Lust on the High Seas


Sipping on her strawberry margarita, Lindsey took in the fresh air of the morning. A slight breeze blew through her soft, wavy, brown hair. This trip was exactly the escape she needed to clear her mind and refresh her body. Long exhausting hours at work, combined with recently breaking up with her boyfriend, had taken much out of her the last few weeks. When she found a Caribbean cruise online at a great price, she jumped at the chance. Now here she was looking out over the railing of the luxury cruise ship – staring out at the waves of the cerulean blue water. This was perfect – she was in paradise!! And it was the final day of her 7-day trip through the Caribbean – a time for rest, reflection and relaxation.

With the sun so warm and vibrant on her skin, Lindsey felt the need for a refresher, and walked from the railing to the Aloha deck swimming pool. She could see a few guys turn their heads to look as she walked by. Although never asking for it, she seemed to get noticed wherever she went. Being a runner, her body was fit and toned. Her long legs were smooth, developed and perfectly tanned. She slowly took off her shorts and shirt, prominently showing her white bikini that fit ideally around her hips.

The water felt so refreshing as she stepped into the pool for a quick dip, engulfing her body with an instant electrifying vigor. She loved getting wet and then lying in the sun afterward. Being from the north, she would never get this opportunity in the middle of January. Yet here she was – in her own little slice of luxury. With water droplets clinging delightfully to her entire body, she got out and lay down in a poolside lounger, anxious to soak up the sun’s rays.

Just as she was fading into a much-deserved nap, she sensed her sunlight was gone. Opening her eyes, she saw a tall, dark and handsome man standing in front of her lounger, gazing down at her. His eyes were bright and he was very cute. She smiled sweetly, not sure what he could possibly want. In her mind though, she had other thoughts. Although this was the last place she figured she’d meet a guy, she might just give this guy a chance – that is, until he opened his mouth:

“Hey baby, you didn’t need that sun anyway. You’re the brightest star in my eyes already.”

Lindsey groaned inside, smiling to be polite and chimed in, “Nice try sport.” She closed her eyes, smirking inside all the while. She had to give him credit — if he was going to bomb, he crashed and burned incredibly with that horrible line. Her sunlight reappeared as he left and she continued sunbathing in peace.

When Lindsey awoke from her mid-afternoon nap, the first thing she saw was the figure of a man walking out of the pool. Taking a better look, she thought he could possibly be the most gorgeous man she had ever laid eyes on. He was tall and handsome, with dark wavy hair slickened from the warm pool waters. He wasn’t overly muscular, yet he had the look of someone who took care of himself very well. Even from a distance, his eyes shined bright and cheery. She smiled as she got up and headed for the pool herself. As she passed him, she marveled at his nice physique. Instead of getting out of the pool, he followed her back into the water.

Smiling in a way that made her feel comfortable, he said, “I know there’s never really any good ‘first’ thing to say to a pretty woman you don’t even know, but I noticed you’re by yourself and thought maybe you’d enjoy some company.” He was right too, she thought, there never really is a good first line to tell a woman.

“You’re right, you know. I’m still waiting for any guy to say the right thing to me.” She laughed and was put at ease by his comforting smile. He was so cute – the type of cute you just can’t look away from. “I’m Lindsey,” she added, smiling.

“I’m Eric. It’s nice to meet you Lindsey.” His eyes were so blue — as blue as the magnificent waters in the sea. She could sense that he really liked her. And he was so dreamy too. She blushed as she realized she was smitten with Eric.

“Where are you from Eric? What do you do?” She was curious about this man for some unknown reason and needed to know more.

He chimed in, “You’re not going to believe this, but I’m actually from right here. I’m one of the captains here on the ship.” He laughed playfully as he added, “The ocean is my home. You caught me here on my day off.”

Wow, she thought. Instant visions of Captain Stubing, Gopher, Doc and The Love Boat flashed through her mind and she giggled, but not letting Eric in on her joke. This beautiful man was no Captain Stubing, that’s for sure.

Lindsey didn’t need to let him know what she was thinking, though, and he joked, “Let me guess – The Love Boat, right? I get that all the time. Well let me tell you – I’m no Captain Stubing!” They laughed and splashed around in the water and got to know each other for another hour or so. It was getting later and pendik escort dinnertime was near.

