Making Milk Chocolate


Making Milk ChocolateIt happened again. My penis got the best of me. During the critical time between pulling out and living to fuck another day or those ten seconds of pure, raw positive energy release from the penis to my brain I choose the latter and laid out the foundation for the next c***d I have created.I met Alexi through one of the major adult dating sites on the net. She was into bareback sex and so was I. She’s african american and loves white guys. I was white and loved bare pussy. We hit it off well. After a half dozen webinars where we exchanged live videos of cumming for each other we decided enough was enough – time to fuck.Being the gentleman I am and the hornydawg I will always be, I hosted a hotel room two hours from me and about fifteen minutes from her in order to feel my bare cock inside that tight looking sweet brown slit. I got to the room and heard a knock on the door. She was stunning. One of the most beautiful women I was ever going to fuck. I invited her in. Immediately we embraced and kissed. My hands worked fast as my dick was nearly busting out of my jeans trying to tear into her.We got onto the bed. Once she laid back naked I took a good look. Here I was canlı bahis this naive, Wisconsin whiteboy with this gorgeous bronze hottie ready to take me bare and whatever I leave inside her. I asked her again about barebacking it. I had brought a condom in case she backed out at the last second. She just smiled and pulled me in.At this point there was little I could have done to prevent giving my k**s another half-sibling to someday discover. My cock had zero trouble finding her gusher of a hole. Alexi’s ovulation was going full steam ahead as I easily slid into her baby cavern. Her juices were so thick and sticky to my touch that my mind was already racing with thoughts of making her a mommy.I couldn’t keep my mind on the pleasure we were making together. All I could think about was putting a handsome mixed baby boy or sexy little mullato daughter inside this beautiful woman I had underneath me. Her baby-hungry vagina must have been thinking the same thing as well.I could feel the suction coming from her uterus through the neck of her cervix pulling my penis deep into her baby canal as I picked up speed. I hadn’t had sex or jerked off for almost a week before seeing her. We were bahis siteleri approaching five minutes to continuous fucking when I felt both nuts get sucked up into the shaft of my cock. The moment of truth had arrived.Alexi instinctively placed her hands on my ass cheeks. My grinding was getting deeper and harder as I felt the bulbulous purple head of mine bang into her slightly dialated cervix. I reached under looking to give my balls a nice hard tug before shooting off but they had already retreated into the depths of my crotch.Whatever sperm was in them was now traveling into the center of my shaft. My mind was gone at this point. I knew destiny had brought Alexi and I together to create this new life out of pure carnal lust for one another. My need to make babies and her needs to fill her womb with a c***d and her tits with milk were nearly satisfied.I shifting my humping into a lower gear as I felt the RPM’s of my hips triple instantly. My version of pretending to be a jackrabbit in heat as I pushed her legs aside and upward – thrusting violently into this hottie who was about to make me a daddy. She moaned and gave my ass a final squeeze as she let go and held on for dear güvenilir bahis life. Her eyes widened as my lips lowered onto hers.My cock felt around one last time as it docked with her cervix. As the tip kissed the opening to her egg-filled womb I pumped one last time, grabbing Alexi’s shoulders pulling myself into her. My grunting could have been heard across the entire hotel floor as my cock tore open both nuts and sent their contents raging into Alexi’s fertile cunt. My legs trembled as I did everything I could to impregnate this hot little bundle of fuck with my babyjuice.As the conception took place Alexi simply stared into space. Her mouth wide open – gaping like she was choking on something but yet to make a sound. She felt the spurting – the heat from my testicles entering her. Knowing I was impregnating her – in the middle of her ovulation cycle drove her into a state of animated suspension.The last involuntary spasms of my orgasm felt like dry heaves as I looked down upon the woman who in nine short months would be returning the favor and “shoot out” the milk chocolate baby we made together that night.We didn’t talk afterwards. She laid back – letting my liquid baby batter soak in and do its job. After an hour she got up, put on her clothes and turned to me one last time. Bending over she gave my flaccid penis one long good bye suck, stroking what was left of my testicles and walked out the door…

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