Making Movie for Money


Making Movie for MoneyFamily makes a National Nude Day porn movie to save their house.Rather than having the bank foreclose on their house, a family makes a National Nude Day porn movie to save their home.”Honey, what’s wrong,” said Julie to her husband Jim.”Well, this is it. It’s over,” he said shaking his fist at an imagined enemy. “Our worst fears have materialized,” he said holding up a letter he had just received in the mail. His face reddened with rage. “If we don’t come up with the money we owe the bank, they are foreclosing on our house.””How much more time do we have?””Sixty days,” he said tossing the letter on the table.”We can’t lose our home, Jim,” said Julie picking up the letter to read. “Where will we go?””Maybe your sister—””My sister doesn’t have the room, Jimmy. You know that. Besides, they are barely getting by themselves. Bob just lost his job, too.””Maybe your Mom could put us up for a bit, she has that big house and—””She had to sign her property over to the nursing home for them to take her. Remember?””Well, then, we’re fucked,” said Jim in submission of his destiny to the bank’s power and collapsing on the couch next to his wife.”Then, I don’t know what we are going to—” cried Julie breaking down with tears streaming down her cheeks from her sad, blue eyes.”There, there, now, it’s okay, Honey,” he said throwing an arm around his wife to comfort her. “Don’t worry. I’ll get a job. I’ll try the next town over again. There must be someone who needs an experienced machinist. If not, then surely, I can work at something somewhere to make us get by until—””Until what Jim? There are no jobs and the jobs that there are don’t pay enough for us to keep this house.” She looked up at her husband of 25 years. “Even if we both worked at McDonalds or Burger King, we couldn’t make enough to pay the mortgage, catch up with the bills, and still keep Susan and Mike in college.””Well, they’ll just have to withdraw from school until we figure out something to keep us afloat. We can no longer afford to pay their tuitions,” he said patting his wife on the back. “Maybe by withdrawing them now, we can get enough of a refund from the school to apply to the mortgage to buy us more time.””We can’t do that to her. Susan is in her senior year. She graduates in June. They won’t allow her to graduate unless her tuition is paid in full. And this is Mike’s first year. He’s finally excited about college after being rejected by so many. After finally convincing him to go to college, we never thought he’d get in anywhere.””Mom,” said Susan walking in on her parents. “What’s wrong?”Jim and Julie looked at one another before breaking the bad news to their daughter. Julie wiped her eyes with a tissue before blowing her nose.”The bank is taking the house,” said Julie handing the letter to Susan.”They can’t do that, can they? That’s not fair,” she said stomping her foot in the same way she did when she was a toddler taking a tantrum. “It’s not right. There must be something that we can do to—””They can take the house, Sweetie.” He looked at his beloved daughter, Daddy’s little girl. “Yeah, there is something we can do; we can pay the damn mortgage. Only, I have a better chance of winning the lottery or being struck by lightning than getting a job with wages high enough to afford this house.””But Daddy, surely there is something we can do to keep our home.””I’ve tried everything, Sweetheart,” said her father defensively. “I’ve called everyone I know, I’ve answered every ad, and I’ve tried every employment agency. There just aren’t enough jobs to go around for all those who are out of work. If there is something more I can do, Susan, I don’t know what it is.”Susan grabbed her purse and walked towards the front door.”Leave it to me, then.””Susan, where are you going?””Don’t worry Mom, Dad; I’ll take care of everything, you’ll see.”Several hours later, Susan arrived home.”Where’ve you been? We’ve been worried.””Where’s Daddy?””He’s out looking for work.”Susan reached in her purse and pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills and handed them to her mother.”Where’d you get this money?” Julie quickly counted the cash. “There’s five thousand dollars here.””Don’t worry. I earned it legally.””How? Doing what?””I made a movie.””You made a movie? What kind of a movie?””It’s an adult film.””What? You made a porn movie? Why?””I don’t want to lose the house, Mother and I don’t want to drop out of college,” she said giving her mother a hug. “My college degree is my only chance to not end up like Daddy, out of work, out of luck, and out of hope.””That’s not fair, Susan. You’re father has worked all his life until the economy soured.””I’m sorry, Mother, but I’m frustrated the way how circumstances have evolved.” She looked at her mother with sad eyes. “I never thought I’d be making a porn movie to help my family.””How could you make a movie in a day?””I didn’t want to tell you and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to tell you, but I made it last month,” said Susan pulling away from her mother. “They paid me for my work today. I asked them. It wasn’t scheduled to be paid until next week. I wanted to surprise you and Daddy to help pay my tuition, but now we need it more to keep our home.””Susan, how could you? I brought you up better than this.””Mother, I had to do something to help out after you and Daddy put me through college.””You can never tell you father you made a porn movie, Susan. He’ll flip.””Mom, it’s just sex. It doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had more sex at a dorm party than I did in the movie.””What? A dorm party? I sent you away to school and you’re partying and having sex while we’re here struggling.””Mom, sex is part of going to college and part of maturing. It’s the same rite of passage that everyone my age must take. Just because you didn’t have sex at my age doesn’t mean that I must be a virgin, too.””That’s quite enough, Susan. I don’t want to hear about what you did at dorm parties.””Besides, I only had sex with one guy in the movie. We made love and then I went down on him.””You blew him?””Yes.””You gave a total stranger a blowjob?””Yes.”Julie fingered the money before looking up at her daughter with dread.”Did he,” she said pausing and looking away from her daughter before continuing. “Did he cum in your mouth?””Of course, Mom, it’s a porn movie. They pay more for the cum shot and I agreed to do that. Yes, before you ask me, he came off in my mouth and yes, I swallowed.””I thought I brought you up differently, young lady,” said her mother waving a stiff index finger at her daughter. She gave Susan a scolding look of scorn. “You mustn’t say anything to your father about making a porn movie. Don’t mention dorm parties to your