Married and divorced virgins

Married and divorced virginsI was in my mid 30’s, recently divorced, k**s, the whole catastrophe. I was spending a lot time jerking off to porn online and as we all know, over time it took more kink to keep me excited. There were the dating sites and the seemingly infinite dates to find the occasional hot babe to fuck. The fact was, after a painful divorce I was terrified of becoming serious with anyone. A few months would pass, the girl of the moment would start getting serious and out the door I went.  Back to the porn sites that would quickly become boring as hell. One day I found craigslist and started writing women. It was mostly nonsense. It seemed at that time all the posts were fake. Then one day while in the midst of a long edging session I started looking at the M4M cock pics. I had been curious for a while but never allowed myself to indulge. It was a line I didn’t want to cross.  Across the line I went. I started responding to posts M4M posts. I soon found that they were mostly real and I started having internet sex with guys. Emailing stories, pics and fantasies while edging. It was all new and hot again. Then there was the guilt and shame. Fuck! The shame was, well, everyone knows what shame feels like. And for sure, that made it even hotter and more erotic. I met a guy online who was much like me but he was younger and married. We had a few fantasy session together and it became a regular thing. We really got to know each others fantasies and desires and over time we decided to meet.  We met in a parking lot in front of a building supply warehouse store. Both of us were in construction, actually, he was a surveyor. I’m in construction. I needed to get a few things for work so that parking lot made sense. He lived a hundred miles away and was here for business so we couldn’t just meet any time.  We had planned it this way so we could check each other out before we went back to my house. We were both scared shit and probably a little overly cautious. I tried to cancel but he was persistent. I gave in. We had seen a lot of each others pics and had been playing for around a month and a half, it wasn’t likely that one of us was not who we claimed to be. And for the last few weeks, we were meeting online every night.  He was around 6 feet tall, east Asian, Japanese I am guessing. Tall, thin and masculine in appearance. I am 5’7″ 150 fit, wrestlers build, masculine appearance also. By the time of our last few online fantasy ödemiş escort sessions, I would usually end up fucking his ass, him begging me to cum inside of him and me leaving him with my cum dripping out of his thoroughly fucked and wasted body. We would always end up cumming together during this scenario.  Then the next night, once his wife was asleep we would start again. He would  start by saying how he really didn’t want to be fucked. It was just fantasy and I agreed. Then, as the session would proceed and our cocks would come out, we always ended up with me fucking his tight little ass, me cumming inside him and him cumming on himself or on the floor or wherever his little cock was pointed at the time that I was cumming. He always had his fingers up his ass when he came. And by the way, My cock is about 7 inches and sort of fat, his was around 4 inches and small. Meeting him in that parking lot, my adrenaline was crazy. I told him to follow me back to the house. We went inside and started small talk. He asked to use the bathroom while I made coffee. Then we stood in the living room, him chattering away. It wasn’t going anywhere. He was talking about something as if we were two guys bullshitting at the bar. I knew we only had about an hour or so and I started to think it was not going to happen. Part of me was relieved, the other part of me was intrigued.  After about 15 minutes of small talk I knew it was now or never. I stood up and dropped my pants to the floor, then sat down with my legs spread. His jaw dropped. He was a deer in the headlights, and he shakily asked “What do I do?”  He must have conceded that it wasn’t going to happen and was also relieved. He was wrong and all of a sudden scared. I said without a pause, “Suck it…”sometimes the planets align… He suddenly got a crazy excited look in his eyes and dropped down between my legs taking my soft cock into his mouth. I let him do his thing while he got me hard. It didn’t take long. He was so excited to finally have my cock in his mouth he could hardly breath. I was feeling the same. It was intense. My head was spinning and I was already getting close. I wrapped my arms around his head and curled over him, holding him down on me to stop him from making me cum. My cock was in his throat and I held him there until I could calm down. I couldn’t really believe what was happening. It was surreal and erotic in a way I could hardly take in.  When I let go escort ödemiş of him he lifted his head up and pulled his shirt off. He looked at me for a second wild eyed and smiled as he went back down on me like he was starving for it.  