MCU: Iron Man and Pepper Potts


MCU: Iron Man and Pepper Potts”Pepper, can you come in here for a moment?” Tony Stark’s voice came across her computer speaker, without any electronic distortion, telling Tony Stark’s consummate assistant that her boss was — for a change — not encased in the gold-and-red Iron Man battle suit armor.Pepper Potts had been just another secretary in the pool when she had corrected an accounting error made by Tony Stark, saving Stark International a small fortune but embarrassing her boss. Fortunately, rather than be angry, Tony Stark had been impressed with her keen eye for detail and her integrity in not letting the error slide. The next day she had expected a pink slip; instead, she had been pulled from the secretarial pool and given the permanent assignment as Tony Stark’s personal assistant.She stood, straightening her short skirt, and pulling her jacket on over her blouse, checking her short red hair and make-up. Pepper wore much the same outfit every day, with only the color of her outfit varying, but not by much. Just as Tony Stark wore his Iron Man battle suit into combat, she had her own uniform. Arming herself with her digital data pad, she felt equal to whatever new task Tony Stark might see fit to throw at her — and knowing Tony Stark, her next project could be anything from calculating all the liquid oxygen used by S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft as propulsion fuel to how many graham crackers were sold nation-wide from the a****l feeding stalls of giraffe exhibits.Tony Stark was a genius, but he was an eccentric genius, and Pepper could never anticipate what interests he might want to pursue next. The electronic artificial intelligence, J.A.R.V.I.S., opened the door for her as she approached. J.A.R.V.I.S. was also tied into her data pad; J.A.R.V.I.S. was pretty much everywhere inside all of the Stark International facilities to one degree or another, and offered a voice interface for Tony to use while designing new electronics systems.Pepper walked down the long office, approaching the desk where Tony was already on the telephone. “Senator Kelly, I’d be happy to come to a closed-door session of the Senate Committee on Super-Human Affairs and answer any questions the Committee might have on the Avengers’ actions in Manhattan…” Pepper nodded to herself; after open warfare had broken out between Hydra and the Advanced Idea Mechanics organizations on the streets and in the skies of New York City, Maria Hill, the temporary Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. was on the warpath, wanting the authority to arrest and detain the Avengers has nothing bahis firmaları more than high-powered vigilantes.Many of those who walked the ordinary halls of power in the nation’s capital feared and distrusted anyone with superhuman abilities, and Senator Kelly was well-known for his fear and distrust of the growing mutant population.Pepper heard Stark sigh; from the patient tones of his voice, he was anticipating a long, tedious call with the Senator. Tony Stark struck many as self-indulgent, selfish, and impatient, but that was more facade than truth; a useful pose in negotiations at times. Pepper had seen her boss negotiate massive electronic component supply contracts with the Japanese. He and the Mitsubishi negotiator had sat in silence for two and a half hours before one of them broke the silence and lost the upper hand in the negotiations – and it had not been her boss.Pepper wondered why Stark had called her into his office when he was just beginning such a marathon of tedium until Tony motioned for her to come around his desk, a little-boy pleading look in his eyes. All of a sudden, all was made clear.Stepping around Stark’s desk, she whispered into her data pad. “J.A.R.V.I.S., institute privacy screen, code alpha-ten”. She did not need to hear the telltale thud of locks closing and locking to know that J.A.R.V.I.S. had shut down access to both the outer and inner office, as well as the private elevators to Stark’s workshops and armory on the levels below. Countermeasures to all forms of electronic surveillance had been instituted. Physical access and electronic communication were in abeyance until either Pepper or Tony ended the privacy screen, or unless there was emergency alert from either S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Avengers themselves.Not that Stark cared about his own personal privacy all that much; he was not particularly shy about is playboy antics nor reticent to express his appreciation of beautiful women. However, just as he was careless with his own privacy, he guarded Pepper’s own with a mania bordering on obsession. Rumors about Tony Stark and his beautiful red-haired assistant were one thing, and impossible to address without giving them credence, but Stark would be thrice-damned before he’d give anyone any kind of proof that Pepper Potts was aught but the hyper-efficient assistant she was.Pepper leaned against the desk, scant feet away from Tony’s chair, and slowly unbuttoned her jacket. She licked her lips, making her lipstick glisten. One of her hands vanished beneath the jacket, and began to rub her own C-cup breasts kaçak iddaa through the raw silk of her blouse. She