Melanie the Matchmaker Ch. 02


My whole life was changing on, of all things, a flight to Las Vegas.

Not half an hour ago, my close friend Alana told me of her new and strong attraction to women. Not twenty minutes ago, she finished telling me a detailed, erotic story of her first time making love to a woman. She followed up that story by explaining that she was going to use this trip to Vegas to look for guys to fuck, so she could ultimately decide if she was a lesbian, bisexual, or “just in a phase”. And not two minutes ago, she had finished bringing a gorgeous female stranger we had only just met on this very flight to a three-tier orgasm…right in front of me.

But that isn’t even the most astounding part of the story. Or this flight.

While Alana was in the bathroom, her would-be mid-air conquest, a cute little thing named Melanie, introduced herself to me. We hadn’t known she was behind us, and so she had also heard Alana’s bi confession, and her story. And, not knowing we had been raised together almost as close as a brother and sister and were not in any way romantically involved with each other–and seeing how much I enjoyed hearing the story–Melanie suggested I should try to “go for” Alana.

Somewhere along the way, Melanie decided to go for Alana herself, and I got to watch in the very next seat. But now that they were done, Melanie was pushing her original agenda again, and I was both thrilled and horrified.

“…There’s a more pressing matter that deserves your attention,” Melanie had said, trying to shift Alana’s focus off of her.

“What’s that?”

“Him.” And she pointed at me.

Alana looked at me, puzzled. “Gavin?”

“You said you were taking this trip to look for some nice cock,” Melanie said. “But I’m telling you that traveling is unnecessary. All you need is right there. He’s totally into you.”

Alana’s bright blue eyes about popped out of her head when she looked at me. “He’s what?”

Shaking my head, I put my hands up, trying to avert her eyes from my own. “No, no. I’m not into her. I—”

“Alana,” Melanie said, taking her hand and bringing Alana’s focus back to her. “Trust me. He wants you bad. We’ve already discussed it when you were in the bathroom. He doesn’t want to be just friends anymore.”

“Friends?” Alana gasped, and then she sat back, relaxed some, and smiled. She had figured out what I already knew.

Perceptive as she was, Melanie didn’t know we were much more than friends. While, at 26, Alana was several years my senior, she looked younger. And I looked older than 20, so it would be easy for a stranger to mistake us as the same age. We didn’t look a whole lot alike, either, seeing that, as close as we were, we still weren’t blood related. I had brown hair and eyes, and was tall and lean in shape. Alana had long blonde hair, with a shorter and soft but athletic body. I always thought I looked average, but Alana, with her cute facial features, unforgettable smile, large breasts, and long, smooth legs, seemed as if she were molded by the collective fantasy of every man on Earth.

“You told her you want me?” Alana asked, looking at me with a sly grin. I hoped that it meant she no longer believed Melanie’s accusations.

“I didn’t say anything,” I replied, finally able to find my breath again.

“Oh come on,” Melanie laughed. “I’m trying to help you, man.” Her eyes shifted to Alana. “Fine. If you don’t believe me, then believe this.” And with that, Melanie took Alana’s hand and guided it to my cock, which was still hard from having watched the two of them go at it just minutes earlier. As if that weren’t enough, I had been so excited that my pre-cum had made a damp spot on my pants. Though it was invisible in my dark trousers, Alana felt it, and she shrieked, yanking her hand back.

She covered her mouth with her hands, her wide eyes staring at me. “Oh my God!”

There was nothing I could say. And I was so flabbergasted that I couldn’t have formed words at that moment anyway.

“He got that from your story, just like I got mine,” Melanie said.

Alana turned to her, still in shock, but trying to make sense of all this. “Oh, but…but, that doesn’t mean it was for me, or the story…right?” She looked at me, but I gave her nothing in terms of a response, which might have spoken volumes in itself. She spun back to face Melanie. “After what he just saw us doing, any guy would get excited. But that doesn’t mean he wants me. I mean, you’re gorgeous. He probably has the hots for you.”

There was no doubt about that. Melanie was definitely a hottie. She was tiny; barely taller than 5 feet, and small all around. She had shoulder length blonde hair and captivating gray eyes. I guessed her to be Alana’s age, but instead of looking younger, she looked young and mature, like a hot soccer mom. But as attractive as she was, she was right. I definitely wanted Alana, scared as I was to admit it. And never in a million years did I ever think I’d do anything about it.

