely’s sweet juices from them. Keely rested her head against the wall as she pated to regain her breath and cool off. She looked at her lover and gave her a wide smile.

“It’s a good thing we took my bikini bottoms off before we did this,” Keely said with a look of amusement.

“Yeah,” Vivian replied after she removed her fingers from her mouth,” But we’re going to have to get you cleaned up a little.”

As she said this, Vivian got down on her knees and began lapping up what remained of Keely’s cum from around her pussy and legs. Keely closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her lover’s tongue touching her skin.

Lily still looked on in shock and slowly backed away from the door. She then quickly returned to the kitchen in disbelief. Lily tried to comprehend what she had just seen. Her two friends just had sex with each other. And from what she had overheard, this was far from being their first time. As the images continued to float around in her head, Lily suddenly stopped cold at the casino firmaları realization that her own pussy had become increasingly wet. This is insane, she thought. She knew she had to get back to Julia but didn’t know what she should say to her. Maybe she didn’t need to know right now, Lily thought to herself, just act natural and calm. She walked back out to the pool area as Julia was getting out.

“Oh there you are,” Julia exclaimed, “I was just about to go in and look for you.”

Lily snapped back to reality, “Oh yeah,” she said a little nervously,” They should be coming back out any minute now.”

“Are you alright,” Julia asked,” You seem a little uneasy.”

“I’m fine,” Lily said with a confident smile,” Nothing’s wrong at all.”

Or, at least, not yet.

Soon after, Keely and Vivian came back out with chips, sandwiches, and bottles of water. Lily tried to maintain a sense of calm as their conversations continued like she never a saw a thing. Hours went by and soon the sun was nearly setting. Lily and Julia were getting ready to go when Keely and Vivian stopped them at the door.

“So, we’ve been thinking,” Vivian said excitedly.

“And we want to know if you guys would like to sleep over tonight,” Keely said.

Before Lily could reply, Julia gave them an answer.

“That sounds great! I would love to! What about you, Lily?”

All eyes were on her at this point when she acted with a little hesitance in her voice.

“Sure,” Lily said, trying to act excited.

“Great,” Keely and Vivian said in unison.

“We should probably get back to my house first to bring some clothes and some toothbrushes,” Julia said,” Right, Lily?”

“Oh yeah absolutely,” Lily responded, realizing that that was her chance to try and tell Julia what she saw earlier.

Soon after, Julia and Lily were back on the road. During the course of their short ride back, Lily struggled with how to tell Julia about what she saw Keely and Vivian doing. She just couldn’t think of the words but she realized she had run out of time as they rolled up into Julia’s driveway.

After entering the empty house, Julia went to leave a note for her family letting them know where she had gone. Lily went straight up to Julia’s room and sat on the bed, continuing to ponder hat to say. It wasn’t too long before Lily heard Julia’s footsteps coming up the stairs before entering the room full of excitement.

“Today was so amazing,” Julia said joyfully,” It was so good to see Keely and Vivian again. I can’t wait for this sleepover! It’s going to be great!”

She looked over at Lily and saw the distraught expression of her face.

“Hey, is everything alright? You’ve been acting kinda strange for most of the day.”

Lily took a deep breath.

“Julia…there’s something I have to tell you,” Lily said nervously.

“What’s up? You know you can tell me anything no matter what,” Julia responded with a soft smile.

“I…I saw,” Lily began to stammer before finally getting the courage to say the words she had been holding for hours,” I saw Keely and Vivian having sex!”

Julia’s face filled with shock. She immediately sat in the chair closest to her trying to process what Lily had just revealed to her.

“You saw them…having sex,” Julia said after a short period of silence.

“Yeah,” Lily replied softly,” and…I kinda liked it.”

“You did,” Julia asked softly.

Lily just nodded her head silently and looked at the floor. Silence filled the room for what seemed like hours with the exception of an occasional car driving past the house. Finally, Julia got up from her seat and walked quietly towards Lily who still focused on the bedroom floor. Julia got down on her knees and took Lily’s hands into her own.

“It’s ok,” Julia whispered to her best friend,” Look at me, Lily. Please.”

Lily slowly lifted her head up until her eyes met Julia’s. She stared into her best friend’s gorgeous green eyes as Julia placed a hand on her cheek. Lily felt herself getting aroused as Julia stroked her thumb against her cheek. Julia herself felt herself getting aroused by being in close contact with Lily. She didn’t feel any discomfort or that this was wrong. Suddenly she felt her head moving slowly towards Lily’s face closing the distance between them. Lily saw it happening but didn’t feel the need to stop it. Soon Julia’s lips found their way to Lily’s as both girls closed their eyes and felt the kiss. After a few seconds, Julia broke away and the two best friends look at each other.

“I’m sorry,” Julia said.

“No,” Lily responded,” Don’t be.”