moaned, knowing that J.A.R.V.I.S. would use Stark’s special voice-cancellation algorithims to make sure that the Senator on the other end of the telephone heard nothing untoward.Stark was busy saying something into the telephone, but his eyes were locked on Pepper with a great lustful intensity. Tony Stark was accustomed to working hard, and playing harder, but some weeks relaxation was more problematic than others, and sometimes — not very often — he turned to Pepper for a release of stress and sexual tension.One by one, Pepper’s pearl buttons on the front of her blouse fell between her deft fingers. Spreading her blouse and jacket wide, she gave Tony a view of the lilac satin bra which held her breasts snugly. She moaned again as she sought her nipples beneath the fabric, squeezing and twisting them roughly.Stark released a magnetic seal, and reached into his dark inner armor control web, freeing his cock from its confinement. Pepper watched as Stark exposed his half-erection to her sight, and she felt her labia dampen in anticipation. Leaving her one hand to stroke her breasts and play with her nipples, her other hand raised her short skirt up her thighs and hips ever so slowly. She loved watching the way Stark’s eyes could not leave her form, and she exulted in her power over him, however temporary. Each flare of his nostrils told her how much of an effect her slow exposure was having on his excitement; she watched as Stark watched the top of her stockings appear, and again when her panties came into view.Her skirt was hiked all the way to her belt line now, and her hand switched from raising her skirt to playing beneath her panties, her fingers splayed wide as they explored her mound, visible to Stark only through the satin. One of the mysteries that Tony Stark pondered often, late at night, was whether or not Pepper shaved her public hair, and if so, to what degree, but Pepper had never let Tony see under her panties.Stark’s cock was now quite erect as he stroked himself in front of her. Smirking slightly, she stood up and closed the last remaining distance to his chair. Always maintaining eye contact, she slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of Tony Stark, her Iron Man, and removed his hands from his cock. Leaning forward, she took the shaft of his cock between her lips, watching Tony watch her. One of her hands stroked Tony’s cockshaft near the base of his balls, while the other sank out of sight beneath her body, kaçak bahis stroking her pussy lips in time to her ministrations; aside from her own pleasure, she loved to make a point of switching hands, using her own natural lubricants on Tony’s swollen cock. It drove Tony wild, especially when she licked some of the cream from her fingers before applying the rest to him.Pepper continued teasing Tony’s cock with her hand and mouth; she loved how her lipstick smeared across his soft skin. Pepper would never admit this to Tony, but she loved her periodic forays into being a wanton slut, pleasing Tony with her mouth and hands. She loved wearing sexy lingerie under her oh-so-professional work uniform. She loved being able to totally captivate Tony Stark, the playboy’s playboy, with her activities; she knew that J.A.R.V.I.S. kept an electronic eye on her, and when she decided to pleasure herself at her desk in the middle of the workday that Tony would be alerted to play it back for his own use later that night.On and on the call went, and all the while Pepper Potts used her lips, fingers, and tongue to tease the cock in front of her. Even the finest electronic trick couldn’t disguise the sound of a man cumming into a warm, willing mouth, and so one of their unspoken rules were that Tony controlled the duration of his own session. Pepper would never allow him to cum while on the telephone, so to gain his own release all Tony had to do was to end the telephone call. Pepper loved making Tony Stark hang up on Congressmen, captains of industry, and other men of power. Once, her teasing had him almost hang up on the President of the United States; she had cum on her own hand while Tony had filled her mouth with his cream.Pepper could feel Tony’s sap rise, and his self-control began to falter. She chuckled to herself, and redoubled her efforts. Tony made no attempt to be gracious to the Senator. “Senator Kelly, I’m afraid that I will need to cut this short for now… let Pepper know when you want me to appear before the Committee on Super-Human Affairs, and I’ll make sure to clear my schedule… Yes, I understand, Senator, we’re also very concerned… Thank you, Senator… Goodbye.”Tony had barely set the handset of the telephone to cradle before Pepper felt his cock convulse with the last vestige of his self control. Pepper took his cock deep into her mouth, feeling his cum jet to the back of her throat in a pulsing spray. Pepper sucked hard, draining every last bit of his orgasm into her mouth and down into her belly, where it burned with a warm, satisfying glow.Rising to her feet, she lowered and straightened her skirt, and closed her suit jacket, concealing her freckled breasts from view. “Will that be all, Tony?” she asked innocently.”For now, Pepper… for now.”

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