Lucky rainy day

Lucky rainy dayI was walking home when the heavy downpour came suddenly and I have to run to a nearby block for shelter. Then I heard some people talking not far away but couldn’t see where they were. As they were talking so loudly, I was assuming they were 2 PRC , 1 guy n 1 gal. I slowly walked towards the noise was and found them sitting on a ledge at the void deck. It was a quiet corner and not many people would notice that area. Feeling something fishy about them, I decided to walk up the side staircase so I could peep at them with a clear view.But these 2 fellas were talking and talking and no action. While the rain gets heavier, their voices also gets louder.They were talking about their home town blah blah blah..from their conversation, I can tell they are colleagues in a factory and both have bf and gf respectively. Just whenI was to give up peeping at them after hearing their cock n bull story, the gal suddenly stood up and said she felt very cold. The guy then brought her to sit on his lap n use both his hands to hug her at the waist. Again no action for next 30 minutes and they were chatting merrily.His hands were just hugging her at her waist while they were chatting. Just then the gal ask him”????,???????but e guy replied “??,????????????she said “??, ?????????he said “????????????????????????????she just nodded shyly , and said ?,and I could tell she was waiting for some more actions.but he just simply hugged her tightly without any further actions. She then leaned her head on his shoulder and thrust her 2 big breasts against his head. This time he just pressed his face into her right breast and sniffed.???,????????????She was clearly enjoy ing it and blushed ???????,?????????,???????????he replied ??????,????she said ? ?????????????????he was dumbfounded bahis şirketleri but managed to speak after a while ” ????????,???????????,????????she just giggled and said “????????he also started laughing and then blurted out ??????? She just smiled and asked??????????????,but she just sat on his lap and giggled. He started to slide his right hand under her long skirt and from my angle he was just caressing her thigh.He asked her????she replied????.He went further up her thigh and caressed , presumably her panty outside her pussy making her moaned softly n he asked again????she punched his chest and said???,?????he went further and deeper , presumably fingering into herbpussy, making her jolted with moans which was a little loud at that time. ????,??????,he ignored her and fingered more making her hugged his neck tightly with both hands while closing her eyes to enjoy. Her expression was funny to see as she looked as though she was crying.He fingered furiously n I could hear lots of water sound and eventually he said ?????,????????,?????????she just said a simple ?,??,???????he stopped his fingering and started to grabbed her breast with his hands and sniffed, like a durian, occasionally pressed and squeezed them leaving her gasping for air while enjoying.He stopped and looked at her and then asked her how big her breasts are and were they real? Fucking hell this guy is crazy or what, just test and will have an answer la. She just tapped him and said ???????????,and he pulled up her t shirt and out pop a pair of d cup breasts in a ah ma bra. He just groped those pair of breasts and he fumbled upon trying to remove the ah ma bra.she decided to remove it herself and she suan him ????????he felted his ego bruised and said??,??????????whwn he saw those freebet veren siteler pair of big bare breasts Ipopping in front of him, he just plunged his face into her breats and sucked them instead of nipples. I could see her nipples were very pink meaning she might be virgin or very little sucking/licking done. Lucky bastard got to taste them and soon the little bitch got into her own world moaning like she was a porn star.luckily it was pouring heavily n that cover over her moans, the lucky bastard lick n sucked for a good 15 mins before he stopped and asked her ????????,???????,?????????,????????she nodded and replied??, ???????,???,???,now I could see where the bastard is coming.he had been acting all the while and when he gets her, he was like a true pro. He now unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and demanded her to suck it.?????27????,she simply put the cock into her mouth without knowing how to suck it.?????he asked her and she said??????he again acted like the decent man he was n told her ?????,????????????????,he told her to kneel down on the floor and began to lower his pants a little , revealing his hardened cock n inserted into her mouth slowly. .???????,??????????,the silly gal just simply nodded ??she slowly swallowed half of his cock and he began to thrust furiously into her mouth , fucking her mouth at a fast pace till she pulled out his cock n spit. He saw her spitting out and asked her???,??????????????He turned her over with her back facing him and pull up her skirt and pulled down her ah ma panty.He asked her to bend forward and inserted his penis into her pussy from behind , leaving the village gal to moan out loud in esctasy???,????,???????,But he ignored her and rammed her hard from behind. ??,??????,???????he deneme bonusu veren siteler continued to pump and finally he spoke. .???,???????,????she said?????,??? He grabbed those big breasts from behind and thrust even harder and faster leavibngthe village gal gasping for air.Every thrust led to the gak moaning”???,???,?????He thrust even harder and amid the heavy rain, I could hear clearly his hip knocking her big round butt giving out a loud piak piak sound.He eventually spoke?????,??????????he pulled out his penis and then turned her over to face him.?????????????????She replied ????,???,???,???,????. He did not insert again but asked her to suck it.She did wat she was told and he eventually shot his load into her mouth and ordered ???,??????,and the poor gal swallowed slowly down and opened her mouth to show him.After they were done, he pulled up her panty and zipped up his pants and they sat down on the ledge again.The poor gal sat there quietly not looking at him. He spoke again “???,??????,??????????? ???????,she looked at him with innocent lookand said ?????,???????,????????????????,???????,????????,?? ???????????????he was furious and shouted?????,???????,??????,????????,????????????, ??????she didn’t speak but just smiled and she hold his hands at her breast and caress it. After caressing the big breast a little while, can tell he could not take it anymore he said???,???????,??????he squatted in front of her and pulled up her tshirt and bra and gave those 2 big balls a good lick and suck leaving the gal to gasp?????,????,??????????? With her plea to fuck her, he took out his hardened cock again and inserted into her pussy. She was enjoying every thrust he made but there was no conversation between them except her moans..????????,???!he didn’t say a word and continued fucking her hard. She said ?????,???,and he exploded inside her…I can’t imagine wad will happen 2 months later….they ended the romp and left in a short while when the rain stop and I also left shortly…The end of a lucky rainy day to see a romp.

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