father, either.” Julie looked at her daughter. “And never mention to him that you sucked a stranger’s cock and had him cum in your mouth. He’d be devastated that his little girl has turned into a tramp.”Tall, blonde, beautiful, and busty, Susan was a spitting image of her mother when she was her age, only her daughter had a better body. Toned and physically fit, she worked out more than her mother ever did. Back then, they didn’t exercise the way they do today.Julie remembered how her parents acted over the sexual revolution of the sixties with her older brother and with her in the seventies and here she was acting the same way with her daughter. Times have changed, but then again some things stay the same, especially when it comes to sex. She felt herself relenting and tried to be more patient in understanding her daughter’s new found sexuality.”Don’t worry, I won’t tell Daddy. I’ll pretend to be Daddy’s little girl, the innocent virgin. And I’m not a tramp, Mother. It’s only sex. It’s no big deal.”Julie took a deep breath and tried to relax before trying to talk some sense into her fallen daughter.”Susan,” she said taking her hands in her hands, “sex is something special that is shared with a special someone when—””Oh, cut the crap, Mom,” said Susan pulling away and taking a step back. “I’m much too old for a birds and bees lecture, don’t you think? I’m not a virgin like you were when you married Daddy.””Well, just because I didn’t have premarital sex with your father before we were married, doesn’t mean that I was a prude. We did everything else, if you know what I mean.””Yeah, I know what you mean, Mother. Today with birth control, free sex, and sex being out in the open the way that it is today, even in commercials with all of those Viagra and Cialis ads, it isn’t like when you were young. Besides, look where your puritanical morals got you and Daddy. The bank is about to make you homeless. It’s time we all took control of our lives and did whatever we must do to fight back and if sex is all that I have to give to get what I need, then I’ll do it.””Well, I can see that my little girl has already become a jaded woman,” she said sizing up her daughter with a look. “Here, take your money. I can’t accept this. It’s wrong of me to take it. I’d be endorsing your lifestyle by taking your money. I wouldn’t be giving you the right example by accepting money you earned while making a movie that exploited sex and degraded women for the sake of men.””Mother, you must. We need it to keep our home. The rainy cold weather will be here in a few short months and we’d be out on the street without shelter.””Thank you, Susan,” said Julie fingering the cash, as if it was a worry stone. “We’ll pay you back, as soon as we can, as soon as your father finds work.””Don’t worry about paying me back, Mother. You and Daddy put me through college. If anything, I owe you both a debt of gratitude.””Unfortunately, $5,000 doesn’t cover all that we owe,” said Julie mindlessly looking at the money before stuffing it in her bra. “After catching up on some bills, paying the minimums on credit cards, and paying enough on the mortgage to fend off the bank, in a couple of short months we’d be back in the same position receiving another foreclosure notice from the bank.””Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.””What is it?””I talked with the executive producer of the movie company and—””You talked with the executive producer or did you have to blow him, too.””Mother! Really. How dare you? What do you think I’ve become?”Julie couldn’t believe she said that and was sorry she had said that as soon as she said it. She wished she could take it back, until Susan surprised her by confirming her wildest suspicion.”I’m sorry, Julie, I don’t know why I said that. Please forgive—””Okay, I blew him, too, but I did it for you and Daddy. I knew that he could—””Don’t you put that guilt on me, Susan,” said Julie giving her daughter a sharp look. “How could you? Once you have started down this dark, wicked path, where will it end? Tell me, how many other men have you had sex with and have you blown for money?””Just the two, besides, it was just a blowjob. Really, Mom, a blowjob isn’t like it used to be. It’s no big deal today. Even President Clinton said that giving and receiving a blowjob wasn’t really sex and it’s right. It’s not as intimate as making love or even French kissing.””Yeah, any man will make any excuse when his cock is caught in a woman’s mouth that’s not his wife’s mouth.””Mother listen,” said Susan putting her hand on her hip and rolling her eyes. “They want to make another movie to release next month and they want to start shooting soon, as soon as possible.””That’s out of the question. You could get AIDS. Absolutely not, I forbid you to make another—””Mother, everything today is safe sex. They use condoms. Besides, it’s not just me that they want to make a movie with, it’s…all of us. They want a family theme type of movie. In celebration of National Nude Day, they want to make an adult movie of our family?””What? Our family in a porn movie? Are you insane? Are you crazy? Are you on d**gs? Have you lost your mind? There’s no way that your father would ever agree to that. Your father would never stoop to that level, even if it meant saving this house. He has more morals than that, morals that I thought we had given you.””Mother, hear me out before you say no. This could be the one thing that can save our family from financial ruin.””Okay, I’m listening,” said Julie giving her daughter a troubled look.”It’s just nudity. It’s no big deal. They will pay us, the four of us, me, you, Daddy, and Mike $25,000 just to act as if we are a family, which we are, celebrating National Nude Day on a closed set in a studio.””Mike? I’ll not have you bring your innocent little brother into this.””Mom, Mike is not so innocent. He’s 18-years-old, nearly a grown man and I caught him spying on me changing my clothes. I found his video cam hidden in the bathroom. He’s probably seen you naked, too. He’s a little pervert.””I’ll have your father talk to him about that behavior,” she said hoping to convince her daughter otherwise by moving her back to the straight and narrow. “Don’t you see that making a porn movie with your family is perversely perverted? What kind of family gets naked together to celebrate National Nude Day?””Actually, a lot of families do, Mom. It’s just nudity, Mother. We all have the same parts. Nude Day is a holiday derived by nudists in New Zealand and when—””Well, we’re not nudists. Nobody but your father has seen me in my bra and panty never mind naked. I’d be so embarrassed. Besides, I don’t think I could strip off my clothes and parade around naked in front of a cameraman, sound man, producers, directors, director’s assistants, editors, writers, and