Making Love


For the incredibly sexy Rae. Thank you for the inspiration and the help.

We’ve been out shopping and have just arrived back at our hotel room. You’re sitting on the bed complaining that your feet are hurting because of the high heels you have been wearing. Kneeling in front of you, I take your left foot in my hand, remove your shoe and massage your foot. You lean back and tell me how nice that feels. I repeat the treatment on your right foot.

Your feet are now resting on my thighs and I use both hands to stroke your nylon covered left leg. My hands move up your leg and creep under your skirt. Again, I repeat the treatment on your right leg, using the opportunity to move forwards so that I am now between your legs. You lean back even further, causing your skirt to be pulled higher up your thighs. I can now just make out skin at the tops of your legs confirming what I thought – that, as instructed, you were wearing stockings while we were out shopping.

I place a hand on the insides of each thigh and reach forwards. I stroke up towards your crotch and feel hair, not material. Have you really been walking around the city without any panties on? I suddenly realize why the salesman in the shoe shop had a smile on his face when he helped you to try on some shoes. I had thought that it was the glimpse of your stocking tops that made him happy. Now I wonder if he could have been taking in a much more interesting view.

I move my thumbs away from your thighs and they brush against your lips. As you sigh with pleasure I can feel slight moisture helping my thumbs slide across you. You spread your legs wider and your hips move towards me, trying to cause my thumbs to slip inside of you. I smile because I know you are aroused from your decadent behaviour and need some direct stimulation. I’ve got my own plans however, and I mean to tease you, to make you beg me for relief. I continue brushing my thumbs across your lips and you start whimpering, your hips moving desperately to feel something inside you.

I am unable to resist the temptation to move my head forwards. I start by kissing your thigh then move towards your centre. My tongue encounters your lips and gradually moves between them. You moan again and after a quick dip with my tongue I withdraw from you. I replace my tongue with my finger but do not penetrate you. My fingertip plays with the entrance to your pussy. I slowly and gently move it around the entrance, your hips following the motion as you try to draw it inside of you.

You whimper again as I remove my hands and your hips continue moving even though I am not touching you. I position my hands at the tops of your legs so that I can use my thumbs to part your lips and expose your slit. When it comes into view the moisture I can see makes your arousal obvious and is so tempting.

I move my head forward again. This time I use my tongue to touch the top of your slit and run it up towards your clit. When I make contact with your aroused button your hips jerk again. I bathe your clit with my tongue bahis firmaları then draw my tongue back down to your slit. As I reach your pussy again your hands grasp my head and pull my face tight up against you. I can barely breathe but I am not complaining because you taste so sweet.

I move my hand so that it rests against your mons, my thumb resting against your clit applying a slight pressure, and another moan comes from your mouth. The pressure on my head eases slightly allowing me to reach down to your slit with my thumb then use the moisture to lubricate your clit.

I slowly insert the index finger of my other hand inside you. It slides in easily due to your arousal and is soon joined by a second finger. I remove my thumb, releasing the pressure and move my mouth over your protruding clit, gently nibbling it. Resting my tongue on it, I gradually start a rotating motion. I remove my fingers from inside you and spread the moisture around your lips. The sensations are too much for you and you cry out in orgasm.

I continue to tease your clit with my tongue and place my fingers just inside your slit so that I can feel the muscle contractions of your continuing orgasm. I feel your hands push against my head so I move away from you and remove my hands. I look towards your face. Your eyes are closed and you are breathing deeply as you come down from your high.

When you open your gorgeous dark brown eyes there is a sparkle in them and you smile at me. I hold my hand out towards you and you use it to help yourself from the bed. You move my hand to your mouth and take it between your lips, tasting yourself, then you place it on the outside of your blouse against your breast. I can feel your distended nipple because it is just above your bra.

As I flick across your nipple with my thumb another moan escapes your lips. I start loosening the buttons on your blouse and as I do so your hands move towards my body. You brush your hand against my crotch just as I finish unbuttoning your blouse. I pull you towards me as I ease your blouse off your shoulders and lean down to kiss the top of your left shoulder.

Lifting your lustrous dark brown hair away from your shoulder to expose your neck, I gradually work my way towards your neck and kiss you just below your ear. I then move my mouth to your right shoulder, again lifting your hair out of the way so that I can kiss my way towards your neck and stopping as I kiss just below your ear. I ease away from you slightly and trail kisses around your neck and down to the middle of your chest between your breasts.

Your arms move to shrug your blouse off and it drops to the floor. I reach behind you and struggle to release the clasps on your bra. You chuckle and reach back to help me release the bra. I step backwards and your strapless bra comes apart and drops to floor, revealing your wonderful breasts to my gaze. Both nipples are distended and I can’t resist them, taking one breast in each hand, feeling the weight and brushing my thumbs across your nipples. kaçak iddaa

Your eyes are closed and you are gently biting your lower lip. I lean down to take the nipple of your left breast in my mouth as you reach back to loosen your skirt, causing it to pool at your feet. With my hand I massage your right breast, taking the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinching it, causing a sharp intake of breath. I continue to pinch your right nipple between my thumb and finger and then gently bite on your left nipple. This time you moan and press my head into you. With your nipple gently trapped between my teeth I run my tongue around it.

