Me Donna & a young student

Me Donna & a young studentThis happened in 2007Donna and I had a weekend in Newcastle, a large city in the north of England, the hotel we were staying in was right in the middle of the student area and the bar got crowded and lively in the evening, because it was full of students. This night we had been out for a meal and was in the bar having a few drinks when this lad kept staring at us.I went to the bar and asked him what was wrong, he denied staring and we got talking, I took the drinks over to the table were Donna was and then went to the toilet. When I retuned that lad was talking to the wife he was Aron, 19 and studying law. He was pleasant enough but he was very flirty especially with Donna. The time had got to 10pm and we decided to go upstairs, as we stood to leave Aron said “We’re you going?” and I said “Upstairs” and he smiled at Donna, and I knew what she was thinking, she said to him “Come with us if you want”, so he followed us up. When we opened the door of our room and went in Aron came in and sat on the bed, Donna went in the bathroom, and he smiled at me.When Donna came out she sat on the bed and Aron moved kaçak iddaa close to her and started to kiss her, she kissed him back and it wasn’t long before they were passionately snogging. She was wearing a full dress with white underwear, he was wearing jeans and s T shirt. As they snogged I undressed myself down to my underwear and simply watched.Aron’s hand had strayed onto Donna’s tits, and he was soon rubbing them, pulling away from her he unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor as he took it off her completely he said “I haven’t had sex with a fat bird before” as she sat there in a white bra and knickers, as he resumed kissing her he soon unclipped her bra and his hands were all over her.I sat there with my hard cock straining at my undies as Aron rolled my wife’s nipples in his fingers as they kissed. A few minutes later and he’d laid her down and was gently running his tongue over her nipples, I knew she’d be turned on, after a few more minutes his hand moved down and was stroking the front of her knickers, she soon slightly parted her legs.After another few minutes she sat up and pushed Aron onto kaçak bahis his back, pulling off his shirt she unbuckled his jeans, pulling them down his cock stood firm in his boxers, as she pulled them down out sprang a good 7″, she soon moved down and started to lick and suck him, cupping his balls in her hand as she gave him good oral.I knelt on the bed and rubbed the front of Donna’s knickers, God she was so wet, I slid underneath her and pulling her knickers to one side placed my tongue on her clit, she moaned. As I licked her she was soon coming and it wasn’t long before I could feel her cream on my face as she moaned out her orgasm. I quickly slipped her panties off her.Donna was knelt there on all fours when I said “Aron take her with her on top”, he slid underneath her and slotted his cock deep in her warm wet pussy as he sucked her tits that swang in front of him, as he was slowly fucking my wife her moans were getting louder. I bent down and carefully licked her anus, I knew she loves this and he moaning reflected that.After a few more minutes I crouched up and ran my cock over the entrance to Donna’s ass, güvenilir bahis she moaned and said “No no” as I pushed my cock deep inside her ass, as Aron fucked her cunt I fucked her ass and she loved it, I only managed a few dozen strokes when Aron said “I’m coming”, “Don’t come inside her” I said.As I got off Aron slipped out and sat further up the bed as I buried my cock into Donna’s wet hole, she grabbed hold of him and began to lick his shaft dipping it every now and then into her warm mouth, he was groaning and moaning, then he exploded and Donna took every last drop of warm sticky young sperm that was deposited in her mouth.I knew I was coming also and in pulling out of her I made my way to the top of the bed and she wanked me and sucked me as Aron watched on, soon I was nearly there and as Donna wanked me to a massive climax Aron was smiling and my spunk shot up in the air and landed all over her tits. As we all laid there sweating Aron got dressed and thanked us as he made his way out.I kissed Donna and she fondled my cock again and soon I was hard again, laying her in the missionary position I fucked her hard and fast and she gasped with every hump, soon she was coming and she finger frigged her clit as I banged her hard, as she screamed out I shot my load again deep inside her. We collapsed in a heap on the bed sweating but well satisfied.

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