Melanie just smiled. “Oh, I’m sure he’d cebeci escort like to have a turn with the both of us. But it’s definitely you he has his eye on at the moment.”

“No, no,” Alana replied. “You don’t understand. You see, Gavin is—”

Melanie shook her head. “Don’t say any more. You’re hurting the poor guy’s ego. He’s already terrified to tell you. You’re just making it harder. And let’s face it, Alana. You wouldn’t have told him that story if you didn’t like him, too. And your chance is going to go belly up if you keep shooting him down. Go for him while the getting is good. For crying out loud, the guy practically jerked himself off when you left for the bathroom after telling your story. He’s primed for you, honey.”

I could see Alana was going to spill the beans about our true relationship, but when Melanie mentioned the jerking-off, it stopped her cold. She turned to me, and this time her bewildered stare harbored a trace of belief.

“You did what?” she said.

“I didn’t jerk off. I was just…” I didn’t know how to finish the sentence. I knew I could have ended this whole thing if I just blurted out that I was Alana’s brother. It wasn’t exactly true, but surely Melanie would have stopping pushing this then. But she already knew that I really did want Alana, and, stranger or not, that was not something I wanted to make public.

I suspect Alana was thinking along those same lines. She could have explained our true relationship, and Melanie would know why we so adamantly resisted her theory. But if Alana was beginning to believe Melanie, then announcing who we really were would embarrass us both. And our hometown wasn’t all that big. And Melanie knew our first names…

So she kept quiet, just staring at me not with hate or disgust, or even surprise anymore. But with wonder.

“Look,” Melanie said, interrupting the silence. “I know it’s hard to make that jump from friend to lover. But I tried it once, and now I’m married to him. I know mine might not be the prime example, what with him sleeping around and me sleeping around. But what it all comes down to is love. If I had to stop seeing women for him, I would. And if he had to choose between me and what’s-her-name, I’d bet everything I have that he’d pick me. We’re just having fun, and that’s exactly what you two should be doing.”

Melanie must have thought that little speech would send us into each other’s arms, but all Alana did was stare at me, still puzzled, and all I did was look to the floor. For a long while, no one spoke.

“I don’t get it,” Melanie said. “If you two were just friends who wanted to keep being just friends, then fine. But I’ve set up too many people to be wrong about this. It’s practically a second job for me. In fact, if I charged all the people I’ve helped, I’d be a millionaire by now. I know love and lust and want and need when I see it. And you two are dripping with the stuff. Maybe you’re not meant to spend the rest of your lives together; that I can’t promise. But you’re definitely meant to do more than just hold hands.”

Melanie pulled Alana so they were looking right at each other, their noses inches apart.

“Why did you start making out with me just now?”

“You started it—”

“I put your hand in my pants, fine. But you pushed your fingers into me. You started the kiss. You lifted my shirt.”

“I was aroused.”

“Exactly my point. But you didn’t forget that poor old Gavin was sitting next to you, did you?”


“So why do it in front of him? We could have snuck off to the bathroom. But no, you did everything right here, in these cramped little seats, inches away from him. Why? I’ll tell you why. You wanted to get him excited. And even more than that, it excited you to know that he was watching.”

I don’t know what Alana was thinking, but it sure sounded convincing to me. Could I be that lucky? Was Alana actually in to me?

“And you,” Melanie said, looking to me. “With Alana making all these protests and excuses, ‘Oh, he doesn’t like me’, ‘He’s probably got the hots for you’. With all that she has said to deny what I say you’re feeling, you have barely spoke up for yourself at all. When she’s asked you direct questions, you give indirect answers, or none. You know what that tells me? It tells me that you don’t want to answer because you’ve got too tight of a grip on the truth: that you really do want her, and if you say ‘no’ now, you’ll never be able to say ‘yes’.”

Yep. She got me.

Again, Alana and I sat in stunned silence. Only now our thoughts had shifted to an entirely different realm, one where the idea that we both had sexual thoughts for each other actually existed. I waited for her to make the next move. She did the same.

And here came Melanie to the rescue.

“Okay,” she sighed, sounding frustrated, but not annoyed. “This is a long flight, but not that long. Destination: Las Vegas. Not Rome. So let’s get to it. Alana? Take out Gavin’s cock.”

