Lynn and Lee: Long Distance Lust


Author’s Note: While the timeline is typically irrelevant to this series, as each is a quick vignette, this is the earliest so far, happening before all the others. Also decided to go first person, as I feel I’m a little better at that now than when I first started writing. This one is as true as it can be, accounting for the passage of time and faultiness of memory.


It was a long dry spell in my life, working graveyard shift in a small town. An online friend had turned me onto a live adult chat site, and it did a little to fill the void for me. I had beautiful women to look at and talk to, and there were all the desperate fools begging for peeks to make fun of. I was probably no less desperate than they were at that point, but I was smart enough to avoid the begging. I made some new friends amongst the chatters, who appreciated the biting humor I directed at those people who annoyed the models, whom we called chat monkeys.

Then, I met her.

As if it wasn’t enough that she laughed at my jokes and could quote Monty Python as well as I could, she connived a way to contact me outside the chat site, even though I’d never spent a dime on private shows. At first, it was just a few words before or after her shift, but slowly, the conversations on the ICQ instant messenger grew longer and more frequent.

Despite having been disappointed already twice that night, I got chills when I heard the uh oh sound effect from ICQ go off from the other room. I shut off the television and popped out of bed to hurry to the computer.

This time, I wasn’t disappointed.

“Hello, gorgeous,” I typed in response to her greeting. I was still amazed that I was talking to her at all — let alone off the cam site where I’d met her.

“Mmmm! *chilly bumps*,” she responded.

“Getting ready to go to work?” I asked.

“No, I traded shifts with Savannah so she could go to a concert.”

There was that disappointment again. I had been really looking forward to seeing her in the chat room.

Before I could respond, she started typing again. When the message came through, it said, “He’s out.”

He referred to her estranged husband. Though they were done, she was still living there while she tried to get her ducks in a row to rent her own place.

My mouth dropped open when her next message arrived, and it was a phone number. I can’t even begin to describe how nervous I was at the prospect of talking to her on the phone — of finally hearing her voice in something other than a short sound file.

“Call me? *bats eyelashes*,” she said in her next message.

“Grabbing the phone,” I typed, though I wasn’t anywhere near as confident as all that. I was actually shaking as I picked up the phone and dialed the number. My heart was thundering in my chest while it rang.

“Hello,” she answered almost before the first ring had ended.

Feeling like I was about to faint, I somehow kept the nervousness out of my voice to say, “Hello, babydoll.”

She moaned and I broke out into goose bumps.

“I love finally hearing you say that. It’s just as sexy as I imagined,” she said.

“And you sound absolutely delicious.”

She let out a moaning chuckle and asked, “Did you get a webcam or a camera yet?”

Though I had bought a camera and took some pictures, I hadn’t summoned up the courage to send her any yet. I fibbed, “Got the camera, but the film is still out. Have to find time to pick it up.”

“Oh, poo,” she pouted, “You need to hurry and send me some pics.”

“I’m on it. Soon.”

“It better be. I can’t believe we’re finally talking.”

“Me either.”

“Speaking of pics…” she said.

ICQ announced an incoming file and I clicked the mouse.

“I took this a few minutes ago for you. Get it?” she asked.

“It’s opening now,” I told her as the file finished downloading. Then I opened the picture and said something she’d saw me type in chat many times, “Oh my stars and garters.”

She laughed as I stared at the image in awe. She was topless, on her knees, leaning forward toward the camera with her auburn hair just a little mussed. I’d seen her tits before on the site, but that picture was leaps and bounds above the cam feed. It was higher quality for one thing, and she’d taken it specifically for me. What really got me were her sweet smile and the light in her eyes.

“Here comes another one.”

“God, you are beautiful,” I muttered as I continued to drink in the image of her and absently clicked to accept the next file.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, and then made a kissing sound into the phone.

I could only groan loud and long when the image opened. She was on her knees again, but this time she was fully nude. She was holding the mouse in one hand, and her left breast in the other. Her knees were parted a little, letting me see her smooth-shaven pussy below the landing strip on her mound.

“I take it that means you like it?” she asked.

“Love it. You are so sexy.”

“One more.”

I opened the first bahis firmaları image again and moved the windows so I could see both of them. “I don’t know if my heart can handle another,” I told her.

She laughed again and said, “Silly.”

The third image came through ICQ, and when it opened, I groaned, “Oh my fucking god.”

