Masturbation Memories


I’m at my desk, alone, working. I’ve been busy. And then it happens. Every man knows the feeling.

It begins with a stirring in the groin. Suddenly, you’re aware that your dick is starting to stiffen. Why has this happened now, you momentarily wonder. But the sensation takes over and your mind can no longer focus on the job at hand.

It happened to me just now. Windows are minimized, a blank Word document opens. The mind has worked at lightning speed, the decision confirmed before it is even thought through.

Yesterday I masturbated with the aid of pictures, my cock blowing warm cum which covered my hands as I stroked and pulled to an image of a slutty model fingering her cunt.

Today, I’m going to write as I tease and build my cock to the explosion it has signalled it needs. I will type as I fantasise, cum as I recall times spent with assorted girlfriends.

I remove my jeans and admire the bulge of my hardened cock in my briefs. It always looks good like this. I remember Natalie cupping her hand on my underwear, squeezing my cock, sliding her hand down to massage my balls whilst her tongue lapped at mine and I fondled her tits.

Natalie was good, the best of my lovers. She loved to talk dirty. As she stroked my cock she would tell me she wanted me to fuck her cunt. She would gasp and moan as I called her a bitch and told her she was a slut who needed to have her cunt fucked hard by my dick.

She’s not here now but the memories do their job and I stop typing to remove my briefs. I’ve been to the bathroom to fetch the baby oil, my favourite aid to stroking my cock. I pull back the chair, desert the keyboard momentarily and begin a slow rhythmic stroking of my dick.

The head of my cock is sensitive today, always a sign of a good wanking session. My hands reach güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri down to hold and squeeze by balls. They are slick now, my throbbing nuts, slick with the warm oil. I hold them tightly with my right hand as my left swirls up and down my cock, my fist enveloping, then exposing the engorged head, sliding up and down. The sensation on the ridge between the head and the shaft makes me groan out loud.

I remember Natalie watching me pull on my cock in bed one time as she played with my balls and fingered my arse. Her finger would snake its way inside my tight hole and I’d tell her to “fuck my arse”. Then she’d place my hand on her pussy and use it to get herself off whilst I told her she was a naughty slut, whispering the words in her ear, then kissing her neck and moving down to suck a hard nipple. She had great nipples, prominent, hard, inviting the tongue and the mouth.

I stop and resume the typing. My cock is pointed at the ceiling, my balls are rising and receding as my excitement builds. The keyboard is slick now as I aim to slow down the experience.

I remember Debbie and the way she would suck my cock. We liked to 69, my lips and tongue lapping at her wonderful pussy whilst she sucked on the head of my cock and begged me to fill her mouth with cum. My cock gets really hard with this memory.

Debbie was tall, her legs long, her pussy so wonderful to lick. I remember the triangular black cunt hair which neatly framed her wet and ravenous hole. She enjoyed sitting astride me, fucking my cock up and down as I squeezed and rubbed her pert young breasts. It was some time ago now, but you never forget the joy of teenage sex. You never forget the slim body, the perfect hips, the taut, flat stomach, the tightness of her arse.

I stop typing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and read the words over, my hand slowly moving up and down my reddened cock, then rapidly pistoning up and over the head, gathering pace as the urge to cum builds. I feel my balls, tight now, hard also. My hand moves to my arse and I shift forward on the chair, exposing my hole to the middle finger of my right hand.

My left hand strokes up and down my cock and I being to talk out loud. “Pull my cock, you slut”, I say to the empty room. “Come on, you bitch”, I instruct the fantasy.

My middle finger on the other hand enters my arse and I worry I am going to cum from the sensation as my finger finds my prostate and rubs it hard. Oh, Natalie, where are you when I need you?

I stop and resume the typing before I forget the sequence of events. Now I’m feeling amazingly aroused, my heart is thumping wildly, and my wet cock bounces up and down as I tap the keyboard. Can any woman appreciate the power of male masturbation?

To delay the explosive moment, I retrieve my shaver and proceed to shave my balls. I now keep them bald but they need a touch-up.

It’s an erotic sensation to shave your balls and I love it. My cock and balls look bigger when they’re bald and the sensation of stroking naked skin is like no other. I admire my handiwork in a bedroom mirror before returning to my desk, slowly stroking up and down the length of my cock as I move around the house. I long for a woman’s mouth on my balls, alternately sucking one and then the other as her slender fingers slide along my dick.

It’s now over half an hour since I started playing with myself. I’ve been to the edge of orgasm and pulled back. I’ve shaved and now I massage the sack holding my balls and pour more oil güvenilir bahis şirketleri on my cock.

I stroke and pull my dick, faster and faster. I pull and squeeze my balls and then grasp the base of my penis so I stroke the full length and watch my piss-hole open and close. I’m rock-hard now and my mind pictures the explosion as my cum pours out.

But not yet. There is more to write. Delay, delay, you know that makes it more satisfying.

I remember Tina, the smallest of the women. Pert, tight, her tits perfectly cupped by a red bikini, the bottom piece clinging to her arse, accentuating the outline of her pussy. What a memory!

Tina was cheeky, inquisitive. She liked to hold my cock whilst I pissed, enjoyed flaunting herself, loved fucking anywhere.

I imagine the three of them together, playing with each other, sucking each other. It’s the ultimate male fantasy. I imagine Debbie between Natalie’s legs, lapping at her cunt, finger-fucking her hole, whilst Tina sucks her tits. I’m watching on the sidelines, stroking my cock, enjoying the sights and sounds, willing the three of them to lose themselves in each other.

I see myself fucking Debbie whilst Natalie holds and strokes my balls, squeezing my nuts as my cock slides in and out of Debbie’s wet cunt. Tina joins in, licking my wet cock as it pistons in and out of Debbie. I see myself pulling out and cumming on Debbie’s stomach whilst Natalie maintains the pace on my balls and Tina laps at my cockhead.

I’m stroking hard and fast now, the movement has become frantic and desperate, my orgasm is building. The mental pictures blur and merge into a frenzied memory of times past.

And then it happens, that sensation that will not be denied. It’s uncontrollable in the final stages and my cock erupts in my hand, spilling cum all over. The sensitivity is at its peak now and I quickly slow to a minor up and down movement.

And then the moment is over. The mind switches back to other things. The clean-up begins as the desk is restored to its workmanlike condition.

Once again, I’m at my desk, alone, working.

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