Alana cebeci escort bayan buried her face in her hands. “Oh, God!”

“Alana?” Melanie continued. “Alana. Listen to me. We just had a pretty wild time a few minutes ago, but you didn’t orgasm, so I know you’re horny. Just take out his cock. You’ll be excited, you’ll see that he’s excited, and everything else will become easy.”

Alana, her face red with embarrassment, looked at me and smiled. “She’s not going to quit, is she?”

I shrugged, again proving Melanie’s theory that no answer was still very much an answer.

“Either you take his cock out, or I will,” Melanie said.

“Ok,” Alana replied. “You do it.”

Melanie laughed. “All right. You called my bluff. I’m not doing it. He’s yours. Just put your hand here…”

Melanie once again guided Alana’s hand to my entrapped erection. Out of her uneasiness with the situation, she left her hand limp, waiting for the next direction. She put her other hand over her eyes and laughed hysterically, nervously.

“Now grab his zipper…”

Alana looked at me, smiling brightly but still red in the face. Her expression seemed to say, “Isn’t this ridiculous?” but at the same time, her eyes were requesting my permission to proceed.

I smiled, shrugged, and put my hands up, as if I was just as dumbfounded by the situation as she was. “Whatever will make her stop.” And I thought to myself: here’s my first direct answer of the night. And it was in response to, of all things, an indirect question. Melanie couldn’t have called it any better. I wanted this. Desperately. And it scared the shit out of me.

Giggling, Alana grasped my zipper, then slowly pulled it down.

Each inch she unzipped me seemed to take hours, but my already hard dick was growing fast. When three quarters had been opened, my dick popped out into view like a surface-to-air missile primed to launch. My hot skin bumped Alana’s fingers, which only drove me closer to insanity.

Alana jumped and pulled her hand away. She was laughing again, very hard and very loud. We all looked up to make sure we weren’t drawing too much attention from the others, but fortunately the whole group of them up front seemed to be having a blast, stewards included. They’d already conversed through one of Alana’s sexual episodes, so why not two?

Bringing my concentration back to the immediate area, I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed that Alana had been laughing since unleashing my penis. She was not laughing at me, but at the situation. And there was more than subtle traces of excitement in that laugh. She might never admit it later, but right now she was enjoying herself.

“Doesn’t that look good, Alana?” Melanie asked, leaning over and staring at my cock. “It’s all for you. And it’s hard because of you.”

I noticed that Alana, even while laughing, hadn’t taken her eyes off my hard-on since its exposure. Having two beautiful women staring at my cock with such intensity was a thrill beyond description.

“Now unbutton his pants,” Melanie continued. “Give him some room.”

Alana slowly reached back down, and, careful not to touch my dick again, undid the button on my pants. She had calmed down some by now, but still giggled with that red face of humiliation. But her eyes still hadn’t left my cock.

“Now slide your hand into his pants…”

“Oh, God…” Alana laughed, following the instructions.

“And cup your hand around his testicles.”

Slowly Alana slid her hand beneath my boxers, and positioned her hand so her thumb was at the base of one side of my cock, and her fingers wrapped around the base of the other side, then underneath to cup my balls. I felt my sperm building by the second.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She looked at me, smiling and stifling more laughter. “I really don’t think I can…”

It couldn’t have been more than a second that my face communicated the truth of what I was feeling. I know I shut my eyes briefly; that my jaw hung open, and that my head rested back on the seat. I was in Heaven, and my body was at ease. I had wanted to appear to remain indifferent, as if I was just as embarrassed by what was happening as Alana appeared to be. But for that one second, my passion was clear. And Alana saw it.

I heard her stop mid sentence and opened my eyes to look at her, my eyes glazed over. Her smile faded, but she did not develop a frown. Instead, she became very serious, as if she was finally realizing that what Melanie had suggested was right. I did want this. She wasn’t appalled by the notion, or she would have quickly removed her hand from my pants.

Instead, she put her eyes back on my dick, and stared at it longingly, as if it harbored some deep secret. There was no more smiling, no more laughing, and even her beet-red complexion had begun to fade. Her fingers tightened around my balls.

“Are you stroking his testicles, Alana?” Melanie asked, certainly proud that she had inspired escort cebeci this breakthrough. “You should play with them gently. Roll them in your fingers.”

Alana began to do just that, toying with my balls ever so gently, rubbing them and rolling them back and forth.