The two new friends decided they would go to dinner together. For Lindsey it was a nice change of pace to have a dinner companion. It had been a long time since she looked forward to a new date. And a captain too! She never thought she’d be able to say that.

They met for dinner, she in a flowered summer dress, and he in a casual white suit. During the meal they learned they really enjoyed each other’s company. As the night progressed, they drank a bottle of champagne and became more and more relaxed. Eric and Lindsey danced, and she felt his hands held firmly around her lower back and waist. It seemed like ages since she felt a man’s touch on her body and it warmed her inside. She moved in perfect motion with his body, locked in a warm embrace. The situation was ripe for romance and passion.

A little tipsy and full of life and energy, they walked along the main deck overlooking the water. It was now nighttime and the only sounds were of the cruise liner cutting through the dark mysterious waves of the ocean. It was so soothing and romantic. Eric smiled and took Lindsey by the hand, leading her to a row of lounge chairs near the end of the ship. They laughed and talked for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was only about thirty minutes. He smiled as he looked at her, transfixed by her beauty, the moonlight reflecting in her blue eyes. She was fluttery inside — feeling flush and warm from the champagne, from the moment and from the man. As he leaned into her closer, she tensed and then relaxed — he was going to kiss her and she knew it. The timing was ideal, the moment was right, and he was perfect for her. His lips brushed her lightly and pushed against her mouth. She melted and gave in at once. Wrapping her arms around him, she met his kiss and licked his upper lip teasingly. He whispered into her ear, “Lindsey, you are amazing! I feel so alive with you. Would you like to go somewhere more…quiet? To a special place?” The champagne answered for her, nodding, and they walked away, arm-in-arm.

To her surprise, he led her to a dark, deserted side of the ship. He smiled and said, “We’re almost there. It’s just down this walkway and up the stairs.” She was in a state of euphoria, caught up in the moment with this gorgeous man and the magical ambiance of the night. Eric stopped her and pointed upward. Her eyes got wide as she looked up and saw a row of lifeboats suspended about ten feet high by pulleys and ladders.

“I wanted to take you somewhere private – somewhere nobody knows about. Someplace special for you.” Although she was a bit skeptical of heights, she eagerly climbed up the ladder and into the lifeboat. The floor of the boat was padded with a soft, lifejacket-type material and was surprisingly comfortable. Looking out she marveled at the spectacular view. Here they were sitting in this secluded spot, almost near the very top of the entire ship. The moon’s glow spread out over the ocean and formed illuminated paths along the water’s edge. This was more than she could have ever imagined – as romantic as she could hope for.

Eric wrapped his arms around her and kissed along her neck gently, causing her to whimper quietly in response to his touch. He moved her hands up, pinning them over her head, all the while kissing her soft, sensitive neck. His tongue traced the line of her collarbone, making her squirm. As he kissed along her shoulder, he reached around and unzipped her dress with skillful ease. Lindsey’s body was beginning to go crazy and she felt a new wetness developing between her legs. He kissed down into her cleavage as he pulled the sleeveless green-flowered dress down her body, exposing her small, perky breasts.

Circling his fingers lightly around her breasts, he was stimulated and could feel his hardness. His cock was pushing out against his pants, wanting so badly to get free. With fingers tracing along her nipples, he began to caress them with the insides of two of his fingers. They were small and dark pinkish in color and rose up to meet his touch with aroused rigidity. Eric’s lips leaned in and brushed against her nipple, while squeezing the other one with his soft, firm hand. She virtually collapsed against his touch, relaxed and yet more energized than she had felt in years. Her eyelids closed and she lay down fully in the boat as she felt his lips close around her hard nipple, sucking it with tenderness and passion. A new sensation came upon her as she felt him lower his mouth and begin kissing down her tummy, circling around the belly button and continuing southward.