stage hands.””Actually, you halkalı escort left out a couple dozen other people but to save the house, Mother, I think we can be nudists, just for a little while, just long enough to make a movie. Besides, after a while, you don’t even realize that you’re naked. After a while you are so comfortable being naked that the thought that you are naked is no longer an issue. Being naked is freeing. Besides, it’s just acting. None of it is real. Actually, after being naked a while, walking around the set, it’s all so surreal. You don’t even realize you are without clothes.””I don’t know, Susan. I mean, I think that I could get naked in front of total strangers, people that I know that I’d never see again, but I don’t think I could get naked in front of my son,” she said giving her daughter a look of anxious desperation while wringing her hands. “And how would you feel about being naked in front of your brother and your father and your brother and father being naked in front of you?””As far as I’m concerned, Mother, I’ve lost all my modesty at the last keg party we had when I was so drunk and the football team, after winning the big game, stripped me naked and made me have sex with—””Susan! Please! Say no more.””Sorry, mother. I thought I was talking to one of my girlfriends.” Susan looked at her mother watching her wring her hands again, only this time faster.”You had group sex with the football team?””It’s called a gang bang, a train, and when the quarterback huddled up, as if to make a play, well, all the other guys, his teammates—””I don’t want to hear anymore. I don’t want to know, Susan, please. I’m sick to my stomach with the thoughts of you having sex with so many men.””Sorry, Mother. As far as being naked in front of Daddy and Mike, all cocks look the same, feel the same in my hand, and taste the same when in my mouth.””Susan! That’s quite enough! What is wrong with you? That’s too much more information than I needed to know.” Julie gave an inquisitive look to her daughter. “Only, I didn’t know that about cocks. Do they really feel the same in your hand and taste the same in your mouth? I’ve only experienced your father’s cock.””A cock is a cock, Mom, that is, except for black cocks. Now, that’s—””Susan! Stop! Please!” Julie looked away from her daughter and spoke without looking at her. “You’ve had sex with a black man?””Yes, I’ve had sex with a few black men and everything they say is true. They’re huge. I had sex with this one dude; he was a basketball player at our school and when he—””Susan! Enough! I don’t want to know any more about it.””Mom, think about it making the movie. It’s twenty-five thousand dollars, twenty-five thousand dollars. Where and how can Daddy make that kind of money in such a short time? He’d have to work months, more than half the year to make that amount of money after taxes.””I don’t know, Susan. Give me a minute to think. I’m sick to my stomach with everything you’ve told me already between you making a porn movie, blowing a stranger, blowing the producer, having group sex at a dorm party, having a gang bang, a train, with the football team, and having sex with black basketball players, it’s all a bit overwhelming.””I’m sorry, Mother, but if we say no, they’ll give it to another family. They have other actors who would jump at this. Out of courtesy, the producer asked me first.””You mean, because you blew him, is why he asked you?””Okay, maybe, but everyone is hurting for money in this economy and every industry is depressed except for the porn industry. When the economy is bad the porn industry booms,” said Susan taking her mother’s hand to stop her from wringing them. “I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to do anything to save our house and to help our family.””When do you have to give them an answer?””Tomorrow morning, the earlier the better, they want to begin shooting this week.””Let me talk to your father. You mustn’t say anything about the $5,000 and about the movie you made. Let me talk to him first. Okay?””Okay, Mom.”After removing the money from her bra and stuffing it in an envelope, that night, Julie broached the subject with her husband while they sat in bed reading. She handed Jim the envelope with 50 one hundred dollar bills.”What’s this?” He looked inside and then looked over at her. “Where’d you get all this?””Susan got it?””Susan? Where the Hell did Susan get this kind of money? There must be—””It’s five thousand dollars, Jim.””Five thousand dollars? How did she get that kind of money?””She made a movie.””A movie?” He looked at her with eyes that already knew her answer. “What kind of movie?””A porn movie.””A porn movie?””Stop answering everything I say with a question. It’s annoying,” she said after remembering she did the same thing with her daughter.He stared at the money and then glared at his wife without saying anything for a few minutes.”And this is okay with you that our baby girl has turned into a slut, selling herself with sex for money to save our house?””In desperate times you do what you must do. Besides, that’s the way it is today. Even your beloved Katie Couric slept with everyone who could help her in her career and that Asian slut, the woman you love watching on Big Brother so much, what’s her name?””Julie Chen? God, I could just snatch her up and eat her slanted pussy, sorry, I mean, I really enjoy watching her work on television.””She’s married to the head of CBS who is more than twenty years her senior. They’re all sluts,” she said giving her husband a foreboding look.”What else? Tell me. You have that look on your face like Lucy used to get before she springs the real issue on Ricky.””Well… You promise you won’t be mad?””I promise.””You promise you’ll listen with an open mind?””I promise. C’mon, tell me. I can’t imagine anything being any worse than what you’ve told me so far.””They offered her another movie deal to make another movie.””Absolutely not. No way! One porn movie is enough. It’s out of the question. I’ll get a job soon. I’m sure I can get something to—””They not only want Julie to make another movie but also they want to do a movie with the whole family.””What? The whole family? What do you mean? Our family? Our whole family in a porn movie? Why? You’re nuts for even telling me this and your daughter is crazy for making this porn movie in the first place,” he said staring at his wife again.”Jimmy, if it wasn’t for Susan, we’d lose the house.””Is it d**gs? Is Susan hooked on d**gs? Is she a d**ggie? Is my baby girl addicted to cocaine? Are they forcing her to do dirty and nasty things? Now, that I think of it, she went to Mexico on spring break. Is she involved in the Mexican d**g cartel? I’ll kill the sons of bitches, dirty bastards. Where’s my gun?””Stop Jimmy, no, don’t be ridiculous. It’s