“Now Gavin,” Melanie said. “You should slide down in your seat so she can rest her head on your stomach. Lie down on him, Alana. I’ll keep watch for anyone coming. You just lie down on his stomach and get a close up look at his cock as you play with his balls.”

My quick submission to Melanie’s command must have further convinced Alana of how much I was enjoying this. And Alana’s equally rapid obedience to her own orders told me that I wasn’t the only one having fun.

After I had slid in my seat, Alana pushed up the armrest that had divided us and leaned over me, finally resting her head on my abdomen, not more than two inches from the base of my dick. She continued staring at my cock, her fingers working magic on my balls. A thick drop of pre-cum oozed from my cock head and dribbled down the underside of my shaft. It disappeared under my pants, were it reached my balls and Alana’s hand.

She didn’t even twitch.

“See how excited he’s getting?” Melanie boasted.

Alana nodded.

“And what about you…” Melanie slipped her hand down Alana’s shirt and cupped one of her large breasts, then gasped. “Oh my! You sure are!”

Alana hesitated for a moment, opened her mouth to say something, then decided against it. But she then nodded, and I nearly came at witnessing this admission. My breathing grew instantly and noticeably heavier.

“And what do you want to do next?” Melanie asked.

Alana remained silent, but she responded nonetheless. She slowly released my balls, then drew her hand out of my pants. Using just one finger, she traced the trail that my pre-cum had made, rubbing the underside of my cock and smearing the juices up and down it’s length. My whole body tightened, and my cock was throbbing.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, throwing my head back.

She shifted tactics slightly, concentration not on the underside of my cock, but now solely on the fat, wet head, which was pumping more and more pre-cum by the second. Alana used that single finger to smear it around the tip of my knob, occasionally teasing my hole to draw out even more of the transparent juice. My cock had gone from red to purple almost instantly, but that was nothing compared to what was about to occur.

“Taste him,” Melanie ordered delicately. “Lick your finger and taste Gavin.”

Alana obliged, moving her wet, sticky finger from my cock head and putting it to her lips. She licked it tentatively at first, but then wrapped her lips around the finger to suck it clean. I can’t be sure, but I thought I heard her moan.

“It’s good, isn’t it?”

Again, Alana nodded. And again, I thought I would explode.

“Then lick him. No sucking. Just lick him. Clean off his cock with your tongue.”

Alana did not immediately respond this time. She put her finger back on my cock head and swirled it around the juices that continued to collect. It was as if she was stalling while trying to decide if she was ready to make this next move. I was willing her to go through with it, but I didn’t believe for a second that she would. Even though I was positive that she was enjoying this, I didn’t expert her to go so far right away.

Thankfully, I was wrong. The next move Alana made was quick, but gentle. She picked her head up from my stomach and hovered over my dick, then grabbed the base of it with her thumb and forefinger. She then stuck out her tongue and licked my purple head full on, licking away my pre-cum as more pushed forth. As directed, she was not sucking my cock, but rather licking it like one might lick a lollipop, one stroke at a time.

I gasped each time her tongue rubbed my dick, and my whole body spasmed. But Alana paid no attention, and continued to lick my cock with her hot little tongue. When she was satisfied that my head was free of pre-cum, she licked the underside of my shaft, where the drop had trailed down earlier. I clenched my teeth and groaned softly, but with purpose.

Alana was licking my cock.

Alana was tasting my pre-cum.

“Is he clean?” Melanie asked.

I was hoping for a ‘no’ so Alana would continue.

And that’s exactly what I got.

Melanie was taken aback. “No? Honey. Alana. Once he’s clean, you can suck him.”

“Not yet,” Alana replied between licks, talking for the first time in ages. “I can still taste his…cum.”

She not only continued to lick me, but she was going faster and faster, and her licks grew stronger, longer, and wetter. She wasn’t just concentrating on the parts with pre-cum anymore, but the whole thing. The sides, the top, back to the head again. With increasing fervor, Alana was licking every square inch of my cock, and it was all I could do to keep from cumming. She even stuck the tip of her tongue in my hole a few times, and she would follow that by trailing down my entire length to my balls, where she lapped at my testicles gently and rapidly.

I threw my head back and stifled a scream. I wasn’t cumming yet, but it wouldn’t be long. Melanie saw my state and rubbed Alana’s back.

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