She rubbed her ass against the soft bottom of the lifeboat as his face moved between her legs, tracing the outline of her lips through her white cotton panties. The fabric was warm and damp, soaked from her leaking pussy. Her arousal was intensified and growing maltepe escort by the second. Lindsey gripped her hands against his head, kneading her fingers into his wavy brown hair, holding him right where she wanted him. He traced his tongue in circles along the panties just above her clit and then slid it lower. She squirmed and trembled, comforted by the soothing feeling of the soft fabric against her lips. Putting his mouth as fully around her folds as possible, he sucked the juices through her panties, drinking in her scent and her sweet taste. Pushing her hips against him, she moved against his touch, trying to get more of him. He pulled her panties to the side, exposing her bare pussy. Eric could feel instantly how dripping wet she was, her labia glistening with her flowing cream. He pushed his tongue into her body, rubbing it along her walls and licking the juices out of her. She went wild with intensity and knew she wouldn’t last long. Feeling her muscles clenching around his tongue as he dabbed in and out, she gripped down hard and felt her body explode in orgasmic jubilation. Hungrily lapping up her cum, Eric ran his finger across her clit as the aftershocks pulsed through her.

Panting heavily, Lindsey moaned and whispered at the same time, “I want you so bad! I need you inside me now!”

With those erotically enhanced words, Eric began stripping off his clothes, laying them on the floor of the lifeboat. He climbed in between her legs, pressing his bare body against her. Her nipples felt so amazingly hard and spongelike rubbing against his chest, sending chills down his spine and even more life into his swollen cock. Taking on a life of its own now, the head of his cock searched for the source of Lindsey’s wetness and pushed in slowly between her lips. It slid in easily, stretching her walls instantly and causing her to push up against him. The two moved in perfect rhythm as he plunged in the entire depth of her hot, slippery pussy. She felt incredibly full and loved the friction his cock gave her, warming and radiating right through her. Thrusting and pistoning his hips, working in and out of her, he felt the orgasm slowly growing within.

Lindsey grabbed her arms around Eric’s back, digging in as another orgasm approached rapidly. She felt his hands moving to her ass, and his fingers caressed along the top of her cheeks, sliding down into her crack carefully. His fingertips felt so warm and soft, yet so determined, along her skin as they approached her tight little puckered butthole. A smooth fingertip brushed against her hole, making her quiver and jerk, her orgasm gaining strength. She shivered with pleasure as his finger pressed and wiggled in, rubbing along her inner walls. With the combined feelings of his finger in her ass and his cock thrusting into her pussy, she began to cum violently. Radiating tingles overtook her as the warm rush of fluids flowed out and soaked the cock that was fucking her. Spasming and pulsing, she relaxed her muscles and felt the warm rush of sweet cum leaking out her slit and coating both their legs, dripping down into her ass crack.

She opened her eyes and saw that Eric was about to cum. He had the goofiest look on his face as he moaned and panted, his body trembling and pumping faster. He let out a load shriek and at that instant she felt spurts of cum, thick and creamy, hitting the back of her pussy. An intense aftershock rippled and her legs trembled, as Lindsey was given her third orgasm of the night. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had more than one orgasm at a time. They lay there catching their breath, covered in a mixture of sweat and warm sexual juices.

Although they were exhausted, Lindsey and Eric managed to dress and head back to her room, where they had more sex. They fell asleep on her bed in deep relaxation, with vivid, graphic visions of the night’s activities flowing through her mind.

The next morning Lindsey woke up early and realized this wasn’t a dream at all. However, her dream guy was, in fact, lying next to her. Eric was so adorable when he slept. She giggled to herself – she must have worn him out last night. Being considerate and knowing he had to work as captain in the afternoon, she let Eric continue sleeping while she took her shower. The water felt so soothing on her skin – warmish-hot and instantly relaxing. Water spray pulsed down on her body and put her muscles at ease – this was the perfect way to start the day. She still couldn’t believe she had sex on her trip! That wasn’t in the travel brochure anywhere!