just sex,” said Julie with a sigh. “There are no d**gs and no d**g cartels. If our daughter is addicted to anything she’s addicted to sex. I’m afraid that our little Susan has become a cum slut. She loves sucking cock. She’s even pulled a train and has had sex with black men.””Well, I guess it’s better that she’s addicted to sex than to d**gs. It’s better she sucks cocks rather than snort cocaine. Sex is a temporary thing. d**gs are a lifelong addiction. She’ll get over it, as soon as she gets married. Headaches will take the place of sex for her,” he said giving his wife a dirty look.”Don’t be an ass, Jimmy. Just because I sometimes get a headache, a migraine, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have sex with you.” Julie looked down between her husband’s legs at the obvious bulge that was developing beneath the sheet. “Are you getting aroused with the thought of making a porn movie with your naked daughter?””Certainly not. Do you think that I’m that much of a degenerate that I’d be aroused by the thoughts of my daughter naked? How could you say such a thing?””Because your cock is betraying you,” she said reaching down and giving him a playful squeeze. “You have an erection.””We can make our own porn movie, you know,” said Jim changing the subject and feeling the fullness of Julie’s breasts. “You can make believe you’re Jennifer Aniston again and I could make believe that I’m Brad Pitt thinking about Angelina Jolie while fucking Jennifer Aniston in a hotel room.””No, Jimmy. I don’t like that game. I hate you calling me by other names, Angelina and Jennifer instead of by my name. It’s degrading. I’d rather you be thinking of me when your cock is in my pussy or in my mouth.””C’mon, it will be fun, Jennifer, I mean, Angelina, sorry, I mean, Julie.”That’s not funny, Jimmy.””It isn’t like I’m asking you to pretend you’re Katie Couric or Julie Chen, again. You can imagine that I’m Brad Pitt. Go ahead; get in the swing of it. Call me Brad.””Not now. I have a headache, suddenly, Brad,” she said removing her hand from his swelling and throbbing penis.”Why? I don’t understand. “”I don’t know I get these migraines sometimes that—””No, I mean why do they want to make a porn movie of our family? That’s crazy. Who the Hell wants to see us in a porn movie?”I don’t know, but Susan said that if we don’t take the movie deal someone else will. She said that she was the first woman the producer asked and that there are other actors who are desperate and who would jump at the chance of making that kind of money.””I mean, now that I think about it, it would be a bit exciting watching you parade around naked around all those men they employ to make the movie,” said Jim looking at his wife. “Imagine the pillow talk we could have later about it.””Jim, you’re making me very uncomfortable. You’re making me blush and you’re making me not want to do this.””Am I making you wet with the thoughts of you stripping in front of all those men and showing them your MILF of a body,” he asked while putting a practiced hand between his wives legs and feeling and fingering her moist pussy? “You are wet, you sexy MILF.””Stop Jimmy,” she said pushing his hand away. “And why do you call me that MILF thing. What does that mean?””It means you are a mother that I’d like to fuck.””That’s foully insensitive and degrading to women who are mothers.””C’mon, be honest. Tell me. Would you feel embarrassed or would it excite you having all those men see you naked while making a porn movie? How would you feel showing your tits, your ass, and your pussy to all those men,” he asked making a slow circle around her areola on the thin material of her nightgown and coaxing out her nipple?”Jimmy stop,” she said with a sexy smile. “I don’t know how I’d feel. I don’t know how I’d react. No one has ever seen me naked but you. Well,” she said after a thoughtful pause. “Now that I think of it, there was that time when our next door neighbor—””What? Our next door neighbor saw you naked? When?””…and the mailman.””Are you k**ding me? The mailman saw you naked, too?””…and the UPS man.””The UPS man saw you naked? No way. Are you serious? They all saw you naked?””It was such a long time ago that I forgot about it, until now that you mentioned me being naked in front of other men. It was when we lived in that apartment complex, when we were first married and before we bought the house.””Tell me.””Would it excite you if I told you?” She said giving him a sexy look while pulling down the sheet and sticking her hand in his underwear. She pulled out his cock and fondled it before slowly stroking him. “Would you like me to tell you about our neighbor, the mailman, and the UPS man seeing my tits, my ass, and my pussy? Would that turn you on to hear that other men saw me naked, Jimmy?””Yes, it would be so very exciting to hear you tell me the details of those three men seeing you naked.””Well, our perverted neighbor had been spying on me for some time. I never knew until, one day, when I caught a glimpse of him peeking through his blinds through my mirror in the bedroom. Obviously in my late evening and early morning routine, apparently, I’ve been giving him quite the show every night getting undressed and every morning getting dressed with the blinds open and the light on.””Oh, my God, that’s so hot.””Hot? He was a disgusting peeper, Jimmy. At first I was mortified, humiliated, and embarrassed. I was going to call you at work to come home and pound on the man. Then, after thinking about him watching me and imagining him jerking off over seeing me naked, the thoughts of that made me horny, so…””So, what? Don’t stop now. What happened? Tell me.””I’m embarrassed to tell you.””C’mon, how could you still be embarrassed? You said it happened more than twenty years ago.””You might be mad.””No, don’t be ridiculous. I promise that I won’t be mad.””I don’t want you to think less of me.””Less of you? I’ll think more of you if you share all this hot sexual stuff with me about you flashing your hot body to our neighbor, the mailman, and the UPS man.””I masturbated by the window so that he could watch,” she said stroking him a little faster.”You did? No way! Are you serious? You’re not lying, are you?””I’m serious. No, I’m not lying. I was so horny, drenched that he had been watching me and hot and horny that he had seen me naked, that I did, I masturbated in front of the window making sure that he saw me doing it.””I can’t believe you did that. Oh, my God, that’s so hot. Are you sure he watching? Did he see you playing with your pussy?””Oh, yeah, I gave what he wanted. I gave him a real show before closing the blinds for good. Only, it was then that I realized taksim escort that I had started something.””Started something? What do you mean started something? Did you two have an