She was on her back, spreading her pussy lips for the camera in closeup. The tips of her fingers and her pussy were both glistening with wetness. I could see hints of her hood ring for the first time as well. It was far more than I’d ever seen in chat, because she saved that sort of thing for private shows. To top it off, she’d written my screen name in lipstick on her thigh with an arrow pointing to her pussy.

“My mouth is watering,” I said. “I can almost taste you.”

She moaned and said, “I wish you could. I need it so bad. I got so wet thinking about sending you those pics. I’m still soaked. Are you hard?”

“As a fucking rock,” I answered.

“Awww… I wish I was there. I want your cock in my mouth. I want to lick it, and suck it, and feel it explode. I want to swallow all your hot cum.”

My cock was throbbing like mad. “God, babydoll. You’d have to wait until I got done licking that sweet pussy until you couldn’t handle another orgasm.”

She gasped. “I need it so bad. I’m playing with it now.”

That escalated quickly. I was still coming to grips with even talking to her, and she was masturbating on the phone with me. “Really?” I asked.

“Mmm hmm. I’m so hot and wet for you. Stroke your cock for me. Tell me what you want to do to me.”

Thank god my roommates weren’t home at the time, because there was no resisting her sexy voice telling me to do that. I whipped off my shirt, unbuttoned my shorts, and sighed in relief as the pressure of the denim against my cock lessened.

“Are you doing it? Are you stroking your cock for me?” she asked.

I pushed my shorts down, wrapped my hand around it, and grunted as it throbbed hard. “Yes.”

“Oh yes, baby,” she said.

I stroked my cock dry, not willing to take the few seconds necessary to run into the other room for the lotion bottle. “Fuck, I wish I was deep inside you.”

“Oh, I want you there,” she said in a breathless voice. “Listen to how wet I am for you.”

There was a brief pause, and then I heard the heavenly, squishy sound of her fingers plunging into her pussy. I was looking at the picture of it while I listened and jerked my cock, so I could almost see her fingering herself.

“Could you hear it?” she asked, and then moaned.

“Yes, so good,” I answered. “I can feel you. So tight and wet. Squeezing my cock.”

“Yes. Yes. I can feel you too. You’re so hard. So deep. Fuck me.”

I growled and stroked a little faster. “I want to pound that pussy. Make those big tits bounce everywhere.”

“Yes. Like that. Fuck me hard. Take me.”

“You like that? Like me fucking you hard?”

She let out a yelp, and then answered, “Yes. Harder. Faster.”

“I’ll give it to you. I’ll slam that pussy until the headboard is smacking the wall. Push your knees up to your chest and drive you into the mattress.”

“Yeah. Fuck me. Make me come.”

I was amazed by how quickly her voice was rising. “I can see your face getting red. Feel that pussy getting tighter — wetter. There’s nothing I want more than to make you come so hard you can’t see straight.”

She cried, “Don’t stop.”

“I can’t stop. You feel like heaven. I can’t fuck you hard enough or fast enough.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” she yelped — the last louder and sharper than those before.

“Fuck, I love to hear you scream,” I said, feeling the itch building in the head of my cock. I slowed down a little, not wanting to come before she did.

“Going to scream so loud when you make me come.”

I asked her in a low, growling voice, “Are you getting close.”

“Yes, baby!”

I let the grunts of pleasure welling up in my throat free, and heard her whimper in response. I said, “Do it. Come for me.”

“Uh huh! Uh huh! Oh yeah! So close.”

“Make that pussy come all over my cock,” I told her. Despite slowing down, the sounds of her masturbating and the images of her on the computer screen were pushing me inevitably toward the edge.

“Oh, you’re going to make me come,” She cried out. “Give it to me. Make me come. Fuck me.”

“Do it,” I growled, fighting my own orgasm with every ounce of my will. “Fuck. I’m getting close, too.”

A loud squeal blasted through the receiver into my ear. “Yes. You’re gonna make me come. Come with me. Come inside me.”

“You want me to come in that pussy?”

“Yes! Fill me up! Deep inside me!”

Damn, how the thought of that excited me. “Fuck. Almost there,” I grunted to her.

“Yes, baby! Yes! I’m there. I’m there! I’m there! Give it to meee!”