His body was so slim and feminine. He had a beautiful body. The pictures he had been sending did him no justice. I tried to stay calm while he sucked and throated me.  I started stroking his lower back and slipped my hands down his loose cargo pants around his waist and ass. We were a little tangled up with me leaning over him and him working on me. I reached around and stroked his stomach just inside his waist line. He started to moan with my cock in his mouth. I reached in his pants and took his soft cock in my hand. I had never felt another guys cock before. It felt so fucking good. I squeezed it a few times and he responded immediately. This time the both of us almost lost it.  I went straight to the edge of cumming and he fell limp in my lap with a deep moan. I was so close to cumming, i wrapped my arms around his head again and pushed my cock into his throat waiting for it to pass. It took a little longer this time and when I let him up he was gasping for air, his wild eyes watering, he gave me a crazy excited smile and went back down for more.  I reached right back down his pants for that cock that was now hard as a rock. Harder than mine has ever been. His little cock was so smooth and hard I will never forget how good it felt. This is where things become more intense than anything I had ever experienced.  I was stroking his rock hard little cock while he sucking me and I almost lost it for the third time. Each time it was getting harder for me not to cum and taking longer to calm down. This time after he went back down on me I reached straight down the back of his pants to beautiful tight his ass. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I slid my finger down the crack slowly until I reached his tight hole. Again, he moaned loudly, his full body shook and fell limp in my lap but this time I didn’t stop. I rubbed his hole while fucking his mouth to my surprise he must have lubed his hole when he went into the bathroom. My finger slid right into his tight hot little wet pussy. It all hit me at once like an avalanche. This guy,   terrified to get started,   scared shit about actually being fucked,  knew I was just as scared of fucking him,   spent weeks telling me it was just a fantasy that ödemiş escort bayan wasn’t going to happen…     I had been in full agreement…   and just in case I tried to play with his hole he had been totally prepared to go the distance.   He had absolutely and totally seduced me. He let me think I was in control of everything and all of a sudden the tables had turned.  He moaned deeply, pushed back on my hand and reared up onto my finger and whispered like a cat purring “yes…fuck me…”He was total bitch in heat.  This is where everything is a blur. It happened so fast, He stood up, took off his pants sort of slowly, dropping them down around his ankles while staring at me with those wild crazed eyes and big smile, he stepped out with one foot and then in one fluid motion kicked them off his other foot spinning around and dropping to the floor with his ass high and his face on the floor in his crossed arms.   Do it!It was as if we crashed together. I snapped, I had no control of myself. I took my cock in my right hand and pressed it against his little hole. He pushed into me and took me in with no hesitation. There was nothing slow about it. I reached around and held his hard little cock while we fucked each other.  He was wild, He was like a cat, possessed with desire, humping, crashing our bodies together, moaning in loud whispers”yes, you fuck!, do it! Fuck me.” I think I slid in and out, the full length of my cock maybe 20 times. It couldn’t have lasted 30 seconds before he started moaning “I’m cumming… fuck me, cum inside me…”  I felt his body quake under me and I started cumming too. I held his hips tight and pulled him in while everything became a haze of delirium. I held inside for a while and he fell over on his side. we both laid on the floor for, I can’t know how long… a few seconds or a few minutes, I don’t know. time went all strange. Then I saw his cum. There was so much cum on the floor. I rubbed his ass hole and made some of mine drip out of him.  Then like a snap I was awake again. It wasn’t long and we got up and started dressing. I gave him a towel and we both wiped ourselves with it. By the time we were dressed, which was pretty quickly, we were back to the small talk like we were before it started. Neither of us knew how to act so we acted as if it hadn’t happened at all. He rushed out the door and I didn’t try to slow him down. From the time I dropped my pants to the time he left took maybe 20 minutes. Maybe less. My head was spinning. I walked back to the scene of the crime. There was so much cum on the floor. There must have been as much dripping out of him as he drove off. We never talked again. Beginners luck, right?

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