affair? Did you cheat on me? Did you fuck him? Did you blow him?””Calm down, Jimmy. No, I didn’t fuck him or blow him. I’ve always been faithful to you,” she said stopping her stroking to look him in the eye. “So don’t even go there.””I’m sorry. So, tell me, what happened? You said you started something by allowing him to watch you masturbate.””It was then that he started masturbating by his window with the blinds up and the light on giving me a show, too,” she said stroking him again.”So, you saw his cock?””Oh, yeah, lots of times and it was big.””He was big?””Yeah.””Was he bigger than me?””No one is bigger than you, Jimmy.””Good answer,” said Jimmy giving his wife a proud smile. “Wow that’s so hot. Where the Hell was I while all this was happening?””You were working. Back then, you were always working to make enough money to save for a down payment on this house.””So while the cat was away the mouse was at play.””Yeah, it was something like that, I guess,” she said looking at her husband.”You’re such a little slut, a vixen, a minx, but I love you more that you are all those things and that you are telling me about all of this now.””Jimmy we didn’t do anything. We only teased one another. It was just exhibitionism and voyeurism. It was when we were first married. I was so horny back then and you were never around.””I wondered why those blinds were always closed,” said Jim while watching his wife stroking him. “So, tell me, did it turn you on watching him jerk off?””Yeah, it was hot watching him stroke his cock and when he shot his load of cum, he made me hot enough to return the favor and to allow him to see me masturbate, too. With the blinds open and the light on, I sat naked facing him by the window with my legs spread while playing with my pussy with one hand and my nipples with the other.””Julie, you pig. I love it. That’s my sexy girl.””Over a few months, I gave him a show several times making sure he saw my tits, ass, and pussy. Even though it was on purpose, I made it look accidental never looking in his direction and acting as if I didn’t know he was there watching me. If they had given an Oscar for my performance, I would have won it.””I wish someone would accidentally on purpose flash me like that. Well, since we’re telling the truth and baring all, I’ve jerked off over Julie Chen, Lucy Liu, and Connie Chung more than once while imagining having sex with them.””Eww! Jimmy, I really don’t need to know that, but thank you for that image now that I’ll always have, especially whenever I see any of them on television. Now, you ruined Big Brother for me.””Sorry. So, tell me about the mailman and the UPS man.””Well, that was a long time, ago, too. You remember when we were first married, before we had k**s, and how I used to enjoy cleaning the house naked.””Yeah, that was hot. I always wanted to surprise you by coming home from work early with a friend to catch you cleaning the house naked.””Jimmy! I’m glad you didn’t do that. That would have been so embarrassing. God, I would have been mortified.””Mortified, my ass. Now that you told me all of this, had I brought home a co-worker and caught you cleaning the house naked, you probably would have masturbated over him seeing you naked later,” he said searching his wife’s eyes for the truth.”If you’re going to get crazy, Jimmy, then I won’t tell you anymore about what happened.””Okay, okay, so, tell me what happened with the mailman.””Well, one day, on a hot summer day, I was vacuuming with the front door open, but with the screen door locked for a breeze. I mean we had the end unit in the back and no one walked over there. Well, when I looked up, the mailman was standing there grinning ear to ear while holding a certified letter, something from the insurance company for me to sign. I never heard him over the vacuum cleaner. Jimmy, I was so embarrassed. I had no idea how long he was there watching me. I froze. He saw everything, my tits, my pussy, and I’m sure my ass when I was bending over to vacuum under furniture,” she said speeding up her stroking of his cock.”So, what happened?””I ran to the bathroom, grabbed my bathrobe and signed for the letter.””What did he say?””He said don’t worry about it. It happens to him all the time.””I kept apologizing to him when I felt so violated. He was the one who should have apologized to me for being such a letch. I was glad when they put him on a different route so I didn’t have to see him anymore. Yet, even though I was so very embarrassed, I was so very excited by the thoughts of him seeing me naked. I masturbated that evening while taking a bath with the thoughts of him jerking off after seeing me naked,” she said stroking his cock while imagining jerking off her old neighbor and the mailman.”That’s a hot story, Julie. So, what happened with the UPS guy?””Well, after that experience with the mailman, I was more careful. I never cleaned the house naked again,” she said with a laugh. “The UPS man was months later, just before we bought this house, at that same apartment complex. Matter of fact, now that I think of it, we moved out the following month.””I can’t believe you never told me any of this stuff. This is so exciting,” he said watching his wife stroke him faster and faster.”I was embarrassed. Besides, I was afraid you’d be mad.””Mad? This is so hot. Why the Hell would I get mad? I wish you’d do more of this, now that you told me. Maybe, then next time we order pizza, you can—””Eww! Jimmy, no way.””I can’t believe you thought I’d be mad.””Well, you were really jealous back then. You never liked it when I wore my tube tops and/or mini-skirts. Back then, you wanted me to dress like an old lady, now you want me to dress like a slut.””Yeah, well, times have changed for the better,” he said with a laugh. “So finish telling me about the UPS man before making me cum.””Well, do you remember we had that neat backyard that overlooked the conservation land? And we had that big wall that gave us privacy from the other units. Well, I thought I had all the privacy in the world back there and I used to sunbathe naked for a perfect tan. I mean, no one could see me and no one ever did, except for the UPS man that day.””I always wondered why you didn’t have bikini marks.””Well, one day, the UPS guy walked around the unlocked gate that I forgot to lock. I always kept that gate locked. To this day, I don’t understand how that gate could have—””Julie, I’m losing my erection. Forget about the gate and tell me what happened with the UPS guy.””Sorry,” she said stroking him faster. “I was sunning with my eyes closed and my Sony walkman plugged in my ears. I have no idea how long he was there watching me, but it must have been quite a while because he was standing there with his cock in his hand and masturbating.””No way, Julie, I