That was it. There was no holding back any longer. I stroked fast, a long, broken growl rumbling in my throat. “Fuck! I’m gonna…” That was as far as I got before kaçak iddaa I let out a roar and shot cum onto my chest.

“I feel it! I’m coming!” she said, the last word turning into an ear-piercing shriek.

I growled and gasped, spurt after spurt of cum spattering over me — all the way up to my neck. I don’t think I’d ever come that hard in my life, and it wasn’t stopping.

Her screams grew strangely distant, but didn’t stop. I finally stopped spurting, but continued to ejaculate and dribble down onto my hand. I held on tight, breathing hard and listening to her come on the other end of the line.

For a minute or so, all that passed between us over the phone were hard breaths and gasps. I let go of my cock and let my head thump into the back of the computer chair. There was an odd, scratching sound, and then her pants grew louder.

“Oh, baby,” she said in a high-pitched moan. She took a few quick breaths, and then added. “You made me come so hard I dropped the phone.”

“Fuck, babydoll,” I said, not coherent enough to think of anything else.

She asked, “Did you come hard?”

“So fucking hard. It’s all over me.”

She moaned, and then whimpered. “I wish I was there to lick it up.”

I jerked as those words set off an uncomfortable throb in my cock. “Ah, fuck!”

“If I was there, it would be all in my pussy, though. So hot,” she said.

“I wish,” I said as I began to catch my breath. I reached down carefully, trying to avoid causing the cum all over me to drip off on the chair or the floor, and picked up my shirt.

“Me too,” she said. “Hang on a second.”

I heard her put the phone down and took advantage of the break to wipe the cum off me. There was so much that the shirt was only a partial solution. I got the worst of it off, but there were still cum smears all over me.

I heard ICQ sound off just before she picked up the phone again. “I wanted you to see what you did to me,” she said, and then giggled.

Using one of the sleeves that wasn’t already saturated in cum, I cleaned off my fingers as best I could, and then clicked to download the file. When it finished, I said, “Got it,” and opened it up.

Her face was red, and the flush spread all the way down to her breasts. Her red hair was disheveled. The sheets of her bed were twisted, and one corner of the fitted sheet had pulled loose. Her fingers were glistening with pussy juice where they lay across her thigh, partially covering the lipstick smears that had once been my name.

A dark spot decorated the sheet below her pussy, caused by the dribble of juices hanging from her labia. Her wetness was spattered everywhere between her legs, showing just how fervently she was masturbating, and how hard she’d come.

“You like?” she asked as I stared at the picture in wonder.

“Oh my fucking god, you are so damn sexy,” I muttered, still staring at the picture.

“You need to get me some pictures so I can use more than my imagination next time.”

That caused a rush of mixed emotions. I was still deathly nervous about showing her what I looked like. On the other hand, she wanted to do this again.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “I’m still tingling. I needed that so bad. Thank you.”

“Thank you, babydoll,” I said.

“Send me some pictures of you, and I’ll go on Netmeeting with you. Then you can watch me make myself come for you.”

People paid more than six bucks a minute to watch her do that on the chat site, and I wanted it desperately. It was the push I knew was going to encourage me to pick some of the images off the CD I’d had them develop from the film.

“I’ll pick them up,” I told her.


“Soon,” I promised.

“I love you,” she cooed.

Hearing those words that she’d typed so many times in chat and on ICQ was indescribable. I responded, “Love you too, babydoll.”

She moaned and said, “That gave me shivers.”

I lifted my shoulder to hold the phone against my ear, reached for my shorts, and pulled them up.

“What are you doing?”

I let out a comically high-pitched grunt as my underwear slid over my still-sensitive cock.

She giggled and said, “Oh.” Then she said in a pouty voice, “No pants.”


“It’s okay,” she said. “I think I’m going to stay naked, though.”

“I can deal with that.”

She laughed and said, “So, how was work last night?”

We sat and talked for almost an hour — her stark naked, and me smeared in cum.


I was nervous — nearly to the point of nausea — a couple of days later. She’d asked me to call again the next day, and that had turned into quickie phone sex as well. Another reminder that she would go on Netmeeting with me if I sent her pictures gave me the drive to actually do it.

I had waited until she went to bed, and while that had made it easier to hit the send button on the email, it left me in the state I was in. I had to sit and wait to see how she was going to react, and there was no taking it back. The volume on the computer was turned kaçak bahis up so I could hear ICQ if she came online, but it wasn’t necessary. I was lying in bed, fretting in the darkness and could have heard it at normal volume.

