Meeting with the Boss


Meeting with the BossI arrived to work to find out that my boss wanted a meeting to discuss my future with the company. I wasn’t sure if this was good or bad. My boss, Erica, is a very beautiful woman. She is hispanic with bronze skin. She resembles Eva Mendes and is about 5’7″ tall, 130 lbs with great curves. She always wears tight skirts and blouses. I entered her office and she told me to sit. After talking for about 20 minutes I was thinking this is good because I would have been fired immediately.She then asked me how dedicated was I to her and the company. I said very dedicated and that I love working here. She told me to prove it I have to service her. I wasn’t sure what to say or do. After a moment of silence she said “well”? So I replied OK. She instructed me come over to her and get on my knee’s. I did so. She stood up in front of me, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I then noticed that she had an unusual mound in her panties but I continued. I slowly pulled down her panties and revealed she had a cock canlı bahis tucked in between her legs. She was completely shaved. I become even more excited than before. I didn’t hesitate at all. I started the rub her balls and cock gently. She leaned forward and rubbed her cock on my face. She smelled great, like the lotion from Victoria Secret’s. She looked down at me and told me “prove to me how loyal you are and suck my cock.” I opened my mouth and took her cock in. As I was sucking and her cock was getting hard I started to rub her balls and tickle her asshole. I could not believe this was happening. She placed her right hand on the back of my head and began to pump her in and out at a faster pace. My spit was starting to build up on her cock and was dripping to the floor and all over me. I started to worry that her secretary could hear the slurpping. My jaw started to get tired and just at the right time she pulled out. She sat in her chair and instructed me to lick her asshole and balls. I did not have a problem with that bahis siteleri order at all. I eagerly complied. I couldn’t help but notice how good she tasted. She had a lot of semen coming from her cock. It was salty tasting but not overwhelming. The mix between my saliva and her semen made her cock glisten. She had very nice cock. It was about 7 1/2 inches long and thick with perfectly hanging balls. I must have licked her ass and sucked on her balls for an eternity while she stroked her cock. I couldn’t believe her didn’t come yet.Just then she told me crawl under desk. After I did she rolled her chair up and told me to start sucking it again. I eagerly took it into my mouth again. I just wanted her to come in my mouth so bad. While I sucked her she message her secretary to send in her next appointment. She told not to stop sucking her before she walked in the office. She walked in and sat down. I was worried that we would be caught. I continued to suck her cock. I was able to keep the slurping quiet. It was long before her güvenilir bahis balls started to tighten up. I knew she was about to come. I knew we would be discovered in she moaned out loud. Before I could be anymore concerned with her moaning she began coming. I was so excited I thought I would come in my pants. She came with very hard spurts of come that hit the back of my throat and caused me to gag. I had to pull her cock out. This caused her come to shoot on my face and chest. Her come thick and white and very salty but tasted great. My gagging relfex was the surprise of how forceful it was. I knew we were busted then because she moaned very loudly. When she finished she handed me a cloth, told me to clean myself and her and to come out from under her desk. After I came out and stood up I turned to she a beautiful blond. The blond told me good job. I knew that she knew what was going on before she entered. Erica then told me she had read my profile and this was her way of fullfilling my fantasy. She told me to turned around and meet her friend Jessica. By the time I turned around Jessica had taken off her skirt to reveal she is a shemale as well. Erica told me I was going to give Jessica a blow job while she watched. I said OK.To be continued…

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