can’t believe the freakin’ UPS guy jerked off over your naked body right there in front of you. That’s unbelievable.””Yeah, well, you know me, miss oblivious. He must have figured he had a live one with me lying on my back naked with my eyes closed. I never opened my eyes until he shot his load all over my face and tits.””Oh, my God! The UPS guy shot is warm gooey load all over your naked body?””He sure did. When I opened my eyes and looked down, at first, I thought a bird shit on me because there was so much warm, white stuff all over me. Some of it even dribbled in my mouth. He must have been saving up his cum, because he shot a big load all over my face and tits. It was a good thing I didn’t have my mouth open; otherwise, I would have swallowed most of his gooey load.””What did you do then?””Well, when I opened my eyes after he cam off all over me and saw him just standing there smiling with his cock in his hand, I was so frightened and embarrassed that I ran in the house screaming. I thought he was going to **** me. He just left the package without my signature and I never saw him again after that.””Oh, my God, Julie, I’m going to cum,” said Jim eying his wife. “So, let me ask you this. If that happened now, a UPS guy seeing you naked and you opened your eyes to see him jerking off, what would you do? Would you suck him off?””Eww, Jimmy, how can you ask me that? I’m not a slut,” she said giving her husband a sexy look. “It would depend what he looked like,” she said with a sexy laugh. She looked at her husband who was at the brink of shooting his load. “Even though I’ve only been with you, you’d want me to say that I’d blow him, huh?””Yeah, I would. So, tell me.””Yeah, I’d suck him off, Jimmy. I’d take his big, hard cock in my hand and stroke him before taking his stiff prick in my mouth. Then, while caressing his balls, I’d lick them before taking his big cock deep in my mouth. I’d suck him while feeling his big hairy balls in my hand while he played with my tits and fingered my nipples, until he shot his hot gooey load in my mouth and I swallowed all that he had.”Julie stroked her husband’s cock faster and faster before leaning down and taking him in her mouth just as he shot a load of cum.”I needed some protein. Do you have any more for my complexion,” she said still stroking him even faster, as her husband shot a second load across her face.”Mom! Dad! Eww!””Susan! You could have knocked,” said her mother pulling the sheet over her husband’s exposed cock while wiping away the cum that dripped from her lips and hung from her chin.”Sorry, I just wanted to know if you talked to Daddy.””I just did and we haven’t—””We’ll sleep on it, Susan,” said her father. “We’ll let you know tomorrow.””Do you think she saw anything, Jim?””Nah, she only saw my stiff cock shooting a load across your face.””Oh, Jim, I’m so embarrassed,” she said looking at her husband. She looked down at her husband’s cock which was usually soft after just coming off, but he was still hard. “Are you excited by your daughter seeing your cock?””Don’t be ridiculous,” he said looking away from his wife’s probing eyes while pushing down on his cock to make his erection less noticeable and immediately changing the subject. “Still, I don’t get it,” he said quickly changing the subject. “Why would they want to do a porn movie with a family?””They are doing a movie about nudists on National Nude Day, I guess, from the information that I got from Susan. She didn’t sound too sure about all the details but it pays twenty-five thousand dollars.””Twenty-five thousand dollars for making an appearance in a movie is a lot of money. That would save the house and then some. I could catch up on the truck payments, too, and we’d have a little extra for house repairs.””Jimmy, did you hear me?””Yeah, I heard you.””Do you understand what I said to you?””Yeah, you said that it paid twenty-five thousand dollars.””But, Jimmy, we’ll all be naked.””Naked? What do you mean naked?””Naked. Nude. Without clothes.””Don’t be silly. They never film people all together any more. They slice and splice scenes, especially something like this. They’d never expect a normal family to get naked in front of one another. The whole thing will be edited. They’ll shoot us one at a time.””Do you really think so? Are you sure? I don’t know about that. That would certainly be a relief if they did it like that, like you said, slice, splice, and edit. I could do that if I didn’t have to get naked in front of Michael.””Sure, all the production companies do that, which is why they never show actors in the same scene anymore. They always show the back of the head of one actor while he’s talking to another. Yeah, we can do this. For twenty-five thousand dollars, tell Susan that it’s okay. We’ll do it. We’ll make a family porn movie to save our house.”The next morning, Susan made her phone calling the producer and telling him that her family would do the movie. The following day the entire family arrived at the studio for an introduction before shooting the movie. Jim was anxious. He had already contacted the bank telling them that they could expect their money within a month.Before even making the movie, he already had the money spent. Mike had already jerked off to the thoughts, no doubt, and the soon to become reality of seeing his sister and his mother naked. Susan confessed to her girlfriends that making porn movies may be her new career, once graduating from college. Julie dreaded the whole thing and just wanted to get it over with.”Good morning. I’m Gary, your director, and this is my production assistant Kathleen,” he said shaking hands with Jim while looking at Julie.”Hi, this is my lovely wife, Julie, my daughter, Susan, you already know, my son, Mike, and I’m Jim.””I’m delighted to meet you all.””Can you tell us more about the movie; I mean what we are expected to do,” said Julie already regretting what she agreed to do and blushing by the thought of doing it all.”Well, of course you know that this is an adult film. Mostly young and middle-aged men are our customers, although we do have some women who enjoy watching adult films, mostly wives and girlfriends encouraged by their husbands and boyfriends to watch. As you may or may not know, the preference of our main audience in adult films is i****t,” he said looking at Julie and smiling. He studied her from head to toe before continuing. “You look a lot like your daughter and if I may say so, you have an amazing figure.””Thank you,” said Julie blushing. “I watch şişli escort what I eat.””You will all be naked, of course, playing a normal every day family celebrating National Nude Day.””Naked? You mean not all together,” said Julie, “but one at a time and you’ll splice and slice and edit the whole thing in the—””No, you’ll all be naked