As it turned out, she called me instead. The phone ringing scared me half to death, because I wasn’t expecting it. As soon as she heard my voice and knew it was me who had answered, she said, “Oh my god, you are gorgeous.”

My face burned, my heart soared, and my brain quit working. I ended up saying, “I don’t know about all that…”

“I do,” she said. “That picture of you with your shirt off? You’ve got a 4-pack going on there.” She let out a purring moan, and then said, “Skinny nerd, my butt.”

That opening was enough to get my brain going again, and I responded as I would have in chat. “Sexy butt.”

“Tease. I’ve got to get ready for work, but I just got done looking at them and I had to talk to you. The chat monkeys are going to get lucky, because now I’m going to be wet and horny all night long.”

I groaned and said, “Now who’s teasing?”

“I am. It’s my job, remember? Gotta go. Kisses. I love you.”

“Love you, babydoll.”

I hung up the phone and collapsed on the bed with a combined sigh of relief and sexual frustration. I had to go to work as well, so I was going to miss her on chat. At least I could relax knowing that she thought I was attractive.

I left for another doldrum night at work not long after, and then headed straight for the computer when I got home. I couldn’t help but notice the beer bottles everywhere and the reek of pot smoke as I walked through the front room. My roommate and his girlfriend were likely to be comatose for a while if the haze still hanging in the air from their joints was any indication.

I’d expected her to be abed, so I was excited to see Lynn’s name in my list on ICQ.

I sent her a message that said, “Hey, sexy.”

I’d barely sent it before her message, which she’d obviously been typing beforehand came though. It said, “About time you got home.” A moment later she replied to my message with “Hey, sexy right back at you.”

“So, good night at work?” I asked.

“Yep! Thank god, because I needed to get myself off bad.”

That sent a shiver up my spine. I was trying to think of an appropriately naughty response when she sent a message that caught me off guard. It was server information for Netmeeting. A moment later the phone rang, and I snatched it up so it wouldn’t wake my roommates on the other end of the house.

When I answered, she asked, “Are you opening Netmeeting?”

“My roommates are home,” I said with apology in my voice.

She let out a moan that was the audio equivalent of puppy-dog eyes and said. “I’m lying here naked, all alone, and horny, waiting for you. I need you. Please?”

It was caution, meet wind at that point. Or rather, whirlwind.

“Give me a second,” I told her in a voice deep with the need she’d instilled in me.

“Hurry,” she whispered into my ear through the phone receiver.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as I locked the door, opened Netmeeting, set it up, and got connected with her. Then, there she was, holding the phone to her ear and smiling. She wasn’t lying about being naked.

“There you are,” she said, and gave her heavy breasts a shake. “You like? I moved the computer to a table at the foot of the bed so the webcam would be closer.”

“How could I not? Provided I don’t drop dead of a heart attack,” I said while staring at her in love struck awe. The feed wasn’t as clear as the video on the chat site, but it was faster due to the direct connection and having shut off the audio channel in favor of the phone.

I got to both see and hear her laugh for the first time. “Silly,” she said after the laugh. “Well, what do you think of this, then?”

She lifted her left breast, snaked out her tongue, and licked her nipple. I groaned, once again seeing something she reserved for private shows. Then she upped the ante and sucked her nipple. She moaned while letting the stiff bud slip from between her lips a few moments later.

“So sexy, babydoll,” I told her.

“So are you. Love hearing you moan in my ear. Let me see how close I can get.”

With that, she leaned over in front of the camera, cradled her breasts with one arm, and pushed them together. She edged forward until the screen was completely full of her incredible tits. The view blurred for a moment when she got too close, but then cleared when she moved back an inch. I could see every bump on her areolas, but she wasn’t done.

“Look how hard they are,” she said, and then used her thumb to demonstrate by flicking her right nipple.

I said, “You’re making my mouth water again.”

“And you’re making me wet. Want to see?”

“Oh god,” I growled. My cock was throbbing urgently within its denim prison.

She let out a moaning chuckle, and then sat back on her bed. She turned around, and I couldn’t let that pass.

“Spank,” I said while taking in the sight of her butt on screen.

“Harder,” she said, and then gave it a wiggle. After that, she grabbed the pillows from the head of the bed, turned, and said, “Just a second.”

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