Mandy & her new boyfriend …

Double Penetration

Mandy & her new boyfriend …Mandy’s a good friend who recently moved out of state … really long and not good story … anyway she’s had a difficult time since she moved but finely, I hope, found a man who will treat her good and care for her. I’ve had the hots for Mandy for some time as she’s one amazingly fantastic looking woman!!! So here’s my fantasy about getting to watch and take video and pics of her with her new BF, Marcus.He’s a very hansom man; 6’4″ with a medium but strong build. Mandy calls him her “Big Teddy Bear”. Some how, I’m still not exactly sure how … I was asked by Mandy if I’d video her having sex with Marcus. Naturally I jumped at the chance … if for no other reason than to get to finely see Mandy naked!!! I’ve had “naughty” fantasies about her for a very long time now and couldn’t pass up the chance to at least get to finely see her amazingly sexy body. We got together on a Friday evening and had dinner and sat around chatting for a while when Mandy excused herself and said she’d be back in a few minuets. Marcus and I talked “guy stuff” until we were very pleasantly interrupted by Mandy when she came back into the room wearing nothing but a very sexy pair of panties and a really tight T shirt. Mandy has amazing tits … something like 42GGs. Yes that’s 42GGs!!!! She just smiled at me and ask if I’d be OK just watching and taking pics. I told her that, naturally I’d love to get to “play” with her but that I’d be alright with watching and taking pics. I got the video out and set up on a tripod and then checked to make sure the battery was fully charged and that I had a new SD card in it and did the same with bahis firmaları my DSLR. Marcus gave her a kind of “look” and she reached up and kissed him and whispered something to him before coming over and giving me a really big hug and telling me thanks … and that I was the only person she would trust to take the pics and video. Nest she went over to Marcus, took his shirt off and had him sit on the couch before getting on her knees between his legs. She started rubbing him and in no time at all I could see his cock getting hard. She looked at me and smiled and then had him stand up so she could slide his gym shorts off. All I could think watching this was OMFG!!! I mean Marcus was really packing!!! His dick had to be at least 12 1/2 inches long and thick … found out later that he’s actually 13 3/4 inches long and nearly as thick as a coke can!!!! I was wondering how Mandy was going to get that monster in her mouth much less fit it all inside her pussy!!! His dick was already so hard he could have cracked walnuts with it … as was my own … and Mandy had him sit on the couch and grabbed his throbbing cock with both hands and started stroking it while she kissed and licked and sucked on the head of it!!! Marcus was loving it and when Mandy raised up a bit and then managed to swallow nearly 2/3ds of his monster he was absolutely loving it!!! Then she started slowly moving up and down his shaft before shifting around a bit so that she was more comfortable then started moving her mouth up and down over 1/2 the length while at the same time wrapping both her hands around that massive dick and stroking it as she sucked on him After kaçak iddaa 20 minuets of so she stopped and stood up and took off her shirt and panties and I got to see one of, if not the most impressive pairs of tits I’ve ever seen in person!!! Mandy and my Dawn were good friends and Dawn had a pair of 38FFs … so it’s not like I wasn’t used to seeing nice tits!!! Mandy then turned with her back to Marcus and slowly reached behind her and grabbed his throbbing dick and started rubbing the head all over her quivering cunt lips. In now time at all she was creaming all over the head of his dick when she lowered her still cumming cunt and started to whimper as she slid further and further down his throbbing shaft!!! Marcus reached around and started caressing and messaging her amazing tits with one hand and playing with her cunt lips and clit at the same time. Mandy had once mentioned that she was “loud” when she came and she wasn’t lying!!! She started to moan and whimper and finely scream as her amazing cunt went orgasmiclly fucking wild on his dick!!! I had to remind myself that I was supposed to be taking video and pics and quickly checked the camcorder and focused in on them so close and sharp that I could see the squiggly lines her bush was leaving in all that hot slimy cunt cream oozing out of her and running down his pulsing shaft!!! I grabbed the DSLR camera and started taking some amazing pics of the two of them cunning together!!! I lost all track of time … I was so into watching my friends amazing cunt getting fucked and pumped full of so much fucking sperm from that long thick massive cunt stretching black cock as she just kept kaçak bahis cumming and cumming and cumming all over him!!! Marcus was having an amazing time as well as she kept full length riding his massive sperm shooting dick!!! Later I hard him telling Mandy that she must have fucked at least 3 or 4 different loads of cum out of him in that one session. When she finely finished she rose up off the head of his still sperm oozing dick before getting on her knees between his legs and licking all that thick, hot, slimy fuck juice off his dick as she started two hand stroking him. She wrapped her lips around the monster head of his dick and sucked on him until he shot a huge load of cum in her mouth!!! It was so much fucking cum that she couldn’t even begin to swallow it all so she took it out of her mouth and kept jerking it off on her tits!!! I’m glad that I had the camcorder focused on her cunt because I was busy taking pics of her sucking and jacking him off on her face and tits!!! After he’d finished shooting that massive load of cum all over her Mandy asked me if I wanted to take some close ups of her creampie … which I most certainly did!!! Then we all just kind of sat back and relaxed for a while after I turned off the camcorder. Mandy asked if we could watch and we all did!!! It was some truly HOTTTTT sex we were seeing. She went to the “little girls room” to freshen up and when she came back out she gave Marcus a big hug and kiss and whispered something to him which I couldn’t hear and he smiled and said “sure he’s really like that”. He came over and asked me if I’d show him how to work the camcorder and camera and I did then Mandy came over and took my hand and lead me over to the love seat and had me sit down and got between my legs and started playing with me …… That’s another story that I’ll try and get posted on the next few days!!!!

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