When your hand moves from the back of my head I release your breast and then flick the now very moist nipple with my tongue. I repeat the process on your right breast and am rewarded again by the sounds of your gasps and moans, your hands pulling me against you. I take your nipple into my mouth, gently bite on it and use my tongue to stimulate it. Again you press my face into your breast.

After a short while you place your hand under my chin to remove my mouth from your breast then, when I straighten, we kiss. The kiss is gentle, teasing. I feel your tongue run over my lips. You move your lips from mine and I take the opportunity to kiss the tip of your nose and then your eyes. I pull you towards me, crushing your breasts against my chest, and with your head on my shoulder you take the chance to kiss my neck.

Eventually you move your head from my neck and step slightly backwards. You place a hand on my chest and you push me gently backwards towards the bed. I look at you and see your shapely body that is fully exposed to my gaze – gorgeous, especially with your legs still encased in stockings. My mind briefly wanders, looking forward to the pleasures that lie ahead of us for the rest of this night.

I snap back to the room as I feel you start to loosen the belt on my trouser. Once it is loose you turn your attention to my shirt. You loosen the buttons, remove the shirt from my trousers and push it off my shoulders. As I remove my arms from the sleeves you tease my nipples with your hands then lean forward to run your tongue around one. Now it is my turn to moan.

Your hands continue to loosen my trousers. Once they are loose you ease them down my legs. I kick off my shoes and step out of my trousers. You remove my socks, then move your hands up my legs, slowly, teasingly moving towards my groin. You rub my penis through my underwear then gently ease them down and away from my very obvious erection. You take your time to ease my underwear down my legs. I am so hard and aching for your touch.

Your hands move slowly up my legs again. As you reach my groin I am looking forward to your touch but your hands continue upwards. As your head moves past my erection, your tongue emerges and licks from the base of my penis to the tip. I moan out loud. Your hands grab my waist and you use them to help you stand up.

You move your body against mine, trapping my penis kaçak bahis between us. The slight pressure feels delightful. Your hands reach around my body and stroke my back as you tilt your face upwards. I finally move my hands, reaching down so that they rest on your bum. I tilt my head downwards and our lips meet.

I feel you press harder against me, forcing me to move backwards until I am against the bed. You continue to push against me and I fall back and down so that I am sitting on the bed. You move forwards and onto the bed, straddling my thighs. I reach up and take hold of your breasts, rubbing my thumbs across your nipples again.

Your hand moves downwards and you take hold of my penis. You stroke it then edge forward until your sex is hovering above it. You place my penis at your entrance but do not lower yourself any further. I lift my hips in an attempt to enter you but you raise yourself upwards, enjoying the tease of keeping me against your lips. I move my hands down to your hips then around onto your bum and slowly to the back of your thighs. I sit forwards so that my face is against your stomach and lightly kiss your body.

I edge one of my hands between your thighs and move upwards. It comes into contact with your lips and then I find my penis, which you have released. I move my penis along your lips spreading our combined juices. I place it at your entrance and edge my hips upwards. This time I manage to insert my penis just inside your slit. We both moan at the sensations.

I move my penis in a slight circular motion to increase the stimulation but it eventually becomes too much for you and you ease yourself downwards, taking me inside. As I slide into you I can feel your warm, wet, walls stretching around my cock.

Once I am inside you I pull you towards me then manoeuvre us so that you are lying on your back. You spread your legs wide and I get on my knees between your legs. I lift your hips to improve my position and move forwards so that I am fully inside of you. You move your hands to your breasts and start massaging them, pinching your nipples. I lower my body over yours and using my hands to support myself, I look into your gorgeous brown eyes as I start moving in and out of you.

You tell me how good it feels to have me inside of you then you urge me on, telling me to come for you. I am so worked up from the initial foreplay that I know I won’t last long. Your urgings cause me to increase my pace and that takes me to my limit and then sends me over the edge. All I can do is moan as I come. As my semen pulses into you, you tell me how good it feels.

You grab my bum in your hands, pull me right up against you and grind your clit against my groin, searching for another orgasm. I continue to stare into your eyes, seeing the lust in them that I know you can see in mine. Your muscles continue to work my cock, keeping it hard inside you, and the stimulation of your clit finally brings you to orgasm.

You lie back with a smile on your face that matches mine. I gently ease from you then lie down beside you. You move against me and rest your head on my chest and your legs intertwine with mine. I put my arm around you and pull you tightly against me as our breathing returns to normal.

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