As she washed her hair, eyes closed, she jumped when she felt hands on her shoulders. Lindsey turned around to see Eric, naked and with a look of lust in his eyes. He moved behind and wrapped his wet arms around her. The showerhead sent streams of water cascading between and all down their bodies. Strong hands held her tummy and pulled her back against him. kartal escort She could feel the powerful muscles in his arms along her hips. Electric pulses radiated from her as he began kissing her neckline, his lips meshing with the warm water on her skin. She could feel his cock guiding up between her legs, hard and thick against her. Pushing into him, her pussy lips came into contact with the tip, sliding up between her folds. She wanted him so much and her body was guiding her into action. With a fervent determination, she worked her muscles so that his head pushed up into her, instantly stretching her opening. Her ass against his stomach was warm and wet, feeling amazing in the skin-to-skin embrace. With one strong push, Eric’s cock slid inside her body, connecting them as they had been just last night. He pumped inside her with a skillful rhythm. She trembled as her slick walls clenched around him, milking him for all she could give. His lustful moaning let her know he would cum quickly this time, but she had to taste him. Lindsey pulled her hips off and felt a vacancy inside as he slipped out of her moist tunnel. She knelt down in front of him.

With hurried passion, Lindsey guided his cock to her mouth. She licked her lips as she saw a thick line of his precum about to drip to the shower floor. She took her tongue and caught the long strand and let it rest on her lips, her tongue slowly licking it up. In one swift motion, she took his length against the back of her throat and sucked it wildly. Her fingers playfully massaged his balls and rubbed a curled finger down along his ass. He twitched and she knew he was about to give his cum to her. Sucking and stroking his length in her mouth, she felt the warm rush as he jerked forward, his hand behind her against the wall to steady himself. Spurts of his hot cum flowed into her mouth and coated the inside of her throat as she hungrily swallowed it down. Water streamed on her head and down her hair and body — the situation could not be any more erotic to her.

Breathing heavily still and trying to regain his balance, Eric looked Lindsey directly in the eyes as he moved down and sat on the shower floor. With his head below her pretty little pussy, Eric held Lindsey by the hips and lowered her, making her squat down on his face, resting her weight right on him. She closed her eyes and whimpered as she felt his warm tongue glide along her inner thighs and around her swollen lips, brushing over her clit, making her tremble in ecstasy. She couldn’t believe the feelings when he slid his tongue between her slippery folds, plunging inside her hot pussy. Her muscles clamped down on his tongue as he rubbed her inner walls, begging his tongue to fuck her. She screamed as he bounced her hips up and down on him, using his tongue to fuck her fast and hard. The wet friction inside her body was overwhelming and she knew her body was at its peak.

Lindsey screamed as she felt her pussy clamping down on his rigid tongue, muscles contracting and tingling all through her body. A warm rush flowed from her walls in orgasmic delight as she came all over his mouth. Panting and trying to catch her breath, writhing with each little aftershock that rippled down her legs and up her spine, she closed her eyes again and rested her full weight on Eric. The two met in a tender embrace, kissing softly with a renewed and heightened romantic enlightenment. As he slid his tongue into her mouth, exploring her inside, she could taste her sweet, tangy juices as she sucked them off. She knew already she tasted great, but sucking her taste off another’s tongue made it all the more incredible. Eric and Lindsey finished showering and then dressed, ready to go their separate ways — him staying on the ship as captain and her back to her run-of-the-mill life in Pennsylvania.

“You are absolutely amazing Lindsey. I’ll never forget you,” said a jubilant-yet-sad Eric.

“Thank you so much for giving me the time of my life. I’ll never forget you either.” Lindsey was a little sad as well, knowing she would be leaving what would possibly be the best man she had ever met.

With a warm hug and a soft kiss on her lips, he bid her farewell. She packed the remainder of her suitcases and readied for departure from the ship. As the time came to leave, she began having second thoughts and realized her feelings for Captain Eric were indeed real and that she wanted to try and see him again. She passed the cruise ship information desk on her way out and asked if she could leave a message for one of the captains, Eric.

The information desk clerk looked confused and responded, “I’m sorry ma’am, but we only have one captain on this ship and she’s a woman. Are you sure you have the right person?”

A sly smile came to her face as she realized she had been fooled. Apparently Eric thought the fantasy of pretending to be a captain could get him some time with a lucky lady — and he was right. Even if he did stretch the truth with her, she still managed to get the most incredible sex of her entire life out of their time together. She shrugged and giggled to herself as she left the ship. This was one vacation she would never forget.

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