At that moment, she grabbed a hold of Julia and brought her into a passionate, lust filled kiss. Both girls moaned as they gave into their sexual feelings for one another. Both ladies opened their mouths invitingly to the other’s tongues. Lily’s hands ran through Julia’s dark blonde hair as Julia caressed Lily’s back. Both mewled as they felt the other’s touch. Julia gradually moved her hands down to the hem of Lily’s shirt. Lily felt Julia tugging the bottom of her shirt and reluctantly broke their passionate kiss. As soon as Lily broke away, Julia güvenilir casino lifted up her best friend’s shirt leaving her with just a bikini on. Lily then robbed Julia of her own shirt before Julia tackled her onto the bed. Pinning Lily’s arms onto the bed, Julia mauled Lily’s neck with her lips causing Lily to squirm underneath. The two were beyond aroused with their hot, sun-kissed bodies melted into each other. The friction made their pussies grow increasingly wet. Julia scratched her nails softly along Lily’s arms down to her armpits making Lily moan with pleasure. Feeling Julia grasping her bikini straps on her side, she arched her back upwards allowing Julia access to the tied knot behind her. Undoing the knot with ease, Julia pulled off Lily’s bikini revealing her luscious breasts. Julia couldn’t resist the temptation and immediately went in face first. Lily groaned as she felt Julia’s lips meet her boobs while removing her bikini top from around her neck and tossing it to the side where it silently hit the floor. Julia feverishly kissed Lily’s breasts all over before her lips latched on to one of Lily’s hardened nipples.

Oh fuck, Julia,” Lily screamed as the sensation of Julia’s tongue circling her tit spread throughout her body,” Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!”

Julia had no plans to do so as she began to nibble on Lily’s swollen nipple. Meanwhile, Julia began to concentrate her left hand on Lily’s mid-section. Julia rolled her thumb around Lily’s clit which resulted in a whimper from her lover. Lily began to whine as she felt Julia playing with her already aroused clit. Julia undid one of Lily’s side bikini bottom strap with her free hand before taking the bottoms off completely revealing Lily’s swollen, drenched pussy. Deciding to double Lily’s pleasure, Julia rubbed her clit with her forefingers while using her thumb to play with her pussy slit. Drunk with pleasure, Lily slammed her palms against the bed’s headboard all the while grunting and groaning, moving her head back and forth. Lily was already hurdling towards her first climax.

“Oh god, Julia! I’m…I’m,” Lily couldn’t finish as her climax sent shockwaves through her hot body. Juices began to pour out of her with Julia ready and willing to lap them up. The moment she felt Julia’s lips touch her labia, Lily began to climax again simultaneously.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUCCCCKKKK,” Lily screamed at the top of her lungs.

As her orgasm subsided and Julia finished licking up the remaining cum, Lily struggled to catch her breath and recover from her double climax. Julia, meanwhile, began to kiss her way back up to Lily’s face. Giving her new lover a quick kiss on the lips, Julia sat up on her knees and undid her bikini top revealing her chest to Lily for the first time. Lily laid there marveling at Julia’s breasts which looked very similar to her own. She then did the honor of undoing Julia’s bikini bottoms. They looked at each other and smiled, over the moon with their new-found love for each other. Julia lowered herself onto Lily and both let out a sigh as their breasts pressed against each other. Lily caressed Julia’s face with her hands as Julia grabbed hold of Lily’s sides. Julia then shifted her body so that she was straddling Lily’s left leg. She began to slowly thrust her hips forward scraping her pussy along her lover’s leg while also rubbing her leg along Lily’s slit. The two girls stared into each other’s eyes intensely as Julia’s thrusts began to pick up speed. Their breathing intensified, the bed began to rock back and forth, their heavy breathing turned into grunts and moans. They began to feverishly kiss each other as they their love-making reached fever-pitch. The headboard slammed continuously against the wall, the bed creaked and moaned like the girls on top of it, the air was filled with the smell of sex.

“Oh god, Lily I think I’m going to-,” Julia was cut off as pussy juice squirted out of her pussy onto Lily’s. She could feel Lily coming at the same time and howled with pleasure as their juices mixed together.

Julia collapsed on Lily, completely spent. She rested her head on Lily’s heaving chest and listened as she heard her lover’s heart thumping rapidly. The two just laid there holding each other in silence. Lily pressed her lips on Julia’s forehead. Their sweaty bodies glued together. After a few minutes of recovery, Julia lifted her body off of Lily’s and smiled at her.

“We should be heading over back to Keely’s right about now,” Julia said, still trying to catch her breath.

Lily stared at her intensely and Julia knew she wanted more.

“Well, I guess Keely and Vivian are going at as we speak so-“

She was cut off as Lily grabbed her and flipped her around. Julia mewled as Lily jumped on top of her and started to make out with her furiously. Their tongues danced around each other’s mouths in exploration while the girls’ hands roamed freely to grope the other’s body. Lily wanted to give back the pleasure given to her by Julia and began to make her way to Julia’s neck then to her breasts which were glistening with sweat. Lily took good care of both of Julia’s nipples as she sucked and gently nibbled them which resulted in loud moans of approval from Julia. Continuing downward, Lily savored every second of contact with Julia’s soft skin. Finally, Lily made it to Julia’s juicy snatch and began to probe with her fingers causing Julia to squirm a little.

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