together,” he said looking from one family member to another before resting his eyes on Julie again. “Are you okay with being naked? Didn’t Susan explain this to you and your family?””Yes, we’re fine with being naked,” answered Susan for her family.”Hot damn,” said Mike under his breath while reaching down to adjust his growing cock and already undressing his sister and his mother with his eyes. “I’m going to see my sister’s and my mom’s bush and boobies.””How long does it take to shoot,” said Jim.”Shoot? I’ll be shooting as soon as I see my sister and my mother naked,” said Mike too softly for anyone to hear.”I mean,” said Jim ignoring and talking over his son’s vulgar comments. “When can we expect to be paid?””Yes, well, shooting takes a week to ten days. We have a very limited budget. We are not like the regular movies where they spend months shooting a film and millions of dollars making it. We try and keep our costs between $100,000 and $250,000 depending upon what we are shooting. Payment is made the following month, once we are paid from our distributors for the first viewing run of the film.””Jim, I’m sick to my stomach. I don’t think I can do this,” said Julie grabbing on to his arm. “I can’t get naked in front of Michael and all these people,” she said looking out a sea of male faces. “There must be thirty men here.””Honey, you must put your mind elsewhere. Think of something else. Pretend you are someone else, somewhere else. Pretend you are giving your old neighbor or the mailman or the UPS man a show. It’s just acting. All of these people are professionals. Think of them all as doctors. You have nothing that they haven’t seen already. They’ve seen it all. None of this is real and when it’s over, we’ll be $25,000 richer and we’ll have saved the house.””Okay, mind elsewhere, think of something else, and pretend I’m someone else, somewhere else. Okay, everyone here is a doctor,” she said inhaling a big breath and letting it out while trying to relax. “I’m okay now.”Kathleen accompanied the family to a small dressing room. There were bathrobes and slippers for everyone.”You can disrobe here and when not shooting a scene on the set, you can wear your robes.”When Kathleen left, Julie pulled Jim aside and whispered.”This room is so small. Our master bathroom is bigger.””It will be okay, Julie. Don’t worry.”Jim was the first to undress and he was already semi-erect. Once naked he took his time before donning his robe, as if making sure his daughter got an eyeful and she did. He watched his daughter undress, even helping her pull her dress over her hair. He even unhooked her bra. With the room being so small, too small for four people and because he was standing so close to his daughter, when Susan bent at the waist to put her clothes over the chair, his cock suddenly came sprang to life and he accidentally poked his daughter with it in her ass crack.”Daddy…eww!””Sorry, Susan, it was an accident.”Mike only removed his eyes from his sister to watch his mother strip.Susan was as lovely naked as any man could have imagined her to be. Her firm C cup breasts stood high and her 36 inch chest curved in to her 24 inch flat stomach before her waist curved out to her 36 inch hips. She was a Goddess.Mike stripped off his clothes in fifteen seconds. He looked like his eyes were going to fall out of his head after first watching his sister remove her dress, bra, and panty. Then, his cock swelled while watching his mother unbuttoning and removing her blouse before wiggling out of her pants. Now, dressed only in her sheer panty and bra, he watched his mother as she reached around to unhook and remove her bra before removing her panty.Mike only removed his eyes from her tits to look at her ass. Once naked and quickly donning her robe, with her curiosity stronger than her decorum, Julie couldn’t help herself and took at peek at her son. He was bigger than his dad. She inhaled a breath of courage, turned to face her son.”It’s not so bad,” she said to Mike. “I can do this. Let’s get this over with.” In one quick flash, she opened her robe. “Well, what do you think of my body,” she said to her son with her hands holding open her bathrobe.”Mom, you’re a MILF.””I’m a what?””You’re a mother I’d like to fuck,” he said beaming while staring at his mother’s tits and bushy pussy.””Well, there won’t be any of that, young man. This is a family porn movie.”Immediately, he took a step forward and groped both her tits before reaching down to finger her pussy.”Michael! What the Hell are you doing,” she said quickly pulling away and tying her bathrobe tie tight.”Gees, Mom, you have great tits and your pussy is so bushy.”Her reaction was to slap his face, but she forced herself not to do that.”Well, thank you, Michael, but I hope you can act like a gentleman and not allow this to ruin and make a family experience a—””Mom, are you k**ding me? I already have an erection. Look,” he said looking down at his cock and looking up in time to catch her staring at his erection. “I told you want I thought of your body, what do you think of my cock, Mom?”Julie looked down at her son’s prick again that was standing straight out. She had this sudden and forbidden urge to wrap her hand around it and stroke him.”You have a beautiful cock, Michael,” she said looking away and not wanting Michael to catch her starting again. “You’ll make some young woman very happy, one day.””Thank you, Mom, but I’m hoping that today is the day. I can’t remove the thoughts of you and Susan sucking me off,” Mike said with a big grin while holding his stiff prick and waving it in her direction.”Well, there won’t be any sucking in this movie, young man. I can assure you of that. Let me remind you that this is a family porn movie and not those other kind of movies. I expect you to be on your best behavior and be respectful when around your sister and me while we are naked. All we are required to do is to pose naked.”A knock on their door requested their appearance on the set. The script assistant handed everyone a script as soon as they emerged.”I realize you aren’t actors, but let’s just read the script through one time and I’ll make corrections as we go along for you to implement with the next reading,” said the director.”You may remove your robes,” said the director’s assistant.Julie removed her robe and stood like a pretzel with her arms folded in front of her tits and her legs crossed while Jim, Susan, and Michael stood proudly unashamed.”Get the hairstylist,” said the director as soon as Julie removed her robe.The hairstylist came running. She looked at Julie’s and Susan’s hair before looking at the director.”Yes?””Trim that b**st,” he said pointing to Julie’s pussy.The hairstylist ran an electric razor over Julie’s pussy and trimmed it to a nice runway patch of fur.”Wow, this is unfucking believable,” said Mike while leering at his mother spreading and lifting her legs to have her pussy trimmed.”Yes, that’s much better,” said the director.Something she’s only done in the privacy of her bathroom, Julie couldn’t believe she was standing naked not only before her son’s leering eyes but also in front of all those men while having her pussy trimmed. Even though she was embarrassed, the thoughts of all those men staring at her and jerking off over her naked body aroused her. Her nipples were already erect and she could feel a warm moistness between her legs. She was glad that with the bright lights, she really couldn’t make out their faces, but she knew that they could see every hair and mole on her naked body. Only, she knew she’d be masturbating in the bathtub over being naked in front of all these men and her son later.”Quiet on the set. And action!””Happy Nude Day, Daddy,” said Susan walking up to her father, pressing her naked breasts against his chest and her pussy against his cock while giving him a peck on the lips and a hug. Immediately, his cock grew to attention.”Happy Nude Day, Susan,” he said sliding his hand down her back and resting it on top of her firm naked ass.”Cut!””You! What’ your name?””Jim.””Should I call you Jim or should I just call you Dad?””I prefer Jim, if you don’t mind.””Well, Dad, you have an erection.”Jim looked down and his cock was sticking straight out.”Sorry, but I thought this was a porn—””Yes, it is a porn movie, but that was your daughter you were just innocently hugging. This isn’t a sex scene. This is a daughter greeting her father, albeit greeting her father while naked. Nonetheless, do you always get an erection when your daughter hugs you, Dad?” The director looked at him and spoke without waiting for an answer. “Tell me, and you can be honest with me here. There is only you and me, your family, and a few dozen assembled behind the camera. Do you have the hots for your daughter?””Certainly not. I’m only doing this for the money and to save my—””Can it, Dad. Your stiff prick squealed on you. Listen, it’s okay for you to get an erection later, when we are more into the script, but you having an erection now, before the scene even begins just doesn’t work.””I’m sorry,” said Jim hanging his head and avoiding the stare of his wife.”Like father like son, I see,” said the director walking over to Mike. “Listen k**; get your ogling over with okay. Take a good look at your sister’s naked body, her tits, her ass, and her shaved pussy. Isn’t she just beyond lovely? Go ahead,” he said giving Michael a gentle shove, “feel her tits, take a big handful. Now, do the same to your mother and feel her up real good.”Mike, smiling from ear to ear, followed the director’s instruction and first felt up his sister before feeling up his mother again.”Wow! This is great. I love the movie business,” said Mike while fingering his sister’s nipples before doing the same to his mother.”Okay, you’re done groping me, Squirt,” said his sister.Then, he turned to his mother and started feeling his mother’s ass and tits.”Easy Michael,” said Julie to her son. “My nipples are very sensitive.” Then, without warning he leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth.”Michael,” she said pushing him away.”Damn, I love being a porn star,” said Mike.”You’re not a porn star, k**,” said the Director. “You’re just an 18-year-old k**, a horny teenager. Now, loose the erection.””How am I going to do that?”The director reached over and gave Mike’s nipples a big pinch and twist, first one and then the other. Immediately Mike’s cock went flaccid.”Ow! That fucking hurt!””I need the reverse fluffer for Dad.””Fluffer,” whispered Julie to her daughter “isn’t that when they call a beautiful woman on the set to make the man hard?””Yeah, it is, but how did you know?””I’ve watched some porn movies in my day.” She looked at her daughter. “Then, what’s a reverse fluffer?””I don’t know,” said Susan shrugging her shoulders.Suddenly, a woman in her eighties, looking much like the ghost of the old woman in the movie The Shining, came on stage wearing a white bathrobe. She stood in front of Jim, removed her teeth, fluffed out her hair, and removed her bathrobe. Covered in black moles, she was one giant wrinkle.”Oh, my God! Eww! Gross,” said Jim. “Please take her away. I’ll have nightmares.”Immediately, his cock became flaccid, too.”And action!””Wait,” said Jim.”We haven’t had a minute to read the script. Can you give us some direction?””Of course. Allow me to summarize the movie for you. You are out camping with your family, something you do every year to celebrate National Nude Day. Only, Tyrone and Big Bubba, escaped convicts who haven’t had sex in ten years, happen along…where’s Tyrone and Big Bubba?”Two big, naked, black men entered the sound stage with cocks as big as their physique.”Oh, my,” said Julie. “I’ve never seen cocks so…huge.””Don’t worry, Mother,” said Susan giving her mother a hug and whispering in her ear. “It feels good.””Hi, please to meet you,” said Tyrone and Big Bubba shaking hands all around.”Tyrone and Big Bubba happen along and force you, Dad and your son, Junior, there,” said the Director.”Mike, my name is Mike.””Whatever Mary? They force you and your son to suck their cocks before fucking you up the ass. Then, when—””Hell no, I’m not sucking anyone’s cock,” said Mike.”And no one is fucking me up the ass. I haven’t done that since Boy Scouts,” said Jim.The Assistant Director handed the director a new script.”My apologies, it appears that I have last year’s script. Let’s see,” he said quickly thumbing through the script. “Okay, this is more like it. Tyrone and Big Bubba force Mom to suck her son’s cock and Susan to suck off Daddy.””Yes,” said Mike pumping his fist.”I suppose I could act through Susan blowing me,” said Jim. “…to save the house.””Asshole,” said Julie punching her husband in the shoulder.”Then, Tyrone and Big Bubba tie Dad and Mike to a tree and force them to watch while having their way with Mom and Sis.””I suppose I could act through Tyrone and Big Bubba having their way with me…to save the house,” said Julie to her husband while not hiding her big grin.”I don’t understand. Aside from the fact that we are all naked, what does any of this have to do with National Nude Day?””Well, Dad, you’ll be earning $25,000 plus $2,500 each for 4 cum shots, one from you, one from your son, and one each from Tyrone and Bubba. You get your daughter to blow you and watch your wife blow your son before watching your wife and daughter fuck and suck two big black men, something that will give you hot pillow talk for years to come. I dare say that National Nude Day will eclipse Christmas as your favorite holiday.”

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